Thousands Angry in 17 States When EBT Cards Stop Working

People in Ohio, Michigan and 15 other states found themselves unable to use their food stamp debit-style cards on Saturday, after a routine test of backup systems by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a system failure.

At about 9 a.m. Saturday, reports from across the country began pouring in that customers’ EBT cards were not working in stores.

At 2 p.m., an EBT customer service representative told CBS Boston that the system was currently down for a computer system upgrade.

Xerox spokeswoman Jennifer Wasmer released further details later in the afternoon in an emailed statement.

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16 comments on “Thousands Angry in 17 States When EBT Cards Stop Working
  1. The grocery store I have a part time job decided to honor ebt cards. They only allowed customers to use $150.00 maximum of their funds on a single transaction, for the day. Many people were really upset. Some were scared their benefits were being “stolen.” I wonder about the timing of this “problem” because it comes right before a government shutdown ? A meltdown in the whole system. Does this one event show what might happen in the future ? Some of these people were really mad, scared, and ready “to do something!”

    • tompro97 says:

      They should be on their knees thanking those of US who are paying their bills. I am really tired of the demagogue whining about this – they started these godawful giveaway programs and seem determined to give the entire government away before they quit.

      EBT people should be thankful for what they have instead of moaning and groaning – the ones of US paying for their free rides do not have much to look forward to.

    • tiredofbums says:

      What business does upgrades to a system that covers 17 states during the day? This reason sounds so fishy on so many levels. These people had better wise up. One phone call to zerox and all the cards are worthless. BAM! Just like that. I’d like to have that kind of power and control over people’s lives. Wouldn’t you. I could make them scared and yell at congress that it’s their fault. I could have them rioting and stealing everything out of all the stores so I could declare martial law and rule without congress. This is just a small taste of what is to come if we the people don’t get up and do something about this corruption that is our government.

      • MTZ says:

        I read somewhere that this is one more of the planned agenda to get people angry enough to start civil unrest, and the correct demographics was targeted in many states. But it failed, so I guess the Democrat’s “Martial Law” is still far from fruition? When people are hungry, they will riot, this was the plan. They can’t implement “Martial Law” if there is no civil unrest. I guess someone in DC learned something from Marcos of the Philippines who stayed in power for years, until the people took him out.Filipinos know people power with no guns. I tip my hat to them. You think it’ll work here?

    • Patrick says:

      They made up for it in Lousiana.

  2. TURTLE says:

    JUST another left ploy so that they will give most of the blame on this to the REPUBLICANS, as everything else, I find it strange the DEMOCRATS caused 8 Government shutdowns during President REAGAN and it all went pretty much unnoticed Them bad Republicans must really have a lot of power, they only control 1/3 of CONGRESS but people still give them most of the credit for the recent Government shutdown

    • MTZ says:

      Blame it on the BIASED UNPATRIOTIC MEDIA. The demise of this country will be on their conscience, so with the blind loyalists of the Democratic party. Voters, research your candidates, go to your libraries and study what party is for the Constitution and for the people. Ask a black person who freed the slaves? They’ll say it was the Democrats,WRONG,it was THE REPUBLICANS, LED BY good old Abraham Lincoln a Republican Pres.. Who signed the civil rights law? They won’t know it was Republican Pres. Nixon, should I say more? Lots of idiots out there, that is the problem.

  3. Rueanne says:

    You know what’s really funny… is that probably 3/4 of those “angry” people voted for King Obama… See how much he loves you now?

  4. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    Isn’t it funny that so many people are outraged that they are having trouble using their cards for something that is free. And yet, they are outraged when someone who pays for something and is not getting it, they could care less.

  5. Doomsday Boy says:

    My girlfriend works two jobs in order to barely keep ahead of her bills. One job is a cashier in a grocery store. The stories she tells of these EBT card holders is outrageous. They bitch about having only so much money to spend on groceries only to fill their carts with lobster tails and king crab legs that neither my girl friend nor I can afford on a regular basis. It’s completely insane. The sense of entitlement is outrageous. And many of these EBT cardholders are young, healthy people who simply choose not to work. Incredible. I can only imagine the scene in grocery stores when the card wouldn’t work. We live in a nation full of Maynard G. Krebs (Dobie Gillis tv series in the 1960s). WORK?! I’m sick of it. Our government at work. National of deadbeats and we’re paying their way.

  6. tiredofbums says:

    I believe the reason that woman at zerox gave is a flat out lie.

  7. Karen says:

    At Trader Joe’s in Southern California they were telling everyone that they couldn’t honor their EBT cards because of the Government shutdown. Later on that evening the local news reported it was because of a computer “glitz” not because of the Government shutdown. I wonder how many “users” are aware of that?

  8. Ed says:

    It was interesting to see on the News how these folks of the Free Bee’s used a moment of crisis to spend money they knew they did not have to buy everything other than what these cards are used for. Isn’t it amazing how for just three hours how these folks feared they would have nothing to eat or money to buy what a joke. Maybe they should get a real job and then they would have the money they need or learn how to spend it wisely and not buying cigarettes, liquor, and big screen tv’s.

  9. rafael says:

    One day soon it will come to a complete collapse ; everything will come to a complete stop and all these Blood Suckers , Lazy
    good for nothing give me give me free stuff people , they will find out the hard way , what are they going to do ??????
    Starvation .

  10. templar1992 says:

    Prepare in the time of plenty, for the time of want.

    We are entering the time of “want”.

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