Angle Mocks McCain as 'Lord of the TARP'

Former Republican Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle blasted Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) for criticizing the Tea Party movement, mocking him as the “Lord of the TARP” for his support of the financial bailout.

Angle was reacting to McCain’s own sharp comments from the Senate floor. On Wednesday, McCain called senators pushing for a balanced-budget amendment as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling “foolish” and “bizarro.”

He also slammed Angle by reading a Wall Street Journal editorial describing Tea Partiers as “hobbits.” The editorial said that refusing to back House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was “the kind of crack political thinking that turned Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell into GOP Senate nominees.”

Angle’s retort: “Ironically, this man campaigned for Tea Party support in his last reelection, but now throws Christine O’Donnell and I into the harbor with Sarah Palin. As in the fable, it is the hobbits who are the heroes and save the land. This Lord of the TARP actually ought to read to the end of the story and join forces with the Tea Party, not criticize it.”

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42 comments on “Angle Mocks McCain as 'Lord of the TARP'
  1. Jerry says:

    McCain is the one we can thank for Obama. Whether consciously or not,McCain threw the election to Obama.

    • Jaguar 47 says:

      You are so correct.

    • trapper says:

      Exemplary RINO!

    • Observer says:

      Being a military hero doesn't make a person an expert on everything. McCain has to be put out to pasture.

    • SmithWinston6478 says:

      Jerry, An astute observation. From what McCain has been saying in the last 72 hours, it seems we wouldn't be any better off if he had made it to the Whitehouse in 2008. It's very sad to say his extended imprisonment in Hanoi had a horrible effect on his judgement. I forgive him and wish him well, but he shouldn't be in government any more. We need more stand-up conservatives like Jim Demint and Allen West.

    • SunnyinVegas says:

      McCain is as evil and corrupt as Reid, Pelosi and Obama…selling out America and Americans to further their agenda…unfortunately Reid isn't going anywhere for the next 6 years, don't know whether Pelosi was re-elected last November, but we must find a way to diminish their power.

    • tom says:

      You are absolutely correct. Thats what we get for sending a one-legged person up to a butt-kicking-contestHad the republicans any wisdom at all, they would have seen thru this bird from past history. I do want to see a three-party -system such as repubs, conserv, tea party. that would kill us dead in the water. I would like to see the republicans join in with tea partiers, and other conservatives to support candidates are clear thinkers and all on the same page. If not, they could cost us the U.S.A. dats da truff

    • ricbee says:

      He was just padding his resume.

    • June says:

      So true. He made me cringe every time he opened his mouth.

  2. Sam says:

    Why anyone is interested in this woman's opinion is a mystery to me. She ran such a poor campaign against Harry Reid that we are stuck with his liberal agenda for another 5 + years. Any qualified candidate could have ended Reid's career of liberal thuggery and boastful arrogance.

    • mad as hell says:

      Are you nuts?? Harry Reid would have defeated any challenger to his senate seat because of the thuggery and tactics of the unions in Nevada..His re-election was bought and paid for by the unions – sorry, Sam you are way off base with this comment

      • Sam says:

        Not so, without the outpouring of support by the Tea Party and support of Gov Palin, Angle wpuld have lost by a wider margin. People were voting against Reid and the unions, not for Angle who has been a perennial loser in Arizona politics. Yes, every dirty trick in the democrat playbook was used and it was still a squeaker.

      • SunnyinVegas says:

        I agree that the Reid/Angle election was rigged. Sharon Angle ran a horrible campaign. All the casinos were campaigning for Reid, even going so far as to pull employees off their jobs and taking them to vote. They had huge buses that they packed with employees to go to the polls. There were even republicans campaigning for Reid for reasons I don't know…the signs were all over the city "Republicans for Reid".

    • McKannick says:

      You missed the fact that the Arizona ticket had been 'seeded' by the dems with 6 other 'conservative' candidates that diulted the vote for Angle, resulting in Harry squeaking by.

    • SunnyinVegas says:

      I hate to say it, but Sam is right….I live in Vegas and she ran a bizarre campaign…almost going out of her way to insult the very people she wanted votes from….sorry, but its true…and Harry Reid is evil and corrupt.

    • Dave says:

      sam,i respectfully disagree.Reid is such a crook and thug that he has it in the bag thanks to the unions and seiu.It isthe stupid people in the state of Nevada to blame.

  3. Delores Jenkins says:

    We could never see how RINO McCain came from the rear, after LOSING POPULARITY, then within a short time become the 2008 GOP candidate. That picture had something very wrong with it. Most republicans did not want him and refused to vote for him. Hence, we have Obama.

    • Mary says:

      Delores, I was also very surprised but there was a reason that McCain lost — our country needed to wake up to the fallacies of WDC before we went entirely under. I believe that many more Americans are finding out what goes on in WDC today as never before. We the People need to…
      2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by MY name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
      II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.
      Jer 17:5 Thus says the LORD," Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind
      And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the LORD

      No one is going to change WDC politics; but God can if we turn back to Him.

  4. AdrianVance says:

    McCain did throw the election in the name of "comity" which means "scratch my back and I'll do yours" or don't tell I farted and I won't tell on you. The Fourth Estate failed us completely in 2007 and they are trying to again right now by not telling the world the truth about the debt limit and why it should not be raised.

    For sharp political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative, Now on Kindle.

  5. demonot says:

    McCain? Who he? The newest membe of the Lib/Demo Senate caucus?
    A Republican he is NOT.

    • dingbat36 says:

      He's the same old guard "go along to get along" RINO that he's always been. Don't tell me you are just now figuring this old senile idiot out. We will never have our Party back until we get rid of McCain and the rest of his ilk!

  6. EGK says:

    Just because McCain was a war hero did/does not make him eligible or qualified as a presidential candidate. Somewhere there was backroom dealings. Why is the candidate not chosen at the convention??? I am an 'elder' in the sense of age but as a young person I remember there used to be floor fights at the convention. We were able to view it on TB. Ts hat is where the candidates for president and vice president were chosen. When did this change??? McCain was already 'in the loop' before the convention even began. Wny, why, why??? He has a lot of years of experience but he is becoming arrogant just like the male sitting in the White House.

  7. cbaber says:

    Both parties failed us—-we did not have a worthy candidate on either side to vote for—–if the parties do it again in 2012, we are trapped again and that is the way the "insiders" want it in their "playroom"!

    • Observer says:

      Time to vote out the perennial members of Congress. That's the only way we can change the direction our country seems to be headed in.

      • cbaber says:

        Agreed, these "insiders" need to be off the stage.The parties are so corrupt and with the media behind them, the internet (and I hate to say the "T" word (third) but it may be only solution—-to quote John Paul Jones as his ship was sinking —"I have not yet begun to fight"!

  8. dheath9378 says:

    War hero or not, I'm afraid I have lost all respect for John MeCain. It is about time he decides just what party he is in> His comments the other day undermining his own party and making fun ot the Tea Party contingent was uncalled for and traitorous. He had better remember , that just like him, they were also elected by the people.. " we the peoople".. is he saying that none of us are relevant.. that only he knows best.

    If that is so, he may as well move into the White House with Mr. Know it all who is screwing up this country.

    No, John, time you get out of politics before you lose your hero satus altogether!

    • tom says:

      That last thought sez it all. I give you 1 attaboy. If not a boy, you get 1 attaboy-girl.

  9. Centaurce says:

    <DIV id=idc-comment-msg-div-178346166 class=idc-message><A class=idc-close title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(178346166)"><SPAN>Close Message</SPAN>
    Comment posted.
    <P class=idc-nomargin><A style="TEXT-DECORATION: none" class=idc-share-facebook href="; target=_new><SPAN class=idc-share-inner><SPAN>Share on Facebook</SPAN></SPAN> or <A href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(178346166)">Close MessageSen. McCain is a true war hero & for that I have great respect for him. However, he has been in congress much too long & is out of touch with the American voters. He has been unable to help in stopping the rabid spending of our nation’s tax dollars. Sen. McCain should step-down & allow someone that possibly can help this nation get back on track & stop the spending. He should retire gracefully while he still has some dignity left.

  10. Eddie B says:

    McCain…I can't think of rino desciptive words bad enough to describe him or his daughter…….poor Sarah!

  11. Phillip says:

    It will take a long long time for Arizona to live down the shame of reelecting John McCain in the 2010 election. Arizona is making the right moves on many issues but relecting one of the most liberal politicians in this country was a huge mistake. McCain is not a maverick, not a hero, and not a Conservative. He is, in fact, a leftist Democrat in a grey elephant suit. His time in the Vietcong prison does not make him a hero, it makes him a survivor, a stoic, if you will, but not a hero. He traded on that fallacy to get elected and now he is helping to ruin this country. If it wern't for his non-campaign in '08, Barry made never have made it to the WH. Palin almost pulled it off for him but he undercut her every effort. Just think, Arizona and the nation is cursed with his presence until 2014.

  12. Call For Truth says:

    McCain is weak-spined and is showing his true RINO colors. Obama should never have won. McCain was simply the better of two evils. NOW, back to the present. Can we PLEASE find an honest, truth-telling STATESMAN (or woman) that will change things for the BETTER this time?

    • Liberty or Death says:

      We have a great Stateswoman to kick Obummer's tail out of OUR White House, her name is Michelle Bachmann. My dream ticket is Bachmann/Palin, however, I'll vote "ABO" (Anyone But Obummer) if need be. 2012 cannot get here fast enough. I sincerely believe that Sharron Angle was robbed in the last election, by Reid's union goons tampering with the voting machines and by the Republican Senatorial Committee for their refusal to back her. May God Bless America.

  13. Ann American says:

    I never thought I would say it…But, Thank God McCain didn't win. He was a lame candidate coming into
    the race and many said they had to hold their noses to vote for him. Now, he's on the attack to eliminate
    a large crowd of American Citizens who came together to reclaim our country from Leftist, Communist,
    Marxist, influences and he is on the attack.
    To honor John McCain for his sacrifice and service to our nation is appropriate. To tolerate his abusive
    statements is not! I reluctantly voted for McCain because he was the nominee. I didn't understand it
    then or now. It was wrong to support him when I felt he was the wrong man for the job. I just thought
    Obama was "wronger" I was the wrongest of all!! This election…I will vote my conscience and it won't
    be "just another RINO" who happens to be next in line.

    I refuse to sell the soul of America for 30 pieces of Sterling! We can survive and pay our bills, we just
    don't welcome the austerity it would take to save our nation. Especially the free spending left who
    never pay anything from their own pockets.

  14. W Smith says:

    Tell me again why Sharron Angle was considered a weak candidate. Can we call a mulligan and hold that election again?

  15. samtman says:

    Sharron Engle who is a super rich billionaire, can buy anyting she wants, except the millions of dolars she spend trying to buy a senat seat. Tha Tarp program initiated by President Bush and voted only by 1/3 rd of the Republicans saved the American financial and economic system from going into a deep world wide depression. You ultra right wing TP members are not happy about this, especially when the banks just about paid back the money lend to them by the people of the US. For some unknown n reason the right wingers have a death wish, may be it has someting to do with the end of days religious superstition.

    • tom says:

      Sammy Sammy Sammy. You still drinkin da kool- aid boy tried to warn ya, that stuff will ruin your brain. You gotta understand, we're trying to grab the country from you–for you. Gotta think on that one don't you.