Mark Levin: Obama Preparing Country for Coup Against Constitution

Earlier this week, conservative talk show host Mark Levin warned that Barack Obama is campaigning and preparing the country for what amounts to a coup against the Constitution over the debt ceiling, reported Sunday.

Levin said that it’s clear Obama has moved on from the shutdown and is now focused on the debt ceiling, paving the way for low-information liberals to support him as he bypasses Congress and unilaterally seizes control of the nation’s economy, Dr. Susan Berry wrote..

“Default, default, default…why is he saying that? Just to scare people?” Levin asked. “Well, that’s part of it, obviously. But, it’s more than that, ladies and gentlemen. Barack Obama is plotting, that if he can’t get what he wants out of the House Republicans, that if he can’t get his Plan A, and get Boehner and the Republicans to buckle – not just on the Continuing Resolution – but on the debt ceiling, then he’s got his Plan B.”

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36 comments on “Mark Levin: Obama Preparing Country for Coup Against Constitution
  1. Joe says:

    Blacks are much more racist that most races. They are much more violent and commit most of the crime. The excuse is others are racist. They lie.

    • Rene says:

      That’s simply not true,I think you speaking out of anger not education.

      • Meathead says:

        Rene, it IS true!

        Just look at the population in any prison and do a simple count. Which race has the most residents?
        Which race created, and is practicing, the “Knockout Game”?
        Which race has the most participants in the welfare programs?

        I could go on, but you should get the idea.

        • Scott Barton says:

          You are right about the prison population demographics, but there are more whites than blacks on welfare. This has nothing to do with skin color, but simply the fact that whites outnumber blacks.

        • Kangeroo says:

          Don’t give me that “more whites than blacks are on welfare” crapola. There are ten times more whites than blacks in the US, THEREFORE, it stands to reason that there would be more whites than blacks on welfare. Lets talk about percentage. There is a MUCH HIGHER percentage of the black population that is on welfare than the percent of the white population that is on welfare. What is the black’s excuse for being the predominant population in US prisons compared to whites? Answer: There is no excuse.

        • PWe72 says:

          Which race has the largest percentage converting to muslim beliefs?

        • Cafe Bustela says:

          There may be more whites on food stamps at any given time, for an estimation of a 2 year span, you can google that information, BUT the blacks continuously have been on there for DECADES AND DECADES!! So the ignorant blacks that keep saying that, you need to do some research!!

      • wolf2525 says:

        What he says is true, they are much more racists, an idiot can see that. With the help of Obama, its getting worse. Obama will do anything, to finish off America, and take down our Constitution. That liar and traitor should be impeached, he isn’t fit to be President.

      • will says:

        actually shes right , ur wrong .. opem your lib eyes

      • Thomas says:

        Blacks are the most racist, look at the way they voted according to the percent of blacks in this country. just about 90% black voted for obama just because he was black.

    • Rene says:

      What do you call a person that is defending him, or her self against racism? You don’t call them more racist, most blacks are still defending them selves from a slave mentality, and that is two fold,the slave mentality that they themselves still have and the slavementality that the society exercises. Remember over 400yrs of total submission by blacks, takes at the very least 400yrs to cure. Let me ask you people how many years have past sense the true end of American slavery?

      • Meathead says:

        Having studied “History of the Old South”, I don’t believe that there are any ex-slaves still alive. The “slave mentality” exists because it is being taught, not because it is being experienced. It obviously is a parenting problem.

        • wolf2525 says:

          Your right it is being taught in schools, Obama wants to make sure it pounded in the thoughts of every American, so he can use it to get what he wants. Obama hates America, and he hates the white race, and every opportunity he gets, he will use slavery as a weapons against Americans.

      • Fearlessfred says:

        Please name one race or people that have not been slaves to other people. The greks were slaves to the Romans as were the Guals, British and Germans. Muslims keep slaves of other nationalities to this day. There are still slaves throughout Africa, blacks keeping other blacks as slaves. Every country in Asia has or had slaves. White europeans were the first to do away with slavery and whites fought the war between the states to do away with slavery. It is the blacks that keep the slave mentality.

      • Earl says:

        Rene, let’s look at what replaced discrimination against Blacks…it was preferential treatment. Preferential treatment meant lowering requirements for minorities, blacks for college entrance, employment by percentage, and the list goes on and on. What we have not seen is other minorities like Asians asking for or needing such preferential treatment. They got their college entrance and jobs by hard work and making the scores such as SAT test just like whites must do. Many Asians have risen to top positions in all walks of life, and they did so by hard work and not asking for preferential treatment. When one group of people receive preferential treatment it means that another group is being discriminated against…does it not? It’s called reverse discrimination. I have experience it in my life. I once applied for a position within my company that would have been a promotion. I went through the interview process and felt like I was likely to get the job as I exceeded all requirements for the job and had been rated highly in past performance reviews. But what happened is that a black female who reported to the person who held the position for which she and I both applied was selected. About six months after not being selected, I was at a meeting where the VP over that position attended as well. He pulled me aside and said ” I feel bad about not being able to offer you the position…you were the most qualified and I was ready to make you the offer. But the HR department had to review the offer and they came back to him and told him that he must promote the black lady who had applied because she was rated competent and they needed to have more minorities in that level…so he said his hands were tied.” I told him that I appreciated his letting me know as I felt like a failure when I was not offered the job…but I did not go crying or claiming discrimination when someone else was given the promotion. Instead, I resolved to work even harder and be ready for a latter opportunity. I latter applied for another position within the company and was made a manager. I continued to progress in the company…not because of the color of my skin but because of my hard work and perseverance. I look forward to the day when all people are judged equally….otherwise the cycle of discrimination and preferential treatment will forever continue. I my humble opinion this would be wrong. God Bless You and God Bless America!

    • Cafe Bustela says:

      Yes they are, and that big ugly amazonian he/she wife of Barack Obama is one of the biggest!

      She has never been a first lady, more like a stupid hood rat that came to town……blah on her and him.

  2. Cyrus Hardy says:

    Rene you are such an idiot.

  3. T. Jefferson says:

    Revolution part II here we come.

  4. Rockcut says:

    Once again a story with no facts or substance printed for the sole purpose to inflame those on the right. I am sick and tired of this posion being printed daily.

    • wolf2525 says:

      Really, I am sick and tried of Obama’s treasonous poison be printing everywhere, and his dirty news media, and lies and propaganda everyday. The man is a disgrace to America, and his office.

  5. Top Hat says:

    The question is, how do we stop him?

    • wolf2525 says:

      Rebel, fight back, stop the liar and traitor from tearing apart America for his own nasty reason. Obama will not stop until we Americans do what we must to stop him. Keep calling those Senators and Congress, don’t let up. We must fight Obama and his nasty Regime if we are to survive as a free nation.

  6. Jsmith says:

    I have never known Mark Levin to be wrong. He is not now.

  7. T. Jefferson says:

    The country is preparing for a coup against obama.

  8. sideng says:

    obama is only the latest in a long line of traitors in every sector of government. The “coup” began in earnest 100 years ago with the creation of the Federal Reserve banking racket and the IRS, then with the 1934 “state of emergency” declared by FDR (effectively suspending the Constitution), still in effect. All branches of government, including the “supreme” court have been accomplices to the fraud and have done NOTHING to end it. It is and always has been US against THEM.

  9. Cafe Bustela says:

    I think the ‘COUP” needs to be pulled against HIM!!

  10. Robert Ross says:

    Lenin said that social health care is the foundation to control the people. Then when in control the GOV’T can do what they want. Like introducing communism, marxist, islamic control, etc. WE MUST ALL FIGHT TO THE DEATH, to preserve this nation, my beloved America.

  11. Proudamerican says:

    As usual Mark Levin is right on the money! They will try but they will fail. They have no idea that just because it takes a lot to get Americans pissedoff, it’s not a sign of weakness as they think. Wait and see because it’s coming.

    • Joyce from Loris says:

      I just can’t agree with you on that. After all of the atrocities that have been committed by this administration on the American people, and no one, not one member of Congress, not one member of the Senate, not one American citizen, has lifted a finger to do ANYTHING. No, I don’t think American people are going to stop him, because we are too lazy, and too busy watching football and chatting on the internet! America is gone, finished, done.

  12. netandyawho says:

    What can a person expect when a racist sleeper communist is elected president?

  13. oleinwi says:

    And THAT my friends is why our forefathers put in the 2nd amendment, to thwart a tyrant from within. That is why we must NEVER given to gun control. Heed my words, the day we give up our guns is the day the libs make good their threats against Christians, TEA Party members and Conservatives in general (Same fate as any unarmed populace that is targeted by a tyrant).

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