Woman with Concealed Carry Permit Stops 6 Robbers in Houston

Here’s another example of concealed-carry permits being effective in everyday life. A woman in the Houston area experienced a traumatic event in which her concealed carry handgun came to the rescue.

A woman whose husband was being accosted by six men in a Houston area Denny’s pulled her concealed carry handgun from her purse and opened fire on the robbers.

According to Click2Houston.com, the wife was in the restroom, and when she came out she saw her husband lying on the floor, the group of robbers nearby. Police say she then “pulled her gun and shot at them.”

It appears the robbers shot back and police say there was a shootout. The robbers were apparently running as they shot.

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9 comments on “Woman with Concealed Carry Permit Stops 6 Robbers in Houston
  1. Anthony says:

    Great News.. This should be on the Front Page!

  2. Henryk Zaleski says:

    American womanhood at its best. Bless your heart ma’am.

  3. duif100 says:

    We see many statistics of how many people are being killed with fire arms.
    We see NO statistics of how many people are saved fire arms.
    Wh keeps those onesided statistics?

  4. Punchy says:

    Ata girl! I hope they have a little lead to remember you by.

  5. Greg Craig says:

    Robbers’ worst nightmare: Loving wife with a concealed handgun

  6. JerryM says:

    I will never give up my concealed carry. If concealed carry is banned I will then carry an illegal carry. My video expresses my feelings about having a weapon

  7. AuburnV12S says:

    She is woman with handgun, hear her roar! BTW, it is a sure bet that the woman who thwarted six robbers with he handgun will get NO thanks from Houston’s hateful, uber-liberal, lesbian mayor.

  8. AuburnV12S says:

    Having no “edit” command is a bummer, Vision to America. I wanted to write “her handgun,” NOT “he handgun!” Give us an “edit” command, V to A!

  9. Adolfo says:

    Valiant women of America, get good training and a good gun with license. Do not let the thugs and the United Nations to take away your basic American and universal rights of selfdefense. Do not let the Democrats in the senate to give away your constitutional rigjhts of gun ownership by voting in favor of the U.N. Gun snatching treaties!