Chicago Police Chief: Second Amendment Supporters Guilty of Corruption

Chicago’s chief of police can’t seem to avoid controversy over his statements related to gun control.

On a Sunday talk show, as reported by the Illinois State Rifle Association, police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy said that firearm owners who lobby their representatives, or who donate money to political campaigns, for pro-Second Amendment issues are guilty of corruption and of endangering public safety.

The embattled police chief — who previously blamed “government-sponsored racism” and Sarah Palin for Chicago’s gun-related violence, and who once said the Second Amendment itself was a threat to the nation’s security, according to a report by Red State — also said judges and lawmakers should focus more on public opinion polls when considering constitutional matters, the ISRA reported.

On Sunday, Superintendent McCarthy also said the Second Amendment does, in fact, allow for governments and police agencies to impose mandatory liability insurance requirements on gun owners, and that GPS tracking devices can be lawfully affixed to firearms sold to civilians, according to the ISRA.

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228 comments on “Chicago Police Chief: Second Amendment Supporters Guilty of Corruption
  1. good160 says:

    one more da# commie.

    • Dingbat36 says:

      One more brainwashed product of the public indoctrination system is more like it. Entrenched DemoNrat, of course and perhaps clinically insane as well. He should be saying that he and HIS corrupt government are at fault for everything wrong in Chicago but there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see.

  2. tom nogaro says:

    this i like. it takes one to know one! the kingpin cop of corruption central (chicago) calling the kettle black! lol.

    • Remington 870 says:

      What can be expected from the Chief of Police for corruption in a city known for corruption? Chicago is a cesspool and anyone in that cities’ government is a pagan stooge. And Chicago has one of the countries’ strictest gun controls…yet gun murders occur each day. Keep talking Big Mouth Police get no respect from Red States.

      • LawAbidingCitizen says:

        Look who appointed him… Need I say

      • gooseroot says:

        I don’t know what a red state is but the chief and that POS in our White House should both be executed.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Red states are states who vote mostly Republican. Blue states are Dem controlled states. Google an election map and you will see what I am describing. NY is a blue state, as if Californica, Colorado, Nevada, Conn and so on. The states with the worst financial management and with the most gun control laws are Blue States. Rest my case..hope I have helped.

    • Big Dan says:

      Chicago and DC both have the strictest laws on firearms and the highest violence against unarmed by armed criminals. How does that work? Just another DemocRAT using talking points from whacked out communist groupies. New Jersey just had 2 beheadings with a machete, Should we call that a weapon of mass destruction and outlaw those? What about the finding that more people will die this year from a botched surgery, maybe we should outlaw surgeons. How about drunk drivers getting loaded up and killing someone with their vehicle, outlaw booze of cars? They are all idiots that need to be replaced, and soon.

  3. polmutant says:

    chicago police chief = inept bumbling bufoon commie pink kenyan peon member. it should be wrapped in a pig skin and hung from a tree.

    • larrygrant876 says:

      Another example of the mental illness of liberalism, take all the guns from those who have not violated the laws and are allowed to have weapons for self protection but in true liberal fashion, too stupid to understand that all the problems caused by guns in Chicago are by those who will still have guns anyway. It makes me sad to see how stupid liberals are and just like a drunk they won’t get cured until they see themselves for the buffoons they are but that aint gonna happen. Mr.Chief thinks it’s bad now wait until his killer thugs are confident that no one else has a gun.

      • polmutant says:

        Yep, and welfare, social security etc are the programs that breed the useless 2leg vermins. from the uniformed to the addicted. If you do not work you do not eat. then there would be no idle time to show worthlessness.

        • Big Dan says:

          don’t lump social security in there, I earned mine. giving it away to illegals, thank you Jimmy Carter is a problem

        • refurb001 says:

          Ditto; started working at 15.5 (with permit) and just retired at 65 due to medical problems (stroke). I think I earned every bit I get since my ex got one hell of a settlement.

        • Curtis says:

          My dad had me working in the woods, logging during my summer time when not in school. I was 12 years old and worked with the men setting chokers behind a cat. I did a man’s job, or got the hell beat out of me. I learned young to work and enjoy the strength I felt, along with a sense of pride which followed me on every job for the next 50 odd years. Social Security is earned and paid for! Those who are getting it, deserve every dollar of it! Curtis

        • Curtis says:

          That statement was without thought, Social Security is something we pay into for as long as we work. It is so we will have something to live on when we can no longer work. That money we paid in and to say something so stupid is unbelievable! If you are working, it is being taken out of your check, for you, when you are no longer able to work. What do you think, people should pay it in and when they can’t work any longer, be shot! The problem with Social Security is the Government keep borrowing from it and never paying it back! Welfare does need a huge over-haul. They encourage women to have kids, more money, break up families instead of working out problems, it pays. Putting people on it that come into this country, when they should not be allowed citizenship, if they have not gotten a job first and show means to support them selves. Then they should not have the right to vote for five years, so what Obama did, can’t be repeated. There is plenty of jobs that could be done and to hand out money for people to sit on their butts and party is wrong! There needs to be a time limit on welfare, as long as there is none, people will use it! To call people who have worked all their lives and paid into Social Security all that time, useless two legged vermin, worthless people, is the most stupid thing I’ve heard anyone say in a long time! Maybe you should learn about things before shooting your mouth off! Curtis

        • polmutant says:

          1. social security is unconstitutional and socialisitc. just because last generations paid to be communists does not mean you have to. there are other options. and the moneys that where paid were not put into a fund for retirement. the monies where used to murder babies, promote homosexuality and feed various anti American cultures. show me a proffit and loss statement fromt eh “contributions made” there are none. so that means if a fool declaring himself tobe an American paid into the system and his money was waisted now sits/sides with the communists enslaving younger generations?? you think this is good? and yes it would be painful to stop as the sheople cannot feed themselves. you give opinion about rights and responsibilities but do not make a stand. just like a politician. there are many countries that do not have welfare net and they exist. and the cry goes forth ” I am a man, a proud American man! can i have a food stamp to feed myself? can someone pay my rent? pay my utilities? I have a drug/alcohol/problem I am totaly useless so feed me because I am an American man!. and the sheople cry out “take our wool, take our posessions, eat our children, only leave us grass to eat. too poor to pay attention.

      • Curtis says:

        There will be a second American Revolution, I think, before that happens! We would be a nation of total idiots to allow our selves to be disarmed!! If someone was threatening you, your wife, children, mother, father and everything you loved and valued. Would you think you should give them your guns, so they would go away. NO, they would laugh and carry out their threat! Allow yourself to be disarmed and you might wish to God you had not!

  4. Lucky3511 says:

    How can we rid America of these liberal traitors who so degrade our country

    • larrygrant876 says:

      Lucky we passed every opportunity to do that starting in the 50′s when Senator Eugene McCarthy tried to tell us, now it’s going to be left up to God, and He promises he will. Sooner if We turn back to Him and repent or later as history unfolds.

      • Curtis says:

        This began when the Liberals got God and our flag taken out of our schools, Started to shove being gay down our throats, they have their rights too, but it has gone way past that. One government official wants to pass a law that boys who want to act like girls can shower with the girls in the locker room and use girls bathrooms in school! Now that is Government forcing it onto our children. The result of this will be a lot of girls having babies, when they are still babies. Look at everything that is oozing out of every dark corner of the government!! Even Obama’s private army that has stock-piled enough weapons and bullets to wage a seven year war! Spy drones in America’s air space, wanting the UN to police America, attacking our constitution, calling American Patriots traitors and guilty of treason. A Patriot is someone who loves and serves their country and fellow countrymen! The first American Revolution began with the British attempt to disarm us. Something we don’t know yet must be hidden from us, for our will to be so ignored! Curtis It isn’t stopping the American people, it is total submission of the American people to the absolute authority of the supreme ruler and we all know who thinks himself King and shows he is a DICTATOR! Curtis

    • Val says:

      EDUCATE the American public. The Constitution is our forefathers rules for Liberty, FREEDOM ,and Justice for all..UP HOLD IT.REBEL AGAINST TYRANNY.”.IMPEACH OBAMA” !! He is a TRAITOR to the USA !!

      • VanceJ says:

        sadly the American public, are blind deaf and dumb

        • ShamanBlair says:

          No need to allow them to STAY that way, WE are our own media now; spread the truth!

        • Cindy Mccoy says:

          Yes, that is true but how can we wake them up???

        • ShamanBlair says:

          By telling them, of course. Use the materials you have. Use the internet. Bumper stickers. Join with others to fund info put up on billboards. Just talk to others. First, & MOST important, pray for the ability. If God knows you can do it, He will make it possible.

        • Stop preaching to the choir and speak to the people who need to hear.

        • Right Way says:

          Put these oppressive laws by the government in scenario’s that become personal for them. Someone who doesn’t own a gun or believes the police will protect them, needs to feel it personally, so you give them a verbal visual that impacts them emotionally. That is EXACTLY what the Democrats are doing. The Democrats are lying through their teeth, but it works because the get the emotional message across to people. Show people pictures of dead German women, show them quotes by Hitler talking about how great gun bans were, etc. It has to hit them personally.

        • Curtis says:

          I don’t think they are blind, deaf well perhaps dumb, for sure they are lazy!! They can’t think for them selves anymore, so use to the government stand in’s doing their thinking for them. Ignore it and it will go away, kind of thinking, let someone else deal with it. Well guess what, if you can’t stand up like you have a back bone for this country, do it for your loved ones! If this is not stopped, and you did nothing, they will remember you in their suffering and you’ll be hated! This is not a game!! This could be the end of life here as you know it. Christians seems to be targeted in this, which this is a Christian Nation. Do nothing and you might see death camps here and your children being herded in with everyone else you love and know. As Americans we have done nothing but give and get taken! This tyrannical influence over our lives, governmental control over our society and government claiming ownership over everything we own has to stop! I heard that ownership is being extended to ownership of the people too! LOOK UP SLAVE, in the DICTIONARY!!!!!!! Curtis

        • R Stone says:

          yes, but they will be brutally awakened shortly

      • gooseroot says:

        Sorry he’s ILLEGAL and should be executed.No if’s, ands or buts about it.

      • Curtis says:

        I think a big boat out of America for all these traitors! They are NOT Americans and don’t belong here, if they go against all this country has ever stood for since it’s birth! Americans have fought and died the world over, for freedom and rights for people in other countries as well as America. Now these traitors make a mockery out of their lives. Send them to a boat out of America, since they don’t like it! OBAMA needs to learn who the government of this country is, WE THE PEOPLE, he is to see OUR will is carried out, NOT HIS! Curtis

    • Rattlerjake says:

      Only one solution and it is the same solution that our founding fathers engaged in (lead poisoning – Revolutionary war)! These people are traitors to this nation and are totally against the Constitution because it prevents half of them from having overall control and power and the other half from having everything handed to them without working for it. Liberalism/socialism is a disease and must be completely eradicated or it will just eventually come back.

      • I think you are correct.Liberalism/socialism is a disease. the only way we will get rid of it is to get a new President. One. who won’t give every thing to people who don’t need it. I pity the next guy who will have to clean up the mess this administration has put us through.

        • ShamanBlair says:

          Or gal. I pity the next guy OR gal. There are smart, Godly folks of both genders; don’t overlook any possibility! Pray for God to give us help in this, & in all things.

        • Curtis says:

          I think a lot of Obama’s give away is to bankrupt this country, ruin our dollar and throw this country into a panic to survive

      • C-Ann-C says:

        Not much you can do to “eradicate” liberalism & even libertarianism either (just as bad) unless we eliminate those in our Congress who are turning a blind “eye” to We The People! It’s time for the entire countyr to WAKE UP — rid this country of the Congress we have now!! Our Declaration of Independence says we can! “–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter it or abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

        • W_R_Monger says:

          That in itself can be a danger as well, you never know what you’ll get until it’s too late… But I do agree. Better to clear the slate & start over than to continue upon this path to certain destruction.

        • Cindy Mccoy says:

          Yes, we need to clean up Washington D.C. then start on the rest of the country. Thing is I don’t know that we have that much time.

        • Dave says:

          Mid-election 2014 If Barack Kardashian Obama gets both the House and Senate , game over , Cindy

        • Curtis says:

          I have a sick feeling that time is something we don’t have much of,

      • Dave says:

        If the Liberals win the mid -term elections in 2014 it could all be lost…All Conservative must join forces…..NOW

    • Joanne Long says:

      These people are what you call psychotics, they are so afraid of the general population that they have to suppress us, because in their aberated minds they think we are after them (for anything it’s insanity) so they must stop the people in general.

    • TM says:

      Vote these scum bags out would be a great way if that were possible, but the democrats are a bunch of crooked lying thugs who don’t care about you are this country. Why do you think the low life democrats don’t want voter IDs? so they can steal election by any one being able to vote.

      Look at the last fraudulent election, that sissified BOY community organizer from hell barack hussein obama won every state that had no voter IDs. Some voting places he received more votes than there were voters. I hate the democrat party as they have ruined this once great country and turned it in to a welfare haven for more rot of our society.

      • Curtis says:

        I don’t think the blame is that of the Democrats, this began years ago, a slow manipulation of the people, deceiving about everyone. I have watched our rights and freedom being stripped away for 40 odd years now. I have spoken out about how in Gods name can people be so blind and trust the lies! Like all the temporary taxes the people voted for, when every time a temporary tax was voted in, it became permanent! You might be surprised at how many hidden taxes we have. Out of two weeks, one week goes to the government. The week you and your family have left to live on, the government has their hand in your pocket for that too! We pay a lot of money to the government, for so much stuff we use to be able to do for free. Like build a shed, leave things when we died to our children, government demands a cut of that too. You pay taxes on money used to buy your home, which the government controls and owns. You pay taxes on it, like rent to the government. Then if you sell it, the government takes a big cut out of that. Over these past 40 years the government has slowly gained control and ownership of everything you own and what you do with it. They have even used a form of black-mail to get the people to vote as they wanted us to. It just now has gone into high gear, what looks like a take over. I think the Democrats were blind sided too for the most part. The black American has been betrayed, all they have gained will be lost. We are wanted to blame each other, divide us and get us fighting with each other. Makes it really easy for them to take over then, we need to stay united, ONE people and place the blame where it belongs, on us all, for allowing it to have gone this far and still allowing it to continue. There will come a point when, we will know, we waited too long to stop it. Even if stopped today, it will take this country another 40 years to climb out of the hole! Curtis

    • Red55bird says:

      This chief of police in Chicago first needs to go back to school and learn the 2nd Admendment of the Constitution and the 1st Admendment of the Constitution. Just like this President who calls Chicago his home town should be Impeach for his tyrannical Government that he is infringing on we the people.

      • C-Ann-C says:

        “needs to go back to school and learn the 2nd Admendment of the Constitution” —- hence, what I just posted at the top….he can even take a FREE…yes, that’s FREE!…course at the Hillsdale College online course (just Google “Hillsdale College”) and look for their FREE OFFER to take their Constitution 101 course! He’ll get a REAL educational experlience taught to him (and everyone else who wants to get something for “FREE”!!!!) on our laws & Constitution! I bet he won’t even have the BALLS to go and take this FREE course!!! He’ll probably say its all a “conspiracy” against people like his “intellect”!!!! What intellect does a moron like him even THINK he is?!!! His statement on implement a GPS device & mandatory insurance on purchased guns is absolutely so mis-aligned & stupified its just laughable if anyone can believe that our own government would even THINK they have THAT kind of authoritary mandate like that!! That would also be like an “Authoritarian Government” —- a USURPED government – that our forefathers warned us about…..the very reason for why they wrote the Declaration of Independence AND our US Constitution….so that America would NEVER, EVER be engulfed into this enslavement government we are in right now!!!

      • JoeBideyourtime says:

        I think he used to be a homeless guy.

      • Curtis says:

        That same Chief of police, I bet in his own city, he is too smart to walk in area’s at night, without his gun and having others with guns with him. That area covers most of that city! They have the strictest gun laws and the highest murder rate. But of course these butt kisser’s demand one thing for us and not them!

  5. TeaParty Patriot says:

    Chicago Police Chief calling ANYONE corrupt ? ? ?
    Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle Black. ? ? ?.

  6. Cuz says:

    No wonder the murder rate is high in Chicago Dumb police management and political crooks that make the mob look like virgins.

  7. Would help if he went after the criminals instead of the law-abiding citizens. Probably won’t because then he’d have to arrest all his relatives.

  8. This man has violated his oath of office and has shown his alignment with terrorists both ‘foriegn and domestic.’

    • Cindy Mccoy says:

      It seems like there is a lot of that up that way. We think differently in the south, well I guess I have to pull that statement. I hear Missouri is not doing well either. Wanting to give legal gun owners 90 days to turn in their guns. Well, the deep south thinks differently. Thank God for that.

      • Curtis says:

        It would be 90 days till the shooting started, my family is deep southern and our constitution is like the Bible, you don’t mess with it!

  9. Dave L. says:

    I think the Chicage Police Chief is guilty of felony stupidity !!

  10. LEE [email protected] says:


  11. ADR says:

    So, how is that gun control working for you now moron?
    All the so-called smart libs are only interested in their own agenda (Gestapo tactics) while allowing gangs and out of control murders hold patriotic and freedom loving Americans to be shackled by laws that will NEVER work!!!

  12. Dave L. says:

    Being corrupt is in the chicago city employee job description !!

  13. Did he get enough oxygen when he was placed in the incubater? Maybe he needs to see a psychiatrist for an evaluation on his competency.

  14. Does it not say that the police are there to PROTECT AND SERVE? But you have the HIGHEST crime rate in the Nation. The SUPREME COURT said that every Americian has the right to bare arms. You are violating the Consitution!

  15. Txfredn says:

    And what did this bigoted PIG have hanging on his hip while he taunted the total dis-arming the US and shredding of our founding documents? We all need to be armed to protect ourselves from corrupted king pins like this guy! I have a suggestion for this crook……..GEt the Hell out of our country if you don’t like the way our laws are structured! Don’t walk……RUN and go south of the border and see how you like it there!

    • Guest says:

      Good thought! Yeah! Get him into the “Fast & Furious” & align himself with the Drug Cartels and see how long he’ll last with THOSE morons! Yeah, deport this mutated idiot to Mexico, with his bade & loaded gun on him, and let’s see how Mexico responds & see what the Drug Cartels do to this guy!!!

    • C-Ann-C says:

      Good thought! Yeah! Get him into the “Fast & Furious” & align himself with the Drug Cartels and see how long he’ll last with THOSE morons! Yeah, deport this mutated idiot to Mexico, with his badge & loaded gun on him, and let’s see how Mexico responds & see what the Drug Cartels do to this guy!!! “We don’t need no STINKIN’ STUPID CHIEF of POLICE in this Country!”