Democrats Complain About Presence of Debt Clock on Capitol Hill

Some members of Congress apparently don’t like to be reminded about how much debt the country continues to rack up.

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday on the budget, two Democrats complained after House Financial Services Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling instructed that two monitors in the hearing room display a real-time running national debt clock.

California Rep. Maxine Waters and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison both issued complaints about the displays, according to video of the hearing.

“Clearly it is a political prop designed to message ideologically,” Ellison said.

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93 comments on “Democrats Complain About Presence of Debt Clock on Capitol Hill
  1. jimkress says:

    Leftists just cannot stand to face the reality of their absurd policies.

  2. tom nogaro says:

    solution: shoot the clock (messenger).

  3. What’s the matter? The democraps hate to be reminded of the financial mess they have helped get this country in? Helped? Yes, the Republicraps have done their share of creating this mess, too.

    • TM says:

      Well, the sissified BOY barack hussein obama came into office January 20th 2009 and had complete control, a demoncrat in the white house a demoncrat congress, and a demoncrat senate and fail to pass a budget so far.

      That piece of human waste has out spent everyone that has been in office since George Washington in one term and that BOY will ruin this country as that’s is goal to destroy America for his muslim brotherhood.

      Oh, George W Bush had a demoncrat congress and a demoncrat senate his last two years he served so the demoncrats is 90 percent responsible for our problems now.

      Sending that piece of human waste harry reid anything from congress is DOA and they blame the GOP for it, we know what’s going on at least us that did not vote for that BOY community organizer from hell.

    • merriel46 says:

      They need to remember that the last 2 yrs. of G.W. Bush’s presidency the House and the Senate were both controlled by the Democratic party.

      • Edward Shick says:

        They all need to be reminded every day of the mess they have caused,, Quit spending money on Foreign Aid , We are cutting our Military with the world in a turmoil , There are plaves we really need to cut,Which Gutter did Obama find Hagel and John Brenann in ,, To believe we can kill American Citizens if they on our Leaders hit list ,,,, Does a Drone replace trial by Jury???

        • refurb001 says:

          This is obamy’s one step towards a dictatorship. Let’s see if there are any more FREE elections AND let’s see if we police them any better than the last election. OR!!! Let ME vote 10 or more times to offset the others that vote 2 or three times and feel that it is OK!

      • Patriot says:

        Right on. Just happens to be a little “inconvenient truth” that makes them squirm.

      • lara says:

        they have no memory of that..brain dead…

    • Maybe thats true to an extent…. but this administration has put the pedal to the metal on spending and growing the size of this monster government that continually needs to be fed… we need to SHRINK GOVERNMENT to the essential purposes it was created for.

      • Edward Shick says:

        When I was in High School we had a teacher that used to say we are in debt by over Thirty dollars for every man women and child in our Country ,, I would think why do we not pay it off!!!

  4. George Hotaling says:

    How fitting – Liberals can not face facts and to have the actual facts displayed while they are lying through their teeth is GREAT! Just remember, at election time, these people ran up this debt, not us; even though we get stuck paying for it. If we don’t get rid of these lying, bloodsucking liberal parasites now, we will have no Country!

  5. Albert Maslar says:

    Wrongdoers from children to adults do not like to have their misdeeds pointed out and there is now the perpetual debt clock that keeps adding up the misdeeds of Congress that only wants to hear one thing; unearned re-election and extension of their own perpetual incumbency.

  6. Chuck says:

    Maxine and all her socialist party buddies in the House don’t want us to know the truth about the debt, or anything else, while they continue to pilfer our money and destroy the government.

  7. jb80538 says:

    The dems don’t like the truth smacking them in the face.

  8. Remington 870 says:

    The two big complainers are the negro communists. They don’t want to be reminded of how much money working Americans have to pay for their low life constituents.

  9. gfsomsel says:

    The poor babies. The debt clock prevents their continuing to live in the Never-Never Land where one is never required to face reality.

  10. camdenme2 says:

    Presbo Kenya is a political prop !!! Both Waters and Ellison are left wing nut cases !!!

  11. Lostknyt says:

    First off, I really wish that they would honestly admit that there is no longer a democrat party, and call it for what it is…the socialist party. You are so correct jim, the last thing they want is a reality check about their ignorance.

    • Edward Shick says:

      Socialist party or just what we have been against since World War 2 ,, The way I see it they are Communists!! Freedom is not Free! We need someone like “give them Hell Harry” the one democrat That I respect!!

      • Edward Shick says:

        There was one president that did not raise the Debt Ceiling since World War 2 ,,That was Harry Truman,,,, On his Desk was his slogan “THE BUCK STOPS HERE” , he did not have Bush to blame it on,

  12. Employed101 says:

    Mug them in the hallways and run up their credit cards. Throw Ellison in jail

  13. DrBillLemoine says:

    Au contraire, I think the Democrats should point to any debt clock and loudly proclaim how the right is blocking progress toward reducing the debt, creating jobs, goosing the economy by their actions failing to agree on revenue increases with prudent (not sequester) budget changes. Use their device against the intransigents.

    • quarkie009 says:

      You are another Obama useful idiot that doesn’t know where your head is, it is not on your shoulders.

    • ezekiel22 says:

      We agree! The debt clock should be up for all to see! We should not even be having this discussion. However, with the future of any budget in firm control; of the democrats here we are. The House has proposed budgets that good old Sen. Reid a democrat ensures no action is taken on. Then we would see who the intransigents really are.
      Reid himself is holding up 800 jobs on one proposal alone and that for his state of Nevada. Sounds like he is doing his job. Would you like to know how many positive ways that would affect the economy? No, this sequestration sits with Obama and his buddies.
      Have you ever asked why the difference in the terms they use for budgeting? Their idea of a cut is not as large of an increase. That is just for starters. You had better be careful of the taxes you ask for. You just will get them. Congress has not passed a tax increase that did not get directly passed to the middle and lower class. Just look at your financial statements or the credit cards for a quick verification on that. We pay it not they pay it.
      Maybe if the sequestration hits then maybe Air Force One will be grounded for a time and save some money. Maybe congressional staffs will be cut. Rand Paul gave $600,000 back from his office budget that he had saved. I understand he does this regularly. I do not care if it is for political show or not. He at least is trying to do something.

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        You may be ignoring the fact that Reid will kill all poison pill bills the House sends him and has right along. It’s more House ‘take it or leave it’, ‘my way or the highway’ bill making, not the required compromise which Boehner can’t get past his Tea Caucus. Recall it was the failure of the Republican ‘no new taxes’ Supercommittee that set the sequestration bill, not Obama. Case of amnesia? Actually the deficit has fallen under Obama and all debt increase is authorized by congress through programs they pass and authorize. Under Obama my net worth has only gone up; friends, too. And you forget the restitution of normal social security/medicare tax rates, a form of tax increase. You got a nerve ‘grounding’ Air Force One when fat cats still ride their Gulfstreams. I agree we could cut congressional staff funding as they don’t hold many hearings any more especially on critical infrastructure, cybercrime, jobs and many other issues. That’s all the right has left after losing all recent elections–showmanship, not trying at all.

        • ezekiel22 says:

          Actually my amnesia is doing just fine LOL. I think you forgot the debt ceiling and the fact Reid told him (Obama) not to go where he is today. You mention poison pills and that is good. If Reid had any guts he would have brought that out into the open to show the whole country. You may have forgotten the previous democratic controlled House under Pelosi and still no budget. Instead, what they have been doing is called passing continuing resolutions. That amounts to increasing the budgets by the same as they were before.
          Your net worth has gone up good. Now figure that in real dollars. One of the effects of the quantitative easing is that the dollar is worth less. An easy way to put that is inflating the dollar above its real value.
          By the way the “fat cats” you are so jealous of pay for their Gulfstreams; the taxpayers pay for Air Force One. There is a huge difference.

        • DrBillLemoine says:

          Unlike the right, we lefties are not out to bring dirt ‘out into the open’. But it’s becoming necessary to enlighten voters to the disaster that’s upcoming with continued right wing efforts to suppress everyone and everything but perhaps the pentagon and defense industry. That’s finger pointing that doesn’t solve problems. You righties are fixated on budgets when it’s appropriations that govern spending and the House that initiates fiscal bills; Boehner plays the public for ‘stupid’ when he shifts the blame to the Senate for sequester and more. Remember finance is relative–to Europe, to China, to each other–so my boat floats to its proper level as the world changes. Guess you don’t believe there’s a price–taxes–to pay for the world’s premiere civilization.

  14. podunk1 says:

    Ideology of stopping thieves from looting the treasury vs Mad Maxine’s “idiotology” of raiding the till, ’till nil is in the till.

  15. Tian Parnther says:

    I don’t understand how most Democrates think. They say are going to solve these problems, and accuse the Republicans of standing in their way. How in the world can you solve these problems if you are not reminded of the reality of the problem?