Feminist Calls Housewives 'Parasites'

According to Scripture, the noblest profession for any woman is that of wife and mother and keeper of the home.  The Bible describes the attributes of a good housewife in Proverbs 31:10-31.  It’s an industrious life of not only caring for her family, but for also spending some of her time making things like clothing or baked goods to sell to others so she can earn money for the household needs and helping the poor.  It describes her as getting up early and not going to bed until after dark.  The Proverbs 31 woman is also described as speaking wisdom and teaching kindness which is far more precious than jewels.

But to someone like liberal feminist Gloria Steinem, a Proverbs 31 woman is nothing more than a despicable worthless parasite.  Some of Steinem’s other endearing quotes include:


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39 comments on “Feminist Calls Housewives 'Parasites'
  1. old gray dog 123 says:

    If more woman read their bible and understand why
    god created woman this would be a much better world
    to life in . its about time to be told why they were
    put on this earth . Wake up men and be a MAN.

    • wolf says:

      The reason these sick Bitch’s are calling women who choose to stay home with their children parasites is because the most of these scum are butch anyway. They have children and ignore them, and hate anyone else who is different.

  2. Dick Frakes says:

    When I read comments by feminist only groups, it truly make me proud to be a man. Because these groups are obviously jealous of men. A true woman rules her man. I’ve been married 51 years.

    • Rattlerjake says:

      “A true woman rules her man”? What planet are you from. Any man who allows a woman to rule him is a mouse not a man. A true woman shows devotion to her man and the family. The feminist movement is just one of the many steps to Communism. The object is to make women think that they are MEN, and if that where true they would have balls! Anywhere in the animal kingdom it is the Alpha male that rules, the female protects the young and family unit.

      • Beckah says:

        Dead right on this one!
        I’m just glad I can still get under the skin of these liberal, man hating, always the victim pieces of garbage fouling up the minds of young women! These “women” are indeed one of the biggest contributors of wrecking not only family, but society as a whole!
        And I don’t consider most guys MEN these days!

  3. Swan says:

    Gentlemen, although there may be several things we could all agree upon, there are a couple that we may not. Using the Bible as the standard; I would disagree with ‘Old Gray Dog’ and your comment that “women need to be told”. No, with respect sir, women need to be loved like “Christ loved the church…”; they need to see and experience their husbands being servant leaders in their homes, loving, Godly husbands who put their wife’s needs and children’s needs before their own. They need to see and experience the love, kindness, and Godly leadership that Jesus set the example of.

    Secondly, I would respectfully disagree with Mr. Frakes. True women do not ‘rule’ their husbands; they partner with them. In the orginial language the wife is referred to as the “ezer kenegdo”; not “help meet”. The only other time this term is used in the Bible is in reference to the Holy Spirit. It also traces back to a nautical term referring to the center mast of a sailing vessel. She is his completer, and the quiet strength that God uses to help hold the family together, she, in obedience to God’s word should submit to her husband; never ‘rule’ him. She is as much a representative of who God is as is the man. It is said that a man who does not listen to his wife misses half of what God would say to him. Obviously this is presuming that both spouses have a right relationship with God and are led of the Holy Spirit.

    We should pray for those who do not know Jesus.

    • Buyerbwear says:

      You are, truly, a wise woman.

    • Lyle says:


    • okihad it says:


  4. T. Jefferson says:

    Feminazi’s hate housewives because no one wants them for one. They know they are too ugly or too mouthy to ever get a quality man.

  5. Swan says:

    T.Jefferson; with respect I must say to you that your name calling and derogatory comments do nothing to promote effective dialog between yourself and others. It does however, place you on the same level as the “Feminazi’s” you apparently so rabidly despise. Please refer to my last statement and consider applying it. Handling differences in a Biblical manner may take more thought, prayer and time, but it is always worth the effort.

    • Mary says:

      A lot of the feminist’s are lesbians and don’t want to be in a relationship with men and don’t desire children either. If that’s their wish so be it but they can live and let live apart from the rest of us.

      • Pete0097 says:

        A lot of lesbians are afraid of a real close relationship. They are afraid of the committment, and they are afraid of having to stay with someone for the rest of their lives. This is also true of their male counterparts.

  6. Mary says:

    I feel truly blessed with my lot in life. I’ve been married 30 years and have 5 kids and multiple grand kids. And I wouldn’t trade my existence with any feminist in the world. Nothing gives me more pleasure than being a wife and mother. If feminists don’t want families or husbands good riddance. Why pollute the gene pool with the likes of them. Let them keep unto themselves and wither away.

    • okihad it says:

      funny, i always thought feminist were strange people and by this report, well THEY ARE!

  7. Paula says:

    “Feminists” talk so brave. They put down other people’s choices (wanting to be “housewives”) They ridicule what they don’t have, want or understand. It’s “my way or you are nothing.”

    But where are these tough talking women where Sharia Law is considered the “only law”? Where are these feminists when muslim women are being raped, murdered and “honor killed?” Where are these righteous feminists when muslim women have to wear burqas or they will be beaten? And, most importantly, where are they when our government is trying to implement Sharia Law HERE?

    Where do they take the stand for them? They don’t. They only gripe about White American (Western) men who will NOT become violent with their accusations of enslaving women.

    What they are … is typical progressive liberals.. wanting to bring Utopia to the world and they are the ONLY ones that know how to get there.

  8. brabbie2002 says:

    You wanna talk parasites? I don’t see housewives marching on DC demanding I pay for their birth control because they can’t seem to keep their pants on! You want to play a sexual role – pay for your own damn birth control. And if you get pregnant because of your loose morals, don’t take my tax dollars to pay for an abortion to kill an innocent child because of YOUR choices! Sorry, but you so called feminists do NOT speak for me!

  9. Leah says:

    The feminazis have given themselves over to Ha Satan an it is his voice that says being a woman is less than. There is no higher calliing for a woman than being a wife and mother of God

  10. Randy says:

    Women who take the responsibility of caring for a family and raising children responsibly contribute far more to the health of a family that they are given credit for by feminists who have no conception of what a family really is. Feministism perpetuates the ideology that women may be birthers, or not, that children are wards of the state, that single motherhood is desireable and that welfare is mode of sustenance. Feminists are the true parasites, who will breed more parasites until family and society is sucked dry and society finally collapses. Only when that happens will mothers and fathers raising children suddenly become important again.

  11. Joan says:

    Gloria Steimen is a complete idiotic moron!!!!

  12. OldVeteran says:

    This very “ugly” woman is just a tad correct. HER mother must have been a parasite! Any woman, according to this “Gorier Stainhome”, who marries is a parasite. This “statement” is just totally asinine. She’s just being uglier to the Nth degree. Miserable and probably hates getting old………..

  13. mwood says:

    why do so many women hate god for making them a woman. i was taught to respect and protect them.

  14. Grampa says:

    I wonder who raised this woman, her parasite?

  15. Junk Bin says:

    the outcome of the anti male and family feminism is to destroy the family there by destroying a society.
    Western civilization is almost gone fron the North America to moscow, the caucasians are doomed to extinction.
    Why, woman are not having children as is their design. Only woman can carry and have babies.

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