Will California Split Into 6 States? Voters, Congress Could Soon Decide

There’s nothing like a guy with a few million bucks to lend instant credibility to a previously penny-ante movement to split up the state of California.

Venture capitalist Tim Draper of Silicon Valley has filed paperwork for a November ballot measure that would divide California into six states, calling the Golden State as presently constituted “too big and bloated.”

“Six Californias is an opportunity, an opportunity for Californians to get a fresh start, an opportunity for Californians to build new platforms for growth and prosperity,” Mr. Draper said at a Dec. 23 live-streamed press conference. “An opportunity to be awesome.”

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31 comments on “Will California Split Into 6 States? Voters, Congress Could Soon Decide
  1. Foxyjoshua says:

    Why 6? It should split into 7 states so obama can say: “See? I told you we had 57.”

    • thesdhadow says:


      • tiredofbums says:

        Our flag would have to be redesigned. It would have a bigger Blue field. I’ll draw one with the extra stars and see what it looks like.

    • MathNerd says:

      I think that would be 8 states, but I like your idea!

    • Mark says:

      You would need to split it into 8 states for that to come true. You’d need seven EXTRA states to get to the 57.

      • Foxyjoshua says:

        Yeah I boogered up the math but, the point still remains that obama is an idiot to not know that we have 50 states as of the year 2013.

    • This could be the only way for California to survive. California has a lot of great positives, but not enough to overcome all the negatives. Splitting the state up would give them a new start, and the good Lord knows they need to do something.

      • rosie6600 says:

        I would like to think there is hope for California, but that doesn’t seem likely. Splitting up a cockroach-infested loaf of bread just gives you smaller pieces of cockroach-infested bread.

        • loran says:

          This is an idea worth a lot of scrutiny. I’m not sure about 6 states, but who knows. It seems to me that most of the interior of the state is red, while the coastal areas and large cities are blue. I’m a conservative and I do believe that the problem with California is Sacramento, which is totally blue. And I’m pretty sure that these progressives will not be willing to break the state up. They would lose their power if this was to happen. The progressives have a chokehold on the people of this state and that is exactly what they want. Now the way I see it is that the new states which would be run by these statists, would go bankrupt pretty quickly and then the rest of the states would have to bail them out. Progressives just cannot help themselves. It’s in their blood to spend, spend and spend even more. That does not sound quite FAIR to the other states. OOOH! There’s that word again. “FAIR.” But it is worth investigating.

    • Edwina says:

      57 that would undo his liar status!! Good show!

      • sjfire540 says:

        Don’t worry he has plenty of other lies in the mix!!! He will always be LIAR IN CHIEF. If you like your state…you can keep it!

    • Joan says:

      Roflmdao!! Yes i remember when he said he visited 57 states . Now we know why hes so confused these days he’s still looking for the lost states!!!

    • AtillaThehun says:

      Uh – splitting into 7 only yields 56…but you’re on the right track. But then let the “state” of San Francisco secede altogether.

    • Michelle says:

      Very good!!! But don’t forget he said he had been to 57 with one to go.

    • rosie6600 says:

      To Foxyjoshua: Wonderfully humorous thought! (but mathematically, it should be 8 states, for one of the splits will still be the 50th state)

    • Dave says:

      NO, it would have to split into 8 states to make the total 57. You have to realize California is already a state

  2. thesdhadow says:

    That actually makes perfect sense. The libtards would NEVER have it though.

  3. Jesse says:

    I hope so. I grew up in Illinois and Chicago with the 5 counties that make up the metropolitan area control the entire state. There should be a state of Chicago and the rest of Illinois independent of it!

  4. Leroy says:

    How many more democrats do you want in the US senate? Two senators for each new state.

    • TeresaA says:

      The whole state of California is not Liberal! There are plenty of Conservatives in certain areas of the state. I say let the Liberals have their own state…then the rest of us can get on with what we believe in!

      • RPS says:

        I don’t know that California needs to be divided into six separate entities, perhaps three would be sufficient. However, I believe that the vast majority of California’s problems emanate from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. Why not “excise” these areas from the state and let them go their own way? Make city states out of them and advertize them as “liberal/marxist” havens. Isolating Los Angeles and San Francisco would be fairly easy. In fact, just excise the counties in which they are located, As for Sacramento, once the othe two cities were excised and the infestation of Sacramento by their democrat representatives was removed, Sacramento could remain as part of a new California. I do recall some years back where there was a proposal to divide California into three states–Northern California, Coastal California and Southern California. Do not know whatever happened to that idea, but I like my idea better for whatever that is worth,

  5. Sutekh says:

    This sounds like a brilliant opportunity for the citizens of California who don’t like begin represented by the Castro Street witch to elect someone who is more representative of their expectations for a representative in Congress.

    Of course the bankrupt,liberal portions of the state won’t want to separate from the tax base in conservative areas.

  6. Ken says:

    57 states should be just right for Kerry as well since now he has 1 for each of the Heinz 57.

  7. Joan says:

    Let California slip into the ocean!!

  8. tymann says:

    49 states plus 6 (instead of one) is 55! Do the math people! 49 states plus 8 states is equal to Obummer’s 57 states.

    • BK says:

      Actually Hawaii makes 50 states altogether. Just thought I point that out.

      • tymann says:

        49 states plus California is equal to 50 states. Remove California ie 50 – 1 is equal to 49 states left over. 49 states plus the 6 that California has become is equal to 55 states!

        Correction 50 states plus 7 states is equal to Obummer’s 57 states.

  9. Peter says:

    We should separate the entire country into two. Then the liberals can have the welfare, illegals, poor schools, abortion, crime, high taxes, no jobs and high crime rates in gun free zones.

  10. OldVeteran says:

    I have a good name for the “state” that has Pelosi in it……….SAN FRANSICKO! The “golden shower state….”

  11. David Barron says:

    Let’s also include splitting up the LA Unified School District while we’re at it.
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