Arkansas to Permit Guns On Campuses, Despite Faculty Disapproval

The Arkansas legislature has approved a bill that would let universities in the state decide whether to permit guns on campus.

The Republican-controlled state Senate voted 31-4 to send the bill to the desk of Gov. Mike Beebe, a Democrat, who has indicated he will sign it. The governing boards of individual universities will then gain the power to permit guns on campus.

If schools decide to keep guns banned, the law will require them to revisit the issue each year.

A spokesperson for the University of Arkansas was unsure what the administration’s decision would be.

“If the bill becomes law, we will consult with our general counsel, the chair of our board of trustees and the leaders of the individual campuses before making a policy recommendation to the board that considers all aspects of the law,” said Ben Beaumont, a University of Arkansas spokesperson, in a statement.

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13 comments on “Arkansas to Permit Guns On Campuses, Despite Faculty Disapproval
  1. HardnoseMP says:

    We have got to get all these radical Liberal professors out of our schools, they don’t want to support the laws of the land and must teach discontent for our society !!!

  2. Rick Baldwin says:

    If one school starts permitting guns on campus,it will become the most popular school in the state.

    • Guy Ogan says:

      I agree, my daughter is taking classes at a college in Houston and the LACK of anyone with a concealed carry firearm on campus worries me. Only a crazy person would try to do something in most places where people with concealed carry licenses can have their firearm…here is Texas, that person wouldn’t get off more than one or two shots before being brought down his or herself.

    • Ron G says:

      And the safest.

  3. If the students are Armed the shooting will stop…on Campus..!!! These Black-OP (SY-OP) Communist Oboozo programs will just continue in theaters and Grammer schools (Gun Free zones) what a bunch of morons…!!!

  4. Allen Morgan says:

    Of course, the leftist professors and faculty diaprove. Would we expect anything else? These professors and their sychophants on campus will not be there to defend a co-ed against rape which happens every few minutes on a college campus in the U.S. The police will not be there. They may come 20 minutes later but that is too late. There are guns which are very accurate at close range (which all personal assaults are), can be concealed very well with inner thigh holsters and other methods which can NOT be seen by others. If I were a lady and had concerns, I would conceal carry at all times, no matter where I was–college, church, etc.
    It is sad to say, but it will probably take a tragedy that happens on a community college or university campus which prohibits guns on campus in Texas and other states before the elected representatives are emboldened and motivated to pass laws that supercede the wishes of lefist administrations. I hope not, but I fear it may.
    Reminds me of the abuse of driving a texting. After seeing this on behalf of a school bus driver, I mentioned to my wife that a tragedy would probably have to occur before something was done. A few years after my remarks a tragedy did occur when a school bus driver was texting while driving and that lack of control over the bus causing a horrible accident. Very quickly the knee jerk legislators who did nothing about the problem to that point, now acted.

    • Our career politicians don’t want to do anything that may cost them votes until some tragic event occurs so that they can say, “See, I’m doing something to avoid another tragedy. Now re-elect me because I’m so wonderful and thoughtful.” In other words, they are not trying to help their constituents avoid preventable accidents/tragedies they are using emotional issues to keep themselves in office. For the most part they are parasites. Like the old definition of politics goes: poli = many, tics = blood sucking parasites.

  5. racefish says:

    The old adage that a polite society is an armed society is becoming all too true.

  6. Benjamin Fox says:

    There are still a few states that abide by the Constitution, wish my nazi state would be like minded but they are in all for self and don’t want armed citizens who can over throw their wants. Real nazi’s each and everyone and along with the media do what their hitlers want them to do. From my cold dead hands, they can have my gun.

  7. jannypb says:

    Hurray for Arkansas! Glad to hear their Legislators aren’t wimps!

  8. LetzBReal says:

    Knowing students are carrying guns, might make a professor a little queasy about passing out failing grades.