President Obama Blatantly Breaks Election Law

An ad to raise campaign funds has now made it official: Whatever rule applies to 300 million Americans does not and will never apply to the once-in-a-millennia exception to any rule that applies to all living entities: Barack Obama.

Based on his behavior, it’s apparent the president views himself as a man so lofty in vision and skill that he’s exempt from the decrees imposed on the little people.  Could it be that Obama perceives legalistic edicts as necessary tools to herd lowlifes?  If that were not the case, why would he be mentalizing which pair of golf shoes and what cologne to include in his ditty bag for a weekend at Camp David while chiding Congress for daring to take a break in the midst of a budget crisis?

As witnessed in all he does, Obama’s attitude of exempting some while imposing on others doesn’t only apply to healthcare reform waivers or Fourth of July weekend getaways.  When it comes to excusing himself, Barack Obama doesn’t let little things like silly legalities affect his decisions to do whatever he damned well pleases. Following the example of America’s “Let’s Move” creator/healthy-eating first lady who “tucked” into fried fat cakes in Botswana, Obama is relaxed when it comes to personal restrictions.

Recently, the lackadaisical Obama proved that exact point when he flouted a federal law as if it didn’t exist. The following description of Title 18, subsection 607 U.S.C. is so straightforward even a layperson could understand.

It shall be unlawful for an individual who is an officer or employee of the Federal Government, including the President, Vice President, and Members of Congress, to solicit or receive a donation of money or other thing of value in connection with a Federal, State, or local election, while in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties.

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399 comments on “President Obama Blatantly Breaks Election Law
  1. ConnieK says:

    When are we going to hold this illegal president accountable and to get out of Dodge!!

    • giegie says:

      They're not…don't you and the rest of you get it now? He'll do whatever he wants, flaunts in the American people's face along with Congress, The Supreme Court , you name it because he knows he'll get away with it. He doesn't care what people say or think, he's in there and will stay as planned for a dictator in the New World Order. Don't laugh, trust me.. I said similar things in 2007 but everyone was singing his favorite song…OBAMA OBAMA and shouted me down.

      • Larry says:

        You are right my friend, but what do we do? I have written the senators, and again tonight to my congressman (a Dem), that was worthless time. I just hope that the GOP isn't in on this NWO deal, they may be, why put McCain on the ballot if they were not. I have all the respect for him, but I feel he is a RINO. They wouldn't let Palin turn loose on jerk face, it was all set up, I feel. My senators and congressman will do nothing about all the impeachable crap this african has done. It's bigger than us! I think we are screwed! I will be 65 next month, spent 26 years in the military, had a pretty good life, but I feel for my grandchild. My son is a socialist obamaee lover, he's gone, but the little girl I feel for.

      • Bob Basher says:

        YOU are so RIGHT!!!!! it is powers thaat be that are bigger then this nation….or the fbi or cia or lame congress would be looking into and acting….judges..huh a joke….but you are correct one world government is being formented right before our eyes….soon the news media will be a part of the state….I mean they will acknolege they already are part of the state..and it is so obvious they dont care…just like the big O

        • Don39 says:

          The problem is Congress, not law enforcement agencies. Do you understand the Constitution and the "checks and balances" concept? Do you understand voter responsibility?

      • oldcop says:

        You and I both and sadly a lot still sing the song!!!!

      • Mike Tanco says:

        He continues to snub the Constitution of the United States and Congress won't do a thing about it. The next thing he'll try is to become King of the United States. You are correct when you say that people praised this SOB. Why?? Because the GOP didn't have the guts to demand that he prove his birth place and the GOP ran a jellyfish against him. He has managed to put his Chicago style politics into action and he refuses to uphold the Constitution. That should be enough to bring impeachment charges against him and file felony charges on his ass. Mike Tanco

      • Debbie says:

        I have said the same thing since this man came out of nowhere. He wasn't born here, raised here and nor he go to college here. There is no evidence of any of it. If we the people don't do something to get him out of there NOW we lose. So what do we do? We organize gatherings in DC and they listen to us and do their job to IMPEACH him. With 50% of the population out of work, people have lots of time of their hands to organize and march on DC. He has tried 8 times since in office to have the constitution changed about "natural born citizen" which is what makes him illegal to begin with. Why is he being allowed to run again? He is illegal to begin with. Everyone cries out that he is illegal then demand by voice, petitions, whatever it takes that he shows everything. No one remembers him in college because he wasn't there. Do any of you know how Hitler came to power? Sure I know most of you know what he did but find out how he got in power…. The powers to be (media supported) makes people stupid. People actually listen to the media and idiot movie stars and actually think they are leading you in the right direction. HELLO PEOPLE…Wake up!

    • AverageJoeTexas says:

      Maybe when he turns Republican.

      • Don39 says:

        Is that supposed to mean something, to be funny?

        • AverageJoeTexas says:

          Not to me, but it seems as a Democrat he can do no wrong, a Republican would have been impeached by his behavior long, long ago.

    • T Lady says:

      If you ever watched Mel Brooks' satire "History Of The World, Part 1" (1981), you'll remember the sequence of the French Revolution. Brooks as King Louis XV, between lewd assignations with Courteseans and snorts of cocaine looks into the camera and quips nonchalantly, "It's good to be the King". Just think of Obama in those terms whenever you see his smarmy face on television.

    • samtman says:

      If that is another piece of BS the right wing has to offer against against the Preisent in 2012, the right might as well not iven run a canditate.

    • spoiledcajun says:

      By now you should realize that there's some that are immune to accountablity and our "fearless" leader's one of em. The only way we'll be rid of him physically is to have him voted out of office next year. Lets just hope whoever comes in behind him can clean up the crap tha's goin to be left behind or at least some of it. But the effects of what's happening now will be forever be a part of history.

      • Don39 says:

        Want to bet against me when I say he will not be the Democrat candidate in 2012?

      • Debbie says:

        He shouldn't be allowed to run….he is illegal. He refuses to show his legality. The BC was a forgery documented by experts and is now in a court hearing. This man shouldn't be allowed to run. He should be ousted but if that isn't going to happen then at least take him off the next ballot as an imposter. Give me a break…what is wrong with people. We really need to make our voices heard!

    • Scottie says:

      When we get an Honest Lawyer /Senator ./Congress Man/but I am not goingto hold my breath ..The only way we can get this Illegal out is by voting him our ,but there again the Voting is all Fixed ,and by Acorn and Barry again..Sad to say our Government is Corrupt !!And I would like to know just how many Illegals are working in our Government !!

    • Alice Hallock says:

      NEVER! The Congress & everyone else knows he took money from Foreigners & foreign countries for his first campaign. They even started an investigation about but nothin ever came of it. OF COURSE.

    • chuck gilliam says:

      You know us good ol' country boys like to go hunting, and I haven't been moose hunting in my entire life. Here I am 76, still in good health, trying to live on S.Sec. that Obama managed to cut 57 dollars a month from, I have no guns in which to go hunting; I have been through the Korean war, and right now all I want to do is go hunting and try to live out my days the best i know how, but can't even afford to go hunting. Maybe I could just put a lot of grief behind me if I could just go hunting. I like fishing too, but the challenge isn't there and it is not near as rewarding. I have caught some pretty big fish in my time, the real ones that didn't get away. Oh well. [email protected]

      • Chuck gilliam says:

        I am responding to my own comment because no one else did. And I am not only surprised, but I'm kinda taken aback that no one seems to care about reading my comment and responding accordingly. It is NOT against the law to read whatever you want to, 'between the lines' . So . . . . . . ??

      • Roger says:

        Chuck I am 69 and understand what you mean.I am a Disabled Veteran service conneted and live on low income which is hard and getting harder.
        Mabey we can elect some honest people to runour goverment ( LOL) .

        • Debbie says:

          Roger, I think Chuck had a subliminal message in his message. We need to get Obama off the ballot due to being illegal to begin with. They made McCain show that he could run…what happened to this out of the sidewalk crack muslim that had no business running. Wouldn't surprise me that the reason it took so long to give the go ahead to kill bin laden was because bin laden helped put him in office with obamas protection while he was in office. Can't tell me no body knew he was hiding right there in town. Yeah right.

    • B.R. says:

      congress does not have the balls to even bad mouth obama (the rag head S.O.B. ) without his permission. we need to get every politician out of office and start over. limit the congress to 25% crooked lawyers and the remaining just regular citizens that care for our country. (hey obama if you can read this for yourself, did you catch the word CITIZENS ?) we need obama out of office A.S,A.P. it will take years of recovery to repair the damage he has done ( with the help of his two ass licks

    • Swisslady says:

      We can all vent here, but it will take a bunch of courageous souls to get him out. ASAP

    • Mike says:

      When we get a congress with cajones.

      • catman says:

        When the states get them> Declaration of Independance, 2nd paragraph gives states the right AND duty to abolish the federal government and start over. Senators are supposed to be APPOINTED by each state NOT elected by crooked / fixed elections. By abolishing the feds, the states would send reps to organize a new government that hopefully would be more in line with our Constitution. Term li,its on ALL politicians!!!

        • Debbie says:

          Then I say lets get started and organize so that we can abolish the federal government and start over. Each county needs to organize and then get together and go after these politicians. I write to John Sarbanes (loser senator in MD). Every response I get back is that he is doing what HE thinks is right for the people even when the majority tell him no. They get some power and it goes to their pee brains and the get out of control. One of things that needs to be mandatory in order to graduate from the 12th grade (and taught in both middle then high school and college) in the US Constitutuion and the Declaration of Independence..and you MUST pass in high school in order to graduate. I guarantee you would turn out much better informed young voters and this country would start to get on its feet again.

    • walter511 says:

      When are we going to shoot all these traitor, conspirators in our government and free this country from this plague? This hould have been done several administrations ago.

    • southern sis says:

      Never, or so it seems

    • 1599 says:

      We see these stories every day. It is clear that Americans no longer have a constitution. Instead of leaving Dodge it is time we organized. The best way to to call attention to the seriousness of this delimma raise the funds to have the US constitution printed on toilet paper for that is about all it's worth.

    • ajfrench says:

      When all the tenured Congress is replaced with patriots. That's when.

    • catman says:

      Now just a darnn minute here folks!!!! The King didn't make that rule so he doesn't have to obey it. Just ask him, he'll tell you!

    • Scottie says:

      "No one is ever going to hold Barry/Baa Baa Black Sheep accountable for anything ,because there are to many Senators /.Congress people /Government involved in all this this !! Fraud/Liars /Cheats /Thief's /Traitors /Terrorists !!!!

    • James says:

      Shall we say color ? I thought black was the lack of color, Silly me.

    • kevin says:

      Obama is manure

    • Swear says:

      Never, as long as the men in this country act like a bunch of whimps. What ever happened to the real men of America??

    • One Human Being says:

      I'm afraid we will hold this President? Dictator responsible, "When HELL Freezes Over!"

  2. anna banana says:

    When a Republican whips his butt, that seems to be the only way to get this crook out of there.

    • Paul Wengel says:

      Yup and if they don't whip his butt by a large margin they will recount and recount as meny as it takes for liberials that are helping or doing the recounts, can write enough votes for him to win. don't laugh they did that very same thing in the state of Washington. My son there told me when all was done King county had about 10,000 votes more thenh there was registered voters.

    • Denise says:

      There are too many Marxis through out our government, both Republicans and Democrats, and all of them are bent on evil. The America that I thought I knew, has ceased to exisist.
      Once we started to allow the murder of babies, unrestrained perversion, and the ousting of GOd from every part of our society, we handed this country over to the Lucifarians. I say…let it crumble into the dung heap that it has become. They will get rid of the rest of us soon enough, then they will be forced to live in the hell that they are working so hard to create. There is only one hope for all of humanity; come Lord Jesus!

    • Daisy says:

      Truthfully, he's the highest paid WELFARE PARASITE America has, and he does and has everything at tax payers expense, And like the typical WELFARE PARASITE, DOES NOTHING TO EARN IT. :)

    • Joaquin says:

      Are kidding we have a boat load of criminal charges to bring him up on. What is Congress waiting for? Isn't it their job to defend the Constitition? Let's start with Fraud and work our way to gun running. Murder and treasonous acts. What is the problem and/or hold up? we can't wait for another election.

    • LANI says:

      Well so far the Republicans have done NOTHING. They are a bunch of sissys who have no balls what so ever! It just drives me nuts! Boehner the cry baby needs to be kicked to the curb with the rest of the Good For Nothing Republicans who don't want to rock the boat. Their lets get along and meet half way crap has to go!! Don't they see it hasn't worked!!! while they are trying to play nice Obummer is walking all over them breaking the law/avoiding the Constitution, one after another. Pathetic!

    • Jim says:

      First the Republican Party must grow a spine, and then some BALLS…….I don't see that happening at all
      Ex: when the first (CZAR) came about, the Republicans should have been ALL OVER IT. So now dumbo has What 37 CZARS

  3. Jack Shepherd says:

    I hope everyone who voted for this "change you can believe in" are enjoying the after effects of stupidity.

    • Borka says:

      Change they wanted, change they got.

      Shame that US got in to this very sad situation.

    • Ddk says:

      The sad trugh is that there are still some who believe in him, how can that be true? But. nevertheless, unfortunately for all of us, it is! A liberal called me "stupid" at a Christmas party a year and 1/2 ago for being conservative but of course, instead of staying and having a debate, he grabbed his wife and left the party. Chicken!

    • Patriot7 says:

      Even though I didn't vote for him, I still have to feel pity for those who did, realized their mistake, and now have to live with their disastrous decision. As for those who still believe in him, you can cure ignorance but stupidity is permanent.

    • Sandra says:

      They voted……and there went the neighborhood!!!

  4. joe says:

    Kick him and his squatter family out of the white house.

    • Senmut says:

      Does that include the corn on the cob and the watermelons, too?

    • Jazzlady says:

      OH MY GOD YES!!! The way I see it is….the majority of the US citizens, those who love GOD and America plus many of those in government who also love God and America must unite to impeach B. Obama and remove him from the White House. We can keep talking about it, but it is not enough if we're not going to do anything.

      I wrote to the Senator and Congresswoman in my area and voiced my concern. IF millions of Americans begin to bombard them with phone calls, faxes and emails plus our prayers to ALMIGHTY GOD, perhaps then something will get done. GOD BLESS, HEAL AND HELP AMERICA and hear our cries and prayers. God give us a man after YOUR heart and who loves You and loves America in Jesus' Name!! Please.

    • Jerome says:

      OZero has turned the White House into the country's most expensive public housing, almost turned the U.S. into a third world country and proved the voting populace here are idiots.

    • Ron says:

      And then have it Fumigated and de-loused.

  5. Nikita63 says:

    The only way to get him out of the White House is to burn it down. He'll never leave of his own volition and when are you idiots going to realize that President is only a title. He likes EMPEROR better and he is practicing to retain the NWO under the hegemony of the UN , the one he and that piece of #2, H. Clinton are arranging by abrogating the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms; you know, the right that shall NOT be infringed? DADT was passed to weaken the resolve of our all volunteer heterosexual military to rebel when their families at home are suffering food and medical shortages and home foreclosures. He will declare martial law and posptpone the 2012 elections. Then comes the 2nd American Revolution, conducted by 23 .6 million mostly aging Veterans raped by this Communist cretin. I am one of them.

    • AnxiouslyWaiting says:

      I couldn't agree with you more. They thought he and his goons were going to creat an incident so he could declare Martial Law just before the 2010 elections. BUT, HE wasn't up for reelection, so he postponed it. This gave him two extra years to do some more "DIRTY WORK" AGAINST the USA. So now, I think it is highly probable, that he will go ahead with these plans for Martial law and while we are unde Martial Law, HE will declare HINSELF DICTATOR of the Unite d States of MUSLIM/SHARIA/OBAMA.
      However, me thinks the 23.6 "Mostly aged Veterans", just may be presently surprised and find "many" of the "Younger Vaterans" AND civilians, backing them up.

      • Ralph K. says:

        I think it is obvious that we are not alone. I suspect the rank and file military folks would be on the side of FREEDOM, but I don't know about the upper echelon people. How politically ambitious could they be? Would they really order their troops to fire upon US citizens in a battle for the restoration of our Constitutional government?

        • Red says:

          Constitutinal Republic.

        • Apache6 says:

          Ralph,as a member of OATH KEEPERS,I have discovered that not only are VETS joining in droves,but so are returning VETS,as well as current MILITARY,including High Ranking Officers,Law Enforcement,etc !! ALL VETS need to join OATH KEEPERS,NON-VETS can join as associate members.I joined because I believe that when the SHTF,OATH KEEPERS will lead the way FIRST. Go to their WEB-SITE and decide for yourselves !!

        • Bruce Hayden says:

          They will kill the upper echelon officers who are not with us. It wouldn't be the first time that has been done. When the troops discover en masse that the vast majority of them are going to die early deaths from the DU I think we'll have some mad mothers who will fear death even less. The sad truth is that most troops will never make it home.
          Obusha has more wars to fight coming up.

    • RGH says:

      You are so right!
      I've said all along that he couldn't care less about any of our laws and constitution or about doing things right to be re-elected because he won't need to be elected: he will just "take over" before the election.
      I believe he has something up his sleeve that he'll use at the right time and become a dictator.
      All he cares about is POWER.
      Can you imagine how his name will be known in history? The ONE that got away with America's freedom. The one that brought down the most powerful country in the world. Obama the King!
      I'm worried about our children and grandchildren, God have mercy! PLEASE PRAY.

    • Guest says:

      Its not just the executive branch that is at fault apparently the majority of have known since 2003 min. that Barry wanted to be pres and was ineligible for the office NONE stopped nor will say anything about what happened. A few that have been confronted with this have either said they will retire or were retired by the voters. All of us being concerned is being looked at with disdain and criticized but nothing more. Not usually one to think about conspiracies but there is something much more dreadful than Watergate, or Clinton issues, or Reagan, or Bush but here is something that could completely crush the USA and all we're doing is talking about impeachment or voting him out…that only is a microscopic portion of the problem but like the dems want to talk peacably with our enemies and make trade agreements with them…we are negotiating our lives and nation with interior enemies.

    • Mike says:

      You have not included the millions who are not veterans but who are of the same mind as you speak!

      • Don39 says:

        This is another combat veteran and retiree that is ready to serve my country again, in fact anxious to to save my country and the future of my children and grandchildren and theirs,….

        • Don39 says:

          PS: We need to start by peacefully taking at least the Senate in 2012 if the enemy gives us that much time. As for the current military , I am a little uncertain and the longer this goes on the less we can rely on them to side with the people and the Constitution. I follow a popular military web page and am appalled by the comments submited by the current military members on the current government and military affairs, etc. Somebody is reading the New Republic and other leftist trash.

        • A_pen says:

          I agree. What you are reading on those sites is propaganda designed to build a treasonous force by discovering who among them is anti-republic/ pro communist Obama. The rank and file at BN level know who the dissidents are and have let a certain group of veterans, unnamed here to avoid negative publicity and troll attacks, know the score. At last check they are very very few and while tolerated they are not trusted and watched very closely. It is known that once their loyalties are known they are being transferred out and I suspect the military traitors higher up are building a corp loyal to them in secret. We must be vigilant, beware the false flag op that will allow them into our streets to establish liasons with and protection of an armed dissident rabble. You can guess just which groups have been primed by the zero already.

        • GeoB. says:

          "Dissident rabble". Yea!! Sounds like the colonist revolutionaries of around 1776! I think that's how the king may have thought.

        • guest says:

          Hard to take it peacefully by elections when Soros owns the voting machines!!! Google Soros and see how many gun manufacturing plants he owns besides the company that makes these fraudulent voting machines. Cerberus, is how you spell all his conglomerate companies, I think. He bought Chrysler just before it was given millions of OUR money! Wonder how he knew he could get richer from that? It goes on and on–covers for Obama.

        • REMINESSIN says:

          Thank you Don for being there for me and mine and Welcome Home my brother…welcome home.

    • Sandra says:

      Nobody in the government will stand up to this worthless piece of…… he came in unqualified for the job and look what he's done to our great country. No one will point out his law breaking ways or stand up to him because of the racial back lash they are afraid would happen. The minute you point out his wrongs, the media cries racism. One more year of destruction, how much can our nation lose before it crumbles? We have the "lefts" who are homosexuals, abortion supporters, criminals, lazy entitlement suckers, want our constitutution shredded, socialistic views who vote democrat, and the "right" who support freedom, uphold our constitution, prolife, God fearing people who love this free nation, family oriented, hard working business owners, college educated, earn our way, pay our taxes vote Republican. Need I say more?

    • Richard Cancemi says:

      If 2012 fails to realign our government, and the socialist president and congressmen prevail, America is definitely screwed. Obama is already out of control because of timid Republicans. When he then makes his move to scrap the Constitution and our Rights completely, our only hope will be if the Military refuses orders to suppress the people. Will our Generals and the Military obey the Oath they took?

    • walter511 says:

      If we burn it with him in it the stink will hang in the air for years.

    • catman says:

      Add this Korean vet to your list!!

    • Apache6 says:

      I am too,N63,and I'M prepared to get it on at a moments notice!!!

    • REMINESSIN says:

      1st of all Nikita63 may I say Welcome Home and a BIG THANK YOU for putting your life on the line for me and mine. And is the whole fk-n govn't behind him…as it's already a law that WE WILL ALL BE MICRO CHIPPED WITH THE RFD CHIP IN 2012 .You can see this for yourself @… now wittness the wording withinH.R.3200America'sAffordabelHealthChoicesActof2009fond on Congresses'House Ways and Means website , On pg.1001Subtitle C National Medical Device Registry which states, The Secretaryshall establish a natn' medical device registryto facilitateanalysis of paotmarket safetyy and outcomes data on each device that is or has been used on a patient..The date in which this is to begin is on pg1006.which is 36 months after the health bill becomes law…so b4 the yr. 2013. In the book of Revelations (Bible) chapter 13: s 16-17 says The antichrist causeth all to receive a mark

    • Sick and tired says:

      I'm 70 and ready when you are & a female! Apparently the men in this country have become too PC to do anything about this POS!

    • Linda says:

      Just make sure he's in it!!!

    • winperk says:

      I believe this president would enjoy the raping process.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      A second civil war is EXACTLY what obama and the Liberals are hoping will occur. Personally, I believe every piece of legislation passed during the last Congress was designed to herd the country in that direction. Civil war will give them an excuse to call in the UN to restore "peace." Martial law will be declared nationwide, suspending most court business indefinately. Elections will be suspended indefinately. Those in office will remain in office, also indefinately. UN troops will go house to house confiscating ALL firearms, something UN troops are already practicing (Videos can be seen on the internet). The US will be ushered into the New World Order whether the people want it or not.
      If this nation is to survive we MUST avoid civil war at this time.

    • paul says:

      It's already out that the cowardly Democrats (All) and the President want to suspend the Presidental election in 2012 ! ! Yes! he's planning on doing it ! If this happens, it's illegal, Violates the Constitution of this country and we better not let him get away with it ! Because this is when he becomes an illegal, unqualified dictator ! They know they will lose big time and that is why the Democrats are coming up with this ! This is when America needs to take to the streets like they've done in the middle east and kick these scumbags out of office! If we as a nation take no action, we got coming everything they do to us from that point on.!!!!

    • grownup1 says:

      You know who still supports Obama? The 49% who don't pay taxes and live off all the hard working taxpayers. I'm not talking about the current jobless, but the generations of freeloaders who haven't worked and had their hands out for a lifetime.

  6. sofine says:

    Make sure we point out these examples to our friends and foe.. The real sad thimg about this is that 44% of USA thinks he's doing a good job in Washington. I wonder where they gewt thier facts?? God Bless to all

    • AnxiouslyWaiting says:

      I sometimes wonder if these figures are actually correct. I know there are a lot of people out there who want him out of office, so maybe, just maybe, who ever is doing these surveys, isn't getting it right. Then again, some people may be "saying" they think he is doing a good job, but when it comes time to vote, will vote for a "Constitutional Conservative". I don't know that we should actually "trust" the Republicans though. I have sent emails to ALL my local "Federal" members AND to John Boehner, telling them they need to start impeachment proceedings, but have had no reply. I think they are just as much in the "muck", as the Liberals are in the "mire". We need to vote every one of them out, except fopr the eleven wondrful Conservatives who have been trying so hard to do what they were elected to do. Or better yet, have them "Recalled and hold Special Elections". That way, maybe we will actually get to HAVE elections.

    • Don39 says:

      Don't fall for the figures tossed around by the Obama propaganda arm, the so-called mainstream media. Even the notoriously lying leftist rag the NYT is citing very high disapproval numbers just this week. With 63% of likely voters saying they definitely will not vote for Obama, watch out! He is bound to try something drastic. In fact already is by ordering his so-called immigration control to further discontinue inforceing the immigration laws, essentially declareing amnesty by Presidential decree and defiance. Support the current proposed law offered by Con. Smith called the Halt Act, which is to reign in the President from usurping the law and the Constitution. And tell your Congressman to co-sponsor and support this bill. Not that we really need it but it will give us a fresh violation upon which to impeach and take action when we get the Senate in 2012.

    • wally says:

      because he won the muslim.illegal aliens ,federsl convicts, and of course some of his race will vote for him plus the gays. but he lost the military votes becuase of d.a.d.t and the christian votes so lets hope true americans stands up and be counted.
      If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.”

    • Mike says:

      That 44% are the ones living on gov. welfare. It is no wonder those cretins think he is doing a good job. He hasn't taken anything away from them.

    • Joaquin says:

      We have a lot of VFW posts in this country. I am not afraid. We are the army.

    • Robert says:

      Sofine, the main stream (I mean lame stream) media is where the majority of Americans get their news and over 50% of Americans are too stupid to ignore them. This could be because they also get their free money from Obama's government.

  7. montee says:

    its not surprising me that once again, here sit, the very people who MUST stop him,again complaiing! When is anyone going to realize that the time to wait on someone else is over! WE need to personally go drag his high n mighty ass out! I cant do it alone but Im more then willing to go NOW! we need to make up our minds, organize and go! BUCK UP AMERICA,ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND ACCEPT IT…isnt it obvious that we dont have a choice anymore?

    • Wayne Shrock says:

      If we wait until he is out, (if he ever goes out) then we will have to put up with all his anti-American laws. We can’t we get the Illegal anti-American terrorist out before his time? he has done more damage to America than Ben Laden ever did or could do. he has never done anything good for the United Stated and never will. his only desire is to destroy the United Stated, making himself look good and make the illegal’s his glory. he already controls the news media, the auto, the banks and is trying to gain control of the medical so he can say why lives and who dies. When he said he would make change, in that he has kept his word. When he was campaigning, he said America was the best country in the world and he wanted to change it, he has.

    • ddk says:

      I'm with you! I really never thought it could get this bad but if the American people are so stupid as to vote him into a 2nd term, we're doomed!!!

      • Guest says:

        Well, you better work hard at getting voters to VOTE against him. Unions, blacks, government workers, young people, and illegals are solid for him. The key to the election is the independant vote. If their support is less than 40% he can be defeated.

    • Mike says:

      Americans have drank the koolaid over the last century and half are in a stupor! If it wasn't for this evil clown getting in office, I'm not sure but the half that has awakened may also still be a sleep! If we patriots drag him from the White house or I should say try, we may be playing right into his hands, as he could implement martial law, stop the 2012 election and remain in office as dictator in chief! I do realize that our founders gave us our second amendment rights for the purpose of removing a tyranical government and at last resort, that is what should be done but its not clear to me that the time has come for such a serious move! Granted what he has done to America is treasonous in my mind and I wish those who have the authority would stand up and levy the treasonous charges against him, remove him from office and defy Bidon to do anything stupid or we will put in a patriot general in that office until we can hold a fair election! What Osama, I mean Obama has done to this country is nothing less than evil he he will have to account for it, if not on this earth when he meets his maker, which is when our Lord will wipe that silly smile of his face!

    • REMINESSIN says:

      montee i agree with ya, but this has been in the works for years n years…so we better have it all figured out…THE ELITE are the ones doing this…it is all to bring about the NEW WORLD ORDER…they have already made it a law that we will be rfd microchipped by 2013…I believe that will bring about total mind control…slaves. They want us to revolt so they can bring in martial law…The muscle men are already trained…have you not seen, and or prisonplanet ? They're gonna pull off another 911 and convince the blinded eyes that it is as they say it is… but you are right my friend, we've got to do something.

    • joe says:

      Montee,For the past year and maybe even longer i have been offering to walk point if necessary to start the march toward escorting this impostor out of the peoples WH and will continue to do so until the teflon family is escorted to the closest border and told not to return.I feel for the daughters because they are probably being protected from the truth about there father.obama is a disgrace to the office of the president and should have never been elected,the peter principle applies to this criminal,the only problem is he does not have enough sense to resign.

  8. carknow32 says:

    Although it may seem like our modern-day Federal Government is a confusing entity, with a trillion dollar presidential budget, over 500 governmental agencies, 15 cabinet departments (with numerous smaller agencies), and executive powers which aren’t specifically defined in Article II of the Constitution – know that it wasn’t always this way! Our government, through the Constitution, was designed to be accessible, and a true partner to the people and the communities which it served. And in this same spirit, Missouri Tenth is proud to offer another free resource: American Government: A simplified guide ( . Don’t be confused by phrases like Sovereignty, Federalism, or Social Compact Theory, but gain confidence in learning through this professionally designed 16 page PDF document. With comparison charts, quick facts, and outlines over the main components of our government, you’re sure to gain a better understanding on the history of our nation, the gradual influence of Federalism, and how our government works. Download this document at the link above – and armed with knowledge, you’ll be ready to cross swords with the deceptions and half-truths espoused by progressives, secularists, leftists, and socialists.
    My recent post TIME shreds the Constitution

    • Debbie says:

      Your post above….the internet won't let it pull up…..not surprising. I suspect that is going to happen more and more. word of mouth is ancient conversation but really works.

    • guest says:

      I tried to access it ,but it said "server not found".

  9. Carl says:

    Why is it people whine bout this animal. All your elected officials are involved in this overthrow of your Country. But you have yet to hit the streets to undo this injustice. Where is the heart of the American People? Oh yeah, let us just wait a little longer. Remember the Republicans called for him to lead in the debt crisis. Why ask a commie to lead you in talks if you are not in lock step with it? Folks, wake up as the hour is long past, there is no difference in parties in DC. Never has any living person seen the Republican Party gain control and overturn the unconstitutional laws put in place by the other party. As we continue to wait for the problem to be dealt with by our Elected, we continue to allow them to do what they are there to do.
    WE ARE BEING OVERTHROWN FROM WITHIN. The enemy and terrorist is the Government in DC today……………….

    • Packin' Texas Grammy says:

      I'm in total agreement with all you say!

    • cathy massau says:

      I've been saying this for years…

    • guest says:

      Hitting the streets only causes chaos in the streets, Do something more meaningful, like become a precinct chair, a state delegate, run for a local office, where your influence can trickle up the ladder. Use your involvement to a greater degree in restoring this country, which is really the responsibility as good steward of "the people".

  10. montee says:


  11. Hill says:

    Our country is screwed!!!!!! And we have Obama to thank!! Our country is no longer nunber one! No longer gets any respect! Obama is on a course to destroy our country!!

    • Larry says:

      Ozero and those who elected him.

    • wally says:

      in lake county indiana alone they found 3.000 dead that acorn by mistake of course. had registered to vote, thats just 1 county an one state how many ele where went undetected..If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.”

    • Marshall says:

      My friend, Obama did not do it all. What about the uninformed who elected him to office. Congress is the real cause. They are supposed to be supporting the American Constitution but are shirking their responsibility. They are no longer responsible to the people.

    • Swisslady says:

      Yes, all correct. We HAVE to kick him out – impeachment must begin ASAP.

    • ConnieG. says:

      I have not felt our country was no.# in many years.I am a TeaParty Republican and have watched this country go down hill since Dubya started Iraq.I did not feel good about a few decisions Clinton made but wish we were in as good a shape as when he left office.The way I see it Bush got us in trouble and this nut has got us in a huge disaster.Can this country be repaired?It is going to take a lot of work and prayer.Meanwhile our decent leaders are going to have to keep a lid on Obama and gang.God help us with our next leaders.I am rooting for Congresswoman Bachmann.

    • Donna says:

      You cannot fix stupid…they will still vote for him because he's going to Change things! Doesn't matter what he does, he's the idol! Again, you cannot fix stupid and there are multitudes of "stupid people" living in the USA!
      These people will not see the light no matter if you try to prove it to them! Most feel Republicans (and BUSH) are the ones who caused all the damage and odummer is the one who will get them the handouts and recognition they deserve!

      The followers of odummer (the illegal fraud marxist muslim-loving soros new world order puppet) will continue under the illegal one's spell until the end!

    • Red says:

      Unfortunately, you are correct. He has carried out a program of destruction just as he advertised in his campaign for office, Many of the things he has done cannot be undone very easily, if at all, e.g. the national debt, health care reform, and signing away of sovereignty. If he can be replaced, in 2012, it will take a real powerhouse president who understands international politics, trade, and finance to even begin to repair all the problems Obama has created for this country. None of the current republican candidates have enough knowledge, or experience, to even begin to right our ship. Trump was the man we needed. He understands the problems, knows the players, and has answers for a host of these problems, Palin is tough enough and smart enough, but needs a little more experience, Gov Christie has shown his toughness in NJ and could do a good job. learning as he goes. I doubt either will run, unless things get considerably worse.

    • Roy Rodgers says:

      Your exactly right his goal is to bring us down . How far down is a question and a scary thought. Maybe just low enough as to where we cant wage war on his muslim brothers. Maybe low enough to be conquered by china or a host of muslim nations. Hes flloding us with illegal aliens in an attempt I think to more less give the southern parts back to mexico. He wants to financially break us into becoming a debtor nation.if we dont get him out were doomed man and I mean doomed . If he gets re elected hes going after 2nd. ammendment and who knows what else.

    • onceliberalnowwiser says:

      Absolutely CORRECT. If we give him another 4 years, America as we know it will be gone. Obama is the worse President I have ever seen in my 55 years. GOD help us!

    • winperk says:

      He has done a great job of it! And no polititian will do anything about It ! Call your reps and ask them to impeach Obama.
      You will not get an answer.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      obama is on a course to destroy our country? In case you did't get the message, that is obama's goal and has been his goal since before day one of his 2008 campaign. The public was not aware of this goal until after he was inaugurated.

    • Stephen says:

      Hill,please understand,WE GET THE KIND OF GOVERMENT WE DESERVE!! Thank the majority of people that voted for barry o,thank all the people that dont stan up to barry o,s propaganda wing [the news media] [just one example] Well what do we the people do next? elect mitt romney? Please give me a break!!!!

    • Betty Phillips says:

      you are so correct!!! I personally would love to whip that black Ass of his and I am not so sure there are not thousands that would love to take him into the woods and beat the living crap out of him. I think he had better shape up or he is going to get the beating of his life, after all he should never have the right to say anything about our country, let him get his Ass to Kenya and pull all the crap he wants. He knows dam well that he is nothing but a LYING half breed., and should never be where he is now and that is just about to come to life and there are millions just in the waiting line to see this imposter be brought down. Betty

  12. BIRTHER says:


    • Mike Tanco says:

      We need to bring charges against him for any and everything that can be used to get him out of office. Think about how Hitler took over Germany. He made promises to the German people too and look what happened. Mike Tanco

    • Outlaw Josie Wales says:

      SkoozeMe….Bachmann/Perry 2012

      Yes he is spitting in our faces, and spitting upon every thing that is sacred to this nation….this evil satan filled anti- Christ will be brought down low, by G-D Almighty….Look for it ….

    • Mike says:

      All you say is right, except Perry! As a Texan I don't trust the man. He may be another Obama. I read that he recently attended the Bilderburg meeting in Maryland, I would not trust him! Our conservative legislators have keep him in line, is why Texas is doing better than many states! He is apparently a whore monger and his wife is miserable! Forget Perry, he is not worth the risk!

      • Ann says:

        I agree, Mike, both Romney and Perry have connections to the Bilderberg Club and I will not support any candidate who has been bought, paid for, and vetted by the Bilderbergs.

        Three hours of videos – from the start of our country to the present – very informational – some I’m sure you know, plus other shocking information.

        Change is on the Horizon Part 1 of 3 Dawn of the Golden Age

        Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3 The American Federal Empire

        Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program

        I do believe the squatter in the WH will not bother with elections much longer, but video #3 will give you encouragement.

        God bless America!

      • amirizar10 says:

        How soon we forget… The conservative values mirror our beloved Constitution, which guarantees all the American citizens the right to express their opinion, whaever it may be.

      • Jieb Jab says:

        Mike, you are correct. Many Texans are stating the same facts throughout the state from Dallas, Fort Worth, Corsicana, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, Abilene, etc.

        Of all the candidates to date I have qualified only one due to her conservative values, business and political experience plus being tough on the border issues and that’s Michelle Bachmann.

        All the rest wear political suits of Blue and Red bend to the power base and weak on border values. So now lets swing the pendulum the other way for real change.

      • Old Highlander says:

        Rick Perry is a Major league RINO.

    • Debbie says:

      I really don't think anyone (blacks, white, hispanic) cares about the race card anymore. I, for one, am sick of everyone crying equality and then turning around crying racist….

    • winperk says:

      He would love that since he is a member of his church's "Down Low Club".

  13. Brent says:

    Okay, so let me get this straight. If you aspire to be a public servant like the president, then the rule of law does not apply? Wow, and I thought tyranny only happened in places like Venezuela.

    • Bob Basher says:

      If rule of law applied..CHARLIE RANGLE would be in a tax cheat…I mean you cant make this stuff up what arrogance…I mean to have the head of the ways and means commitee in charge of tax code or law…cheating….and saying oh i didnt know….i forgot to add that appartment house in on my taxes OOPS..thats ok charlie..can happen to anyone..only they go to JAIL or have their homes taken away and paychecks deducted…!!!

    • Don39 says:

      The difference between Chavez and Obama is that Obama has not yet consolidated his controll on the military and that Chavez lacks our Constitution that is despised by the left but never the less still has the strength to limit their speed of gaining control.

    • BARRY says:

      High crimes and misdemeanors is a phrase from Section 4 of Article Two of the United States Constitution: "The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."
      "High" in the legal parlance of the 18th century means "against the State". A high crime is one which seeks the overthrow of the country, which gives aid or comfort to its enemies, or which injures the country to the profit of an individual or group. In democracies and similar societies it also includes crimes which attempt to alter the outcome of elections. PUSH CONGRESS DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH SITTING ON THEIR THUMBS.

  14. William says:

    if my postings are going to be deleted I dont need any more of vision to America so just remove me.

  15. olelar says:

    Did anyone expect anything different from this commie left wing radical born in Kenya? Until some Republicans gets a backbone and intestinal fortitude to impeach him, things will continue on his Socialist course. Everybody seems to be afraid of this radical natzi. Where is Oswald when we need him?????

    • MLH says:

      I get future temporal dreams … In my dream I saw when Barry returns to Chicago to campaign … Black Oswald will appear. After I had this dream I heard that Barry's Chicago Campaign Office was shot up and went unreported in the news. I picked up on this intent in my meditations/dreams. :))

    • eddyjames1952 says:

      Good old Lee Harvey,never though we'd miss him! And why aren't there more grassy knolls in Chicago? where they're needed to beautify the city.There's nothing that beautifies a town like a grassy knolls.Unless its a cohort of Praetorian Guards searching the White house ground searching for another out of control wannabe Emperor.