DNC Worried; 'Lower Turnout Means That We'll Lose'

When Democratic National Committee operatives describe something as “undemocratic,” they mean it’s not good for the Democratic Party.

“We believe that we should expand democracy — that expanding democracy is good for the nation; it is good for our party,” Democratic National Committee spokesman Mo Elleithee told reporters during a conference call in which he attacked “undemocratic” Republican voter ID laws and other state-level election laws.

The DNC operatives offered several platitudes about the importance of voting during the call, which was scheduled apropos of a New York Times story on Republican-supported election laws, but they kept slipping up and mentioning their ulterior concern.

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3 comments on “DNC Worried; 'Lower Turnout Means That We'll Lose'
  1. T. Jefferson says:

    Voter ID Laws means you can only vote once and you have to prove you are eligible to vote.

  2. Greg says:

    It is NOT the Democratic Party. IT IS THE “DEMOCRAT” PARTY…it has nothing to do with Democracy. Call them what they are…Democrats…not Democratic. (PS…they hate it when you do that, they like the sound of Democratic vs. Marxist)

  3. ABBAsFernando says:


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