House Republicans Say Grass Roots Support Building for Government Shutdown

Republican congressmen report that support for an attempt to defund Obamacare by shutting down the government is one of the biggest issues at their town hall meetings this summer recess and that the idea appears to be gaining strength.

The Hill:

House conservatives say grassroots support is building for their effort to risk a government shutdown to defund ObamaCare.
Conservatives who back the strategy said their spines have been stiffened by support at town-hall meetings.

“I have not heard, ‘Don’t shut down the government over ObamaCare,’” Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-Ind.) said, referring to meetings with his constituents over the recess. “I have heard, ‘This law is not ready for primetime, and we need to do anything we can to stop it.’” Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) has held six events in his north Texas district so far in August and is leaning toward backing the shutdown threat.

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50 comments on “House Republicans Say Grass Roots Support Building for Government Shutdown
  1. Texan Texan says:

    Ordinary citizens rarely come to town halls. If you are a conservative, adamant right wingers who hate Obama and Obamacare show up…..just like they rant on posts like,this. So, of,course, support among already converted minds agrees on a very seroiously flawed course which will do nothing to defund Obamacare. As reported, a shutdown will have no effect on Obamacare. Money is already allocated. What will result is national parks closed, checks not issued for many things, many programs targeting children and seniors shut down and on and on. The economic effects are bad, ugly and unnecessary. AObamacare will go in. I’m part of a grass roots program to educate people on Obamacare and help them enroll. That’s grass roots. Unpaid and with no free evil cell phone. I’m a volunteer, like millions Who have signed up. That’s grass roots in action. Obamacare will be implemented. Good results have already been effected. Anyone get a rebate from their n sirance company who was spending less than 80% on your health care. I did…from a big, profitable insurance company. Thanks Obama.

    • Dr Brown says:

      This sounds exactly like the usurper in the white house talking, trying to scare us. I believe that Obamacare is more damaging to this country than any shutdown could ever be, so shut the government down. Take control of the money away from the spender and chief. He is trying to destroy our great country and we must do anything we can to stop him. Congress; please don’t rest until you have driven the usurper out of office and into jail, where he belongs. I am also in full support of impeachment at once.

      • Marvin Durnil says:

        It’s a shame, we have to settle for less than nothing, with Abamacare. We do not need socialized medicine, that’s where we’re headed to, according to Senate Leader, Harry Reid. If Obama and his cronies, quit making illegal aliens profit from their illegal mandates, and send them back to where they came from. I say, do America, and the rest of the World the greatest honor of all and “impeach and send him to jail, as we do with all criminals.

    • Joseph G Hunt says:

      I am indeed happy for you…..ObamaCare is destroying the Military Medical Care by leaps and bounds….Obama said, Military Health Care “will NOT change”, which is a LIE. I spent 28 years in the Army and I am retired….we now have premiums, co-payees and co-payees on prescriptions.

      • Rock says:

        I am retired AirForce and I have not seen my medical benefit from the military change one bit. All drugs received from a Military pharm. are FREE no co-pays. I am treated free at a military hospital. I also have access to mail in drugs where there may be a co-pay. The Affordable Health Care Act is not hurting military care for retirees.

        • Ken says:

          Free is the key word used by many but someone has to pay and it is not the government it is every tax payer in the USA that pays that bill . I have no problem with providing health care for our vets , but I do have a problem paying someones way that will not work has never worked and never will while they have the ability to work they stand or sit there with hand out waiting for someone to give them a living . The bible speaks of charity and that is fine but it also talks of letting one who will not work go hungry. The so called 99% left mess after mess to clean up all the while the Tea party left the areas they used clean and uncluttered. As for the affordable care act hurting the military it is to early to tell. Thank you for your service and money spent on the vets is money well spent.

        • Chris Smart says:

          I am retired military. after retirement I had to start paying for Tricare prime. When medical at McGuire Afb shut down the internal medicine clinic. I had to pick a civilian provider. Whenever I went to the military clinic for medicine and tests I was treated like garbage by air force personnel. They screwed with retirees and other branches of military personnel. Since i’m receiving social security disability I am no longer eligible for Tricare prime. All I get is Tricare standard. in 2011 my wife and I moved to Indiana from new jersey to help take care of my mother. Come Oct 1, 2013, my wife will not be eligible for Tricare prime because we live more than 40 miles from a military health center. Now all she’ll get is Tricare standard. your buddy Obama took care of that for us. Now we’re going to getting the death panels. So take your air force bullshit and shove it up your ass you fucking pussy.

      • RON G says:

        Noticed the same thing. Seven of us who served together try to get our appointments on the same day. On the phone, e-mails, and getting together for coffee after appointments, we’ve all noticed the same thing.

    • truthbeknown says:

      And when small business go under because they cant afford the crap put on them by Obama care. You wont care. As a bird who keeps it head under ground you need to pull it out and see what is really going on. Now I will really insult you. may God Bless you and Keep you. Its the only way you will survive.

    • BobM says:

      There you have it folks. “thanks obama” … I gave you a loaf of bread and you gave me a crumb. None-the-less, I had my hand out for your free goodies.” His so called grass roots are growing right under his feet. He wouldn’t recognize grass roots if it jumped and bit him on the butt.It’s hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen. He fashions himself as an ordinary citizen? Yeah right. He won’t even recognize the problems this monstrosity is having big time. By the way he talks he isn’t even an ordinary Texan. And he wants to educate people…geeez!

    • Punchy says:

      Oh No! Shut the parks down! What will Smokey the bear do? Maybe finally the public could actual go and enjoy their land without buying a park sticker.

      • BLUFF BUNNY says:

        HAHAHAHA! So the worst threat, is to shut down the parks? In my area the local ‘power hungry’ bunch tried that, to force us to even higher taxes, and the LOCAL PEOPLE went out and took care of it. BETTER than before. So their little power-play failed.
        This same idea could become the New Norm, if those supposed ‘leaders’ do not shape up.
        I don’t think REAL Americans like being held up and ransomed!



    • jo johnson says:

      You are nothing more than a useful idiot………..even a moron can figure out that if you add tens of millions of people to policies………and make the ins. companies take on people needing heart operations…and paying premiums just long enough to get the surgery done then dropping it again……cannot possibly work……..and you are such an idiot you even believe the ludicrious lie that by making ins. companies spend billions of dollars extra…….they will “lower” premiums !
      on that basis….if you bought enough cadillacs at one time…..the car company would simply “give” them to you !
      it’s brainless parasites like you that will suffer the most when this insult to humanity explodes in our face !!!
      And you have it coming…..leech !

    • starbrander says:

      Get Out Of Texas…Liberal Liar…Do Your Welfare Checks Cover It?

    • Miguel Casaday says:

      I got my rebate as well, on the heels of a 16% increase in my premium. What a deal. How much did your premium increase?

    • Platinum says:

      SHUT IT DOWN, that way the IDIOTS that are called leaders cannot do any more damage than they have already done.

      Strange how the mindless dolt Texan Texan is always the first to leave a comment on this site. The Texan Texan comments are always left to invite visceral comments from sane people that love America and what she stood for prior to the Illegal Alien Islamic Terrorist being installed to pose as president.

      Wake up Texan Texan, you are supporting an Islamic Terrorist whose soul purpose is to destroy America and push her over the Communist Cliff while doing so. If you knew anything about history, however you do not because you were indoctrinated by the public indoctrination system put in place in 1964 by the Communist Left posing as democRATS.

      However, for the sake of argument lets pretend that you do know something about world history and if that is the case you support the death camps that are in the very near future for you and those like you. Hitler and Stalin called people like you, “useful idiots” and that is exactly what you are by supporting the Illegal Alien Islamic Terrorist posing as president. By your actions you support the complete Communist take over of the greatest nation the world has ever seen or ever will see. By your actions you support the Nazi styled Communist rule that slaughtered over 50 million people, 6 million of which were innocent Jewish people.

      Guess what STUPID!!! you will be one of those slaughtered if the Illegal Alien Islamic Terrorist is successful in his efforts to destroy America. Do yourself a favor and learn about the history of the world and if you do (doubtful that you will) you will discover that you are supporting the wrong side of the argument.

      The Illegal Alien Islamic Terrorist should be tried for the countless acts of Treason and Sedition he and his Communist supporters (Reid, Pelosi, Watters, Frank, Dodd, Shummer, Feinstein, Holder, Texan Texan, etc) have committed and when convicted, and they would most definitely would be convicted, they should all be publicly dealt with as the United States of America Constitution subscribes. Hung by the neck until dead.

      Now because you are a stoolie for the Illegal Alien Islamic Terrorist, you run off now and tell the lying spying NSA and the traitors at the Secret Service that there are people on this site that do not like the Treasonous Seditious acts that the Illegal Alien Islamic Terrorist and his cohorts in crime are committing. IDIOT!!!

    • Lew says:

      I will never Comply with CommieCare!IF CommieCare is so Great,Why is OUR GOVERNMENT wanting out of it? Why are UNIONS wanting out of it? These are the very people that FORCED CommieCare on WE the PEOPLE!AND NOW THEY WANT OUT!? IF one American is FORCED against his/her will into this CommieCare why not all? CommieCare was made too FAIL and FAIL it will! With CommieCare America has become a Nation of PART TIME JOBS!

    • Jesse says:

      Obamacare is just another word for tyranny. If you are so educated about it and cannot see how much government intrusion into our lives there is in this bill then you are just another brainwashed zombie
      liberal goose stepping to the usurpers beat! And what about rationed care for the elderly and disabled. They will just be disposed of by this godless board of people who will be choosing who gets what care!

    • Jesse says:

      And who does Obama think he is threatening to shut down the government! He’s not a dictator or sovereign king. Screw him. He needs to be put in front of a firing squad for treasonous acts!

    • Tony Corrao says:

      The attitude that some are Getting FREE health care is what’s ruining the country. There IS NO FREE health care.
      Do the doctors and nurses work FREE? Are hospitals built with FREE labor and materials? Are medicines developed and produced without cost. Only a government worker or a a brainless, died in the wool Liberal can think this way. When they run out of other people’s money they will learn what FREE really means; ENSLAVED.

    • panicazi says:

      Ah, Joseph Goebbels (aka texan texan) is back spewing the Nazi propaganda. Everything you have just given for example of Obamacre success is complete lie. Government shutdown works, each and everytime. Shutting down popular government services like the National Parks or sending out government checks, is always unnecessary “pay back” by the Executive Branch in order to make the public “feel the pain” and pressure Congress away from a shutdown. If we were serious about a shutdown, we would ensure POTUS, WH Staff, all Congress and Staff payroll were held, while essential government functions were funded. Target the pain to ALL elected officials and their staffs.

    • RON G says:

      TT Read your comments in the past. Who wrote this one for you? Your framing your sentences different then you have in the past.

    • Marvin Durnil says:

      It sounds to me, that you are in pain Texan Texan, take a laxative, because I believe you are full of it.

    • Colonialgirl says:

      The FAKE Texan from New York shows up again to spew it’s load of nonsense and idiocy.
      Liberal trolls like to spew here because they get 5 cents for each post; That’s BIG MONEY when you live in your momma’s basement.

    • Rosie says:

      Leftists have no shame, as attested by the remarks of “Texan Texan.” For example, he doesn’t consider conservatives to be “ordinary citizens,” with the clear implication that conservatives are aberrant, and therefore their policies are also aberrant.

      He further makes a blanket statement that “ordinary citizens rarely come to town halls.” I would like to know the basis for such an authoritative statement.

      Texan Texan also plies the usual phony scare tactic of the Left, that a government shutdown will negatively affect only helpless seniors, little babies, and protection of the environment.

      His motivation is quite clear. He cares nothing about America and is willing, if not eager, to sacrifice it for the Left’s political agenda.

      He says he’s part of a grass roots program to “educate” people on Obamacare. That sounds ominously like the old Soviet Union’s “education” of dissenters. Texan Texan’s grass roots appear to be infested with beetle grubs.

      Lastly, he claims that he got a rebate from a “big, profitable insurance company” thanks to Obamacare. Though I believe he’s a liar, I won’t make that claim because I can’t be sure. But I could’t find any provision of Obamacare that covers what he claims.

    • Bob B says:

      Obama blow his seed money to start up a flawed medical program that most people don’t want!!!!!
      Screw Him And The Horse He Rode In On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DieHardPAtriot says:

      Hey Obama Cool Aid Drinker!!
      That’s it help others get sucked into this so called affordable health care and later people you have suckered others to do what you have done will want your scalp. I have read the huge passed without being read bill. One big deal is to hit “FORCED HOME VISITS”. Mostly, this bill is taxation (without representation) and control. This bill is treason. There is another alternative to Obamacare and it doesn’t have to be with a health insurance policy company. Want to know a big reason the cost of health care has risen….Illegals and lazy-do not wanna work welfare recipients getting one big freebie after another. Hope you can find a hole to hide in later on when those you fooled come looking for you.

  2. Rabelrouser says:

    This just goes to show that the people have a greater understanding, and the greater strength of conviction of what needs to be done to protect this nation from the disaster of Obamacare. The people know that essential government business will not be shut down and that the “Government Shutdown” will be played as was sequestration. Which for all the drama and doomsday predictions was false; and that the shut downs made were directly aimed at the people to punish them.
    Hey I just had a great idea for a new game show: Are you Smarter than a Congressman?

  3. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    Quite frankly, I wouldn’t care if the federal government shut down for good.

  4. 7papa7 says:

    It is more important to kill obamacare than to keep the government open in my opinion. If they are shut down then they can’t do any more damage.

  5. DAY says:

    Heill yeah, shut it down!!! Time to stand up for what is right,, should have done it with Clinton…

  6. benjamin Marcoux says:

    I hope and pray that The Grass Roots Movement will grow Huuuugh and for Americans to WAKE UP!
    Good luck 52% percenters,,,,,your freebies are coming to an end reral soon!

  7. TXisHome says:

    If this is a path to shutting it all down…DO IT!! I have no use for Obamacare or the Federal Government! I’d rather have the money in my pocket. God Bless TX!

  8. Sarah417 says:

    First of all the House is funding all of government EXCEPT Obamacare. Secondly, if the government is shut down absolutely NOTHING will happen. Non-essential services will lose funding, but little else.
    During the ’95 government shutdown my husband was employed by the federal gov and in the military. His military pay remained untouched. He was furloughed three days but received full pay retroactive when the furloughed ended. Shutting down the government only means PAID VACATION for government employees.
    Get real all this spin makes my head spin.

  9. Let the government shutdown begin. Only this time, let it begin with the non-essentials like paying the President, Vice President, Senators, Congressmen and the IRS. Let them leave Social Security and the military alone for a change. It’s time that the sequester starts at the top instead of the bottom. Maybe if we curtail their pay, then something might get done a lot faster.

  10. Barbara Larson says:

    I love what Bill Pressgrove says. By all means shut down the government, defund Obamacare and sop paying those who think it’s a wonderous thing for all of us but hey, they don’t want it for themselves. That’s “Crapola”. If we’re forced to have it, so should they, and Ovomit and Moochele. I’m sick of them thinking they’re too high and mighty to be included with “the little people”. Gid rid of all of them!!

  11. Wayne Petry says:

    I am a Texan and I am sooo.. ashamed to see the comment from someone calling them self “Texan Texan”. Obviously they are “NOT” from Texas as they would not comment in favor of Oshamacare. They don’t understand that the GOP are not the ones trying to shut down the government but Obummer himself because he isn’t getting his way with his pet project. He is trying, as Texan Texan is, to intimidate and put scare Americans that a shutdown will have wide span consequences to the elderly and children, all because the GOP and Conservatives are going to allow a shutdown. Who is to blame for a shutdown? Obummer is because he is using that to get his project funded. Obamacare is “NOT” yet funded Texan Texan, don’t try to hoodwink us so we will bend “Dumbass”, That is what this shutdown is all about. Obama is pouting because we are not bending to his every whim.

  12. Jes says:

    I don’t know what is more ignorant …
    Texan Texan

  13. bglad says:

    The people are much wiser than their representatives. The people are asking The House of Representatives to defund Obamacare, which is step with their Constitutional duties. Obama would be going outside of his Constitutional duties by continuing to do so, which for him is standard operating procedure. All Constitutional portions of the government would continue to be funded. Any choice to shut down the government would lie solely at the feet of Obama and his liberal bed fellows. Quit trying to twist any other way.

    • Tony Corrao says:

      Better no government than no free country.
      Shut it down if need be. it’s now or never.

  14. Jesse Tomblin says:

    If it will stop Obammy from taking another multi million dollar waste of tax payers money trips more power to them.

  15. Joe says:

    Shut er down for the next 3 years til odumbo is gone.