School Demands Student Remove ‘Duck Dynasty' T-Shirt Saying 'Redneck' is a Slur

A Florida middle school demanded that a student remove a t-shirt from the Duck Dynasty TV show emblazoned with the word “redneck” across it claiming it was “offensive.”

Bronwyn Ramsey’s 14-year-old son, Christopher Olsen, was forced to remove the shirt at Mandarin Middle School in Jacksonville, FL because, the school said, it violated the school’s code of conduct rules. It was the big word “redneck” to which the school objected.

The t-shirt, which features a large image of Robinson family uncle Si Robinson and the words “redneck of the year,” is available in practically any department store these days.

Christopher was told that the word is offensive and school officials called his mother to bring him a new shirt. But the family says they don’t find the word “redneck” offensive at all.

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87 comments on “School Demands Student Remove ‘Duck Dynasty' T-Shirt Saying 'Redneck' is a Slur
  1. Richard says:

    Michael Smith certainly went to one of these schools where all they are fed is the pablum of the liberalism. Talk about dumbing down … he’s a perfect example.

    And as far as the Big Nig goes … He’s an undocumented illegal alien, gay muslim, lying communist intent on finishing what bin laden started. Only from the inside. And people like Michael will lick his ass all the way to the ash heap that once was a proud America. And they’ll give us Hillary next on whose tit these morons will suckle! And they will truly be deserving of what they get.

  2. ken brown says:

    If these completely non thinking people would so much as attempt to look after their own business or affairs they would not have time to inject themselves into other peoples business. If you don’t understand what i am saying,what they ware is NONE OF YOU’R DAMN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!

  3. smogdew says:

    Redneck was a term applied to poor white farmers in the South. From toiling in the hot sun daily, their necks became sunburned… It spread to the Appalachian area and other parts of the United States, Arkansas and South Central. People were horribly poor during the depression. So, in and of itself, Redneck was not a derogatory term until Democrats thought to incorporate them into their party with all the other poor who were also known to the Democrats by ugly terms, such as ‘yaller heels’ and so on (check Wikipedia).
    The only thing truly negative about being called a Redneck, is that you are considered to be a Redneck. So I guess the school might want to think twice about the T-shirt and re-educate itself. Schools have turned into politically correct institutions which can’t teach, they are so involved with all things Obama. Also, Duck Dynasty is considered a Christian program so they might have had a dual agenda. Those Who can teach DO, those who can’t, criticize.

  4. Debi says:

    Thank Godness we still have FREEDOM OF SPEACH…..We are so
    Blessed to still have that Privilege……

  5. Debi says:

    Dam spell check

  6. Denise says:

    I read yesterday that some lesbian was offended by the wording on a jar of lotion. This crap has to stop!

  7. AmurikanMan says:

    This is just so crazy… I just had to do my own spin on this story. Take a look here.