Dem Congressman Says Women Should Use Whistle Instead of Gun to Defend Against Rape

As RedState reports, on Friday, Salazar argued against concealed carry on college campuses in favor of call boxes, whistles and “safe zones.” Why? Because you as a woman might “feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be” — better to head to the call box and let a man with a gun decide if the danger is real or not (if he shows up in time, that is).

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201 comments on “Dem Congressman Says Women Should Use Whistle Instead of Gun to Defend Against Rape
  1. Lucky3511 says:

    God Help American Woman if they have to rely on the Demoncrap

    • You must remember…police do NOT stop crime!!! They show up AFTER the crime is done.

      • Rick Baldwin says:

        The bearers of “yellow tape” only.

      • David S. McQueen says:

        The police have no legal duty to protect citizens. The only legal duty they have is to enforce the laws passed through the legislatures and signed into law by the chief executive of the state or US. That means citizens are responsible for self protection (something obviously way too complicated for Salazar to understand).

    • Remington 870 says:

      And Democraps are the ones who say conservatives are waging War on Women. What a bunch of flucking hypocrites these people are. But then there is the negro congressman from Georgia who said Guam would tip over if military troops went onto the island. This same congressman accused the GOP of the Newtown murders. Most of these Democraps should be in mental wards not running our country.

    • TLady62 says:

      No kidding. Salazar is complete buffoon.

      • BOstinks says:

        just like his brother Ken and the daughter who has the out of wedlock kid who sleeps with the grandmother

      • DrSique says:

        Yeah but, if he wasn’t so dangerously ignorant, he would have a real future in standup comedy. The only way that a whistle should be used for defense is in the barrel of a muzzle loader. Of course, the buildings, where this turd works, are all surrounded by armed guards, not guards with whistles.

  2. Women should be able to carry a gun for protection against sexual predators and thieves. Democrats and RINOs who don’t understand this should be educated.

    • Bob Coffey says:

      It is impossible to educate liberals, their minds are closed to the truth.

      • Barbaree says:

        You got that right! I once asked a liberal what you do if someone breaks in your house with a gun. Her answer — “call the police.” When I attempted to clue her in on the fact that the police are not there in seconds, the conversation was suddenly over.

        • Ladysouth says:

          Some stupid liberal woman said if there was an intruder she would just hide under the bed and call 912. How dumb that’s the first place they look. I guess she never saw the movie, “Taken”. The closet isn’t safe either. A safe room with a loaded gun is the best option we have. How could a woman with kids hide under her bed with her kids down the hall unprotected? That woman was nuts!

        • Barbaree says:

          Unfortunately, the only way they’ll learn is if it happens to them, and then it will probably be too late.

        • mallen11 says:

          Believe me, there is no way you can reason with them — they are stuck on stupid and can’t think. You can give them all the logic in the world and they will not budge — we see it all the time on TV.

    • Rick Baldwin says:

      Every woman should be carrying a gun in today’s world of no morality.

    • Jerry says:

      Curtis Edward Turner, did you ever try to talk to a democrat liberal? They are the biggest joke on earth. Educating them is like talking to a wall.

    • grumpybill says:

      You cannot educated a braying jackass, Curtis. You need to simply remove them from office!

    • tony says:


  3. Bob Coffey says:

    College women are overwhelmingly liberal and support the gun grabbers. If they don’t want guns to protect themselves, then let them suffer the consequences of their actions.

    • nancinger says:

      That’s fine, as long as they don’t take away the RIGHTS of women who DO want to carry.

      • DrSique says:

        BINGO!!! You have touched on the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives. For the most part conservatives don’t care what liberals do and merely want to be left alone. Liberals, on the other hand, want to control the lives of others.

        • RubyBlu says:

          I wonder, “WWSFD” = I Wonder What S. Fluke Would Do…….

        • TLady62 says:

          And if those Conservative women are really smart, they’ll make a way to transfer to a more like-minded campus that actually allows a person to protect himself or herself.

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      If the women are THAT stupid, then perhaps they were born to be victimized? As it’s been said many times: Liberalism is a mental illness.

  4. LArry says:

    I dont own a gun and guns aren’t allowed on campus. Can I rent an old geezer patriot to protect me. I’m glad they have non gun protection but maybe that’s against my 2nd or some other amendment right. My state may pass a law allowing guns on campus, then I too can get a gun to carry to class. Is there a conservative right wing NRA fund that will buy me a gun and tran me. Hope so.

    • Mike Evans says:

      Are you for real? No the NRA will not buy you a gun. They do have training programs to learn to shoot safely.

      • Ann Rand says:

        No, he isn’t ….. Just another TROLL working for $7 per hour… Ain’t ovomit grand !!!!! LOL

        • LArry says:

          I do make 7.25 working while going to school.thats why you guys want to protect my right to make minimum wage and serve these pretty fraternity boys cheap pizza and beer. That’s the Ameeican way. Now I just want my god given right to a gun.

      • LArry says:

        Are those programs free. I hope so. Those Dems keep cutting loan programs.

    • dranalog says:

      No, just get a whisle, that will fully protect you.

      • LArry says:

        I have a whiste, maze and have learned self defense. I feel quite secure on a campus. But you guys want me to pack heat and I can’t afford. You feel it is my right so I’m just aski g for heat and some training.

    • Ann Rand says:

      go see if you can buy a gun with your food stamps.. I hear that you use them for everything else…..

      • LArry says:

        Nah. Weed, dope, women, booze, tv sets but no guns. I just need an old geezer to help me and show me how to kill me a fellow who wants to deflower me. Come on you guys support 2nd amendment rights…let me have my own. I do of course have my welfare cell phone to call you but guns….not unless y give me one. Please.

  5. Tzione says:

    A whistle to defend against rape…where’s the Left screamong about this STUPIDITY…

  6. Mike Evans says:

    This just shows how stupid the democrats really are. Cops don’t show up until a crime has been committed. That won’t do you much good if you are already dead or injured.

  7. ginger says:

    Hope his wife or daughter never has to depend on a whistle to defend themselves….what is the whistle supposed to do??? overwhelm the attacker???? the deed would be done by the time anyone shows up to help..or would the attacker run at the sound of a whistle???? good for a safe zone?? we know how well That works.

    • LArry says:

      This is how most campuses work where guns aren’t allowed. It has worked for years and years. Most young helpless women and men just do t back heat in their backpack. Most colleges prohibit guns. Go live in Russia. Free guns for all.

    • Doug Rodrigues says:

      The whistle idea is as bad as a similiar idea of a secretary we had in the Sheriff’s Office 40 years ago. She convinced the supervisor of the patrol division to have the deputies wear a whistle on their shirt pockets. Why?…I asked? Her exact quote was, “Well, if somebody is running from you, you can blow the whistle to make them stop.” Yes, there are some people THAT stupid: usually women!

  8. bamashades says:

    Oh God, how stupid can a person get.

  9. Retired Chief Petty Officer says:

    Where are the women demanding he resign from office as they demanded Mr. Murdock withdraw from running for office after his stupid remark. Sauce for the goose is good for the gander as well. Never let it be said that the left is fair, though.

    • LArry says:

      Fortunately for the good of our Cou try, women do believe in gun control. They do abhor old white men with $2 haircuts telling them rape won’t get them pregnant. They actually think legislators should have basic knowledge. Why do you think there are call boxes all over campuses and why women carry mace. Not everyone packs heat while out for a stroll. Not all people could shoot a person dead who might or might not threaten them. Many Attacker has been thwarted by a call box, whistle, mace. Pregnancy aren’t just wished away by that natural stuff.

      • Ann Rand says:

        Really working hard today., huh larry ??? You must be out of food stamps…

      • You should be able to take your big dog with you where ever you go, a dog which will jump you for any reason will make most people avoid you, especially if he tends to growl, that dog can run interferance for you at least for a while, letting you get away, the more it looks like a wolf or German Shepheard the better and giant poodles like to bite and they don’t necessarily have to have been trained to attack. Having a cell phone in hand or pocket might help.

        • Ladysouth says:

          Can you just see it. NU City with every woman with a dog. The sidewalks are crowded enough now with out the dogs. What would happen to all that poop that would naturally be created daily. An attacker that wants to get to you can kill or wound the dog and then you are left with a cell phone that if you call 911 they have no clue where you are besides by the time they finally got someone there you would have already been assaulted or killed. I carry a gun and I call it Rover.

        • tony says:

          I like it. Good for you! My wife too! Here kitty, here kitty

      • dangkids says:

        Larry the IDIOT!!
        I guarantee if you asked the question, Who’s it gonna be ME or YOU, I promise you they would give you the correct answer.

        Women don’t asked to be raped and shouldn’t have to be scared to walk out by themselves, but it is the MEN who have bought this upon themselves to be who they are and stupid to believe they can take advantage of women. WELL, now some people are sick of it and the tides have changed. The men put this upon themselves, now deal with the consequences, because I wouldn’t even blink an eye to take someone out! Like I said, “Either YOU or ME. I personally don’t have time to waste on a piece of scum. One less jail cell to be taken up and one less piece of crap mouth to pay taxes on.

      • tony says:

        Got some facts there to back yourself up, Larry? My wife packs heat; screw call boxes, mace and baby powder (used to help the attacker smell better)

  10. God forbid…..How do these imbeciles get elected???? Are the people all insane??

  11. Zoe2010 says:

    yeah, stupid arrogant elitists like salazar and crewcut napolitano want to take away peoples’ defense and give them whistles and scissors – plus, nappy head is buying up all the ammunition – this creepy admin is all about countrolling the masses w/obamacare, gun bans, internet grab, environmentalism/climate change, homeland civilian force, drones, etc. etc. etc. and bHo goes golfing to pretend he has nothing to do with it…

  12. Keith says:

    A perfect example of the numerous morons that hold office in our country.

  13. dad666 says:

    I will never surrender my second ammendment rights to some moron politician and neither should anyone else in this rapicly growing communist country.

  14. Mike1948 says:

    I agree 100% with the comment that most girls on college campuses are leftist liberals. They don’t want the evil wicked gun on their sanctuary campuses, so let them fend for themselves if they come under assault.

    For those of us, including conservative women on campuses, let us prepare ourselves as best we can, within the boundaries of constitutional law, to protect ourselves from assault.

    Colorado’s anti-gun nut legislators have passed unconstitutional laws which should be ignored. Our biggest enemy at this point is the likes of Salazar, and his leftist ilk.

    • LArry says:

      I agree most young girls and boys are commie, leftist, weed smoki g potential welfare. That’s why Mittens got so few votes and why Hillary Cli ton will win by a landslide. As long as the old geezers and their faithful spouses sprout this eloquent rhetoric, rhe Democratic party is free to win and win and win. I surely hope facts or logic never ever penetrate this aging brains. Go do some fax blasting and eat some chicken. Great work.

      • Ann Rand says:

        There you have him, folks… Another Troll…Fresh out of the democrat chamber of HORRORS..

      • Jerry says:

        Chicken a Chick-fil-A Larry. Were you one of those that led the fairy parade against Chick-fil-A? How did that work for you? lol

        • Ann Rand says:

          Right The feathers kept tickling his peepee, so they took his costume away…. But have no fear… Al Sharpton will see to it that he gets another one… Maybe Jesse Jackson .will let him join the “rainbow coalition”

  15. Jackie says:

    Maybe the congressman has forgotten the case in New York City where a woman was being stabbed to death and was sccreaming for help, while her neighbors quietly ignored her cries for help. Maybe a gun would have helped her/ the people hearing her sure didn’t

    • caeborg says:

      Her name was kitty Genovese.

    • David S. McQueen says:

      I remember the Kitty Genovese case. The media only focused on the fact that the neighbors didn’t rush to her aid (they “didn’t want to get involved”.) Jackie is right: if Kitty had a gun, she’d have survived. To paraphrase an old Seinfeld quip, “New York . . . what’s it good for?”.