Democrat Calls for Draft for Women

When outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed an order allowing women in the military to join frontline combat units, the first question many conservatives asked was when would the draft be reinstated and used to “equalize” the gender breakdown of the military?

Currently, women make up less than one-fifth of our military forces. By liberal thinking, that’s “unfair.” Clearly, there must be discrimination at work.

Almost on cue, Rep. Charles Rangel, the House’s resident draft enthusiast, said Friday that he will once again introduce legislation to reinstate the draft, this time with the added requirement that women register for Selective Service, as men must do on their 18th birthdays.

In a statement, Rangel said, “Now that women can serve in combat they should register for the Selective Service alongside their male counterparts. Reinstating the draft and requiring women to register for the Selective Service would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. We must question why and how we go to war, and who decides to send our men and women into harm’s way.”

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114 comments on “Democrat Calls for Draft for Women
  1. Harold says:

    This democrate is an ignorant fool.

    • Xman3 says:

      Not to mention of the thousands of American fools who keep re-electing him, as well as all those who keep re-electing Democrats across the Nation. Take Pelosi and Reid for starters.

    • podunk1 says:

      A fool elected by fools. We need to draft all of the women in his district, & send them all to a good old time boot camp for about two months of hell. Repeat the process enough times & this nation & its traditional values would be revived.

      • DrBarbara says:

        Podunk1, thanks, I agree wholeheartedly. I have 2 granddaughters of “draft age.” Both are in great shape but they could not begin to keep up with my grandson who is a sergeant in the Army. Also, the women who are supporting this idea are all too old to be drafted. Go figure.

        • ESQ says:

          I say yes to drafting women! You want to see things start jumping just open the draft for women. Come on Leon lets do it now!

        • old sarge says:

          Watch the increase in pregancy among female military. It is high now and rapte is being kept on the QT. Stop it, ain’t going to happen

        • ESQ says:

          If my Grand Son is eligible for the draft then it better happen!

        • RedMeatState says:

          how about we just draft the big ugly, masculine ones???

        • junkmailbin says:

          the service is already full of bull dykes and fems. It is wonderful form them. Special weight rules so they can be fat asses. The equality thing will cause them to have to compete on a level field. This is not what they want. They want special boost programs and a guaranteed safe job.

        • ESQ says:

          Your right on! It’s crazy! Can’t wait to see real women all of a sudden come to life.What ever hapend to the WAC’s and all?

        • Tim Ives says:

          It’s always rules for everyone else but not me.

        • TLady62 says:

          How convenient.

        • RedMeatState says:

          this is purely appeasement to the Lesbo bull-dykes of the Left!!

        • ESQ says:

          Leon is an Idiot! How in the hell these people find there way into the food chain is beyond me!

        • lfhpueblo says:

          Exactly women of non-draft age are the ones supporting this idea. This is not fair to the young women of this country with traditional beliefs of womanhood. Good for those that joined the military and want to go into battle or up in rank, but for those that don’t, it is wrong for you to force on them something they didn’t want for their lives in accordance to their religious beliefs and their beliefs as to a woman’s place as a help mate to her husband. I truly think most of the very young women in the military are there to put in their time so they can get out and get a college education. I don’t think a lot of them went in with the idea that they would be in direct combat. You’ll see so many of them purposely getting pregnant so that they will not have to go into battle too. I’m a woman and that’s my opinion.

      • Tim Ives says:

        The ones from his district will start fragging the white guys right away.

    • GK says:

      Hey, Charley: What’s the difference between conscription and slavery?

  2. polmutant says:

    20% of the armed forces are women? buhahhaa. a mighty fighting force indeed.

    • chuckie2u says:

      Just think how tough the military will be when our Military machine is 50 % female.

      • polmutant says:

        considering russian bombers did fly by over Guam {USA air space} and the USAF went in pursuit AFTER the bombers went by. i would say “say your prayers” as we are in super condition. just think we are protected by females and homos. cannot stop wondering why the bombers even made it for a fly over. yep Americans are safe. no need for a weapon.
        funny thing is muslims have always hid behind women and children, is this not quite funny.

    • Tim Ives says:

      It shows in the results.

  3. Babsan says:

    This man Rangel is and has always been deranged,that’s the only way he fits in with the Dems.Sad comments from a Lib but this is how they operate

  4. sovereigntyofone says:

    ” Rep. Charles Rangel, the House’s resident draft enthusiast, said Friday that he will once again introduce legislation to reinstate the draft, this time with the added requirement that women register for Selective Service, as men must do on their 18th birthdays.”
    Oh my, I’ll bet all the ” welfare queens ” in his district will be over joyed with him doing that.
    Ah, well, look on the bright side. The ” welfare queens ” will still recieve government support.
    A new uniform, a rifle ( ah an ” assault rifle ” ), new boots, free food and medical. Only this time they will have to actually DO something to earn it. God help us all if that is what’s going to defend this nation.

    • Remington 870 says:

      Don’t forget Rangel is a self-proclaimed Korean War vet. Bet in reality, he served as a cook at Ft. Dix, NJ.

  5. at the top of the draft list should be Michelle Obama, Pelosi, Feinstien, and any other female in politics and their female children, including Chelsey Clinton

    • Barbaracvm says:

      If my daughter has to go so do the Obama daughters, and the Kennedys. I can’t wait to hear their excuses.

    • old sarge says:

      They couldn’t cut it. too dam much female. All talk and no abel to do.

    • eyewatcher1960 says:

      I guarantee you that my 19 year old daughter will NOT go. I grew up in an upper middle class family and was the baby. I joined the Navy when I was 19 and stayed until I became pregnant with her at 33. I loved the Navy and everyday of my life, I wish I were still there. BUT, Clinton was elected and bull dykes showed up. These dykes actually CHOSE which girls they wanted and took them. I was in Kuwait when in the Iraqis came over and I would NEVER wish that on any young female. American males will do anything to save their female counterparts even if it means dying and we should NEVER put them in that position. If any of these politicians had served in combat, they would understand better and KNOW that there is NO place for women there!! Anyway, having served, I will say….been there, done that and there is NO way that my daughter will!!~

  6. adirondack_1 says:

    And how will a draft work on women who simply need to get pregnant to escape it ? I see, forced abortion. Jail time for getting knocked up ? These statist tyrants will do anything to destroy the social fabric.

    • chuckie2u says:

      They are already getting PG to get out. Front line fighting isn’t designed to attract women regardless of how the lesbos try and project their lifestyle.

  7. Remington 870 says:

    These democraps have no shame. Rangel was nailed by the house ethics committee for tax cheating, NJ Dem Mendenez has sex with teen age prostitutes, former Congressman Weiner showed his weiner to young women…and still these scumbags believe you and I want to hear what come from their mouth. PS…You mother-fluckers won’t be drafing my daughter.

  8. gbandy says:

    It certainly is a sad day when a district can elect such a buffoon to Congress a zillion times knowing he is a cheap criminal no wonder Harlem is such a cesspool.

  9. John Bruns says:

    Liberals let men handle combat situations they will slow us down, they will freeze in a combat situation liberal numbnuts

  10. What a waste of life…….

  11. Thomas Wise says:

    These peaceniks sure do love war.

  12. Albert Maslar says:

    First things first. Is the US in formally declared wars anywhere in the world? If not, why are we fighting, and if we are in legal declared war, all draft rules should be reinstated and it should not be only for volunteers but for the rest of the country with no deferrals for any reason, nor for the Intelligentsia that got us into this mess in the first place.

    • chuckie2u says:

      The politicians have all but destroyed our military by fighting undeclared wars with Reserves. Just look at the millions the politicians have put in their pockets as well as the stock holders of the Military Industrial Complex. With low body count wars no one really gets bent out of shape. Such a small price to pay in feeding the War Machine and keeping the economy rolling along.. There are fewer soldiers killed in Afgan than in Chicago during any year.

  13. Xman3 says:

    War on women, lead by the Democrats? And the Democrats demonize the Republicans with ‘war on women’? When will all Americans realize that the Democrats are the party of deception and lies??
    We either witnessed Democratic election
    fraud nationally, or the alternative is 50% of American Voters are uninformed idiots
    (either uninformed due to the lame-stream-media bias, are educated idiots,
    plain stupid or just die-hard Democrats, no matter what).

    • Lorna Doone says:

      I think the NWO regime put him back in. When we vote they want you to think you have the option of electing the President but you don’t. They pick the Prez.
      And he goes along with their agenda. Whether he pulls it off or the American people exert a back bone remains to be seen. They may have put him back in to test the waters and see how much he get’s away with before the American people scream enough!

      • isa InProgress says:

        exactly what I think- only you said it better!

      • rmwayne says:

        That’s why all of these bigshots in either party are members of the CFR. The Council on Foreign Relations is just a smooth sounding name to the evil S.O.B.’s who want a one world govt. like the one spoken of in the Books of Revelation in the Bible.

  14. chuckie2u says:

    I am sure the ladies now feel they are truly liberated and run to their local recruiting office before the dreaded Seclective Service mailer is necessary. We are so close to having a totalitarian socialist government it should make peoples heads swim.

    • Xman3 says:

      No to be vulgar, but on an Academic point: How many ladies are looking forward to be drafted and later get the opportunity to pee in a fox hole? I don’t know any. But the reality is are no facilities on the front line.

  15. The Old Man says:

    I trust my wife with just about everything… but not on the battlefield.
    She is deathly afraid of guns. Of course, she would beat the crap out of the enemy with her broom.

    • lfhpueblo says:

      Give her that broom post haste to use on our government officials. Where’s grandma Walton when you need her? LOL. I’m not afraid of guns, but honestly I would not have the stamina to engage in battle for months on end. Then you have women that have some really bad days during that time of the month, and any stress on top of the pain, etc., they are going through just might drive them over the edge to shoot their own troops if one unappropriate word comes out of a male troops mouth. I mean men can be crude or vulgar in their speech under stressful circumstances, and should they have to duct tape their mouths just because something they say might not be understood as just man talk and be taken too personally by a female in less than a desirable mood during those days? I know my own husband ended up in the dog house (just a figure of speech) when he said things I took the wrong way during those days of the month). I imagine most married men can relate to what I’m talking about. Don’t draft, just let those that want to go and get blown up, go, leave the others alone. Unless of course the USA want another China situation where the men outnumber the women greatly.