ROTC Surges on Elite College Campuses

Yesterday was a big day for ROTC. Just three weeks after Columbia’s university senate voted in favor of engaging with ROTC, Columbia has announced it will reinstate its Navy ROTC program. The agreement between President Lee C. Bollinger and Navy secretary Ray Mabus marks the end of a 42-year ban on the program.

Meanwhile, ROTC looks set to return to both Stanford and Yale. Yesterday, the Stanford ad hoc committee on ROTC voted unanimously to support ROTC’s return to campus. The faculty senate will vote on the recommendations next week.

Likewise, the Yale faculty committee on ROTC released its own report, recommending that Yale amend the four resolutions approved by the faculty in 1969, which led to the campus ban on ROTC. The Yale faculty will vote May 5.

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19 comments on “ROTC Surges on Elite College Campuses
  1. RJJ says:

    It is difficult for me to believe that DO KISS DON'T TELL is the real reason for ivy league collages to change their 30 to 40 year campaign against the military. But does represent a not so subtle support of the Commander In Chief 's extended wars in Afghanistan & Iraq.

    Where did PINO, ( president in name only ) attain his education? Where does this attempt to pass on his socialist training and philosophy come from? It comes from the ultra liberal collages Obama attended and supports with tax payer money. They work hand and glove together for the One World Order with Obama as the president.

  2. Adrian Vance says:

    Could it be the young people have caught on that nationalism is a way to protect your lifestyle in a world where so many have so little and we have so much? This would not be the first time in history the the young people "got it" before the elected ruling class.

    For common sense, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at Also on Kindle.

    • Lee says:

      You know, I don't give a rat's behind for those who don't "have as much as I do!"

      It has been those types who have made my life a lot harder than it needed to be, and if I am expected to work hard for what I have, then they should, too!

  3. Randy131 says:

    How telling of what our Universities now stand for by the repudiation of God's teaching and precepts, by rewarding those who now agree to violate them. The more one accepts evil, the more it consumes that one, and our Universities have now officially become the hot-bed of that acceptance, our your children now safe to be sent there to learn, and what is it they will now learn there? I wonder if it is even safe to send your children to main-line Christian Universities? I know that Notre Dame invited a pro-abortion, not pro-choice, President to speak to its students, despite the immense protests of its brothers and sisters in Christ, and pro-life is one of the biggest tenets of the Catholic Religion, makes you wonder who is running the train, doesn't it. In the Bible, Jesus questioned whether there would be any faith left on earth upon His return, and now we know why.

    • Lee says:

      As I recall, Obama also demanded that all signs of religion at Notre Dame be covered during his visit.

      I am not a christian, but this action was a slap in the face for all Americans!

      I don't see why the school should ever want him to speak on their campus again!

  4. Dick says:

    These same elite schools did not prohibit the left wing radical professors from using their positition of power & prestige to indoctrinate their inexperienced students with their own political agenda.

  5. Dusty1 says:

    The price which had to be paid before the ROTC would be welcomed on these campuses was the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” I personally think “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” worked fine and I believe its repeal will hurt our fighting military in the future. I just don’t get how an openly gay military force will inspire fear and respect abroad. And I wouldn’t give you two cents for our liberal ivy league universities, either.

  6. Bud says:

    There have been gay people “in the military” at least since the time of Alexander the Great, and probably even earlier. There have been gay people in our military since the founding of the country. DADT might “work fine” if you are one of the people who do not have to worry constantly about everything you say or do, or fear that some vindictive person will “out” you and ruin your life.

    • John Wong says:

      DADT has worked just fine before, it is losers like you who wants to overturn it so it's more "appealing" to the gays. The military is not a cruising alley, it's a place for patriotic Americans to serve their country. IF they can't muster enough strength to deal with discrimination, bullies, and liars in the military, then they should leave and join the Roman Catholic Church, where it's more welcoming of gays who like little boys.

    • Dusty1 says:

      The behavior you describe is exactly what our politically correct culture is today. Watch what you say and guard what you think. The problem is when people are forced to accommodate the others around them. We are less free in this country than we ever were. I believe what you say about gays being in the military from the beginning. Not having ever served or being gay, I can only imagine how frightening it would be, worrying about being "outed."

      • Old Bill says:

        Dusty shame on you for not serving. I did for 15 years. They're putting the straight guys out so you can be politicaly correct. In 1983 I was in a supply and service company that had a lot of them fellows in it and they were very open about it. My platoon sargent was one. If you did not do it with him or his boys forget your future in the military. (double whammy he was black so you could not say any thing or the race card was played.) I forgot the military. You want two guys like that on guard duty together in a war zone.

        They be doing thier thing while old luke is doing his cutting your throat while you sleep. That is why I don't want women in the same unit I'm in in a war zone. You got nuts that can't not do it (both sexes)

  7. Oldshooter says:

    Why should we ALLOW them to have ROTC on their campus at all? I think it is a privilege to have the military on your campus, and maybe we should start treating it a little more like that. There is certainly no obligation, on the part of the military, to just provide ROTC departments and services willy-nilly to any campus that decides they now want it. It costs the military money, and there is some reason to suspect that, given the out of control liberal policies and faculty of most universities today (especially the ones now “opening up” to ROTC for the first time in 40 years), the college level training/education they provide may not even be adequate, let alone appropriate, for a budding young military officer. Quite frankly, I think the military ought to require some kind of standards to be met by the university before they will even agree to allow ROTC on that campus. Our military should never be in the position of beggars approaching the university on bended knee, and hoping for permission to offer high quality ROTC training, even at questionable colleges. They should expect, and if necessary demand, to be treated as equal partners with any other department on the campus. If they are going to be treated as the college’s “poor step-children,” as I suspect they will at these universities, then they should simply refuse to join the university at all.
    Never forget that the ROTC program is expected to provide officers that are the equal of those turned out by the service academies, and anything less is an affront to the country. It would also be wise to remember that these ROTC-bred officers will soon be leading our own sons and daughters into combat in our name, so we all have an obligation to ensure that they are as prepared as those from the academies, as prepared mentally and physically as possible, and that means they must not have been brainwashed to dislike and distrust their country, as so many college students today are.

  8. Keeping America Free says:

    Many military families have long traditions of sending their children to our best universities. The politically correct administrators and professors decided DADT was unacceptable, forcing our young people to attend ROTC classes elsewhere.

    I consider that a great imposition on the students and their families. The left-leaning jerks at these schools need to do some introspection for kicking out our military in the first place.

    I consider their actions teasonous. The other refusnik universities neet to readmit and support ROTC.

    As for the "gay" question, we all survived locker rooms at school and college.

    • Lee says:

      My youngest son was in ROTC, and loved every minute of it!

      That particular high school wanted to put in Marine ROTC, but was refused because the state and county decided to put that particular group in Ganado, Tuba City and other Navajo communities because those neighborhoods were perceived to need "more of a pick-me-up than the schools in our neighborhood! Not just a bit of political correctness was loose there!

      But, we did have the Air Force ROTC, and my son built a 22-year career on what he had learned at ROTC.

  9. Lee says:

    Now, as far as our "institutions of higher learning" are concerned, we have to weed out the leftist professors, and clean up the entire campus' of each and every school!

    Far too many marxists and anti-American professors have gained tenure, and they have to be taken out, stripped of all their perks, and sent out to pick strawberries in the field!

    At least then, they would be doing the public a service!

  10. Nellie CA says:

    I like ROTC! This should be on every campus. Not every student will go into military but they get good training. I think every person should have gun training! Local police ROTC.
    My kids were in Police explorer, FFA, Explorer Fire Dept., Explorer Forestry Fire Dept.
    I was raised with guns, my kids and grandkids were also raised with guns. This should be a part of Americans life!
    Only the two grand kids went into Military. Both were given honors on shooting! One is in Coast Guard! He is the one that was in the Fire Dept Explorers.
    He was accepted in Coast Guard before he was out of high school. His test on guns and EMT and fire ?? was why he was accepted. Those guys in the fire dept did a great job. He has been in Coast Guard about 10 years.