Talks on Homosexuality Not for Classroom, Says Tennessee Senator

Sen. Stacey Campfield’s proposed legislation would forbid public schools from teaching on homosexuality prior to the ninth grade. The bill, which calls human sexuality a “complex subject,” would prohibit elementary and middle schools from providing “any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.”

The measure, SB49, is expected to head to the Tennessee Senate floor on Thursday. It was cleared by the Tennessee Senate Education Committee 6 to 3 last Wednesday. All the no votes came from Democrats.

Campfield, a Republican from Knoxville, told CNN that inspiration for the bill came from his observations of “different agendas that people are pushing” nationwide.

His proposal would leave the handling of controversial topics in the hands of parents. According to the congressman, the bill is neutral and not discriminatory because it would prevent anyone with an agenda from speaking on homosexuality in the classroom, either for or against.

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44 comments on “Talks on Homosexuality Not for Classroom, Says Tennessee Senator
  1. Spense says:

    Thank you Sen. Stacey Campfield…. it is wise legislation. It's up to the parents to teach their children their morals & values… including that which pertains to homosexuality. The schools need to butt out and teach the core subjects(math, science, etc..). Stop dumbing down America!

    • Richard says:

      Each person has free will and will prosper or suffer depending on their choices. The more people engaged in a similar choice defines the size of the outcome. Turning the other chick applies only when you are trying to spread the word.

      Spread the word, never try to force it. Encourage the young to marry and have children. Plant seeds and nourish by example. This in no way means “do nothing.”

      Protect your right for self-persuasion. Only those with a strong will to maintain numbers and defense will prosper. The two party system is of one breed, greed. The more people that engage in distraction the easier it is for the focused. Join or keep pouring perfume on pigs.

    • Steve says:

      I'm glad to see some commom sense here. The only reason sexuality should be taught in school at all is for its biological purpose. Schools exist for academic and vocational education, not for emotional guidance. Leave the emotional part to the families. I only hope this catches on across the rest of the nation!

    • Steve says:

      I’m glad to see some commom sense here. The only reason sexuality should be taught in school at all is for its biological purpose. Schools exist for academic and vocational education, not for emotional guidance. Leave the emotional part to the families. I only hope this catches on across the rest of the nation!

    • Lee says:

      YES!! GOD bless that Senator for standing up for the moral foundation of this country. WE THE PEOPLE OF GOOD MORAL STANDING MUST GO TO THE SCHOOLS And SCHOOL BOARDS AND SAY ENOUGH OF THE BULL. Our kids need not read about Stevy and his two dads!!! Stand up for GOD he is the way and light!!!

  2. Bell says:

    Good! We need to get morality back into this country if we want to see it be free and not bogged down with unwise laws that can ruin what God has given us and many men and women have died for. We need to be an example to the world that by doing what's right, there are wonderful rewards.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Good for Sen. Campfield! Just wish you went up to 12th grade. The government has NO RIGHT to our children about homosexuality AT ANY AGE…..especially when they are still MINORS.

  4. Damon says:

    Great going Senator! We cannot allow our children to pray in school but now they want to teach our children that this "alternate lifestyle" is normal which further degrades our society down a path of unrighteousness–NO WAY. Finally a real man to stand against the immorality. By the way–any gays reading this–I do not hate you but will not agree this lifestyle is healthy nor Christian but strictly immoral–will pray for you.

    • Daniel says:

      Save your prayers for those who really need them. Perhaps the one sitting next to you in church who is having an affair on their spouse or the the person sitting on the other side of you who is getting drunk every night and beating their spouse. How about the minister who is having an affair? Yes, I have met all of the above. And you say homosexuality "degrades our society"? How about those in political office who are running our country into the ground by starting wars to further their own cause. Or business leaders who take federal bailout monies and take their executives on a multi-million dollar retreat? Where is the righteousness in that?

      And for the record…our children have EVERY LEGAL RIGHT to pray in school. Or did you miss that piece of legislation? ( "Prayer itself is not forbidden while at school. Regarding the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, the courts have consistently ruled that students' expressions of religious views through prayer or otherwise cannot be abridged unless they can be shown to cause substantial disruption in the school."

      And you say the guy that wants to love one person and be faithful to him and provide a safe and loving home to a child "degrades our society"? Because

      • Redeemd says:

        Yes, Daniel, you're correct, there ARE sinners in church, it is supposed to be a place of healing… you should try it. You are obviously very intelligent, perhaps you could help us all understand a little bit, perhaps you would come to know Truth as well. I pray for you, because you need it as much as I do.

  5. Adrian Vance says:

    Homosexuality is immoral by all religions. There is a death penalty for it in Islam. Maybe it is time for Shariah law after all!

    For common sense, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at Also on Kindle.

    • eugene Burns says:

      No Mr Vance Sharia law has no place in our country. I muslims, mexicans and all others want to live in our country, Live under our laws respect our flag & our bill of rights & remember THEY ARE NOT YOURS UNTIL YOU BECOME A LEGAL CITIZEN, THEN WE WILL GLADLY WELCOME YOU. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN'T LIVE UNDER OR OBEY OUR LAWS THAN PLEASE,PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE.

    • John Wong says:

      How obnoxious of you to ask for Shariah law in this country?!!

      It baffles me that someone like you would support calls for violent, racist, radical agenda in this country, have you no shame?!!

      If you don't like our current laws, the Bill of Rights, or the US Constitution, feel free to leave and go to Saudi Arabia.

  6. Robert says:

    I am glad to see that we have some people in politics that have some morals left. Sure hope this becomes law.

    • Kevin says:

      You think Senator Campfield has morals? Really? You do realize that the law is a distraction technique right? There is already a family values law on the books for the Tennessee curriculum which covers this. He is trying to distract voters from the fact that he has not done anything to address issues like unemployment and the state budget by creating a boogeyman for everyone to rally against. He is demanding $1,000 plus expenses to debate the bill with people who are opposed to it. Homosexuality is not being taught in schools. In some states the only thing that is being taught that relates to homosexuality are lessons on tolerance and diversity. How offensive and immoral to have children exposed to the idea that bullying is wrong or that human beings come in all shapes and sizes. Gay people are not the enemy here. Senator Campfield is using a hot button topic to push his own agenda and everyone is falling for it because they can't be bothered to actually look into the reality of the situation and find out some facts.

      • Constance says:

        Kevin, you are very WRONG! Apparently, you didn't hear about the father in Massachusetts who has a young son of about 6. His son came home with a book about two gay kings and it upset him because HE wanted to talk to his child about this. He went to the school and they ended up throwing him in jail over night. They legally kept him from his son's school and would NOT let the parents know when they were to be talking about homosexuality. This IS happening in California as well. You must have missed this because it was BIG. A few other parents moved out of the area. This law NEEDS to be passed everywhere!

        As a matter of fact, they invite Planned Parenthood to teach the students. They don't except the other side and won't let them be there or they get the most liberal Christian they can find. You better check this out. Read "From Crayons To Condomns" by Steve Baldwin and Karen Holgate. I purchased it through WORLDNET for $.99. It is an eyeopener. The textbooks even tell more abou Islam than the Christian faith. Our children are being indoctrinated by liberals in elementary schools and colleges. My nephew came home with a sign he was supposed to wear saying he was remaining silent for the rest of the day for solidarity with the gays. Better if it said for ALL who get bullied. Wake up for heaven's sake! The homosexual agenda is making inroads EVERYWHERE! Why do you think a few states made same-sex marriage illegal? Yes, they said it was normal and natural. That is far from the truth.

        • Kevin says:

          I said it was not happening in Tennessee. The father in Massachussetts did a lot more than just go into the school, you conveniently leave that part of the story out. The schools are teaching diversity and tolerance. Maybe parents should start having a dialogue not only with their children, but with the schools as well.

          As for the states that have banned same sex marriage, they have passed an unconstitutional law that will be overturned. Gay marriage will be a reality within the next few years. If your nephew had a sign on the Day of Silence, he volunteered to participate, maybe he is a little more tolerant than you, good for him.

  7. chris says:

    May all of you be blessed with homosexual children. Some people are gay. Get over it.

    • Peggy Lee says:

      It is for dead sure that homosexuals will not have children!!! Why don't you get over it?

    • Byron Mullet says:

      May you be blessed with all Christian God fearing children

      • Kevin says:

        Why do you believe God is fearful? Doesn't the Bible teach that God is loving? Unlike the three of you, I don't wish anything against any of you. I just hope that all of you can open your eyes and minds and have an actual discussion that does not involve name calling or childish wishes of harm upon one another.

      • Daniel says:

        And may you be blessed with the same, and if by chance they should be gay, I pray you will still love and support them just the same!

  8. Pete says:

    I think the law should prohibit people from talking about homosexuality until they're 75.

  9. Ann Wilson Kingsley says:

    Why start teaching students about homosexuality in 9th. grade? Why should they be taught about homosexuality at all? Homosexuality should not be endorsed as normal behavior in our public schools, nor should students of any age in our public schools be sanctioned to explore, not only alternate sexuality, but any sexuality. The bill should state that homosexuality cannot be taught in public schools. The bill opens a definite door to homosexual ed. instead of slamming the door shut against it. The homosexual lobby will try to amend this bill to gain more and more ground, opting for homosexual ed. in lower grades. The point is this: Every person on this planet has short comings that he has to learn to circumvent or deal with in a rational manner. Our public education system has no business whatsoever endorsing any of the short comings of humanity, pandering to America's students, whether this it is in regard to homosexuality or any other of the many negatives. No matter how one looks at it, homosexuality is not a plus on the character scale. It takes a lot of work and vigilance for young people to attain any great measure of stature. They need to be programmed for success not failure. The homosexual lobby is mean. The bill needs to read, "Homosexuality will not be taught in Tennessee public schools."

  10. Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776 says:

    Thank you Sen. Stacey Campfield, But why is all this happening under Obama’s watch. He was the one with Holder to make it HOMO legal. Is Obama and Holder also QUEERS. it appears that way. And is that why America is so FUC-ed up now.

  11. GDC says:

    What they should teach about homosexuality is that it IS a mental sickness and ALL homosexuals are mentally sick.

      • Daniel says:

        I love how people "dislike" the truth!

        • Constance says:

          Daniel, I didn't read your websites, but I have read many articles about gays because I have a lesbian friend. I "love" her, but don't think what she is doing is right. In 1972 gays threatened the AMA, etc. and they took it off their list of mental illnesses. Not all AMA doctors agreed. Some doctors are gay activists. Psychology and Psychiatry is not a black and white science. We still do not know why people believe they are gay and there ARE some who want to leave that kind of life. I find it very offensive when the gay activists are angry at psychologists who help them to leave the gay life. If they really cared about this person, they would support them if they want to leave homosexuality – yes, even if they think it is impossible. Researchers these days seem to come up with their "theory" and find evidence to make it go their way. Human behavior is very complicated. Most of the time we should take one person at a time and their predicament. Just as all blacks can play basketball (a cliche), all gays don't fall in one group either. As a matter of fact, some children are born with both type of genitals. This is why I don't hate anyone who is different from me. I have worked with gays and have had no problems. I stick with the work at hand. I suggest that everyone do the same. Just like medication doesn't work the same for all people, answers we come up with don't work for all people. Believe me, there are those who don't believe gay behavior is right, but they don't hate them. Someone in my family was living unmarried with another person (against our beliefs). We kept seeing that person and praying for her because we love her. I didn't see the partner because this person was going out with my relative who WAS MARRIED. Prayer worked and she is now married to a wonderful guy who loves her. Never push away people who are doing something you don't condone. My mother let her daughter know she was doing wrong, but not nagging. My mother loves her and wanted only good things for her. I say that I only want good things for you, too. I am of the belief that we may not be happy on this earth, but if we follow God's commands, we will be happy with Him in heaven. My destination is heaven. This life on earth is VERY QUICK. Make it count to get to heaven.

    • Kevin says:

      Then that would be wrong wouldn't it, since the APA determined that it wasn't a mental disorder nearly 40 years ago.

  12. he is right this homosexuality is not for the kids i dont blame the parents taking out school into a privite school.

    • Daniel says:

      Because homosexual kids don't attend private schools???

      • Constance says:

        Because some groups for gay children encourage them and they may NOT be gay! Just because a child doesn't like sports or is being bullied doesn't mean they are. I'm not convinced that people are born gay. They have shown that identical twins are not always both homosexual. There is still NO actual proof that they are born gay. I think it is a very complex subject and I don't hate gays either. My beliefs are that we should respect one another, but when you put something in school that parents don't agree with and their religion doesn't agree with, it is taking away the right's of the parents. Truth be told, the U.N. Charter wants to take away the parent's rights and liberals of today want to indoctrinate children. They want to get to them when they are REAL young and easily influenced. That is what communist countries have done in the past. People can be taught to act like they are gay. Just like parents who are lousy role models with husbands beating up their wives. Some young women actually think this is normal in a marriage because they saw it in their parents marriage. People can be molded pretty easily. The truth is that committing homosexual acts is unhealthy and unnatural. Not every gay wants to be in a committed relationship. As a matter of fact, for the majority of gays it is okay to have sex with another within a committed relationship as long as you don't keep emotional ties. I have heard of gays say that the point of being gay is to be able to have a lot of sexual relationships. A website I once went to said that they DECIDED to become gay or bisexual. So, some of it is CHOICE. For others, no one can really say. I think that in school we should not bully ANYONE who is different and no one should be calling anyone names. We should all learn to respect one another. Our biggest problem in our society is that we don't treat each other with civility. I don't want to be FORCED by unconstitutional laws to have to believe that committing gay behavior is acceptable. It is not to me and hasn't been for thousands of years. My right to my religion and beliefs are important to me and they won't be changed by any LAW. I would be grateful if a gay person would understand this. I go to Church and know that ALL of the people attending our sinners. Saying that Church going people are sinners doesn't absolve those who commit homosexual behavior. And, there is no such thing as safe sex because nothing is 100% reliable except abstinence. God loves you, but he doesn't want to leave you as you are because he wants you to be with Him in heaven. When he went among the sinners, He did this as a doctor. It didn't mean that their behavior (gays, hookers, etc.) should keep doing as they were. He wanted to show them the way to life and keep them from being tied down by sinful behaviors. When you get over an addictive behavior, then you are FREE! I go to Church to worship God and receive Him. This helps me when I leave the Church to do what he wants His friends to do. Try it!

        • Kevin says:

          I am gay and I never chose to be. It is not a choice. Science has not proven the cause for homosexuality, but it has not eliminated the cause for it either. You don't know what God wants, so please don't try to spread His word as your own.

  13. LoneStar says:

    I first. second and third and Home that Sen. Campfield. Be a bull on this Issue its that Important.

  14. r. kuehn says:

    its a great idea.the Christian bible teaches that its an abomination. thank you senator.

  15. Eddie B says:

    The only thing wrong with teaching kids about a deviant way of life is that it's EVIL…….Do I dare mention STUPID,MORONIC and totally THOUGHTLESS!!!