Islamic Law Comes to Michigan

Dearborn, Michigan has become a Sharia enclave, much like those populating many European countries. The city of Dearborn, Michigan denied a permit Wednesday for Qur’an-burning Pastor Terry Jones’ planned protest outside the Islamic Center of America on Good Friday.

Islamic supremacists were handed a victory for their violent intimidation and threats. City spokeswoman Mary Laundroche said that Jones’ permit had been denied for “public safety reasons.” In other words, they’re afraid Muslims will riot. And so the rights of free Americans have to be curtailed.

Terry Jones burned a Qur’an. So what? What happened to the freedom of assembly, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of expression? Terry Jones is prohibited from rallying in Michigan for fear of Islamic violence. Is that how far down the Sharia rabbit hole we have gone? Why is it that any time American law comes into conflict with Islamic law, it is American law that has to give way?

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1,531 comments on “Islamic Law Comes to Michigan
  1. Robin says:

    Bad facts made for bad law: shame on you for casting this as a Sharia law case. Think of it as a cross burning case in Alabama or Mississippi of a few short years ago! It has nothing to do with Sharia and everything to do with intemidation and LOSS of Freedom. Casting it as Sharia is a mistake!

    • Cameron says:

      MS & AL aren't the only two States where crosses were burned, just the two the have the worst rep. It also happened "up North" but didn't receive the press coverage that we did.

    • Joe says:

      Robin, What are you, nuts? I guess that if Sharia law were to come to your town and you would have your American freedoms completely taken away and be replaed by a satanic political religion….and be forced to wear a burka you would say,…Oh, it's their right to do what they think is best for America. You are a complete fool!

    • linda says:

      Robin What color would like your burka in???? Oh prepare to be stoned to death for adultery. Sound good huh??? That's what sheria law is you dimwit.

    • Butch Elliott says:

      Robin. Read your history. The Democratic Party founded the KKK. The reason for the founding of the KKK was to destroy the Republican Party. Why were black Americans persecuted? Well, since a black could NEVER be a member of the Democratic Party then they had to be Republicans. There was a black Republican Senator in South Carolina, by the way at that time. Since they were Republican, they were persecuted, intimidated, beaten, tortured, burned out and murdered by the KKK. Did you happen to know that the KKK also killed over 1,300 White Americans too?
      The history books conveniently kept that out of print. You see, the Democrats have continued slavery in America up to today. They have lied to the black people; provided them with entitlement programs that enslave them into a government supported 'slavery' where the government provides their needs as long as they stay in that financial state of need. Just like the slave owners provided the needs of the slaves as long as they stayed on the plantations and did what the slave owners required them to do.
      The Democratic Party has blamed the Republicans and the rich Americans for all the problems that the poor (blacks) face day to day. Why, the rich have so much money and the poor have so little; so little in fact that the government is 'forced' to take care of them; provide for them because the rich won't.
      They have indoctrinated poor states to preach hatred of the wealthy in our schools, in our newspapers, on T.V.; in political speeches, etc. so that they can maintain control over the ignorance of their constituents. Please understand that the word ignorant means that you don't know something but can learn it if you are taught it. The term 'stupid' means that no matter how much I teach you, you will never understand. My use of the term ignorance is not an insult; it is an eye opener to those who are 'blind and do not see'. I am attempting to enlighten you by telling you the truth because 'the truth shall set you free'.
      Why do you think that the KKK burned crosses on people's lawns? They knew that Christianity was the enemy of the progressive / liberal Democratic Party and they wanted blacks and Republicans to associate the cross with fear and death; not love and life eternal.
      If I were a black man and had just read what I just written I would have 3 basic reactions: 1. I need to find out for myself if Mr. Elliott is telling the truth and 2. If it is true, I and all my black people have been lied to by the Democrats, used by the Democrats, penned up like pigs in stalls by the Democratic 'Social Programs' and I am ashamed of myself for believing their lies and I am mad as hell that I have been a 'new slave' and didn't realize it until I read this piece.
      3. I am going to make sure that every black brother and sister I know will know the truth because I am going to spread the truth just like the Rev. Martin Luther King did. I will apply for community grants to fund my mission to provide black history education to young and disaffected blacks in our communities. I will most certainly receive those grants since the Stimulus Bill set aside Billions for community organizers and organizations to help them promote education and mentoring to young and disaffected minorities.
      Yes the KKK was a group of white men. They murdered black people and now you know that over a 1/.3 of all the people they murdered were white. All the people they murdered were Republicans.
      You see, I was once taught by my Japanese Sensei that 'the biggest problems are caused by the smallest things'.
      Wake up America. Seek the truth. Love each other and respect the millions of our people who have died to make this country the most successful nation of free people in the history of the world. Your neighbor is not your enemy. Politicians with no accountability is our enemy and we have to get them under control.
      We need each state to pass a law that says "All Federal Senators and Representatives that go to Washington from our state will no longer be paid by the Federal Government. Our state will set their salary, benefits, budgets, lodging expenses, travel expenses and we will set up a state legislative review commission that will establish goals and objectives for the senator/representative based on the campaign promises they made that got them elected. This commission will be led by the Lt. Governor and the senators and representatives will be required to return to their states every quarter for a performance review based on their goals and objectives. Furthermore, no meeting will be allowed with a lobbyist unless written permission is received by a majority of the commission and signed by the Lt. Governor. If the senator/representative receives a negative review for 3 consecutive quarters, that senator/representative will be fired and a new election held to replace them.
      This simple move establishes accountability of our Federal Senators and Representatives to answer to the will of the people. If they don't do what we want them to, we fire them and hire someone who will. Simple.

      • Brenda Leach says:

        Wow, I am speechless. You are a very wise and educated man. I wish there were more like you in office. Can you run for an office in Florida.

      • craig says:

        WOW Butch I like that plan and comment you read like a guy that knows his past ,and thought about it. and if you can get that future thing going restructuring gov. in that way …..that would be great changes…….DON'T DISSAPEARE FROM PUBLIC COMMENT……Craig Boos

        • AGC says:

          Cheers !!! … I like the message especially the last paragraph … I shall hope to read more on other issue forums

      • Barbara says:

        You should run SERIOUSLY.

      • orangeknight69 says:

        This is indeed a history lesson that has been lost to modern Americans, because our liberal educators are rewriting our history books. All of this information stated above is available, but not in the liberal media. Too many welfare recipients are enslaved with ignorance, and are kept in poverty with entitlements and drugs. Some escape the cycle, but find the cycle hard to escape.

      • lisa costa says:

        Excellent post, Butch. But you forgot the SCOTUS, who are appointed-NOT elected- by the POTUS, who are in office till the day they DIE. We, the people, should elect them every 4 yrs!!

      • ABO says:

        10-4 to that. good work

      • Lee says:

        Great comment. I agree with the senators and representatives reporting to the states for their report card. We the people have allowed the bozos in DC to get away with the slaughter of our Constitution far, far too long. Fire them all!

      • toosmarttovoteGOP says:

        Wow. An impressive load of crap. I doff my chapeau.

    • Gary says:

      Robin, with all due respect, you are a total idiot! If you choose to respect and support Sharia law and it's cancerous efforts upon our people and land, please feel free to move to the Muslim country of choice. Our country won't miss your pathetic lack of American patriotism. Once you realize that your rights have been removed in said land of Allah, please remain and fight for those rights. Best of luck!

    • Victor says:

      Robin Why make a comparison to Alabama or Mississippi? Why Mass. who were the last State to have integrated schools, or better yet New York or Los Angeles where there are racial contentions on a constant basis and as a rule people are much more prejudice. Better yet Detroit or Chicago, places much more prejudice, but just not illuminated by the press and liberals.
      I agree this article does not have enough to make a basis, however even Muslims recognize that in places like Dearborn this share a community Sharia standard within the neighborhood , there are even a couple of communities in Texas the same way that even though they may not have a Sharia law in effect on a legislative basis the rural communities were thy exist support that among themselves, and even the Muslims who do not conform are even shunned from the Mosque as well. Seems to me most people concerning these issues are getting caught up in cyber idiocy…relying on the MSM and their keyboard instead of having real personal knowledge.

      • don in atlanta says:

        look people there are over 40 masque in atlanta go to your phone book how many are in your town ???/ if you donot think the rag heads arenot takeing over your wrong.

    • skipfoss says:

      The diffrence is the cross burningswere done by americans( no mater how stupid ) they were Americans opposed to American laws not some bunch of rag head half wits that want to put under their religious law. You fags abd leso's better they don't Mula Husssein obama to pass sharia law cause are dead I mean grave yard dead they dislike you queers more than I do(Iwould just wound you a little) I would stand by the KKK before I would allow Muslims to inact any minute part of sharia lawand I would see how many I could take out before they could find where the rounds are coming from(about 3/4 to a mile or some where in between ).I doubt that some of these fools have ever seen what these animals do to their own people just be cause they be long to a diffrent sect so imagine what they will do to you if we don't get this half breed son of a white trash communist Muslim whore

    • Evermyrtle says:

      You are badly mistaken. Makes me wondre if you are with us as Americans or the invaders!

    • john lowe says:

      robin you are absoutely right, this has nothing to do with sharia law, but everything to do with enciting a riot. this is nothing but a rogue preacher trying to make a name for himself, just like the tea partiers are trying to do.

      • lisa costa says:

        I have never seen a father behead his wife or daughter for not following our LAWS, just as I've never seen or heard about Christians doing the same. And Tea Partiers are a peaceful group-not ONE act of violence towards anyone.

        • Ruth Marie says:

          I lived in a Moslem country for two years and never saw a father behead his daughter. Some women wore burkas, some wore western dress. I still wish that I could locate some Moslem friends with whom I lost contact after I returned home. Later, I lived in a black neighborhood in one of our southern states. Again, I made friends there and had no problems with the people even though I was the only white woman living in the area.
          At present, I call myself a Tea Partier because they are a peace loving group who wishes to return our country to its roots and to
          Constitutional rule which would allow a great deal of freedom for ALL people.

      • Jack R says:

        The TEA Party is about the governmet taking more and more of our hard earned money away from us, but I wouldn't expect a socialist like you to understand that. As for the preacher, he may be a rogue out to make a name for himself but the First Amendment gives him as well as you the right to free speech.

      • Bob says:

        You may question Pastor Jones methods, but his message seems sincere.

        At least he is not decapitating an innocent victim, or stoning to death a woman for leaving the house without the man's permission…..

        I think burning a book is pretty harmless. Bibles are burned around the world everyday.

        No problem, we will just print more.

        • d2s says:

          i'm living in islamic country. i did studied the sharia law and there is no such thing as stoning to death a woman for leaving the house without the man's permission.. cant blame u bcuz u only know things from media or book published by haters.. so sad….

    • Howsthatchgewrkg4u says:

      I think you forgot the Burning of the American Flag in the streets of America.. We're suppose to tolerate that !!
      SO why is this any different ? I don't condone what he stands for .. but I respect his right to do it ..

    • Louise says:

      Not necessarily………… Sharia Law comes under different guises………… viz., Europe…………can anyone say if Rick Perry is AGAINST Sharia Law ????

    • Louis says:

      What rabbit hole did you crawl out of???????????????????????????

    • litl bits says:

      YOU need to educate yourself on Islam and Sharia Law…Ignorance of facts will gain us DESTRUCTION! Please read Robert Spencer's books – They SHOULD be required reading of American American citizen!

    • Coot says:

      Robin,You definately need to be educated on Sharia law and if you can get your hands on a Koran read it.
      Sharia is a big mistake in America and if our Constitution and laws are not good enough then whomever that wants Sharia can go back to where it is law.
      Being politically correct has become the Biggest BS problem American people have, True Americans.
      Enough is enough of this politically correct America. America was greater when people wanted to come here to be American instead of just being in America.
      Are you one???????

    • rotor700 says:

      You are dead wrong, and ignorant about the situation. This is how the muslims have converted entire countries. One hectare at a time. After they are 50% of a population, then they will get very aggressive, and demand more, They will eventually bring in Sharia Law. I'm an American currently living in a foreign country that is not of islam, but has lots of trouble with them, because they will not fight the ultimate battle with them, and irradicate them.

      It will not take them long to devour all of Michigan, and from there it will be history. I forgot to mention, that when they have control, armed gangs of muslims go through a city looking for Christians and murder them on the spot. That is going on at this time in some Asian countries. Liberals, being the idiots and fools they are, will easily accept the wolf in sheeps clothing.

    • BunnyOlesen says:

      Everything they do and every time they intimidate it is directly related to Sharia law which does not allow free speech. Give them an inch, they'll take your head.

    • joyce says:

      Is that a threat?

    • Silvernotes says:

      ignornace IS bliss

    • Rick says:

      The loss of one Freedom to support a movement of Hate is far from the Cross Burnings in Alabama, there we denied the rights of folks to Vote, that's not the case here….I do not agree with the Burning of the Qur'an, so what, Flags and Bibles are burned pretty regularly here. To make matters worse, in Islamic Nations, one can be stoned to death for brandishing a Bible or Professing ones belief in Christ…..You've go this one wrong….Jones doesn't have a monoply on Hate and Prejudice…….

    • Jasmine says:

      Robin, sadly there are many clueless americans like you who know nothing about the dangers of islam. I have lived in islamic countries, and believe me, islam is all about deceit and imposing shariah on infidels. You ought to check out '' or '' or '' and do a bit of research. Ignorance and poltical correctness will lead us all to defeat eventually. The muslims are cunning and patient, they will wait a hundred yrs if necessary…but with clueless folks like you, maybe all they need is 30 yrs or less ! . Lebanon used to be a maronite christian majority country. With islamic immigration and combined with local muslim high birthrate , lebanon was transformed into a muslim majority country and an islamic hell hole ! Salaam alaykum , Jasmine

    • Charles says:

      And you are stupid !!!

    • bob says:

      I agree but add there is a time a place to handle muslim intolorance and a protest that can lead to violence is not the way.

    • Jackie says:

      sharias law has made into the court system. This has been put on main stream media. Our judges are saying if both parties go by sharia law then thats what they do. THEY ARE IN THE UNITED STATES they should be going by OUR

    • Lee says:

      You sure don't understand the violence of Islam do you? Better start getting used to your Burka if more people think like you do. You are very frightening.

    • DaDunMan says:

      Since the establishment (special favor) of a religion is in violation of the 1st Amendment, all federal and state money designated for a municipality or communal entity operating against the Constitution should be withdrawn and used toward paying off the National debt or State debt. Menonites and Amish operate as separate enclaves, but don't draw federal or state funds nor rely upon federal or state funded services. The State of Michigan should be filing a class action suit against Dearborn or just stop funding the nonsense of favoring a religion at the expense of its other taypayers.

  2. joe says:

    This islamic vermin is slowly taking over this coumtry and the muslim-in-chief loves it.

    • tom says:

      Right on Joe, you hit the nail right on the head. We have to get rid of the idiot and all of

      his followers.

    • MikeH says:

      And when the snap-back-back-lash happens…well, Joe…I wouldn't like to be in their place.

    • MikeH says:

      BTW, Joe…have you noticed the similarities between the islamist/sharia “rollover-and-do-me-again” this country is into right now and the commie rollover we did in the ’70′s?

    • Don Ror says:

      Yes, the islamic vermin who sleep with sows are taking over America with the assistance of other religious sects such as the Catholics and Methodists who have a love affair with those who are destroying America such as the illegal aliens from Mexico and other foreign countries. We notice the Catholics are even giving sanctuary to the illegal alien criminals in their church buildings!

      • American Patriot says:

        C Vance,D Ror,right on the K Jones and patriot are off base!thats one reason why Dearborn and other areas are dealing w/ the muzzies, they're afraid,I say ,if they riot jail the animals deport them and the illegal,muslim poor excuse if a person, posing as president,arrest him and try him for treason & give him the death penalty,he deserves no better him and anyone in his cabinet and czars,he's a lying thief!!

      • Emily says:

        Really? Muslims sleep with pigs even though they want nothing to do with them. I didn't realize your wife was such a whore..

      • TaterSalad says:

        The Qur'an is being used as toilet paper in Pakistan. How hypocritical these barbarians are. When someone burns the Qur'an all hell breaks loose. When the Qur'an is mi-interpreted in terms Muslims do "not like", all hell breaks loose! Now we have proof that they are using the Qur'an to wipe their own asses!

    • Liu says:

      The holy qur,an teachs that when you are shot with bullets dipped in pig bloodm you will not receive your 72 virgins

    • Jack the FAC says:

      The wahabe-in-chief is leading it. Every nation that is now muslim was made so by the sword at the throat of its people, and never by peaceful means; yet we sheeple still refer to them as as "Religion of Peace." Hogwash!

      • Kenn says:

        Peace to the muslims is when the whole world is under their control. We must wake up and fight as our founders did.

    • Rebel 44 says:

      Islam Delenda EST

    • Roy says:

      This would not be so if we had judges who followed the constitution rather than their own interests.

    • Low Chop says:

      I think you have hit the nail right on the head.

    • superdomekid says:

      WOW, Joe…you got that right!! I studied Islam and I KNOW what kind of vermin they are! It is THIS PRESIDENT who has brought this insanity to us. He is KNOWN MUSLIM himself and the Al-Quada people love him! As for the rest of our own people, it would be good for you to learn what Islam is REALLY all about, before you jump on that Sharia bandwagon. I KNOW the Sharia law, from my own studies, and you (truthfully) do not want to know just how evil that type of law is. Michigan has made a really bad call, in allowing the Muslims to win. We NEED to oust those people from among us. Not only is Obama destroying this country and all it stands for….our own people, in lots of cases (not all, of course) are helping to destroy it. We, as Americans & Christians, need to stand up for this wonderful country that our Lord, Himself, gave to us…He expects us to honor Him and protect His property. Do NOT give in to those who hate us and want to destroy us…i.e: Obama, Muslim radicals, and other foreigners. Take heed, America!!!

      • Forevermyrtle says:

        If we don't take a stand they will overcome. We are a Christian Nation and that is exactly what they plan to destroy, our Christain beliefs. But Christians will remain Christians, the problem is , are there enough Americans who are determined to save our liberty to save us from this radical Chrislam religion that they are trying to force on us. It is past time for us to wake up and see what is going on. We ned to understand the imposter president is their leader

      • PAM says:

        i believe everything you said, i have a friend here that has read it and he warned us over yr ago they are not a religious group, they are a political group and want to take us out. we have all got to stand up, there are more of us than them. i pray for michican, they have got to get them out. we need them to all leave.

    • Austin says:

      absolutely right

    • SLH says:

      you got that right my friend

    • Gary says:

      You have that one for sure they are hear to kill all of us and even other tribes of Islam they not only kill infidels as they call us and if we dont let them we are not polically correct what a bunch of bull. I think all the ones that are here for this reason and want shairia law they need to go back where they come from but that isnt gonnna happen.

    • arlo says:

      Its someone elses fault, I didn't vote for the clown

    • Louise says:

      America is only now getting awake………..

    • bwr2310 says:


    • tom says:

      are the radicals the anti Christ

  3. Joe Earl says:

    They will condemn the protest of Islams for fear of riots!!!!! But yet when that "Church" wants to protest at our military funerals, oh that is "freedom of speech". This is ridiculous, radical, and a direct threat to our freedoms in this country.

    • Darrell says:

      Good point! The thing to do, is blame all of this, on our country's "Leadership", too bad we don't have any!

    • SouthernPatriot says:

      Great point! Thank you! We must do something. Elections have consequences. May we continue to fuel the peaceful revolution, exchange statists and socialists with conservatives!

    • Don Ror says:

      The time for peaceful revolution is now past us. If we are to return America to the Constitution, it is going to require force of arms because the swine that have taken over America will never give up peacefully.

    • James Carter says:

      You can burn the flag, but not the Koran? How is that possible. Sharia proponents are criminals in their beliefs and need to be forced out one way . or another.

      • Barry says:

        Yep,they can burn our Flag and our Bible and that`s ok to our leaders,but burn a koran and all the muslims go wild burning and killing any thing or any body that don`t agree them.What a wonderful peaceful religion!! Wake up America.The hand writing is on the wall if we don`t stand up and fight.We will be beheaded for writing something as simply as what we are doing on here.We have done lost to many of our freedoms.

      • Carole says:

        Totally agree. They won't allow Christian churches in their countries, so why should we allow even a small group of them live and worship. There is definitely something in your comment about being aloud to burn and American flag but not the Koran. That is crazy. This whole country is going to hell in a handbasket and our "leader" is right at the top of the Muslim denial list. For the life of me, I can not understand why someone in congress or the senate has not started what has to be done to impeach the Muslim leader in our country! So much for our elected officials in Washington. They all might as well start packing because they will be leaving whether Obama gets re-elected or not.

    • Tracy says:

      Great comparison and one that blatantly uncovers the hypocrisy of this administration and our court system. Makes me SICK!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      If we don't get the lead out, they will take the country from us, They ahve already made great headway, we have made legal the killing of our babies, the abomination homosexual, (sodemy) the name JESUS is illegal, our flag is illegal. If there is anything we do that they don't like they protest and we immediately give in and outlaw it. We are begging to be ruled by the Chrislam people. (CHRISLAM IS THE ONE WORLD CHURCH RELIGION, A COMBINATION OF CHRIST AND ISLAM WHICH IN IT SELF IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD AND TO ME)

    • Cindy says:

      Just curious with all of you screaming about a denial of his right to burn the Islam holy book. Would you also defend and protest against govt if they denied an Islamic group the permit to burn Christian bibles as a statement?

      • Danny says:

        Bibles have been burned, and so has our flag. Personally, I don't consider burning our flag freedom of speech. It is treason as far as I am concerned. If you don't love this country, get the ____ out! If I ever see someone burning our flag, I will go to jail. I will not sit back and just watch it. My brothers and sisters in arms are fighting and dying to protect that flag and what it represents. The least I can do is protect her back home. The bottom line is that Christians rights are being taken away slowly but surely, while muslims seem to get whatever they want it this country and throughout the world because people are scared of what they might do. Bring it! That's all I can say.

    • rulken says:

      Very good point, I had forgotten about the scum that shows up at our military funerals!

    • Jan says:

      Joe, you are "right on". Great example of a double standard.

    • BunnyOlesen says:

      JOE EARL YOU ARE RIGHT. The supreme court ruled that it is freedom of speech for them to scream at the grieving family members burying their dead child that their son (or daughter) burns in hell. They even made the father who sued the church pay the church back their legal fees, while their attorney laughed and said they would use it to pay for more protests at funerals!!

    • post_time says:

      That's the point. America is in the throes of a communist takeover. After they get the citizens' guns, they'll take off the mask and lay down the "law" in specific terms. It will be interesting to see them without makeup. We shall, however, enjoy the small solace of seeing the "useful idiots" being rounded up and shot. That's what Lenin did a century ago. These "social reformers" will be of no further use to the new government. They will not tolerate any liberal-minded fools complaining about unfairness, inequality and other such drivel.

    • Betty Slater says:

      Joe,do you not know the difference between the church of GOD and the church of the devil??? That is not a church of
      God's.I don't know what book they are reading,,but its not the HOLY BIBLE the WORD of GOD.GOD the creator of every-
      thing loves everyone but,He hates the sin.Please people before you write things like Joe wrote,look it up.So much
      wrong is done when you don't know what your talking about.The BIBLE the WORD of GOD will give you the answers.
      If the King James version is too hard,there are study Bibles that can help you.My favorite one is NIV version Life in the
      Spirit Study Bible put out by Zondervan. And i too believe we should be concerned about all the Muslums moving here.
      I"m sure there are some that just want to live in peace but,there are many many more that want this country and want
      stop at anything until they and their Sharia Law rule it.Do check out their law..

  4. Lew says:

    I live in a rural and rather isolated section of Indiana. We've been thinking of establishing our own set of laws here too.

    Is there any problem with that.



    • MikeH says:

      Are you accepting apps from (non-leftist) Nerw Jerseyans?

      • Aunt jo-jo says:

        Count me in!! I'm from Misoouuurah! I'm taking my oil rig and drilling off the coast and let them stop me. If O'Bummer can ignore rulings of the court, so can I.

    • Mike Tanco says:

      That's a thought. Each group make up their own set of laws. The Muslims are trying to throw their weight around because one of their's is our President. Obama took an oath to uphold our Constitution. He's violating that oath everyday. We need to get his ass out of office. Mike Tanco

      • Emily says:

        Obama is a christian you ignorant people. I would laugh at the day that obama becomes muslim

        • hecorti says:

          how can he be a christian when he swears on a koran(read surah 20it calls for the annihilation of Jews,Christians and ifidels like you………..

    • Chief says:

      sounds good too me have at it.Maybe yours will be sensable.

    • Nellie says:

      No problems with this and some of the small towns in CA are already doing this with Mexican problems.

      In CA we have the illegals and the police hands are tied by the CA or fed laws and the situation is paying for the keep of these people.

      I have a friend who works in the prison system and when they recieve these illegals they 10 finger print them, blood type and send them back to Mexico. Most here are Mexican! some Chinese now that the Chinese have built plants in Mexico and they can get these people here. Another thing is each state needs to make a law to keep Mexican trucks out of their state. The Mexican trucks are not regulated and our government don't have the money to stop every truck. The Mexican truck bring in illegals, drugs, a worm that is in wood, human traffic. They are suppose to be able to speak English, they can't even understand our road signs! No insurance! It is an on going problem and our state is not doing anything about this situation.

      Our state problems right now is the amount of illegals who are having babies as they know that "SOON" there will be a birthright law and they will not be able to get Welfare and all the perks.

      People who have worked all their lives are living on Social Security that is way below poverty level and they are having a hard time getting on SSI but an Illegal woman can get health care right away.

      The Muslim "GANG" situation where our police have to be subject too. EUROPE HAS MANY PROBLEMS WITH MUSLIMS.


      • Don Ror says:

        The only solution is an armed revolution to take back our country from the scum of the earth and your comments illustrate that need.

      • Margaret says:

        You are right in most of your comment. But social security was never meant for you to live on. It was meant to be used along with your savings.

        • VS says:

          That was when we had a lower percentage taken from our pay, we could keep our jobs throughout our working lifetime (not be laid off every five to ten years), and when we had legitimate retirement plans that we actually received funds from.

          Before the Federal Government tossed "OUR" Forced Payroll Deduction & "OUR" Employers Matching Funds into the Federal General Fund & didn't pay "US" Interest on these Funds, nor did they repay the funds to "US" when they spent the money on others things.

          Social Security is not funded by the US Withholding Tax Funds, it is Funded by US Workers & US Employers Forced Deductions, that should have never been put into the Government Fund and allowed the Senate & Congress to Embezzle "OUR FUNDS"!!!

    • Cornrowstate says:

      Not at all, were you able to take advantage of the Dearborn sheet sale?

    • ela says:

      go for it. cant belive people can come to our country and take over every thing we have . we dont like they kill us , we have marshall law before we know. they change other rules in goverment .time they vote and send them home and no more coming into our country and taking over states. wake up americans . tell what this far outer hand. how long before the americans start to riot ? make people that come in this country get home food stamps medical bull crap . time we all wake up and smell the coffee.

    • DHP says:

      Great post. Great observation. You brought it down to the least common denominator. It is hopeful that people like you can/could wake-up Americans. Our freedoms are being relinquished to subversives bent on destroying our great country.

    • Dave says:

      Constitutionally it depends on whether it establishes a favored religion as is the case with Sharia law. All government funds provided to Dearborn, except those generated by Dearborn, should cease. If Dearborn is to be a religious enclave, contrary to established federal and state law, Dearborn should not be eligible for any funding from state or federal government.

    • Silvernotes says:

      ….ever heard of the "Rule of Law"…it makes everything else possible in America….check into it!

  5. Rob says:

    UFR !!!!! we need to take our country back !!!!! and NOW !!!!!!

    • Gerry says:

      In a short few years, the Mexicans will control everything in the southern U.S. and the Muslims will have the north. Make a phone call and push one for Spanish, two for Arabic and three for English.

      • kathyann says:

        So much is already happening that most people don't even know about. SOMEONE needs to do something to get our country back and fast.

    • the_real_skull says:

      yes we do need to tack are country back now dearborn michigan has been going on for years 1 it's not a law sharia is not a law its not even legal

      • R.P.H. says:

        Stop talking about what you are going to do, and do it… Get like minded people meet ,organize,train and have a plan. Be ready.Because when the SHTF here it will make all other conflicts such as Bosnia( been there did that) look like a picnic.

    • mimi says:


    • Cnutz says:

      9-11 Brigade Rise Up

    • R.P.H. says:

      With all the political correctness,tolerance,and selling out of America,the only way to take back America is an all out bloody civil confrontation with the traitors who will enslave us all.Nothing will happen until the American male grows a pair of balls,organizes,and takes a stand.The country is being invaded by the third world all by design.The American is taxed to death,our children are indoctrinated at the government schools,illegal aliens are getting every social benefit,and the Constitution is being re-engineered everyday.The sheeple have faith in their elected reps.who do nothing.
      This country IS ours ,Not some communistic global government . Grow a pair and organize.We have a 2nd amendment for just such an undrtaking. Lets use it …

  6. Cheryl says:

    So are they saying that out of fear of Muslims, it's okay to trample on our first amendment rights? I'd be willing to donate to the fund to sue the hell out of them. Where the hell is the ACLU? Why are they not involved here?

    • MikeH says:

      They're not involved because they APPROVE of this crap…leftists/greenies/islamists…all in the same boat, Cheryl.

    • Don says:

      The ACLU is also scared s—less of the Muslems so they hide their heads in the sand. Radical Islamists are the real problem and their distorted interpretation of their own holy book is a prime example of the fact that they only want to stamp out Christianity and Judism. Everyday peaceful Muslems are also afraid of these radicals and this is the sad fact of life these days. Sorry, Cheryl, but the only way to stamp this out is to continue to stand up for our rights and fight them tooth and nail.

      • Emily says:

        I agree with the part about the radicals but the sane Muslims do not want to "stamp out" christians or Jews. If people read the qur'an even once or talked to a muslim they would see this

    • christa says:

      Where IS the ACLU??? You're right! they're only agenda is to support the left wing radicals that want the right to take away OUR rights. They seem to forget that it is the CONSTITUTION that gives them the right to protest, too. How dumb can they be? And to not come and protect the US from being indoctrinated by HEATHENS, is the most unscrupulous law breaking movement I have ever seen.

      If BUSH was in office, none of this would be happening. He wouldn't allow it. How I miss him…

      • Most Rev. Archbishop says:

        Christa, you seem to forget that it was Bush who first came out and told everyone that Islam was a peaceful religion. All of this bending over backward to placate and kiss Muslim butt started with Bush right after 9/11.

        • christa says:

          yah…. I guess you're right. I seem to forget that he really was complacent with Muslim tradition in our country. We need someone that's gonna take a firmer stand against this. Not some wishy washy leader.

      • Emily says:

        He's the one that flew out his visitors from alqaida the minute he got wind of the towers being hit. So how can you say this..

    • Don Ror says:

      The ACLU is just one more organization designed to weaken and ultimately destroy America so it will not assist minister Jones.

      By the way, the U.S. Department of Justice should be the one suing the City of Dearborn to enforce the First Amendment protection provided minister Jones by the First Amendment.

    • muslims are Pigs says:

      the communistic parasite aclu is ONLY for things AGAINST the United States. Every person in the aclu should be exterminated!

    • jericho says:

      sorry but the A C L U is in the muselim pocket. they do what he says…

    • BCAD says:

      The ACLU only takes cases when it benefits them NOT the American people! They are an enemy of the state!

    • aitcherman says:

      Cheryl –
      You will never find the ACLU involved in anything about religion unless its in a lawsuit against a Christian denomination, or against the entire Judeo-Christian system for having the temerity to exercise their first amendment rights. After the government,the ACLU is the most dangerous organization in this country.

    • Railman says:

      Your right all the way. I also believe all in the US should NOT give up their guns no matter what our commie government try's to do. There's going to come a time in this country WE THE PEOPLE are going to need to take up arms and throw all these tax cheating, illegal loving, law breaking, country destroying low life lawyers in our government out on their a++es. Our Muslim in Chief says he will cut $4 trillion in 10 yrs so let's figure this out. We're going in dept $2 TRILLION a year which adds up to $20 trillion in 10 years and he says he can cut $4 trillion in that time. So that means we'll still be $16 trillion more in dept in 10 years then we are know, WOW mister muslim in chief you really think we're that stupid? Well I guess he's right in a way, there are a lot of stupid people in this country, they voted him in to be president. GOD I hope these morons have seen the light and get his A++ out next year..

    • brad says:

      I say run a herd of swine down their streets in Dearborne in protest. Put anti sharia law signs on the pigs. Make sure there are some mean sows and boars in the herd as well. A count of about 1000 pigs should do the trick.

      • post_time says:

        I think you have something there, Brad. Way back when, Gen. "Blackjack" Pershing captured 50 Muslim terrorists and executed 49 with rifle shells dipped in pigs' blood. The condemned watched in horror as the bullets were were being baptized in the "unholy" fluid. After the executions, the survivor was allowed to leave unharmed. Result: There was not another Muslim terrorist attack for 40 YEARS. The ONLY thing they understand is VIOLENT FORCE.

    • Kathleen says:

      The ACLU was formed by COMMUNISTS! They have a COMMUNIST agenda. Look at everything they stand for (and against!)

    • litl bits says:

      Because the ACLU has NO interest in defending the Constitution! they mouth words of support for it – ONLY when it supports their own Leftist Agenda! Please remember that the ACLU was founded by an "american" Communist!

    • post_time says:

      The ACLU is a communist front. Only once in awhile will they take a token stand for a conservative cause.

    • R.P.H. says:

      Forget about the courts. They are filled with activist judges and a joke. The ACLU -in the early days of it founding was -THE AMERICAN COMMUNIST LAWYERS UNION-.They are only active in cases that buck the American laws and defend our enemies.

  7. Gary says:

    You are so right. It has happened in Europe and it is coming our way. Only a matter of time. It was in our future and now it is in our face. Wake up people!

    • Don Ror says:

      The Bush and Obama governments have seen an armed conflict approaching and Bush had one of his generals at San Antonio sign a joint agreement with Canada whereby the president of the United States could call upon Canadian troops to put down a rebellion in the United States by citizens fed up with scum like Bush and Obama. Do not forget that Bush was pushing for a North American Union and a new currency called the Amero. Obama has taken over the push to destroy America from Bush and Obama has twisted the takeover into an Islamic move.

      • Daniel says:

        They are both working for the NEW/ONE WORLD ORDER AND ONE WORLD CHURCH along with Bilderberg group, Council of Foreign Affairs, Masons, Skull/Bones,Trilateral Commission, present so called President, past Presidents, Senators, Representatives and some of the Democrats/Republians in goverment.

    • Coot says:

      Yes it happened in Europe but they had the guts to do something about it.
      Sadly any more the Christians cannot stick together. If they did they could wipe this disease out.

      • BunnyOlesen says:

        Sorry, but Europe does NOT have the guts to do anything about it. You can be arrested in almost every European country for 'racism and islamophobia' – one man made a comment that he hated the way women were treated under islam, during a private conversation, and someone taped it and took it to court, he had to pay a fine.
        apparently we are not even allowed to say what we think in private here in Europe. The courts have also ruled that the racism laws were not created to protect 'white swedish men' (here in Sweden) but only to protect minorities, thereby making the way for arab/african muslim immigrants to scream filth at us with no consequence, and to 'report us' to the police for every imagined infraction against them.

      • Pati says:

        In this present government the Christians have become like the Jews in Hitlers time. It is a scary time in American to be a Christian or a conservative even though there are more of us. It's that squeaky wheel that small % that is mandating our new enviorment. The sheep need to wake up, pick up your plow sheers and get our nation back.

    • Susan says:

      I so agree, Gary. Well said!

  8. Bob P says:

    This is typical for these slime-pigs. Everyone should remember that the military was forced to burn a large shipment of Bibles sent to Afghanistan because the military leaders there feared the moo-slims whould riot and do their usual ignorant little screaming and yelling. the little scum-bag kids in this country burn the US flag on a regular basis. you don't see any veterans out trying to kill them. I say we ship all the moo-lims back wher they came from and they can go back to living with their goat-girfriends and beating their wives, all of their wives, including the goats.

    • Nellie says:

      In Indio, CA the illegals, high school age were carrying the American flag upside down and the Mexican flag over them American flag. The police didn't do anything, this is freedom of "rights".

      In AZ they burned the American flag and also sprayed paint on the flag. Stomped on it and held signs "WE WANT OUR FREE FOOD AND HEALTH CARE". THIS IS THE ILLEGALS FROM MEXICO.


      • Don Ror says:

        California was lost years ago to the communist/socialists. We do not want citizens from California coming here with their idiot California ideas.

    • onaroll says:

      Constitutionally we are stuck with Islamidans until we can redefine their credo as a CULT and not a religion. Which we could indeed do, since it professes sedition, and so many of its followers openly admit to that intent. it may be that we need to first suspend all immigration to avoid letting them in, and coincidentally also the hispanic influx. That would of course mean a serious committment to border enforcement, which Holder 's DOJ and La Raza and the ACLU and even the Bush administration have effectively hamstrung.
      Bottom line, we cannot ever again elect a democrat or even a RINO nationally. We cannot expect them to articulate a clear constitutional viewpoint, without which no sane opposition to our Politically Correct idiocy can stand a chance.

      • Mike Travis, OHMM says:

        Personally I agree it is a cult for mohammed was either delusional when he made it all up, or he was as clever as a fox and made it up in an attempt to gain power. However, it is easier to call it an ideology as no sane person can argue it is not an ideology as it dictates behavior in every aspect of their lives right down to how they wipe their ass.
        Whatever it is called, it must go or America is doomed.

    • JENNIFER says:


    • Mike Travis, OHMM says:

      Bob, this is all part of the plan set in place for the ultimate take over of the world. Move in to a country. Be polite while their numbers are small. Breed like rats. Then when their numbers are large enough, start pushing for their "rights".
      Yes, if we do not deport them all, there will come a day when we are either slaves to islam or we are fighting for our lives and for our country.

      • Nicky says:

        Mike Travis you are SO right! There are too many Americans who do not see the imminent danger they pose.

    • MeToo says:

      Me, too.

    • alegalcitizen says:

      Sadly, Obama just recently signed an order ALLOWING OVER 80,000 MUSLIMS INTO OUR COUNTRY. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS, as long as Obama is in the Whitehouse our Country is DOOMED.

  9. Nicholas Parisi says:

    There will come a day when conflick will accurr and that day is fast approaching. This is still American and American Law takes presidence last I heard. However I must admitt the gutless wonders in these municipalites are foolish to think they are going to be safe from their wrath when they feel they have the upper hand. It is my opinion, that when the Muslims start to breakout in masse, they will find a different kind of Americans to contend with,its called Justice and there will no NO72 madians waiting on the other side of Hell,amen.

    • Emily says:

      Also in america is free education in public schools. In such schools they teach you how to spell and open a book..people on this site need to start doing this.

    • john says:

      Nicholas, I agree 100%. Ass whippin time is a coming and I sure would love to bag a few dozen if not more.

    • Coot says:

      Have you thought about why the Governmet is trying to take our Guns, You just explained it, not just conflick but all out war.

    • Mfinity says:

      Correct, there will not be 72 maidens, only one — Rebecca Black! (did you see that Kimmel sketch about Bin Laden arriving in Hell to wake up next to her singing the Friday song?) Let's send these scum back to that stone-age they feel the rest of the world needs to remember!

    • guest says:

      Amen Nicholas. We see what is happening in Sweden and Norway and the rest of europe. The rape of western citizens by muslim men is astromical. The muslim thinking is these western women are unbeleiver's ..thus making them of no value. Therefor rape is acceptable as it's not thought of as immoral by muslim standard's.Same goes with theft by muslim's. This is their way of telling us they consider their immigration as a form of invasion. And what did their prophet mohammad do after he attacked a community ..he and his men raped..killed..and stole his victims good's and well as making them slaves.However WE are not eurpeans. We are AMERICAN'S and we are ARMED TO THE TEETH.We WILL not allow our wives and daughter's to suffer the same fate as in Sweden and Norway!

    • mimi says:


  10. rimshot75 says:

    Since when does an American citizen need a 'permit' to exercise their Constitutional rights? We have dumped our Constitution in the trash when we 'require' a permit to exercise the rights guaranteed in that document: gun rights, speech rights, religious rights. If Michigan and other states are going to continue to deny our rights, then as we did in the first war, and the second (WW I) and the third (WW II) we will have to fight for those freedoms all over again; only this time it will be like the first…another revolutionary war. I can't believe it has come to this but when weak citizens allow the decimation of our rights over a 50 yr period, this is what we get. Better prepare boys and girls…this is gonna get uglier before it gets better.

    • Donfucius Say says:

      Rimshot, I agree with all you wrote. But what is the alternative to "Big Bang Two" the American Revolution II ? It'll be either fight the 2nd or lose all we have ever had – and forgotten all we ever had that was good, morally, spiritually, economically, socially. Seems not to matter to the dumbed-down masses that truly never got the message of "America" as it was being born to be. BTW, when the "dumbed-downers" are not plentiful enough to socialize the country, illegally import millions more who are definitely "dumbed down", so THEY can vote for every handout they can get! God, help us, the U.S.

      • Donfucius Say says:

        I wish to ask why my comment, among all the many extreme ones listed is labelled:"You comment is awaiting moderation." ? Do I hit a nerve somewhere – one that all the others seem not to? I scan down and find no others so listed……

        Can anyone explain?

      • rimshot75 says:

        …I'm with you. I don't know if there is any hope of regaining what we once had; and what a shame that those who live off the system rather than contribute to it, might never know the ephemoral joy and satisfaction of achieving the goals in the 'pursuit of happiness'…a huge shame indeed.

    • Norma T. says:

      We voluntarily gave up all our constitutional rights when all the "Morons" voted in the Patriot Act!! I was with my son driving when we were reading the ammendments,and I said":no one would be stupid enough to vote these in, you'd have to be an idiot". and believe you me there were a whole H*** of a lot of idiots out there, and still are evidently, since it was just passed for another 4 years….People if you haven't yet read the "Patriot Act" Please do so now!!! We do not have a single constitutional Right left!! Not even the right to protest!!! And I agree with Rimshot, Its going to get a lot uglier before it gets better,If it ever does!!!

    • James Carter says:

      The time for action was a long time ago. These people are violent, criminally minded people. Contrary to our countries beliefs. But you will find more lawyers ready to defend them. We need laws designed to protect civilians who act against these people who are enemy combatants. Then watch them shut up. A 12 guage is still as good as a AK. And laws need to be put in place that allow civilians to protect themselves against these people. It will soon be too late for that too. They already have a foothold in secret pockets. Australia's pres told them to go home if they wanted change and violence. Or they would be escorted home. We need to do the same, but we have to get rid of that Muslim in office first. He proves most Americans are stupid. He was elected, after all. But not by me.

      • MadDog2047 says:


        I so agree with You. However, the so called leaders in our Country do not have the SPINE or Ball$ to do or say what the Australian Pres said. I fear for our country. I am so thankful the the Fathers' of our Country had the Right stuff but in the last two decades, the quality of our leaders have reached an all time low with no light at the end of this tunnel!! As a US Marine that served in the 60's, this just makes my heart break!

    • James Carter says:

      Amen, and the sooner it gets uglier, the better, because it can be contained at this point, but give a few years, or a decade, and I'm not so sure. Ship them all back to a country that already approves of there law, and then bomb it.

    • with says:


  11. John Pierce says:

    It sounds like he idiocy that exists in the White House and elsewhere in Washington, D. C., is spreading to other States. If the muslims don't like it here, they can always go back to Kenya or Indonesia or any other country of their choosing. This is the United States. We have our own st of laws. If you don't like them, leave.

    • Don Ror says:

      Muslims have a duty under the Quran to move into new countries and take it over. They are not about to leave the U.S. voluntarily so it is time for an armed revolution to remove them along with the illegal aliens from other countries so this country may begin anew without this scum dragging us down.

    • Emily says:


    • alegalcitizen says:


    • Jasmine says:

      John, it is not as simple as that…we also have a lot of local americans converting to islam. and once the mental virus takes effect they become like zombies and act like mohammad, evil, ugly, hateful, violent and irrational, and jew and christian hating. Muslims are from all codrners of the earth, a lot from middle east, but also from europe, south and south east asia. could be also a blond hair blue eye dutch or swedish convert. A recently converted dutch lady blew herself up recently killing several belgian peace keeping soldiers. They thought this fair maiden from holland was bringing them some dutch cookies in a basket, and then boom they were dead. It is not a race, it is a mental virus that kills . check out ' ' and '' . We need to fight this evil via a multidimensional strategy. But the POTUS refuse to even name the enemy.
      peace. Jasmine

  12. Ann Marie says:

    Our only hope right now is to IMPEACH and PROSECUTE this BOzo for treason. Then absolutely everything he and his czars have done should be considered NULL and VOID. Clean out congress while we're at it and bring our troops back home to protect OUR borders, north, south, east and west. STOP foreign aid to the countries who HATE AMERICA and start repairing our debt. This F**KING idiot and his band of thieves have got to go. That includes George Soros.

    • wanda says:

      Boy, do I ever believe in what you have written. We have got to rid ourselves of the Prez and his czars plus all of his other friends. I may be 82, but I would still fight those who hate us and our country. wanda

    • OldNYFirefighter says:

      Congress will never Impeach Obama, as they know he is not a Natural Born Citizen, so is not really a legal President. It would cause more controversy than they want to contend with. If he was Impeached, any Laws or Agreements he signed would remain in effect. So would any Executive Orders he made. His illegality will eventually be acknowledged & then he can be prosecuted for fraud & a bunch of other laws broken when taking office. Once he is legally defined as ineligible, all Laws, Executive Orders, Agreements & SCOTUS appointments can be rescinded or voided. It is in our best interests that he not be Impeached.

    • Angela E. says:

      Ann Marie,
      Your statement is awesome! If we can get enought people to vote these traitors out of office, we might have a chance to take our Country back.

    • Sandy:) says:

      AMEN!!!!!!!!!! I TOTALLY agree with you, been saying the same things myself!!! I feel that way about anyone that wants to come here and change OUR country!!! Don't like it…GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!!!!!

    • litl bits says:

      Yea – good luck with that! there is NOT ONE member of this Congress – ALL OF WHOM HAVE TAKEN AN OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION – who has the GUTS to stand up and fight for that Constitution! NOT ONE! I have written to several members of Congress asking this question – not so much as a form letter reply!

      The list of IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES grows daily – yet NOT ONE in authority to do so has bothered to file Articles of Impeachment. I fear we are heading for a stand off – a Revolution – just to reclaim our REPUBLIC!
      (By the way, most members of Congress don't seem to understand that we ARE a REPUBLIC – NOT a Democracy. Read the Founders warning of a democracy vs. republic! It is our DUTY as American Citizens to stand up and FIGHT to reclaim our Republic! (That is written right into the Declaration of Independence!)

    • Laur says:

      Ann Marie. You have said the truth. Pray to God this will happen……..

    • RAVEN says:


    • mimi says:


  13. Frank says:

    It is a total disgrace and very very dangerous. What's next, laraza street parties with it being a school holiday. How about Islam nation news channel in primetime and it's members running the city counsel? I think they should all come visit us in northern Georgia and let's have a big get together in their honor Georgia style.

  14. wild Bill says:

    This is America- God, Guns and Guts made this country great. Let's keep it American, Christan, and English. Be willing to fight and keep ie free!

    • Barkingbird says:

      Nobody will fight, NOBODY !!!

    • paul says:

      These people breed like cockroachs 8.3 kids per family so they can eventually take over the world.Something has to be done soon before thier filth an hatred destroys america and the rest of this world.Islam is the brother of satin.

      • Emily says:

        it sounds like you have some hatred and filth to add to the destruction as well.

        ooo satin..all nice and soft and cuddly

        • Ioan Lightoller says:

          These people are just sad. Why is it that so many "conservatives" are so ignorant? I'm not a gay man I wouldn't be that dumb, but they have as much right to practice their religion in peace without provocateurs like Terry Jones. He would burn a Qu'ran, the Muslims would be justifiably angered and things would go downhill from there…and these idiots would then blame it on the Muslims.

    • wanda says:

      I will agree with you in shipping them to camps. The Japanese have recovered and made people proud of their accomplishments. I doubt if the islamist have it in them to become anything good. Wanda

    • BJK says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!!! People, you better wake up and smell the coffee, this won't be United States of America much longer if we don't stop this crap now. We are going to hell and the govt is weaving the hand basket

    • George says:

      I vote for you to be our next president, of the USA

    • lel2007 says:

      With or without God, Guns, Christianity, or English language, One Land One Law for all. Any other 'arrangement' is deranged and insane. Borders and Laws define a country.

    • Capoprimo says:

      Semper Fidelis

    • Silvernotes says:

      Right On!

    • Emily says:

      wow, you are ignorant. People came to this country because they were being persecuted by governments for their beliefs. And now it is people like you who are making this country the same situation that they ran from in the beginning. While I will support your idea of the English language being spoken here, and that those who come here should be able to speak it, because they would expect it from us in their country. And I do support our troops (which I assume is the Guts you are speaking of). However, this God concept is unacceptable especially when referring to a decision made by a governing body. Not only is this against the separation of Church and State, but it is incredibly narrow-minded to think that the majority of people in this country are Christian and then to judge someones character by the gods that they believe in. Not that Muslim and Christianity are actually all that different in philosophy or in many rituals performed. Of course you probably haven't researched it beyond what conservative news wishes for you to see. Although I know I will not be able to change your mind on this subject, I felt the need to reply in hope that someone who reads this will take the time to educate themselves on the many religions that this country was built upon. And maybe even with that take a look at the history of Christian holidays and see what religions they came from and how specifically Christians recruited followers. I have nothing against the Christian religion, I do have a problem with many of the people who believe in it because they have not taken the time to look at other views and pass judgement as though it is their right. And remember that burning a Qur'an is the same thing to a Muslim as burning a Bible is to you.

      • rocky says:

        Excuse me. Christianity and Islam not that different???? Who is trying to kill whom here? We're supposed to tolerate their religion when they say we have to believe what they believe or they'll kill us? Sorry not interested in Islam. They should come back where they came from.

        • Emily says:

          If you would read the Qur'an you would see that the principles of both religions are similar. There are extremists to every religious group, including Christianity. Which if you look back in history has killed many people for not being willing to convert. I am not saying that the extremists are right or by any means should be tolerated but you cant take the individual and blame the group.

        • RockyISaMoron says:

          Both kill

    • Gary says:

      Wild Bill,

      Millions already have. Supposedly, we just honored that scarafice on Vetrans day. I'm afraid many more are going to have to die to return this nation to it's original freedoms!!

    • sherry says:

      we will fight for our freedoms again. but the druggies and the illegals , muslums,and gays. they all out number us,
      muslums will smile to your face, and hate you in their hearts, they want us dead, and to own whos not killed.
      we will be rounded up as the jews were in germany. keep your guns clean and loaded, because its closer then you think.

    • blue eyes says:


    • SanePhil says:

      Your god has nothing to do with it, you nut.

    • Bruce says:

      So what's new America? I was in Detroit about 10 years ago and it is very much under Mooslumcontrol. The politicians, mostly black and or democRAtS support all this crap-they don't know any better and whites are generally hated. The Sharia law white women in this country, of all ages, need to wake upa dn start voting Republican and at least think about the future of their daughters and grand daughters, nieces too. Sharia law and total mooslum contol is just around the corner or next presidential vote. The mexicans will be fighting it out with them for control. This isn't isn't racist or McCarthyism, just trying to keep it real. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Keep your ammo dry my friends, maybe think about buying a gun and LEARN HOW TO USE IT. Peace Out.

      Worldly traveled proud Navy vet..

  15. David Bebout says:

    I get a lot more upset when I see our Flag burned and stomped on. Pieces of paper made by man in the form of reading material in order that one may Lean?

    More then a few bibles have been burned ov the years and Christians didn't KILL because of the actions of a few.

    Very Sad !!

    • Julie says:

      Folks get informed….go to Persecuted Christians website and see how Christians are being tortured: churches are being burned ect. ect. ect. because of their Christian faith yet we are expected to tolerate the muslim religion. hmmmm what's wrong with this picture???
      I personally am going to start praying for the muslims & the atheists (they need it!) and only God can change their warped thinking.

      • Emily says:

        I believe you also need to take a look at how much damage Christianity has done over the years. None of it is right, and wars over religion are completely useless. Everyone is going to believe how they wish to believe 80% of this world is not Christian. So we need to be understanding of other religions. yes horrible things go on in other countries, but as i was reminded in another post, "this is supposed to be the greatest country in the world". if this is the case then we need to hold ourselves at a high standard and treat people with respect.