Dem Senator: Maybe We Should Delay Obamacare Until After the Election

If only Republicans had thought of this idea when it was still logistically feasible, say, just before the law’s horrific implementation roll-out. What a novel solution from Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who was already on the record in support of an individual mandate delay:

“You’re just picking and choosing,” the West Virginia Democrat said of the administration’s decision. “First it’s basically the large employers, then it’s medium groups, then it’s 50 to 100 — medium-sized. If there’s a problem, there’s a problem.” He said there’s bipartisan support for legislation postponing the implementation of the entirety of the Affordable Care Act until 2015. “We’re sure in a transition period and they keep changing the dates,” the senator said, frustrated. “So I wish everyone would come to grips.”

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9 comments on “Dem Senator: Maybe We Should Delay Obamacare Until After the Election
  1. ccfonten says:

    Joe needs to get his bum sent home as well. Just like Mary Landrieu….opportunistic useful idiots for the obama thugocracy.

  2. JGahring says:

    The emporer continues to delay the mandate for employers, yet the mandate marches on for the peasants. By the time his royal high-ness allows the employer mandate, all of the peasants will be already enrolled in the government/crony insurance scam system. Delaying the mandate for employers until after the election doesn’t relieve the peasants and the way I understood the election system to work, companies don’t vote.

  3. Patty Weaver says:

    Actually Senator Stupid, we ALREADY know HOW you voted on the disaster called Obamacare so delaying it till 2016 won’t help your sorry butts one little bit……….You have all made your choice to disregard the American voter’s wishes and voted for said OBAMINATION. We warned you guys that if you did it, we’d see to it that your were fired, so here it comes lame-brain……..YOU ARE FIRED

    • Jeffrey says:

      Right On Patty, Right On! They think we will all say “Live and let Live” but they could not be more wrong!

  4. DOOM161 says:

    They need to implement every part of the law so that their precious ignorant voters are forced to see what they voted for.

  5. Buck O'Fama says:

    Um Joey…Bimbocare is wildly unpopular so you decide to cornhole the nation at a later date and that’s the plan? See people, easy to spot a liberal, zero logic and brain damage beyond that of someone with no brain at all, like Biden.

  6. Cindy Mccoy says:

    No, you should get rid of it you pieces of crap!!!!! You all are under-handed and crooked. You all make me sick!!!!!

  7. Top Hat says:

    These elected democrats continue to find ways to work around things that they have done to Americans. This just shows that there is nothing they won’t do to effect elections in their favor. This is not the kind of America we want or deserve. These elected officials should be prosecuted for their corruption of the political process and let history time and time again report how corrupt they are and have been.

  8. wildeagleone says:

    I have an idea. why not delay the Demon-crat party until we can find a decent American party to replace them and get rid of all the bastardos that are Demon-crats that want to continue to follow this illegal POTUS in destroying the greatest nation in the world. The new party could be at odds with the Republican Party but, a party that wants to work together and rebuild what is left, to give us back our standard of living and honor in the world

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