Food Stamps Buy Lobster for Surfer Dude and His Buddies

During an hour-long deep dive into the growing use of food stamps in America, Fox News highlighted “the new face of food stamps.”

That new face is a pina colada-sipping, lobster-loving lothario named Jason Greenslate.

Greenslate, a 29-year-old La Jolla California surfer and musician who sings that he does not want a “motherf*cking job” and has “f*ck no” guilt about living on $200 of what he calls “free money ” — or what the government called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Benefits — while he avoids a job to hang out on the beach, sing and chase women.

“Wake up, go down to the beach, hang out with my friends, hit on some chicks, start drinking,” Greenslate said, describing his day to Fox News’ John Roberts in an interview for the channel’s “The Great Food Stamp Binge” hosted by Bret Baier.

“I surf everyday. It’s wonderful, man. Just get away from everything, clear your head. Get out with the boys. Have a good time.” Greenslate said.

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4 comments on “Food Stamps Buy Lobster for Surfer Dude and His Buddies
  1. Kenn Dillon says:

    If I’m not mistaken it is illegal to buy food using food stamps and then give it away.

    The one good thing I can say about this bum is that at least he is buying healthy food, not the junk food one sees in many food stamp shopper’s baskets.

    It’s guys like this bum that make it bad for the people who really do need the help. If food stamps weren’t going to moochers like this guy, the people who truly do need the help could get a little more in their account each month.

    How can this guy have such a nice truck without a job?

    Any bets he really lives with mommy and daddy.

  2. Punchy says:

    Any bet this slacker received no discipline at home. Went to public school. Has no morals nor ever been taught that there was such a thing?

  3. Don White says:

    Wake up folks, and look at the big picture. This flake is not the problem. It’s the system that is broken.These bums are allowed to stay on the freebies so they will continue to vote for the bums who make it possible.

  4. edinflorida says:

    Yep, we need to keep giving free loaders all this money. My daughter works for a convenience store and she told me she see customers come into her store and buy five dollars in food with their EBT card and then pays #30.00 dollars cash for beer and cigarettes. Yes, those people really need our tax dollars or they would have to go without beer and cigarets. Actually they would go without food first.