FaceBook Suspends Two Tea Party Moms for Expressing Conservative Views

In at least the second such encounter in recent weeks, the social media website Facebook has run into issues with conservatives posting information that has caused the site to block Tea Partiers from posting–at least temporarily.

Now, Facebook blocked two stay-at-home Tea Party moms from posting material that’s pro-conservative and critical of liberals including President Barack Obama, Breitbart News has learned. The two moms–Patty and Lisa (they requested Breitbart News not use their last names, as they have “received death threats on our page and would prefer to remain somewhat anonymous”)–have had some issues with regard to posting materials that have gotten caught up in Facebook’s web, starting as early as October 2012.

Then, Patty posted a Breitbart News article, and the photograph contained within the article, on their “100 Percent FED Up” page. The article and photograph were about Rapper Snoop Dogg, and how he tweeted out a picture of a handwritten note containing reasons why somebody should vote for President Barack Obama for re-election.

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25 comments on “FaceBook Suspends Two Tea Party Moms for Expressing Conservative Views
  1. allen goldberg says:

    Why does this surprise anyone. LIBTARDS refuse to ever listen and always call anyone who disagrees crazy, tea bagger etc., censorship is just another form of this ‘shut up’ mentally ill thinking!!

  2. skip classon says:

    these damn worms are scared to post a conservitive opinions because we conservitive chrishtains are always right,we never lie,steal,cheat,nor are we racists like those democrate progressive communists,

  3. Russ Wickstrom says:

    Boycotts do not seem to work in this type of thing, since they don’t really want to hear our opinions. As a business owner, I could choose not to advertise on Facebook, but this, too, is imperfect since so many potential customers are there.

    There are no simple answers. The best response is probably using several social media platforms in conjunction in order to develop a united conservative force which could then begin to counter the Keynesian economic distortions and begin to apply market based pressures.

    This will not be an easy fight…but we can still win it…

  4. Robert Norwood says:

    Their problem is they did not camouflage it as porn, gay or otherwise, trash or any other worthless garbage. This happens a lot. I could care less about Facebook and happy to drop my membership whenever the other 90,000 or so non-mentally retarded, socially normal folks get on board. Are ready or should we just antagonize them for a while?

  5. Maynard says:

    I have asked the question many times, what is the most important thing in your live: Freedom or money. Money creates power which in turn creates tyranny. If aquired honestly and used compassionatly, it can be a very helpful thing in a free world. There would be no tyranny and without tyranny we would be free. So the evils of money must be nipped in the bud. Our present sociaist economic form of big government isn’t doing that. It is creating more evil. Only the good people in our society can see this, so what are those people who run the government and the politics of the land? Have they no shame? I would guess that if Jesus was to stand before us, looking our among the masses, he would probably place his handsd on his hips, shake his head, and turn his back upon all of us; then rise up into the clouds and shout out to all those souls in the ground and water and those worthy believers among us and take us into the clouds with him, then pointing a sword toward earth direct us to kill all those evil souls of satan below, until the rivers run with blood. Then later we will all be judged.
    What end of the sword do you want. Those who sit back and say nothing or do nothing in the face of evil are responsible for the existance of evil. Someone once said something like, “Evil reigns when the good do nothing.” ~ Don’t Tread On Me!
    Maynard Merrell

  6. Dave P. says:

    No one’s required to stay on Facebook. Cancel your accounts, stop sending them advertising revenue, and hit them where it hurts: their bank accounts.

  7. Tony Ruiz says:

    I quit taking facebook seriously about 6 mos ago. That pimple faced kid got it wrong being a little lord fauntleroy over millions of people. I pulled all my serious stuff off and don’t take the little novelty for any more than an occasional gathering around the water dispenser. One of these might do better if it were called Arrowhead or Sparkletts, especially with no political axe to grind…especially a liberal one. Tell me, what’s liberal about liberals…NOTHING

  8. im4us says:

    Mine….deleted! A social network NOT alowing free speech..not for me! Its really a stupid place to spend your time anyway. I hope it crashes like myspace! Its all just a place for them to “spy” on you anyway…social networks suck! ALL of them!

  9. Robert Macfarlane says:

    I was banned from Huffington Post for exactly the same reason.

  10. Evermyrtle says:

    With all the evil that Facebook supports, and I feel most people are familiar with these things, why do so many people hang out with it.?? I do not not understand this ignorance.

  11. RobinPC says:

    I do not do Facebook, and it ticks me off a lot when some of the other conservative news outlets DEMAND that I register with Facebook, or Google or some other social network before I can give a “like” or thumbs down, or make a comment. My future comments will not be seen because I do not want to be a part fo any social network that receives its marching orders, or gives my data to the “honest government” that we do NOT have.

  12. Barb Patton says:

    Why does this not surprise me? The man that started Facebook is far far away living on an island somewhere because he must have known that george soros and the government would become moles for the muslim/leftist government that we are now saddled with. God help America


    I bought Facebook at $41.50 in the opening stock offer, I was scammed along with thousands of other investors, Zuckerberg should have been prosecuted but the SEC was mum on the offering.another Obama stooge that wasn;t investigated.

  14. Paul E Taylor Jr says:

    I have been in the Facebook penalty box 2 times, once for 2 weeks the second time was for 60 days. The reason? Said I was posting spam when in fact was posting conservative articles and views. Facebook CEO is an Obama supporter and makes no bones about it

  15. Mary says:

    Why not post on Tea Party Community. The new alternative to Facebook.

    Especially caters to Conservatives bullied on Facebook by Liberals.