Obama: American's Don't Like Me Because I'm Black

It’s nothing new to hear a black person playing the race card, but when the supposed most powerful man on the earth plays it, it’s actually quite saddening. Yes you read that right, Obama himself played the race card during a recent interview saying that his abysmal approval rates are the result of ignorant Americans and the color of his skin.
In an interview with The New Yorker, Obama, yet again, refused to take accountability for his actions. Instead of listing one of the countless problems in the country, or his own scandals, he resorted to blaming the color of his skin as the reason people really don’t like him.

Trying to race bait the nation, he claimed, “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.” Oh, boo-hoo, Mr. President. We’re sorry that 43 percent of your voters were white—but you’re probably right. It’s most likely a race thing.

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128 comments on “Obama: American's Don't Like Me Because I'm Black
  1. Leah says:

    Someone please tell this Communist POS that his skin color means jack. We loath him because he is clearly our enemy.

    • Peter says:

      Always with the race card, how pathetic!! What a disgrace Obama is, a pathological liar, a muslim usurper traitor, etc. Nothing worse than excuse after excuse for incompetence and failed leadership! Your skin color has nothing to do with it, Al Sharpton Obama, Americans dislike you because your an embarrassment that just won’t go away…

      • PLW says:

        obama is the MOST ANTI-CHRISTIAN & ANTI-AMERICAN ever to be elected President in the history of the United States of America! He, his Liberal Democratic Progressives, and Communist CZARS continue to dismantle America everyday they are in office!! Whenever someone disagrees with his Agenda, they start yelling RACISTS!!! Legal America Citizens need a PRO-AMERICAN in the White House who will protect their Freedoms and the U.S. Constitution………….God Bless & God Help America!!!

        • dgr says:

          I agree with you. Our freedoms can be a thing of the past if
          we don’t rise together to fight the tyranny that is happening right before our eyes. It is a sin for good men and women to sit without taking action to confront pure evil.

      • tinytim says:

        Pathetic CRY baby to no end. What else OB

        • Ed G says:

          But America voted for him – twice – besides – he’s not black – only half black. Like Mariah Carey and Halle Berry – abandoned by black father and raised by white mother – yet he thinks and claims he’s black. Amazing.

    • JIMMY RIVERA says:


      • Patrice says:

        Exactly! Someone should tell him…”Barack you are a Mulatto…. Your mom deprived you of being called a black.”

    • Jacky says:

      I can not agree more–If he were for America he could be purple and we would not care

    • Richard says:

      Where is the racism in this country?

      Here are some examples … Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Black Congressional congress, Black attorneys association, Black athletes awards ceremonies, Spike Lee, … and the list goes on!

      Where, oh were is the “White” anything?

      Morgan Freeman in an interview once said, “Quit calling me a ‘black’ man and I will quit calling you a ‘white’ man. Stop the qualifiers, we’re all people” (this may not be an EXACT quote but is the essence).

      I have long held that the use of qualifiers is what keeps this nation divided … Black American, African American, Mexican American, Japanese American, Indian American … For God’s sake people we are ALL just simply Americans! I don’t give a rat’s ass what color you are. Be a human being and an American and you are my friend forever!

      For this sorry SOB and his mooch wife sitting in OUR White House to pull the race bit is simply too much. He has totally exposed his moronic incapacity to lead! Impeach him and impeach him NOW!!

      • Ed Shick says:

        I have some great Honest Black Friends ,, i would trust them any place,, But Obama Is a Liar and a Thief , he has robbed every tax payer in the United States ,, He get’s votes bought by George Sorros ,, They should both be deported to Israel ,, Obama and Satan are in about the Same boat ,, You cannot trust ether one, This is a Christian nation but what we have in Washington, Is a very Evil Corrupt bunch of self centered Liars !!!

      • joe says:

        Whatta ya say we start a “Back to Africa” fund?

      • Harold from Hampton says:

        the President of the United States is supposed to have both parents born in the United States. (Look it up) So how did he get to be in office?????
        You can’t impeach him because he was not elected. Just go in and put the cuffs on him and frog walk him to jail. (Stop at the courthouse on the way.) (Sorry got carried a way}

    • Disco says:

      If he’s worried about his rating, it just took another hit cause of that comment.

    • American says:

      Obama is one pathetic person to think he is the president of this great country makes me wanna cry in fact I do cry!..Obama will go down in American history as the worst president ever. Cause you’re black really Obama????

    • TONY says:

      Americans don’t like him because he is an ILLEGAL COWARD,A THIEF,A BULLY who is out for a FREE RIDE for him and his family.

    • nannette says:

      I thought he would blame it on George Bush!!

    • lost respect says:

      No, we don’t like the white half of you not the black!

    • Thomas says:

      I like Allen West and he’s black and there are others who deserve respect, that lying sissified boy obama is not one of them in my book. obama belongs in prison for treason for putting America in harms way and and our military too. the only ones who likes obama are those who are anti God anti America, anti our constitution. Can you say DEMONCRATS who backs him every step of his destruction of this country.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Exactly!!! What the heck does Race have to do with it? He is an Idiot, Commie, Liberal, Muslim, Islamist, Democratic Blowhard Liar!

    • Robert says:

      It isn’t your skin color my boy. It is your agenda and your policies….You are a racist and nothing will change that, ever..

    • O SAULS says:

      If over half of the USA voted for Obama and the news media clearly help put him in office-but now that the people see who he really is, the poles show his ratings are falling. So now people have become racist? That doesn’t make since to me.

  2. Kai Ferano says:

    How can anyone take this man seriously? His bloated sense of self and his incompetence as commander-in-chief, by default, make
    him dangerous. Well, we can only blame the liberals and, oh yes, all those “people of color” who voted for him because of the color of his skin.

    • nav vet says:

      Do not forget all the fools that through he be cool, and a rock star..

      • Disco says:

        Like the Obamma boys, what a bunch of MORONS

      • Ed Shick says:

        It is time we do a Little Research on what is Running !! we have taken the Greatest Nation on Earth and One Muslim has spent more than all of the other Presidents combined ,,I just heard we are going to leave Afghanistan ,next year with Tanks ,, Guess where Obama is buying them From ?,,,Russia,,,,and they are all ready laying off men from Lima tank Plant,, If We are Leaving leave Now before we loose another Man and they can buy there own tanks ,, Let’s get out of UN ,, and no more Foreign Aid to our Enemy!!

    • O SAULS says:

      I’m a person of color and I never voted for Obama because I didn’t like anything that he stood for. It is so stupid to vote for someone just because of his or her color. I know many black people voted for Obama only because he’s black in spite of not liking his policies. Some didn’t know what his policies were and many just didn’t care-they just voted for a black man. I have to say again, how incredibly stupid!!!

  3. JT says:

    well, We don’t like the white half either! It’s NOT your skin color, it’s ALL the lies and BS that you keep trying to feed us. We ARE a Christian Nation, we will NOT let you grab our guns, You just need to go back to Kenya and take that sleezbag wife with you.

  4. Laura Edwards says:

    Poor widdle widdle Obammy. No one like you cuz you’re black! I don’t like you because you’re a Marxist infiltrator. And a POS.

  5. brabbie2002 says:

    I don’t care if you are green with purple spots. I detest you for what you have done to America and her people. You are also a communist muslim hell bent on giving us away to our enemies! Yeah! I HATE you and all you stand for…crooked elections, polarization of the races and religions, liberal taxing and spending, anti-gun legislation, unionization of the workplace, bailouts of companies that deserved to go belly up, etc, etc. ad nauseum!

  6. kebozarth says:

    . . . puh. . . lease. immature, adolescent, silly and narcissistic diversion . . .

  7. Anthony says:

    I have to admit, I am highly prejudiced. I have a most ardent disdain for abject stupidity. Unfortunately the POS in charge takes that to a whole new level. But, if you just happen to be the same color as the turd swirling in the toilet bowl, that’s your problem, not mine.

  8. Aaron Solomon says:

    He was elected by the majority of Americans with the same skin color that he has today. His ratings have declined because he has demonstrated that he lacks experience in leading the country, doesn’t know how to solve unemployment problem, is a complete failure in foreign policy, created a complete failure with obamacare. The man is just an empty suit.

    • wcool says:

      You were right on with your observations. Obama is a dud!

    • Jesse says:

      I agree, but someone once said that nothing happens on accident in politics. I believe he knows what he is doing, and it’s not to defend America and the Constitution, but to destroy it. He BELIEVES he’s doing something good, that he is bringing change, but a change the founders never intended.

      • American says:

        You said it!!! Obama knows exactly what he is doing to this country and the people!! He could have been one of America;s best president
        however he chose to be the worst!!!!

      • Jeffrey says:

        And a change that Americans DON”T want! Who says we have to live the way he wants? A Nation will only Change if all of or a vast majority want the change! Black or White, White or Black, it is not the Color We hate it is the Brain Dead Mongrel we hate!

  9. theshadow says:

    LOL – you are a fraud and an imbecile. Are YOU being racist by suggesting that is determined by your skin color? Hmmmmm.

  10. Chicago Thunder1 says:

    America don’t like you because your an A-Hole! Being black don’t have anything to do with it if it did you would not have been elected in the first place.

  11. He is a moron!!! People dont like his way of leading this country!!! The people are being dictated to by his ink pen!! He is cramming his obamacare down the peoples throats!! He is spending money like crazy!!! He supports the muslim brotherhood!!! He still has NOT provided the American public with a REAL copy of his birth certificate!!! No explanation why his college transcripts are sealed!!! No reason why he has a CONN Social Card Number!!! That are just some reasons the American public does NOT like him!! He tells lies!!!!

    • catherine says:

      This is sarcasim. He’s right!

      He’s a liar and married to a jane fonda wanna be. Everything Patrick Henry said is true too.

  12. Aimee says:

    Respect is given due to the actions of an individual not the color of their skin. Obama has not earned the respect of the American People due to the lies and policies!

  13. vietnam6871 says:

    I hate him because he is a communist and is doing everything he can to destroy the USA. I hate him because of what he has done to race relations and the black community – substantially hurt both. He had the perfect opportunity to better both and he chose not to. He is using the blacks as a voting block only and his lack of actions prove he could care less about their plight. Skin color? I don’t care if he is black or white or brown or pink with blue polka-dots, he is a terrible POTUS.

  14. ann says:

    Ya know, Obozo, get over yourself already. Yeah, we have a problem with you being black because you have done more harm to decent black Americans and personally, I don’t see where you have a damn thing in common with them. so, yeah, it’s too bad you’re black.

  15. George says:

    No President Obama, I don’t like you, but it has absolutely nothing to do with your skin color. It has everything to do with your policies, your lies, your war on capitalism, your complete disdain for the Constitution, your general incompetence, etc., etc. I like Dr. Ben Carson; however, judging by your body language at the prayer breakfast about a year ago, you do not. So using your logic, that must make you a racist!

    • What you say is true and all people do agree with what you have said good job.
      The color of his skin makes no difference he is just bad at this job..he lies about every thing. I do not trust him.

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