Missouri Democrats Plan Gun Ban; Minnesota Follows Suit

Luke Scott said: “Gun control means control. It means control for the government and the government starts controlling the people.” When I read that, I cannot help but think of the domino effect; one piece falls, and the others have no choice but to fall in sequence. Of course, this theory isn’t accurate 100% of the time, but in the world of gun control, it could not be more applicable. There is solid evidence showing that strict gun control fails miserably.

This week, an anti-gun bill was introduced by Democrats in the Missouri state legislature. A portion of the bill is as follows:

“Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution…Remove the assault weapon or large capacity magazine from the state of Missouri…Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable; or…Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations…Unlawful manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine is a class C felony.”

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196 comments on “Missouri Democrats Plan Gun Ban; Minnesota Follows Suit
  1. ladyceo says:

    Democrats can “plan” all they want. Won’t work or pass in Missouri!

    • Let’s hope you are correct. People will be up in arms about it hopefully. Any law like this clearly violates the constitution and will get booted hopefully right along with the people who vote to do it.

    • Michigan_REB says:

      Michigan has a Republican super-majority. so the odds of this passing here are slim to none. As a mater of fact legislation to expand our Concealed Carry is on the verge of passing. If the supreme court had any courage or balls they would settle it once and for all according to the constitution, Namely that a person should be able to buy and carry whatever they want unless they are prohibited for mental defiecacy or felony records which is not an infrigement on the right to keep and bears amrs it is part of the consequesnces for their crinimal actions.

  2. robert smith says:

    Liberals – Anti-American, Anti-U.S. Constitution, Pro-FULL of Sh-t

  3. good160 says:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Fellon or not this covers us all.

  4. frank says:

    Take your guns and relocate to Texas!

  5. John Cherish says:

    First it is an unconstituional law, violates the 2nd, 4th and 9th amendments to the US constituion people in Missouri should contact their representatives and demand that the state legislature not Violate the constituion on this matter

    and remind the elected officials that they work for us

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

      John I see your postings and you are a good guy…..but good guys as well need to wake up as I have been saying for 30 years and realize nobody in Washington or your Capital really cares what is right or wrong…it is what serves the agenda they have, and that agenda does not include you or my well being! “Voting” what a joke…have not the last two elections taught anyone anything???? this last election was more than 15% absentee with over 11% of that outside of the United States…..(Refuge Status Naturalized citizens hidden in the files of the State Department…over 5 million Iraqis have received this status over the last 4 years.) you will not find the statistics in the ICE records they are State Department refuges status. Making more than 11% of the national vote…maybe now you will begin to comprehend why Obama always has a smirk on his face…because good honest people such as yourself continue to believe in the “SYSTEM”

      • When obama came into office the 1st term also came to the U.S. the fraudulent and crooked elections of the third world countries. If the election system isn’t cleaned up before the next election they will work on any scheme they can to take back the House. Then they will have total control and we will have no hope.

      • disqus_bZCXTJTm5q says:

        Your almost 100% on that so close not to add,

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          The problem my friend is that I have even seen on the internet where things I was involved in for this government outside of the United States are now recorded so different from what was I “who was even heading up some of those operations do not even recognize the events spoken of…..A good and correct rule of thumb….Be careful to believe anything you can not back up by your life’s experience….material publicized at the time of the event, the testimony of others who were there……and even the government publications of other countries….other wise you may unknowingly fall in to the trap of Cyber Idiocy…..The Internet was set to re-educate and restructure the American conception and way of analyzing matters. Please do not make the lazy mistake of depending on it as your only source…this is what the administration is depending on…..Thank you disqus_bZCXTJTm5q

    • pduffy says:

      Reminding Hitler is worthless, and he couldn’t be voted out.

    • Hopefully the people there & elsewhere,elsewhen will make peitiion for immediate Recall of any politican that OK that BS.Anybody that wants to take guns are TRAITORS to the USA.

      • PierceArrowV12 says:

        Sorry Randolph, but there is no provision for recalling state legislators in Missouri. However, Democrats now comprise less than one-third of the state House and Senate, so that anti-gun bill is going nowhere. But everyone in Missouri should call their state representatives and senators and voice firm opposition to that stupid bill.

    • Ed Scott says:

      Tell obama about all the illegal laws he has signed into effect by presidential edict. Think he will listen to you?

      • Snowman8wa says:

        Wellllll…….that depends on the “HOW” Americans “REMIND” him…..now, doesn’t it? America proves time and time again how tolerant we are; I really don’t know if that is a good quality, but it is what it is.
        On the other hand there is a line, and on our current track, the Sovereign (Citizens) is going to either have to cross that line or we are going to have to RESPOND to this Adminstration’s actions now that they are crossing the Line. The majority of us don’t want to overthrow the Government, we just want to keep our elected officials in check and have them apply the Constitution.
        You have two choices: 1) Ballot box INCLUDING RECALLING rogue legislators, or 2) the AMMO BOX…..which means bloodshed. REASON or FORCE…..whatever your choice, you had better EXAMINE your choice and know the ramifications of such.
        Once “option 2″ is chosen you will be expected to see it through as there will be no other option but another Civil War and THAT will not be North v. South as it was in 1865…..it will be from sea to shining sea (Left Coast to Right Coast; Great White North to the Carribean) and everywhere in between.
        And one more thing, you had better hope the Military concurs with “NOT FIRING on Americans who are defending the Constitution”….because we are all fair game. Those are your options, PERIOD! So everyone here can Puff up and bloviate till the cows come home; the fact remains either SCHATT or get off the Pot, whichever choice you decide on.
        Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  6. antibama says:

    Every time its enacted, millions are murdered by those grabbing. Every time gun grabbers are resisted millions are saved.

  7. let the civil war begin…

    • Rita Snipes says:

      Dan, it’s coming (unfortunately) if these idiots don’t calm down!

      • Rita, this has been the dream of liberals for years and years. They want absolute control over people and to turn the tables and they can’t do that if people are armed (which is why the founders wanted an armed population………..to protect against tyranny which is in full blossom with the nut jobs people keep voting back into office).

  8. Dingbat36 says:

    No sane American would ever follow an unconstitutional law and these are about as bad as they get!!

  9. danclamage says:

    Arrest those MO legislators for submitting a blatantly unconstitutional bill. Their incompetence must have consequences, for them. Time to start putting teeth into this fight. These lawyers have deliberately over-criminalized our laws. Yet they violate the constitution with impunity? Citizens, arise!

    • Remington 870 says:

      Hard to believe there are weenie libs in MO. In SC, white libs are considered scum of the earth and they mostly keep a low profile. Same should be in MO.

    • CrustyOldGeezer says:

      At the least the ‘republican’ in the MO house should censure the miscreant for submitting any bill that is repugnant to the Constitution or the the RIGHTS of the People.

      Best case would be to remove the person from office as unqualified to ‘Represent” the people that elected him/her.

    • The Red Neck Nation News says:

      Tough luck- so you are going to judge the law, and arrest legislators without a grand jury indicting them. Ever hear of separation of powers? You are ready to interpret the 2nd Amendment. Sounds like fascism to me. The law varies, state by state, and has for decades, but you know what is right for the whole country!

      • draeh2020 says:

        If you don’t want a gun don’t buy one. Leave my rights the hell alone.

        • patriot2 says:

          he’s another liberal moron,likely changed his name from one we’ve figured out already.the baby needs to go home.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Seems like everyone with a brain and education is wrong, but you are right. Tens of millions are sick of violence, sick of guns in the home that are unregulated, sick of nuts like you in the street going off on a rampage and sick of people on the right and the left supporting extremism. The right-wing in this country represents extremism and it hides constantly behind patriotism and God. You people have little concept of Godliness and your idea of patriotism is lawless vigilantism and it is expressed here countless times each moment.

          You want the 2nd amendment to be absolute, and think that because it was listed 2nd it had some elevated meaning. Not so! But, on the other hand, conservative Judges and Justices, including Warren Burger and William Rehnquist were for limitations on the 5th and 6th Amendments, were little concerned about the 4th. All you need to know is to read their comments on Escobedo and Miranda. As to the future of the 2nd, the more the NRA and the Merchants of Death who pay its bills protest, the less chance they will succeed.

          Times are changing, and it is not on your side. The demographics are shifting, you folks will not be a worthwhile or a significant financial or voting bloc in the near future, and you should be much more concerned with who and what party is protecting both Social Security and Medicare. If you believe that the Teapublicans and the right wing are doing that, than you are stupider than you usually sound.

          When you need to pay the rent, pay for food and get your healthcare benefits your AR-15 and Glock will be of little use. So keep on bleating about: birthism, impeachment, deficits, guns for everyone, and realize you are the over-the-hill gang. The more, and louder you bleat, the more women, the educated, the Wall Street folks, the minorities and yes, the progressives will see how dangerous and stupid you are and will continue to unify, move away from your silly arguments and work to marginalized your insipid movements. Just like the Passenger Pigeon and the DO Do bird, along with the hairy Mammoths your time has ended.

        • Michigan_REB says:

          I am sorry you don’t understand plain english. But the second amendment is as plain as can be The right fo keep and bear armsz shall Not be infringed.And, anyone who thinks that these uncontitutional laws will stop violence is delusional. All of these mass murders have taken place in ” gun free zones” so obviously if the law mattered to these crazy people since having the guns there was already against the law. A better solution is to put dangerous people away from society. Or keep better records of crinimals and better track of them as well.Stop trying to penalize everyone for the acts of crazy people. More people die in car acceidents But nonoe is screaming to ban them. The truth is it is not about hte guns, they are inanimate tools. It’s about governement control of the people. Anyone that wants to live and be controled by the governemnt shouold move to a socialist country and live there quit trying to turn this country into one.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Comparing the amount of car driven mileage and the innate need for transportation in the same league or manner with with any gun ownership in not only insipid, but it borders on juvenile. Certainly the limitation on machine guns and automatic weapons which date from the mid 1930s did not restrict even your strange idea of values, constitutionality or security. When was your security threatened by any government official by the way? The threat of being shot by your own gun is 27 times higher than being offed by your nutty neighbors or a street thug. So watch out whose got access to your gat while you are not looking.

          In fact, I have lived in the NY Metro area for 68 years and had a business in NYC during the height of the Dinkin’s Era and when there was a crack epidemic. Interestingly, we had strict gun laws there then and I never remotely knew of a person killed by a gunman. But, boy I have heard and read in the newspaper scores of suicides and fratricidal violence.

          Your worries about freedom and your fear of driving aside, car safety has been a huge issue for decades and the amount of deaths from auto accidents have declined significantly. If one avoids the drunks on the road from 12 midnight to 3 am, the rate accidental deaths also declines markedly. Car safety has dramatically improved in all dimensions from better tires, steering, body protection, air bags, speed absorbing bumpers, better headlights, self-sealing gas tanks, etc.What has improved with gun safety?

          We need smart triggers, better gun locks, the drying up of the gray and black market in gun sales, and smaller clips and for sure, the hated background checks of which 94% of the population support.

          By the way there are more people in jail in the US than the whole world aside from China, and the amount of people on parole is four times that number. Maybe your would bring back the chain gang and rack?

        • patriot2 says:

          I don’t know where you conjured up your”facts”but they have been disproved many times by people much smarter than you sound.smart triggers that work?a pipe dream that’s why cops won’t have them.shot by my own gun?I handle them on a daily basis & have never even had a close call.these arguments of yours are bs spouted by the anti-firearms rights crowd that do NOT know what they are mumbling about.the biggest travesties inflicted upon the American people were the gca68(modelled on the nazi gun ban which allowed the holocaust)by thomas dodd & the law in 1986 that was altered to ban any new machine guns in the country.chain gangs?they are a good idea,if you don’t want to be on a chain gang then don’t embark on criminal enterprises.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Guns from the First World War allowed Nazi street brigands to be armed and a threat to the public order. It was their threats and the violence that they authored which weakened the Weimar Republic. The masses were happy to vote for right-wing order, It was the greatest case of the “protection racket” in history.

          The Nazis actually liberalized gun ownership in the late 1930s for every citizen aside from Jews and lowered the age for when one could own a fire arm. if Jews would have been armed they would have been an iota safer for a tiny bit more time. Their families would have been hurt by collateral damage and, as good Germans they would have hardly resisted. Just imagine after all the anti-Semitic propaganda and stirred up hatred by your right-wing fellow travelers the affect on the average citizen, who was never friendly or comfortable with Jews. Let’s not forget Martin Luther and his virulent anti-Semitism when Jews refused to convert to his Protestant movement. Germany was a hot bed of hatred and an easy petrie dish for right-wing tactics of xenophobia and divide and conquer. The neighbors would have cheered when the Jews were dragged out. They would have been glad to see them go and they would have been anxious to dive the spoils. Just read Daniel Goldhagen’s book, “The Willing Executioners.” How are you faux storm troopers any different. Many of your are ex military, militarists at heart and old white racists. You are just itching for a fight, a Gotterdamerung.

          So in the middle of the night the Gestapo agents come and arrest Jews, and they fire back. One could just imagine the disruption and state crack down on other Jews. Kristalnacht resulted from when a young Jew shot a low level German consulate official in France.

          The specious ideas that guns could have saved to Jews is a farce. The idea that any lawless brigands here, of the right, or maybe the left, can resist law and order because of arms in the home is also moronic and a fantasy.

          Of course you anti-establishment, lowlifes, who deem yourself patriots are only farcical clowns parading as militiamen, but really only Black Shirts in your nativist hearts. Boy you folks must miss the old days when Fritz Kuhn and his Bundists were playing soldier in the fields of NJ or Madison Square Garden.

          You may think America will rally to your side, but it won’t. If you brigands ever get out of hand, you can wrap yourself in the flag and you’ll be buried without one. So grow up, and stop believing the South Will Rise Again! it won’t.

        • Jack Vier says:

          Were you born this stupid or did you go to a librial college to get there? Where the hell did you get your facts?.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Smarter than a AH – door knob like you! It seems they are facts not myth.

        • These “facts” are just a bunch of balony. Hitler disarmed the people before he started killing people, including the Jews. He had planned on taking over Switzerland and informed the Prime Minister to make sure the people didn’t have any guns. The Prime Minister asked him how many men he planned on sending over. When Hitler told him, the Prime Minister said he would have to tell his people that they would have to kill 2 Germans per person. Switzerland was left alone during WWII because they refused to give up their guns. Take your kool-aid and go back to quietly following your leader and leave us adults alone.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Do tell-dope-every dictator has disarmed their people, -what else is new? Brainiac what in hell does that have to do with America or Western democracies? During the Middle Ages they used the rack. At Agincourt the Brits won with the long bow. Yes, things have happened in the past! So what!

          Unfortunately we have a country awash in guns; legal, illegal and over-powering that are causing mayhem, murder, suicide and armed violence all over the place. Leaving arms in one’s home will allow the average citizen to theoretically able to protect themselves.

          The stats don’t lie, armed break-ins are rare, there were a handful of annual “legal” shootings of intruders by homeowners and the ratio of accidental deaths, suicides, fratricidal killings, made easier by guns in the home, dwarfed the homeowners (potentially) saved by their guns. The amount of folks protected by an AR 15, AK 47, Uzi, etc, are statistically meaningless.

          Therefore, the argument regarding home protection is vaguely debatable or moot. The issue here, and with Wayne LaPierre and Alex Jones and others, is the prevention of a government take over by dictatorial forces. Of course, that is a specious argument, and if in the most extreme possibility, the government evolved to that end, your guns would have no impact. There are too many gullible people watching Hollywood movies and buying into their concept of entertainment bolstered by fantasy.

          Creating extreme scenarios of doomsday events makes interesting copy for fictional entertainment, but I would rather see our government and are allies around the world, start to concentrate on asteroid intervention.

          The meteor blast over Russia, which happened miles above the Earth created a concussion that injured 1200 people. If that small meteor had actually made impact, and area the size of Chicago could have been destroyed.

          I suggest that the chance of a decent sized meteor or a small asteroid making impact on our planet are a lot greater than you being attacked in your home or the government being taken over by Stalin’s heirs.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Justices have had different theories and rulings than you have expressed. In fact, a court in the future may also have a different view. And you and your fellow traveler, gun nuts will have little say! TS!

          Your argument about an armed public being a bulwark against internal tyranny is specious, unfounded and dangerous. As to this current court, it excluded the militia from the intent of Amendment. Even they changed it.

        • texasfedupgramma says:

          I guess you think Obama’s liberal welfare slug supporters will be happy when he runs out of money to send them their “entitlement” checks. We, the conservative, taxpayers are funding this liberal BS. The 2nd. Amendment dosen’t need interpretation from some left wing Democrat…it is pretty simple and easy to understand. Oh, by the way, STUPIDER, is not a word!

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Seems it is in the dictionary and your name was prominently listed as a prime example!

        • Ron says:

          I’m not believing I spent 25 years in the army protecting idiots like you. You are not a liberal you are just a f##king communist. Keep on drinking that obama kool-aid and when you wake up in a communist country you will beg to be free again. America July 4, 1776 – January 20, 2008. RIP

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          You spent 25 years in the Army, on the taxpayer’s teet and haven’t learned a thing. You should have taken the GI Bill, another taxpayer benefit, and learned how to think. Any more moronic comments? By the way I’d love to know how you protected anyone? So we are all commies? Anything original?

        • Michigan_REB says:

          If it wasn’t for soldiers putting their lives on the line everyday morons like you wouold have been slienced years ago. Everything members of the milatary get they earned and then some. I think we should vote out of our country those who do not believe in the values of thise country. Start with Bloomberg land, Chicgo, and California. Consider there are 320million firearms in this country and growing. and that the violent crime rate is falling every year because people are abler to defend themselves if you want to be a victim by all meands feel free buty don’t expect the rest of us to do so. ANd I hope the supreme court find The foriegner in our White house ineligable to hod office3 and nullify everything he has done from day one and the box him up and ship him back to his granka in Kenya.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          More guns have not lowered crime. In the states with strict gun laws, crime has dropped, and the criminals with guns, got them from states with lax laws. In the states like Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, the murder rate and gun related crime is soaring.

        • RubyBlu says:

          Thank God we are in the majority – sorry for you and yours!

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          You think so!

        • patriot2 says:

          pencil neck nation,I’m sorry you misinterpreted my post like you did,as I was talking to draeh2020.the second amendment IS absolute & I believe everyone who is capable of or wants to exercise their rights under it should be able to without interference from people like you or the representatives in this country who work FOR US,the people.this country is a REPUBLIC,not a democracy,which means that just because the democrats are good at voter fraud does not mean they can usurp the rights of the rest of us just because they have morons such as yourself that want to take constitutional rights away from everyone else.if you don’t like my firearms you can go suck an egg because I don’t care.you have no real reason to fear that I will go after you or yours but I also promise not to interfere if someone is robbing or threatening you.you deserve it.actually if you’re one of those that thinks that I’m going to turn my firearms over you should be afraid,just let me know which one you are,preferably several hundred yards away so you won’t bleed on my property.

        • Jack Vier says:

          Let’s see fast and furious nut cases giving guns to drug cartels. That’s ok. Not responding when an ambassator calls for help. Yep that is real compassion for our citizens. Never is there a mention of the mental condition of these nutcases. How about going after the labs that manufacture the drugs for the mental patients?
          I could go on and on but you would not understand.
          One more thing if you think you can take my guns come on over and we will talk about it.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Speaking of Fast and Furious- you should read Fortune Mags (that commie rag) expose on the real truth-http://features.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2012/06/27/fast-and-furious-truth/ Maybe if a clod like you can read – this should be on your list!

        • draeh2020 says:

          Right you are patriot2. All libtards need to be charged with treason and hung.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          You call yourself an American, I’d say Nazi is much more accurate. Treason mind you! How about a straight jacket for you!

        • draeh2020 says:

          You are just another liberal fool following your leader off the cliff.

      • patriot2 says:

        hey pencil neck,sounds to me like you are just packed full of liberal B S.your comments praising the a s s hole in the black house makes you into an idiot.why don’t you go back to your anti-gun liberal welfare site so we don’t have to listen to your obama mouth.

      • Ed Scott says:

        The 2nd amendent does not vary from state to state. The 2nd amendment covers every state, and you can not cherry pick only the parts you like.

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          Patriot 2 and Ed Scott I am glad to see a direct and good comment come on here…thanks for keeping the watch! The plan simple fact is as said: The second amendment can no be changed…state laws may vary but no change of the second amendment!

      • Ann Rand says:

        You are from ovomit’s gutter.. Go back and swim with the other low lifes… Maybe he will crap on your head and you will feel blessed. Nobody here cares about your stupid opinions for they are just that STUPID OPINIONS……

      • Michigan_REB says:

        History shows that fascism was very pro gun control. Also people are charged everyday without a grand jury they are charged by the prosecuror for that jusrisdiction. And if New York City had an concern for the consitution they would have hung Bloomberg years ago. that man is the most facist leader in this country. If people don’t need guns why does he have them and his body gaurds have them? He is no better or more important than any on else.He can take hi s chances like everyone else is supposed to in his hello hole. Bad news the big apple is rotten to the core and he is a big part of the problem. he needs to learn he is an elected offical not king or NYC. If the people stood up to him once he would take his ball andx go home crying. He is a rich Bully. And every bully needs to have their nose bloodyed to lerarn.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          England has strict gun laws, gun deaths are very low, gangs have been disarmed effectively and they have had democratic government since Oliver Cromwell. Northern European governments have had strict gun control laws and have been democratic for 150 years.

          There will always be the potentiality of dictatorial rule in 3rd world countries beset with poverty. The policies of the Republican Party since Reagan have gutted the Middle Class and have dramatically increased poverty. The exporting of jobs, a tax system skewed to the rich, too big to fail, deregulation and lax over sight have widened the gap between rich and poor. The GOP support to the end of social safety nets has done more to increase class tensions, create stress and make life more dangerous at the margins.

          Universal ownership and carrying of guns will never cure those problems and make our society safer. Scapegoating Democrats as dictatorial communists is an empty and meaningless charge. It holds no water, no less any accuracy. But again, the numbers tell the tale, owning a gun creates a 27 to 1 chance that the gun owner will be killed by their own gun, as opposed to being killed by an outsider or on the street.

    • tim says:

      If illegal aliens receive amnesty in 10 to 20 years it won’t be unconstitutional, the 2nd amendment will be gone soon.

  10. Winghunter says:


  11. Lemrob says:

    Good time to recall all of them and appoint patriots that will work for its citizens.

    • Michigan_REB says:

      first inact term limits and that once they are out of office they get nothing no career politicans. Next inact real campaign funding reform. Only registered voters can contribute and only for candidates they can vote for. Limit it to $1000.00 per person per candidate. No corperate money, No pac money, No party money., and No outside money. that way the special iterest will lose their influence. This will force the politicans to be responsible to the poeple not the highest bidder. Every office should be subject to recall by the people including the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Since they recieve their authority from We the people not the other way around it’s time they learn that.

  12. since these laws are a violation of our Constitution, those legislators are guilty of treason against the U.S. The cops should arrest them, and not the citizens..

    • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

      Mr. Rozensweig respectfully…sir…that cry would have meant something 60 years ago….today it falls on the deaf ears of a government who pumps more than 2.3 trillion annually into the State Department give-aways and the United Nations some 380 odd programs. And how much are they investing in America????? Cops as a whole have become the administrations Zombies, and the Military has already begun questioning the faithfulness of troops to fire on “non-conformant US citizens”. You can not catch a turd after it has been flushed….this country was flushed long ago and Carter and the Clinton’s have signed the death certificate years ago!

      • The Red Neck Nation News says:

        Where did you get that idiotic figure of $2.3 trillion? You must of invented that! The whole budget expenditure of the US in fiscal 2012-3 about $3.8. Are you well, a failure at math or just a divisive liar? Which is it, AH?

        • Michigan_REB says:

          First problem with your logic is that the U.S. hasn’t had a budget in 4 years ever since the foriegner lied hs way into the white house. Second we are gone over 6 trillion in debt in just under 4 years. We shouold withhold all froiegn aid for 2 years except humanitatian things like helping natural disaster victims.Stop all funding for the UN perminately. It is nothing but a weapon for the thrid world.

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Talking about the debt like you even pay taxes,

          In the last 30 years President Reagan raised the National
          Debt , 189% from $818B to $2,698B. Bush 41 raised the debt 55%, Clinton 37% from $4,188B to $5,728B, Bush 43 raised the debt 86% and Obama raised it 35% (in the face of the greatest Recession since the Great Depression) from $10,627B to $14,288 B. Those are the numbers.

          Who has raised the debt the most? I am waiting to hear?

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Moron it has a budget every year! Why vote for it so the House can play its games?

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          If you would get your head out of you recktum and do some research and I am not talking about sitting on your computer and googling!!!!! real research!!!! You said it yourself lame brain “Budget” do you really think that that is the end of the grease ball???? So explain how we have expanded the deficit by over 6 trillion in the last four years????? What a brainer…..It is obvious that you are a Liberal plant working here on this site to throw innocent people off course…..the real figures always bring you people out of the wood work!!!! I hold several degrees and well noted….judging your use of the english language you probably only speak english and poor at that as well…and a deceptionist as many have quoted here in this chat!!!

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          To the Tales of Hoffman! I’ll repeat, in the last 30 years President Reagan raised the National Debt , 189% from $818B to $2,698B. Bush 41 raised the debt 55%, Clinton 37% from $4,188B to $5,728B, Bush 43 raised the debt 86% and Obama raised it 35% (in the face of the greatest Recession since the Great Depression) from $10,627B to $14,288 B. Those are the numbers math major. I’d worry more about how the money is spent. Europe has cut spending dramatically and they are in the midst of another recession. Cutting spending in a slow recovery won’t lower your taxes and will just throw mostly the military out of work. Most of our 4.48 million Federal workers are in the employ of the Defense Department, the VA and Home Land Security. So please articulate the cuts? Social Security, Medicare? They are funded separately by pay roll taxes. Where’s the beef? Put up or shut up!

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          And where did you get these figures…Directly from Al Gore or did you pull them off the internet???? Socialistic Communist Brainwashed Cyber Idiot….I figure sends all of you info to the circular file as a misrepresentation at best and a lie on the face of all matters…..The Federal reserve reports show that more money has been lost and printed in the last 6 years (especially the last four) than has been printed all together (value wise) since the formation of the Federal reserve (including electronic funds) And if Europe has cut spending as you quote then explain how Greece and Spain are in worst condition than they were a 1 year ago since the bailout?????? Explain why more than 60% of the worlds electronic transactions concerning government goes through of all places Cyprus???? I bet you never heard of trading debt either??? Dumb Cyber Idiot!!!

      • Doug Conner says:

        Lest you forget… Hitler did the same thing in 1930′s Germany that Boho the clown is doing now. Also remember that his first class of elite private soldiers, that answer only to the President graduated a few weeks ago. Many law enforcement officers will not follow a corrupt governments attempt to enslave the public. Nor will many in the military. Congress has no authority over these “Special” troops. It’s all there in the Health Care bill that no one in Congress bothered to read….both parties need to be cleansed of the leaches that “claim” to represent us.. Boho’s support comes from those on government welfare and the socialist elite. Their attempts to disarm America is fueled by tragic events that if the government hadn’t done away with mental health facilities are less likely to have happened. Sick people need help, but taking guns away from citizens wont change a thing. Nuts and criminals will always be with us, and they will always be armed regardless of any laws that these idiots pass. Read the history of “every” country that has instituted gun control and see the results…….

        • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

          Yes Doug more than true are your words….In fact the staggering figure is that more than 70 million people have died at the hands of government troops and state police since the actions of gun control have been enforced in all of those countries who have enforced that policy since 1936. In Africa the parade is still active and live….In Syria just 7 years ago they made crackdown….but Iraq and Iran with the Shiite Allies are keeping them in fresh supply of weapons….but the numbers are still stacking day by day.

    • The Red Neck Nation News says:

      That’s patently idiotic. Look in the mirror dope! Who are you to decide what violates the law no less the Constitution? Who appointed you, La Pierre?

      • patriot2 says:

        who appointed you to decide what’s unconstitutional?you’re an idiot for believing everything that obama & the liberals you elected tell you.why don’t you stick an anti-gun sign in your front yard so the armed criminals can find you easier(if you have a yard on what obama pays you for your vote).

      • Ed Scott says:

        And yet another 10 year old name calling bully. Usually Liberals make it through a few messages before resorting to name calling. You made it all the way to two.

  13. Rabelrouser says:

    My biggest concern about the rush to destroy the Second Amendment through this type of legislation, is that one person who will do something stupid out of anger towards those who will impose their will.
    The citizens need to stand fast, but not fire untill fired upon. Let those who want the control make the first move. Anything else plays right into their plan and feeds the narrative that they lay before the general citizenry. It give’s them “public sentiment” and sympathy for their move to disarm the citizenry. They own the narrative, through their propaganda arm, dont give them more “ammo” for their story.
    Peacefuly attempt to stop their movement, but let them “March (again) on Lexington”. Let them attack the citizens in their efforts, then the citizenry will see who the real victim is.
    Please heed these words!

    • The Red Neck Nation News says:

      Which way to Bunker Hill? You nut cake! The 2nd Amendment is not absolute, Scalia is 76 years old and by 2016 and further on your Justices will be retired, dead or even forgotten. The new Court will decide on your vision of absolutism!

      • Josiah Victor Hoffman says:

        My God I think he is also Kenyan! I would bet anything his “Name” is just a cover and he has no idea of where the term “redneck” even came from…good respectable hard working God fearing farmers of the south after the war of aggression….no resemblance to this character!!!! That is for sure!!!!!

      • Michigan_REB says:

        Love this country or get your A** out. don’t try to turn it into your warped communist utopia. Erope is prove it doesn’t work. England is prove that gun control is a failure their vilone crime rate went u[pp 4 times as high since they banned private gun ownership. where the violent crime rate here has fallen every year in the last 10. the freer the access to weapos the lower the crime rate. The strictest gun laws in the country is Chicgo which also happens to be the Murder capital or the country how do you explain the corrolation?

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          It is true that you are a functional illiterate who cannot spell or write a grammatically correct sentence and you are pontificating to me or anyone else. In NYC we have the strictest gun laws and had 414 murders in 2012, the lowest number since the early 1960s and almost all the guns found were tracked to the Iron Pipeline from cracker run South Carolina. In fact Texas and Louisiana, where gun laws hardly exist the gun violence is out of control. (By the way please explain, “England is prove”). By the way clod, street gang shootings have disappeared in London as ammunition has dried up!

          The U.S. has the highest rate of firearm deaths among 25 high-income nations. Another study concluded that among 36 high-income and upper-middle-income countries, the U.S. has the highest overall gun mortality rate. The overall firearm-related death rate among U.S. children under the age of 15 is nearly 12 times higher than that among children in 25other industrialized nations combined The firearm-related suicide rate for children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old in the United States is nearly 11 times higher than that in 25 other developed countries. Americans own far more civilian firearms – particularly handguns – than people in other industrialized nations and U.S.
          gun laws are among the most lax in the world.

          Living in a home where there are guns increases the risk of
          homicide by 40 to 170% and the risk of suicide by 90 to 460%.Guns kept in the home are more likely to be involved in a fatal or nonfatal unintentional shooting, criminal assault or suicide attempt than to be used to injure or kill in self-defense. Having a gun in the home is associated with an increased risk of firearm homicide and firearm suicide in the home, regardless of storage practice, type of gun, or number of guns in the home. Rather than conferring protection, guns in the home are associated with an increase in the risk of homicide by a family member or intimate acquaintance. The relative risk of
          dying from an unintentional gunshot injury is 3.7 times higher for adults
          living in homes with guns, with handguns in the home posing a particular threat. States with higher rates of household firearm ownership have significantly higher homicide victimization rates. People who keep a gun in their home are almost twice as likely to die in a gun-related homicide and 16 times more likely to use a gun to commit suicide than people without a gun in their home. A study of firearm storage patterns in U.S. homes found that “[o]f the homes with children and firearms, 55% were reported to have one or more firearms in an unlocked place,” and 43% reported keeping guns without a trigger
          lock in an unlocked place. A recent study on adult firearm storage practices in U.S.homes found that over 1.69 million children and youth under age 18 are living in homes with loaded and unlocked firearms.

          Keeping a firearm unloaded and locked, with the ammunition stored in a
          locked location separate from the firearm, significantly decreases the risk of suicide and unintentional firearm injury and death involving both long guns andhandguns. These safe storage measures serve as a “protective effect” and assist in reducing youth suicide and unintentional injury in homes with children and teenagers where guns are stored. The presence of unlocked guns in the home increases the risk not only of accidental gun injuries but of intentional shootings as well. One study found that more than 75% of the guns used in youth suicide attempts and unintentional injuries were stored in the residence of the victim, a relative, or a friend.

      • Wayne_1958 says:

        Hey red, Where did you get your constitutional law degree ? From MTV ? Who do you and yours think you are to tell people what to do with things they worked for ? Do you pay our bills or mortgages ? Until you do keep your punk a__ mouth talking about things you know something about like smoking dope !

        • The Red Neck Nation News says:

          Listen dirt bag, no one is telling you what to do and you have no right to threaten the public safety with your ideas of Dodge City redux. Accusations about smoking, being a punk, etc, beg the issue, guns threaten the public safety and don’t enhance it. Getting illegal guns off the streets is in the paramount interest of all sane people. Getting guns out of the hands of psychos like you and the other wing nuts can’t hurt either. The chances that you will be offed by one of your kids is 20 to 1 over you get killed at a Dunkin Donut. So lock your ammo up and stop eating donuts. That gut you are carrying is a much greater threat to your meager existence than the nut next store.

        • Wayne_1958 says:

          Do you know me? are you a stalker red ? how do you know what my gut looks like ? You call me a Psycho. Your kind, All demoncrats are the ones killing innocent people NOT CONSERVATIVES all of the latest mass murderers were lefties including the fired LA police officer! You should do some research before you start pointing fingers goofy . And how in the heck do I threaten public safety ? I am on the side of law enforcement officers and would do anything within my power to protect civilians or law enforcement officials from harm. Until you have something intelligent to say go back to eating your hemp brownies and licking your boyfriends panties pervert .

  14. Paula says:

    This is how that “law” should read:

    Any GANG MEMBER who, prior to the effective date of this law, IS illegally in possession of an assault weapon,or large capacity magazine, OR A HAND GUN shall have ninety days from such effective date to TURN IT IN OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES.

    • Rita Snipes says:

      Paula, You are right!! Any criminal period doesn’t care WHAT the “Law” says!

      • Paula says:

        Thanks Rita, I don’t know if any administration (and especially this one) thought gangs were a danger to the public! I know there has been a “war on poverty” and there are cop gang details in every major city…but nothing has curtailed the gangs activities or the slums and ghettos they come from..if anything, the muslims & illegals have created more!

    • Ed Scott says:

      Good luck with that one. Since when do gang bangers obey laws?

  15. Mike Evans says:

    These idiots need to be educated as to what is a true assault weapon. Assault weapons are fully automatic and are already illegal to own. Bills like this should not even be brought up for a vote because they are unconstitutional. The law maker should be removed from office asap.

    • Ed Scott says:

      Fully automatic weapons have been illegal to own since 1934. Liberals call anything a assault weapon. It makes them sound more “scary.”

      • The Red Neck Nation News says:

        It was smart then and smarter now! Trusting crazies like you with anything more than a water pistol or your pe-ker is a danger to all of us.