Military Veteran: Obama "Greatest Threat to America & World Since WWII"

Retired military veteran Lt. Col. Ronald G. Marlar received an email from the Obama campaign “Organizing for Action” in which he was rudely encouraged, “You should forward this.” The email contained a video link to the Obama website where Sami Rahamim tells of his father’s murder in a mass shooting that took place in Minneapolis in September 2012. While my heart goes out to Rahamim’s family and I’m sure Lt. Col. Marlar’s does as well, it was the emotional appeal for more gun control legislation that got under the retired veteran’s skin, prompting him to write letter in response in which he said that Barack Obama is “the greatest threat to the US and the world, intentionally or not, since WWII.

Marlar’s service to the United States spans over two decades, including service in Vietnam. He is also reaches out in efforts to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Israeli Jews and Muslims in America and abroad.

Lt. Col. Marlar’s letter to Obama was also sent to Freedom Outpost and Mr. Marlar graciously gave me permission to present it to the audience.

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18 comments on “Military Veteran: Obama "Greatest Threat to America & World Since WWII"
  1. Babsan says:

    ONE American sees the writing on the wall!Bless Lt.Col.Marlar

  2. VeeDub57 says:

    Most Americans simply don’t have the backbone or the will to stand up to obama and his socialist/democrat/muslim led destruction of America. They know that we cannot legally (through CONgress or the “Supreme Court”) stop what they are doing. Neither CONgress nor the SC have the backbone to stop the destruction of the U.S. Constitution.

    CONgress and obama know there is no peaceful way we can stop them. They also know the only people professionally trained that can lead the ONLY way we can stop them are Veterans. That is why they are becoming so intent on taking weapons from Veterans.

  3. tony says:

    obama is not a threat. He is an active, in-place practicing enemu pof tje American people.

    • colleenf says:

      While I do agree with your assessment, your fingers slipped a bit on the keyboard!

    • Remington 870 says:

      Anger causes many of us to hit the wrong keeeeeees. Obama is a calculating and cunning enemy of our country. Afterall…Obama is a Kenyan by birth and has no loyalty. He is an interloper, a fake, not even a real blace, but a combination of mostly white/’arabic, and the Dems all know this, yet stick together like the pieces of dung they embody.

  4. You have to e brain dead if you do not see that Obama is arming the muslim nations including al quada meanwhile disarming USA and understand that he has a purpose for these actions…. Goodbye America, hello synagogue of satan Islam

  5. Mr. Obama, How about working on making sure the Gun laws already on the books are ENFORCED?
    We do not need new laws that will only put more restrictions on legal gun owners.
    GET the ILLEGAL Guns off the Streets and out of the hands of Gangs.

  6. wfwilson6 says:

    It is time to start a new union, a new country. Those states which wish to secede should do so. We will take what is OURS. You take what is yours. Take 10-years, liberals and progressives can move to the old USA, and conservatives can move to the new USA. Run your country your way, and we will run our country OUR way. You use your social and economic/tax policies, and we will use OURS. The new USA should/will establish it’s boundaries/bord­ers and enforce strict border controls. We can trade between each other as most other nations do. This should make all of you happy. We will use the existing CONSTITUTION. You can write a new one which suits you better. What happens then, happens. If liberal policies are so wonderful, then you should thrive and be happy. .

    • tddifly says:

      The boundaries will be easy to establish. Just use the red/blue map from previous elections. The rural areas, the heartland, all red. The inner cities, all blue. Let’s cut them loose. The red areas are a drag on us anyway.

  7. A Concerned American says:

    Obama is dangerous and an open threat not only to national security but also world peace. He os setting up the mideast for war against Israel by arming the muslim brotherhood, giving money to Hamas-all in the name of peace. Beware!

  8. marineh2ominer says:

    I , as an American veteran , fear obamass and his government more that anything I ever feared in actual combat , from any street criminals , and certainly more that ANY terrorists , muslim or otherwise . My fear , however , isn’t for myself , it is for my children and grandchildren . May GOD Bless and protect them .

  9. jong says:

    It will come time it seems to put back on the Uniform and load the weapons. This time for something more insidious than HItler for he did not pretend who he was . Obama in this comes closer to civil war one that he can not win. In his hubris he forgets a armed nation will not go gently in to the long winters night and he and his ilk will be going first if it comes to that.

  10. usluv says:

    Anyone listening to and believing Obama/Davis’ Nazi propaganda needs help. Instead of being so angry…and wanting to shake you and yell and scream…I am going to pray for you. At the same time I pray for our country. He is leading us down a path of no return….and I have to believe he can be stopped, before he does too much more damage. Open your eyes…that you may see…

  11. M says:

    Don’t waste your breath trying to change liberals.
    Vote them out. If that does not work. Just say I will not comply. They don’t enforce the laws they don’t like, so don’t obey the ones you don’t like.

  12. A Concerned American says:

    Obama indeed is the greatest threat to the United States-including world peace since WWII. He is a grave security risk and is rapidly dismantling our weapons systems, reducing the number of active duty servicemen and women, cutting the DoD budget, ships, aircraft, and attempting to control the citizens of the United States. As a veteran I wholeheartedly agree with the LtCol.