Coulter: Obama 'Would Be Impeached If He Weren't America's First Black President'

Different branches have different rules. In terms of writing legislation, the president’s rule is quite clearly laid out as he sort of indicates but then ignores with his pen, with his veto pen. That is his role. Then he has a phone. He can call Congressmen, he can call Senators and say, this is what I’d like in the law. But other than that, he has no role in writing legislation.

He is vetoing legislation by refusing to enforce it. The constitution demands that the president of the United States take care that the laws be faithfully executed. He has simply taken it upon himself to rewrite Obamacare, to rewrite immigration laws, — you indicated with the DREAMers thing — to rewrite drug laws.

Now we’re not — Colorado and Washington, sure, just legalize drugs that the federal government, that the Congress has written and made illegal. This is the bottom of the slippery slope, and I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.

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66 comments on “Coulter: Obama 'Would Be Impeached If He Weren't America's First Black President'
  1. Bill says:

    Two other words hold the key to why BO will not ever be impeached: “Joe Biden”.

    • Sgt Shel says:

      Right! That’s why Congress should Impeach them both!

      • Kenner Petersonkpi says:

        Impeach both that would be peachy

      • NATIVE WEST TEXAN says:

        Obama, himself, said that if you impeach him, you would then have to deal with Joe Biden! Obama is not the first Black president; Bill Clinton was the first Black president, as Clinton’s ancestors were Black…

    • sn says:

      As stated, obamy is a mongrel. Part white, part black and GOD only knows what else. SO, impeach the imposter as he applied for and received College entrance as a Foreign Exchange student. Hence, he declared he was NOT a US citizen. Therefore, WHY is he in the office of presidency? The demoncraps pulled a fast one on the citizens of the United States of American by playing the race card with an ILLEGAL president nominee..!

      • LONGSHORTS says:

        Doesn’t matter whether Obama is white, black, or “rainbow” colored. Obama has broken his oath of office so many times that impeachment is NOT enough punishment for his crimes against the Constitution. Lifetime imprisonment is the only answer, unless we can deport him to his legal country of citizenship – Kenya. Get rid of Obama and Biden, and this crap of ruining our Country will stop. Obama is not a “natural born citizen”, and perhaps not a citizen at all, and has admitted it in his own words. Obama is NOT eligible to exercise the powers of President of OUR Country. This is so obvious, that Congress is also liable for Obama’s crimes. They have not restrained Obama, where it is their duty to control this President that is out of control. Obama is a “clear and present danger to the safety and security of the United States of America”, and a traitor. Every piece of legislation, and every “executive order” he has laid his hand to should be repealed, or nullified.
        Every future Presidential/Senate/House candidate should have their past completely revealed for all voters so they can see it all from the day they were born to the time the person establishes his candidacy. The past of each candidate should be completely transparent to all. All public records included, no matter what the records contain. This is MY opinion, and if you liberals don’t like it – suffer.

        • Liberty4 says:

          Extremely Well said! Will anyone or any agency respond.? Who is in charge when congress is frozen in liberal majority.
          The law is the law, to remove tyranical people from their positions.

      • Icky says:

        Nancy Peloise needs to be imprisoned for violating our election laws by just signing that “the Imposter” was eligible. She knew what she was doing and she needs to pay dearly for the damage.

        • donald clark says:

          You are correct, in my opinion, about this man’s eligibility. I’ll go further: They all should have been executed for treason five years ago. This is a conspiracy, and it will be exposed when the right man, or woman comes along.

    • Shane says:

      Obama should be impeached for not enforcing our nation’s immigration laws and for granting almost 600,000 amnesties to illegal aliens.

    • Joe says:

      I’d take Biden over Obama any day. He’s an idiot, but he ain’t Obama! So, here’s the answer: if congress is so soft on impeaching the 1st black president, impeach the white half of him and when we kick that half out, the rest will have to go with him. Frankly, Biden’s not the reason congress won’t impeach Obama. The House knows it would be an exercise in futility, because the Democrat Senate would never, ever convict. We don’t have 535 people in D.C. representing us, we have two parties and, as long as they stick together (like gang mentality), we’re screwed. If you want Obama out, vote Republican in November – whether you like the GOP or not – it’s our only chance. A vote for the GOP is a vote against Obama. With a majority in the senate and the house, we have a better chance of impeaching Obama and getting this country out of its misery. That would also geld Biden for the last two years of their term.

      • Byron Mullet says:

        “impeach the white half of him and when we kick that half out, the rest will have to go with him” Besides being funny, you have a good point actually. Ironically, impeaching him WILL prove we have moved beyond racism. He will be treated just like any other lawbreaking president of any color or race.

    • 1S-1K says:

      Two more than that actually. Harry Reid. Unless Repubs take back the Senate this year.

    • Fiesty says:

      Not Biden, George Soros. I fail to understand what his black part has to do with enabling impeachment. Not even a thoroughbred, mostly white, and schooled in Indonesia, he shouldn’t even have been elected in the first place. Our Constitution has not been followed, as he swore to do at his confirmation. That alone is treason. So, what’s the real problem?

  2. Buck O'Fama says:

    This incompetent “Post Turtle” never should have been elected. It was only through the efforts of the lamestream and the overwhelming stupidity of some Americans that this affirmative action aberration pulled off this stunt.

  3. Sgt Shel says:

    100% CORRECT! We need a Congress with some back-bone!

  4. Lee says:


    • chas says:

      I posted earlier and it was not posted or hasn’t yet posted
      But you like most libs read what you want in the content of anything
      Again here–your post has nothing to do with the article
      And I again ask you what does Ann’s diet have to do with Obama and his violation of his oath to office

    • LEGAZPI says:

      We have laws for ANYONE who is on our soil, even people from other countries. We should hold everyone to our laws and not change parts of them to suit our political idealogies

  5. I do agree with Ann. We have gotten so politically correct because
    of the media that we are scared to question Obama because he is
    black. At least 40% of the population don’t see this or just don’t
    care. The Black population love Obama simply because he is black.
    There are 2 or 3 blacks that I would vote for because of their
    conservative agenda. Race should not matter and does not for me.

  6. Kerry Soileau says:

    No matter how good a future black Presidential candidate might be, there will always be the concern that no non-blacks will be able to criticize his/her policies without being called a racist. For that reason 0bama may have made things much harder for future blacks to be elected President.

  7. Alfred L Moniot MD says:

    Insane Hussein is 50% White; 45% Illegal Alien Arab Muslim, and 5 % black.

  8. Fred says:

    He would be impeached if there were no co-conspirators in the Snake pit called the Senate. Impeachment is a toothless lion without the Senate to bring him to trial, convict him, then remove him from office.

  9. Iceman47 says:

    I still don’t get it. Why is obama referred to as the first “black” president? Is it because he looks “black”? Why can’t he be referred to as the first “mixed race” president or the first “half white president”? Now if the president of Uganda was elected president, I venture to say he would really be the first “black” president. The phony who resides in the White House is half of a lot of things, half a man, half a leader(being generous), half black, half white, less than half qualified, and finally a Total Thug.

  10. ccfonten says:

    In our local newspaper we are having a running discussion on whether or nor those who oppose obama are racists. It all started with one man writing in stating that conservatives and Christians are racists because they oppose what obama has done and is doing. He claims it is God’s will that he got elected and then re-elected, therefore we who oppose his executive orders and unilateral decrees are by default unchristian and racist.
    It is getting interesting to see who and what are writing in response to that absurd letter.
    It is nothing more than what Rush Limbaugh described obama supporters as having a messianic worship of obama…………it has nothing to do with racism or God’s will……….but you will never convince these people of this.

    • Icky says:

      With the things Obama has done I believe now that God is using Obama to test and punish America because we had grown so far away from him. How much more than with a member of the Devil’s army to do that?

  11. Gary Hunt says:

    Impeachment would be a waste of time and money, the House brings the Articles of Impeachment, but the Senate does the prosecuting and Harry Reid and democratcs controlling the Senate, they would NEVER prosecute.

  12. Franklin Stine says:

    Dear Ann:

    Barry O. Soetoro is HALF WHITE, not “Black”.

    You, and everyone else that refer to him as “black” just help
    to perpetuate the fiction; he is a disgrace to authentic “blacks”.

  13. USAPATRIOTSC says:

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but if Barry who is half white ahd half black is considered black the there have been 7 black Presidents before him.
    1. John Hanson
    2. Thomas Jefferson
    3. Andrew Jackson
    4. Abraham Lincoln
    5. Warren Harding
    6. Calvin Coolidge
    7. Dwight E. Eisenhower


  14. Elizabeth Blake says:

    It has nothing to do with race. He’s a Democrap! Enough said.

  15. Carl says:

    Tired of venting, lets see what the Republicans do if they get the House and Senate in the 2014 mid elections.

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