New Law Allows Transgender Students To Use Whatever Bathroom They 'Feel Like'

A bill to allow school kids to use which ever bathroom they want to use based on their “feeling” of what gender they want to be that day is on California Governor Jerry Brown’s desk and he is expected to sign it into law.

The controversial bill is aimed at giving transgender children the option of picking a bathroom representing the gender they identify with regardless of their physical anatomy. It would also allow them to play on whatever sports team the feel like choosing.

Supporters claim that transgender kids are made to feel alienated by being forced to use a bathroom not of their gender choice. According to Jesse Melgar, a spokesman for Equality California, the bill would end the sort of exclusion that “negatively impacts students’ ability to succeed in school and graduate with their class.”

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53 comments on “New Law Allows Transgender Students To Use Whatever Bathroom They 'Feel Like'
  1. It is insane liberal policies allowing things like allowing ‘transgenders’ to use any washroom they please that is causing Obama’s job approval rating has dropped to a paltry 41% according to the latest Gallup Poll.

    And the Rasmussen Reports polling data shows only 26% of Americans give Obama a strong approval rating.

    But despite this downward approval trend, Obama keeps ramrodding through programs that Americans disapprove of.

    Worse still is that they are programs and policies that are extremely detrimental to our nation.

    So the key question here isn’t how much lower Obama can drop.

    The question, “How much lower can our nation sink and still survive?”

    This 40 second video puts this question in perspective.

    • Joseph G Hunt says:

      Obama don’t care about his “ratings”, what people think of him……he has always been determined to “destroy” America…he does not need to worry about being re-elected…

    • Drik says:

      Feeling sort of dark today. LIke I have some unknown and hitherto unidentified black ancestor. Can I get some Affirmative Action?

    • Tony says:

      How in the hell is a boy or a girl at a young age going to know what gender they identify with unless they are coached? The movie Kindergarden Cop breaks it down very simply, “boys have a penis, girls have vaginas.” Duh!!!

      • Mary says:

        my boys would of said they we girls, this will cause more problem then you can imagine , you people are so stupid wait till there’s rapes going on who’s going to answer to that ???????????

        • minnie says:

          The principle of the school and The city indipendent school district would be responsible if there is a rape of a child regardless if it is a boy or girl. And do not forget the rapist of course and the rapist parents since the parents also allowed the child rapist to go where other childrens privates might be exposed for whatever reason. Of course if the rapist is a muslim then the fault would be the victim if the victim is a girl. All this is so stupid, another way to corrupt childrens morale, double work for the caring parent.

    • Luis R Vazquez says:

      There is one person to blame; THE TRANSGENDER PRESIDENT.

    • Falin says:

      Gender is NOT a choice. Your sex identity is NOT A

      • minnie says:

        Yea, and being bi-sexual is not a choice either, that is bs. Yea, and the rapist excuse is he feels like a girl today easy excuse to go to the girls restroom, until he finds the girl he going to rape. Why not let the transgender go into the teachers restroom that will keep the real girls safe. The fault lies in the transgentered president. So now the guys will get to go to the obamas girls restroom.? Do they like this idea?

      • Joel Martin says:

        Yes, gender is not a choice, but those who identify with a gender other than the one nature has given them must realize they are rebelling against their own nature. If everyone was allowed to do or act out what they felt, the entire world would become chaotic and downright hostile to say the least. That is what is happening with those who insist on using any restroom they want to use without regard to gender or sex. Here we see an inclination to walk on other people’s right to privacy.

    • Falin says:

      Gender is NOT a choice. Sex identity is NOT a choice. These are things you are born with. Your gender and your sex are chosen by your DNA and nothing can change that.

    • Eduardo Bryan Choate Sr says:

      Where is the common sense California? Are you in government a bunch of stupid idiots that does not see the damage you are doing to our children? The rule should always be: Have male genitalia? You are a boy, and you should go to school dressed as a boy until you finish high school. If you want to dress as a girl after school is your parents and your problem. Don’t involve the school in your problem. The place of the school is for education and not taking care of the needs of some people because they are “different” The boy that is dressed as a girl in school selecting what bathroom they want to use that day is ridiculous and sick. The consequences of dressing as a girl and going to the male bathroom could cause the males in the bathroom to abuse that person either mentally, physically or both. Why take that chance when there would be fewer issues if that person dressed their gender? If that person decided to use the female bathroom they would could also be abused mentally, physically or both. What nice girl wants to see the genitalia of that boy? What kind of privacy a girl would have with a male in the next stall? The girls would be too shy to even fart in the stall when there is a person of another gender sitting on the throne next door. Came on, wake up you stupid politicians let the kids be transgender in their homes not in OUR schools. By the way the same goes for girls dressed as boys.

    • alice says:

      His rating is THAT high?

  2. Richard Gibbard says:

    It’s time for a law to allow prosecution of the parents who give their kids the idea that they’re ”transgendered.”

  3. Jerry Gooch says:

    Shoot. If he’s going to do that, he might as well declare all bathrooms unisex, because, that is basically what he is doing.

    • B.J. says:

      Actually, you are making a good point about the unisex restrooms. I believe this could be opposed simply from the standpoint of hygiene. If you’ve ever stopped at a station where the restroom was unisex it won’t take but a moment to understand what I’m saying. This could open a can of “bugs”, and oh yeah, maybe even worms.

  4. Babsan says:

    Seems that ALL sex freaks hang in California from top down to the kids

  5. stephen mauk says:

    this united states cant handel much more of this sick obummer and his sick bitch of a wife that is rasist along with the obummer non human people ( they are ssssssick )and he was not born in the united stated (he is a spear chunker)ass hole

    • firstchoice says:

      @Stephen Mauk;
      Please. Either you are way too young to be leaving posts on your own, or you’re race-baiting. I strongly disagree with the POTUS’ policies and pretty much everything he’s done to date. But your post reduces this thread, and the argument, to pubescent name calling and gives the left something to point to for their arguments. Do you really feel that way about fellow American citizens, just because of skin color? Let’s get this Country back to functioning under the Constitution. Let’s get the Federal Govt. back to what it was designed to do and out of our homes. As far as the “transgender” argument goes, it’s rediculous and shows the true “State of our Union”. If you want to destroy a country from within, attack the value of the family unit and the morals we teach our children. Destroy the basic family design and the rest will fall.

  6. 7papa7 says:

    Time for all Californians to pull their kids from government indoctrination centers or they will be destroyed morally and their character will be destroyed. People for the sake of your children get them out NOW.

  7. AnnaS says:

    First of all, this new law will not make much of a difference because public education system is broken already long time ago. But I wonder what school administrations will do when half of the students starting from their entire football teams will announce that they feel themselves as a “girl trapped in a boy’s body” and will ask for a permition to use girls locker rooms.

  8. William says:

    Suggest use dean’s office, on his desk specifically!

  9. DrBillLemoine says:

    It’s hardly a matter of choice to the transgender folks. They identify with one or the other gender, no choice at all, no anxiety, no hesitation–except for existing gender based laws, facilities and conservative sentiment. For a party that considers itself the bastion of freedom and liberty, it’s hypocritical to question or make a big deal of this kind of freedom. We’re not talking perverts here–just ordinary people oppressed for their differences. I don’t know anybody ‘transgender challenged’ with public lavatory questions, but freedom is the goal–why question this in a democratic nation, why is this news?

    • Brace says:

      Freedom isn’t these people’s primary value, it’s just a means to an end for them. If Republicans really had principles they would be libertarian or AnCap. We’ve had a similar bill to this in Colorado for 13 years now, and never had a problem with it (until the Coy Mathis case just recently… funny about the timing on that one). Social conservatives are the true reactionaries. They care about their culture and status, not about freedom. They’ll throw freedom under the bus the moment it no longer serves them. Since their culture and status are dying, they’re going into overdrive in this respect.

      • B.J. says:

        We’ve gotten along just fine for centuries without having transgendered or unisex restrooms. But one can hardly escape the fact that this is an issue created by adults, not kids. Anything to confuse and obliterate the notion of real distinction between male and female. Worldwide pressure is being applied to make every kind of perversion normal. It isn’t about freedom. It is about rebellion. And “Social Conservatives” didn’t start this controversy.

      • alice says:

        It seems to me that to liberal’s “freedom” is choosing one groups rights over another groups rights.

      • firstchoice says:

        Freedom? This bill is about freedom to you? Or is it more about restricting, or even eliminating, the freedom of social conservatives, as you name them, to live as they have done since 1776? It seems to me, each time one of these “freedom’ issues pops up, its the social conservatives giving up their freedoms or Rights. Sounds more like “control” to me.

    • Tionico says:

      There is a difference between liberty and ilcense, and liberty/freedom carry along with them responsibility. Since we had a president who was confused about the meaning of “is”, things began to get squishy. FACT is, though, people come in two kinds.. “innies” and “outies”, and public sanitation facilities have been designaged for one or the other. Now, if YOU happen to think, despite which version of the mechanics YOU happen to have, to “self-identify” with the other type, that does NOT change the FACT that you still need to use the facility designated for your particular equipment. Its not at all like things were back in the fifties, when ALL pepole of certain skin colours had to use facilities designated for that skin colour.

      I find it interesting, and not a little disturbing, that those who “self identify” as jewish, christian, mormon, adventist, are denied any opportunity to “act out” their identity in public, whereas those unable to determine their own physical equipment can “self-identify” as whatever they choose, and the rest MUST go along with it in spite of milennia of convention. And you seem to think it is WE who have no issues with how we are constructed that are the wierd ones. Face it, “modernism” sucks……
      I can hardly wait till some six foot three 220 lbs high school male (you know, with an “outie”) “self-identifies” as a “girl” and demands to join the girls’ basketball team, including full lockerroom and shower access along with the rest of the team. THIS is what this law means. And trust me, it WILL be abused, and I will be glad of it. TIme the PEOPLE of California give the toss to the insane minders of the asylum.

    • Pete0097 says:

      It is a matter of being reasonable. I understand that some people think they are in the wrong body. What is it maybe 0.05%? The schools have more important things to do like EDUCATE KIDS than spend money on modifying their bathrooms. I know that one time I used a unisex bathroom in college while on a visit (I didn’t know it was unisex), It made me quite uncomfortable having a girl next to me brushing her teeth. I had just taken a shower in the same room. I guess that these people won’t be happy until the rest of us are unhappy.

  10. Suzy says:

    Every teenage boy in America will become transgender just for a chance to get into the girls locker room.

    • EltonJ says:

      The best way to stop curiosity in teens about the opposite sex is to take them to a clothing optional resort. Burn it out of them. ;)

  11. bb says:

    This is sick and plays right along with the Communist Secular Humanist liberal agenda of compromising our morals and taking control of our nation. Those children who have been led to believe that is okay to do those things have been brainwashed by sick perverted queers. Who like Satan himself, are trying to bring them in their fold and lead them to damnation.

  12. Southern Patriot says:

    Obama and his sycophants in the Administration with acquiescence from the lame street news media want to substantially transform America into something it has never been and something that will eliminate it from continuing to be a Light upon a Hill, which attracts the best and brightest from all over the world.

    We will then have a gutter country which will feel at home to all those who invade here through our porous borders without any education and trade and who will be drains upon tax payers, taking far more than they ever contribute.

    Governor Moonbeam will lead the way in accommodating perverts. Today, I feel like a girl. Tomorrow I feel like a boy. Next week I will feel like a …………….?

  13. chris says:

    Doesn’t Brown and Melgar have anything else to do but meddle in peoples lives. What are they smoking in California??

  14. Edwin Knight says:

    This state has been in a downward spiral for too long, the libturd crowd has gone from free thinking , anti government to , help me I can’t think for myself. I don’t know why so many voted to put “moonbeam” back in office after his first attempt at running the state into the ground.

  15. nanblan says:

    If it becomes law, I would be the first parent to pull my kids out of California schools (thank God I don’t live in CA.) This absurd law ignores the rights of the majority of students, and puts them in an extremely uncomfortable situation. If there are enough of these confused kids in your school, why not set up a single bathroom somewhere in the school for them to use, rather than have them infringe on the rights of those kids who are not confused?