Obama Quietly Uses Executive Orders for Two New Gun Control Laws

Just a few weeks ago Obama quietly used executive action—one of his new favorite pastimes—that has got gun owner’s feathers in a ruffle.  According to Obama’s newest unconstitutionally enacted law, healthcare professionals are now required to violate HIPPA privacy laws and submit medical data to the government.  The illegally obtained data is then used as justification for gun confiscation by the federal government.

Showing exactly the kind of man Obama is, and not having been able to pass these gun control laws through congress, Obama has unconstitutionally used executive actions to pass the laws he wasn’t able to through legal means.

In what some are interpreting to be a much bigger and devious than it seems,—a tip of the iceberg type deal—the government is mandating healthcare professionals disregard their oaths and state law.  The government has mandated that patient’s medical data be submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

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91 comments on “Obama Quietly Uses Executive Orders for Two New Gun Control Laws
  1. rehabber says:

    I have never been a believer in reincarnation but dang I do believe Hitler has come back as a jug eared half white man.

    • B. D. M. says:

      I had the same thought.

      • PLW says:

        Amen…………obama has no clue regarding America’s economy and the U.S. Constitution! He flaunts the fact that he was going to use his Executive Powers to by-pass Congress to get his agenda into law! He has abused our rights by manipulating the IRS, lies to the Legal American Citizens. If he cannot increase taxes then his EPA has increased violations & fines to get more monies (while his former EPA Leader is serving prison time for EPA embezzlement! He only enforces Laws, he believes are good laws and ignores laws, he does not agree with. I believe Obamacare is a train wreck for the Legal American Citizens and American economy!!! Now he wants control of Citizens’ mental health records, along with medical health records (it is obvious, he & his followers will abuse these too! When will STOP this Anti-Christian / Anti-American POTUS from dismantling America from within??? IMPEACHMENT comes to mind!!!!!! I think the 2nd Amendment is still enforce as of this date…….. America’s POTUS is becoming a DICTATOR!!!!

        • Andy Yawho says:

          Impeachment is to civil for a traitor. Hanging is apropos.

        • That’s his plan to be the Dictator over the American People. When are WE THE PEOPLE going to step up to the plate and let them know we aren’t being pushed around anymore by someone who isn’t even a legal citizen of this Country. I have been against this man since the day he started campaigning the first go round. I have commented on all of these sights, called my Representatives in Washington, as well as others….John Boehner, and others like him, have signed petitions and surverys along with sending money to help the cause along. I don’t see any change in what the donations were suppose to do.
          Get off your butts Congress as WE THE PEOPLE are sick of the crap that is going on in Washington, DC.

        • Recon1 says:

          Andy Yawho,

          Please remember all an impeachment is is an indictment by the House claiming an official has violated the Constitution and/or the law. Then the Senate tries the official. If found guilty the official is removed from office and barred from Federal office in the future.

          THEN that official can be indicted and tried in a Federal or state court for the action that caused the impeachment conviction. For example, the charge might be for treason. If convicted in a Federal court on that charge then the appropriate penalties can be imposed, including the death penalty.

          So if you support the rule of law, you’ll support impeachment and conviction, rather than a lynching.

        • Skip Litz says:

          Do you think we’d be better off if Biden becomes president?

      • Nikita63 says:


    • DAY says:

      What an insult to Hitler!

    • Rob Roselli says:

      actually if you look at the historical parallels, both worship nature, both are Godless, both believe heavily in the American eugenics brainchild formerly known as the American Birth Control League now known as Planned Parenthood, both believe in eugenics period as in Government decides who gets “healthcare”, both believe in the mother state education system, both believe in wars of aggression, both came in as popular saviors, both believe in gun control.

      Admittedly your comment “sounds” somewhat ignorant but it’s actually very accurate.

      Now about that “image of the beast”……

    • DAN says:


    • exdem says:

      half white, 100% ni**er

    • LostProton says:

      Reincarnation may be, but Genghis Khan is a better choice, considering Obama’s supposed Islamic heritage that presses for the world domination by Islam.

      • Mike11C says:

        Genghis Khan? No, I don’t think so. Genghis Khan had big brass ones. Michelle has Barack’s locked up in her hand-bag. He’s definitely more like Hitler who was a weak little sissy who had the gift of gab.

        • Meathead says:

          Yep, all mouth, no courage. At least, Hitler was a corporal, fought on the front in WWI and won an Iron Cross. Ovomit couldn’t even become a Tiger Cub in the Cub Scouts.

    • Don says:

      It would be fitting that Hitler would come back as only half white, 49% Arab, and 2% black. Hitler was one to push White Supremacy, and Anti-Semitism, the Arabs hate Jews as much as Hitler.

    • Art Hock says:

      I think Stalin and Attila the Hun fits in there too!!!!!!!

    • ASoro says:

      I do believe your right

    • Wayne says:

      If he butt has been reincarnated let’s do to him in this life what should have been done in the last. Above all let’s do it BEFORE he starts his genocidal programs and BEFORE he destroys our country.

    • CWD says:

      Perhaps more like Caliglia (Ancient Rome’s emperor). I watched Caliglia’s methods of ruling and couldn’t believe the similarities between the two.

    • wolf says:

      That fascist liar makes Hilter look like child’s play, he is just beginning his rein of terror on America. That pig will never get my guns, he will have to fight me first.

  2. Richard says:

    Well … “Tip of the iceberg” is correct, and in more ways than one. obamas the tip of the iceberg of liberalism that has swept this country to moronism. He is very simply the tip of the iceberg that is the Demolib machine that has slowly but ever so surely chipped away at a society built on Christian moral beliefs. But here is the funny turn to “Liberalism” … The word liberal by definition is ‘acceptance’. However liberals are the most closed minded, least accepting people there are. Their liberalism is leading them right into the straight jacket of despotism, and they don’t see it. They, and obama in their lead, are idiots of the first order. They’ll be shackled by their own blindness. Unfortunately they’ll take us with them.

    I’ve said it before and I will reiterate here … the first fellow coming to my door to take my guns from me will make me a felon. His wife will be a widow and his children will be fatherless, and I feel sorry for them. Me? I’ll get mine from the SWAT team that comes in after him and I’ll say good in my own way to what used to be a fine country. Sure we had faults but they weren’t what is coming down the pike.

    • B. D. M. says:

      Well said my friend. The same fate awaits at my door.

    • LDG says:

      They will NEVER find mine. As for the records of my ownership via “permit to purchase firearm” and “conceal carry permit” that they will find, I sold all my guns at a gun show. No longer own any.

    • Jesse says:

      Oh, I agree, except for the fact that “they don’t see it”, and that they are “idiots”. I think that is the greatest mistake that folks who voted for him the second time made. This is corruption matured. The change Obama believes in is that of the destruction of America from the inside out, at the bidding of the global elite for the formation of a New World Order one world government. The Constitution and God are the competition.

      • perry says:

        he didn’t win look at all the states that had over a 100% turnout and 99% voted for obama.sounds fishy

  3. dave says:

    He has just made certain the folks who truly need mental health care will no longer seek help. They know if they do they will never be able to own a gun.

    • B. D. M. says:

      Good point.

    • Wavemaker says:

      You are oh so right. Those who may benefit from professional help will not seek it, and we will pay the price. This gun hating muslim has got to go. His is forcing us down a path which will lead to a repeat of 1776, and it may already be too late to avoid it.

  4. B. D. M. says:

    So now even our medical records aren’t safe from the new Hitler!! There are still those that are good little drones who are going to sing his praises that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Our forefathers, nor did my family members give their lives, or shed their blood to allow this little self proclaimed King to strip our rights!!

  5. CQQL33 says:

    What the F*** is the rest of our government going to do and WHEN ? This is completely wrong and, if any of our elite in Washington has ever read a history book, they should know this is not a good thing for America. Check the murder rate in Switzerland, where every house hold has guns, and tell me how this is going to be good for America. Especially read about Germany in the 1930’s. How did that work for the Germans and the rest of the world ???

  6. Gary Hunt says:

    The States do not have to follow an executive order……they are NOT laws…

    • Proudvietvet58 says:

      WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT RECOGNIZE ILLEGAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS AS LAW, PERIOD. We will NOT obey an illegal ‘Ex. Order’ that has NOT been approved by our Congress.

  7. Dick Frakes says:

    Obama is the wrong way to end racism. It makes it grow, just read thoughts in these blogs. We’re moving backwards folks. Of Course Jessie and Al probably like racism moving backwards because that’s how they make a living.

  8. Ken says:

    You know that part of the Health Care Law authorizes him to establish is own Army separate from the DOD which will enable him to the Commander In Chief of his own forces when he declares Martial Law and refuses to leave the Presidency. Congress just authorized him to do all of that in a little known section of the National Defense Act he quietly signed into law Dec 13. Yes, and it was approved by 85 Senators who could not wait to get out of Washington, so most never read it.

    • Ozarklady says:

      The DOD is starting to CUT BACK on our National Guard as we speak. How do I know this, well my grandson is in the Guard and is in his 12th year and planned to go for 20 but just received notice that they are going to cut back on the number of Guard. What does that tell you? Just saying, think ahead.

  9. ron gilmer says:

    I am not too concerned anymore! My God is in Control and if the time is coming I will see Jesus and forgive me Lord but all of the Liberals will get exactly what they should! They surly will go to hell in a hand basket! And that is the Final Executive HOLY ORDER that will end all of the strife that these mental cases have caused for so many lives! I guess I can pray for them but hope for the final as the same time? Don’t know; but they are creating their own fate! What will be will be!

  10. Frank Klafs says:

    well , it is rubber to the road time for the Doctors. They can OBey THE actual laws ON PATIENT PRIVACY OR kiss Ogayarabs bu_t and break their oath and the law for a regulation that has is not the law.

    This is a very iffy call since the practice of medicine has decided that killing unborn humans and gay is not deviate is just fine. Giving up medical info should be no problem with them

    • guest says:

      The medical field is very very very corrupt already and has been for a long time. Top of the list, (not every doctor but…) every KIND of doctor and researcher is regularly succumbing to the bribes of the pharmaceutical companies (drugs/prescriptions)and also grants (in the name of research). Teaching hospitals and research hospitals are the biggest abusers. Children’s wards at these hospitals are the most vulnerable and dangerous in this way. Keep an eye on the reports coming out where sick children have been targeted for forced medications, treatments and research guinea pigs. And families destroyed if they disagree with doctors recommendations or even want a second opinion. Justina Peletier, the 15 year old girl who was taken from her parents right at the Boston Children’s hospital and held on the locked psychiatric ward for the past 11 months, putting her family and her through absolute terrifying hell is just one of these cases recently come to light. Google search her name and FoxTV news reports should come up to tell you the full nightmare story. The same happened to my 14 year old daughter at Mayo. She did not survive. My family has been torn to shreds. Mayo Clinic has not been shy with making known how supportive they are of BO and how far into progressivism they have become. Dig into their website of their own boasting reports and see. Fox TV news/Connecticut is also uncovering nightmare reports on Boston Children’s record of such atrocities.

  11. Wesley says:

    When are we as a people going to rise up against COLLECTIVELY this dictator and take back our country?! Does anyone remember Michelle obama saying in a campaign speech in ’08that America needed to be brought to it’s knees? Looks to me this is what he’s doing.
    It’s time we get mad and rally like Egypt did.


      People will never stand collectively against any of this…they want to sit back & cry & whine & blame but they are all afraid to stand up and be counted…
      They obviously don’t realize that the NSA and whoever else he designates, are reading our emails, posts and petitions…we are already marked as enemies of the state…
      I can’t walk, but I sure can talk and type…ready and willing to do what I can to help the cause to take our country back…
      Anyone truly want to accomplish that? Or is it all bullshit talk?

  12. OldVeteran says:

    If any people who are mentally impaired; it would be those who go out to take guns away from people who have not done any form of criminal activity. There is one person who should not be allowed near any firearm because of law breaking and that is the POTUS. Holder should not be allowed to own a firearm too.

  13. T-Texas says:

    Tell “o” to stick his pen and phone where the sun don’t shine

  14. Robert Morrow says:

    I do my best to stay away from any medical person and drug pushers. I am 84 years young and still not on any death dealing drugs pushed by the FDA and Pharmaceuticals, who murder with the Obama and Government Petty Bureaucrats permission, like about 200,000 Citizen a year. And they want me to bow and scrap and give them any information about my private life. Well, all the Corrupt Politicians, Petty Bureaucrats and Obama can go to HELL. If I am ask, my responds is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, just give me my check up to see if my health is OK. As a retired Chef, I teach free Cooking classes in conjunction with a non-profit group. The Classes I titled; “HOW TO COOK HEALTHY OUTSIDE THE GOVERNMENT POISON BOX.” One thing I do cover is just how the FDA and other corrupt government agencies approve thousands of toxic poison to used in the foods just to increase profits so that they can grease the palms of the Politicians and the Petty Bureaucrats. One thing I do stress in the classes is how to read the label, where to gain the information as to what the poison laced into the food is, how it effects your and your children health. Has anyone out there wondered just why type 2 diabetics is on a rapid rise, or how come so many are obese, and sick in mind and body? Just read the labels for a start. Why? It is call population control. If I had children in school, they would never eat at the School Poison Food Counter. When they Corrupt Power Hunger Bureaucrat took the Children lunches and put it in the Garbage the other day,they were really doing the Child a Favor. Enough Said by Me, for Like the my Totally morally Bankrupted Politician it will be ignored and as it is to much trouble to think or even do something about the problems. Chef Robert Here in what is left of the Land Of Enchantment New Mexico after the Corrupt Politicians have destroy it.

    • Rosemary Martin says:

      Robert, I agree with you. We are 65 and on no meds. My 39 yr old daughter was never sick. I learned nutrition from a bible study 1 yr before she was born. Before that I was always sick. I read labels but mostly use fresh ingredients. Would you tell me what you eat every day? Did you write a book? My email is The_rose_777@yahoo.com

    • guest says:

      Right on the mark, Robert. Don’t forget to add how much our agricultural practices have changed and our land (soil) has changed and is polluting our foods with poisons from pesticides. Wheat, just one example, has been consumed forever and was life sustaining healthy nutrient dense food for our bodies but has become something that now makes our bodies sick. As far as pharmaceuticals – One example of the drugs/medications used on us is cancer drugs. Cancer drugs cause cancers and anyone handling the drugs when administering them has to be extremely cautious of it getting on their own skin. Same with the caretakers of someone who had a chemo treatment and may come in contact with or in handling their bodily fluids. It is insane. Many are coming forward who have gone the “natural” or homeopathic way of curing the body by the bodies own natural defenses. The 14 year old Amish girl who was recently in the news who’s parents had been threatened by the children’s hospital and court and child protective services when the family decided the chemo was killing their daughter and wanted to stop the treatments. They fled the country and came back with her cured after going the all natural way. Her body healed itself when given what it needed to do so. Last I heard, the hospital was still insisting they continue with chemo on the girl anyway – even though no sign of cancer. Same happened to a Minnesota teen boy a couple years ago.

  15. Phil says:

    A convention of the states will solve nothing as long as this a– hole isin the white house. He doesn’t obey the Constitution now. What makes abyone thing that the convention of states will make a difference to him. 1776 is the only way to solve this problem for now and into the future until another Hitler want to be rears his or her ugly head. A
    “Agenerous parent would have said,” if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” Thomas Paine, Common Sense

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