Obama Golfs 161st Round as Michelle Shuts Down Air Traffic in Aspen For a Weekend of Skiing

The New York Post reports that Michelle, Sasha and Malia flew to the Colorado ski resort on Friday to spend Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend on the slopes. This is the 3rd year in a row the Obama ladies spent this same weekend in Aspen.

Meanwhile, President Obama headed to California to discuss the state’s drought and to meet King Abdullah II of Jordan. He’s also expected to mix business with pleasure by playing a few rounds of golf in Rancho Mirage. (Which would be round #161 of his Presidency, but who’s counting?) Where are they playing? Apropos of nothing -a billionaire’s private golf course.

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20 comments on “Obama Golfs 161st Round as Michelle Shuts Down Air Traffic in Aspen For a Weekend of Skiing
  1. Sgt Shel says:

    He should be over in Sochi supporting our athletes, but he’s scared to death of Putin!

  2. Alfred L Moniot MD says:

    These trash need to be eliminated!

  3. Junk Bin says:

    I am tired of cake. How about a good ole impeachment and than tar and feathering for all of them while they are run out of the US

    • emjay98 says:

      Don’t think that an illegitimate president can be impeached, however, I think he could be classified as a traitor and tried for that. He needs to be held accountable for his actions. With the democrat majority in the Senate, there would be no chance of impeachment in either case.

  4. rafael says:

    Tent City U.S.A. Homeless People under Bridges 30.000 Syrian Refugees Illegal Aliens Deficit Unlimited Spending 1 Billion to Climate Change ; Poor America .

  5. John says:

    I think the president and his wife think the Presidency is one big party and good time. If it isn’t having plush celebrity parties at the White House, they are vacationing all over the country,golfing, skiing. He spends more time outside of the White House bashing republicans than doing his job. A Community Organizer on steroids. He couldn’t run a lemon aid stand

    • delbert balling says:

      Lemon stands are illegal without a permit.

    • chris says:

      How true John. They are having a ball at our expense and no one seems to care to do anything about it. To stop them and remove them from office. Seems to me there are many that do not care about our country and where it is headed. There is a lot of talk and no action.

  6. littlepat says:

    It’s time to take out the garbage!

  7. Tina says:

    Well, they are the King and Queen after all, aren’t they?

  8. mari says:

    Again, if they believed in man-caused global warming they would not be living as if they didn’t have a care in the world. This, “do as a say, not as I do” attitude is very telling.

  9. OldVeteran says:

    Thinking about history and the behavior of the White House occupiers reminds me of a comment made in France…….”let them eat cake”………..Delaying flights so the first lady can land without any problems…….the common people’s plans were disrupted. As for his “LAWD SHIP” playing golf on a course that REQUIRES large amounts of water to keep it “green.” Yet all over the state; farmers are going under, cattle ranchers are losing or selling their cows due to NO WATER. It would be nice if the president and his spouse would try to make lives for the common folk a little less stressful. But then what can be expected from such wealthy Demoncrats.

  10. T. Jefferson says:

    He really loves holding a stiff shaft and slapping balls around.

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