Colorado to Accept EBT Cards for Marijuana from Welfare Recipients

As of January 1st, 2014, Colorado became the first state in the nation to allow adults aged 21 or older to purchase and use marijuana for recreational use. The decision has led to excessively large lines at pot shops across the state and store owners reportedly surpassed $1 million in sales statewide on just the first day according to Denver’s 9News.

In all, 136 licenses have been approved by the state of Colorado for retail operations for the purposes of selling marijuana. A majority of those licenses were issued to businesses in Denver with just eighteen city stores completing the process in time for opening day. One of those shops, Rite Greens, located on E. Colfax Ave in Denver, has taken the steps needed to accept food stamps (now called EBT cards) for the purposes of purchasing marijuana effectively leading to taxpayer funded marijuana for welfare recipients.

“If you are a tax payer in Colorado, you get to pay for welfare recipients, a majority of whom are Democrats of course, to smoke pot now,” stated Denver resident Paul Horner. “Where will this all end? First it was Obamaphones, then Obamacare, now Obamaweed? Will we be paying for tattoos, manicures, body piercings, gay marriages and porn next?”

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42 comments on “Colorado to Accept EBT Cards for Marijuana from Welfare Recipients
  1. Carol says:

    This will definitely feed children. Where is Congress to stop ALL the fraud? More to come down the road. Why is everyone blind?
    DRUG testing MUST be implemented for any adults and adults within that family to receive any type of government handouts!
    Protect taxpayers from their money being used to enable addicts!

  2. Randy Rose says:

    The haters want those suffering Cancer who have EBT cards to go without their medication.

    • Lisa says:

      You are a fool. First off, if the cancer patient is having troubles that require marijuana to ease their symptoms, then it can be PRESCRIBED. The store fronts are for RECREATIONAL marijuana, not MEDICAL marijuana. Go back under your bridge troll.

    • Charlie says:

      Have seen the abuse of the EBT card. Watched young man purchase beer and cigarettes with a EBT card. Now pot can be bought with an EBT card, as a tax payer this is a suck deal for me. EBT cards started out to end some embarrassment of food stamps, also to save tax payers money by not printing , mailing said food stamps to the needy. Now we have the total abuse of the food stamp program with the EBT card. Drugs for the needy should be paid by Medicare not a food stamp card.

      • mylesman says:

        If the Dept. of Agriculture ( dept of food stamps) doesn’t allow EBT for pot purchases, just wait. Some idiot democrat with the help of a taxpayer financed ACLU lawyer will maintain its in the constitution( pursuit of happiness ).

        What looks like madness to normal people, is really just another way for progressives to bankrupt the country. Forcing taxpayers to buy pot, booze, sex, drugs, etc. for unemployed democrats is part of the process.

    • wendy says:

      Fools are blind to reality

    • Jeffrey says:

      They get Free Healthcare, it should be covered in their Insurance as a Medicine! EBT cards are to buy food to eat, so their Children do not starve not so the adults can smoke their weed to get the munchies!

    • Carol V says:

      Randy, let those suffering get a prescription from their doctor for it. Making it legal for “recreational use” for everyone is ridiculous.

    • Susan Fraser says:

      “the haters” LOL. Favorite idiot quote. I guess if you don’t want to pay for someone else’s stuff that makes you a hater. Nice try but in actuality it just makes you look like a moron.

  3. Jesse Tomblin says:

    So does this mean they will also accept them for smokes since they are both killers via Cancer causing agents???? For them not to do so would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Congress needs to STOP this IGNORANCE Now. I have one question for all those legalize drugs crowd I thought that making it legal would lower the price and make money for America but from all I have seen and heard it has done none of those things in FACT some went to over $500 for an Oz and it was not even the good stuff. So before Colorado and the Pro Pot MORONS go crazy over what has happened they need to stop smoking long enough to think about just how WRONG they have been and still are on the Subject.

    • cory says:

      It’s called supply and demand. Day one demand is high. It’ll come down. Ask California if it brings in money. I’ll save you the Google trouble 23 cents of every dollar the Californian govt gets comes from the marina industry. You and your friends old neocon scare tactics don’t work anymore. Better find a new way to criminalize over 1/3 Americans that are otherwise law abiding

      • Jeffrey says:

        I like your comment! “Better find a new way to criminalize over 1/3 Americans that are otherwise law abiding” So what you are saying here is that they are doing this illegally? California does not let people buy & sell this except for Medical needs! Not for the pleasure of frying their Brains for no good reason. You should have just said that Colorado has a 25% tax on the stuff. And what does the California Marina industry have to do with selling & buying pot?

    • Charlie says:

      Federally illegal pot pot being paid by tax payers. Yes these people on the EBT card services do buy beer and cigarettes with said card. Yes this whole system of the EBT card is corrupt to the core. Food stamp system was corrupt , but the EBT system makes food stamp corruption look acceptable.

  4. Rene says:

    You know you people are brain washed and dont care to know it, I’d rather give free weed to Americans than foreign aid to over 158 countries that dont help Americas failing system of commonsense! America as far as im concerned everything to all americans should be free health care and food, we are giving way too much to other countries and forgetting about ourselves.

    • Jeffrey says:

      You have smoked way to much of this Brain Cell killing drug! Drug users should not get this crap for Free,period. But yes we need to stop giving Foreign Aid to these other Countries, especially those that want to Bomb us and Destroy us! But everything should never be Free for the Citizens, We already have a couple of Generations of Morons who demand everything be given to them and refuse to Work for anything at all! Pot just makes Lazy people Lazier!

    • Carol V says:

      Rene, who is going to pay for all of this “free healthcare and food” for all Americans?

  5. dlnw says:

    This article is a reprint from a SATIRE web site.

  6. ccfonten says:

    Well, a stoned/sedated populace IS easier to control eh?

  7. Chef Beth says:

    It’s posts like this that cause these sites to lose their credibility. How about you report the facts & not stupid unfounded rumors?

  8. Chuck Kase says:

    You guys are idiots, this comes from the National Report an unfunny parody newsite. Evidently Conservatives are too stupid to research stories before they unthinkingly repost them. By linking their fortunes to extremist views that will not survive the most cursory fact check they plant the seeds of future electoral failures. That would be a shame, because we need at least two robust political parties to ensure the health of our country.

    • Jeffrey says:

      They repost these Articles because We know you Idiot demoncrats get on here and you believe whatever is put in front of you! And your demoncratic party just wants to destroy this Country so why do you want to vote for those Tyrannical Treasonous Morons?

  9. Gabby354 says:

    The only way a person in Colorado could use an EBT card for beer or cigarettes or toilet paper or dog food is if they have a cash benefit that is likely a benefit for LEAP which is Low income Energy Assistance. Guess they want those things more than heat or there is maybe some fraud afoot.

  10. p aula says:

    I believe liberals were posting on here also…so why aren’t you calling them stupid?

  11. LouiseCA says:

    The Sixth Trumpet
    …20The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, so as not to worship demons, and the idols of gold and of silver and of brass and of stone and of wood, which can neither see nor hear nor walk; 21and they did not repent of their murders nor of their sorceries (pharmakia – drugs) nor of their immorality nor of their thefts.

  12. Joe3 says:

    Pay for their birth control, pay for the no father kids, phones and now pay for their dope. Fools you are. Stand up and fight.

  13. bob says:

    This is a bullsh!t story just like the one which claimed that 27 people overdosed on pot since it became legal in CO.

    No one have ever overdosed on pot, ever.

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