Obama: After Prayer Breakfast I Go Watch Cable and Forget About Praying

President Barack Obama said Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., that “everything we’ve been talking about … at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten – on the same day as the prayer breakfast.”

“I do worry sometimes that as soon as we leave the prayer breakfast, everything we’ve been talking about the whole time at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten – on the same day as the prayer breakfast. You’d like to think that the shelf life wasn’t so short. I go back to the Oval Office, and I start watching the cable news networks, and it’s like we didn’t pray,” Obama said.

This is the president’s fifth prayer breakfast. The National Prayer Breakfast began in 1953 and is a series of meetings, luncheons and dinners. Every president since Dwight Eisenhower has taken part in the event.

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48 comments on “Obama: After Prayer Breakfast I Go Watch Cable and Forget About Praying
  1. Vincent says:

    I am not a big fax of Obama. But, the title of your article distorts what he said.

  2. Tara says:

    What seems to be forgotten is that prayer is directed toward The Lord and he isn’t capable of forgetting. Prayer isn’t talking…Obama says “everything we talked about at breakfast.” We’ll maybe that’s the problem quit talking and start praying. Don’t worry Obama The Lord is still in control!

  3. maccaferri says:

    This is nothing new….this jerkwad lip services everything (and everyone) about the office…..show up (if absolutely necessary), blatherspeak, get back to stealing asap

  4. Guest says:

    This man is not a Christian.

  5. Tara says:

    The title is taking a little liberty but what Obama actually said is worse. Prayer has a shelf life? What God does he serve? Not the God of the bible. Where is his faith? In Cable news? It doesn’t make any sense. Why does he “worry” that prayers will be forgotten? Does cable measure God’s faithfulness?

  6. Rog363 says:

    I’m sure he would hope that what The Doctor, who spoke at the prayer meeting, said would be forgotten by anyone who had watched. I don’t believe Obama liked what the Doctor had to say about the handling of many things by this regime, I usually say Administration, but I believe Hitler’s group was called a regime and Obama’s group is acting very much like Hitler’s group thus the word regime comes instantly to mind.

  7. Boz says:


  8. maccaferri says:

    well of course! easy to forget, since it’s nothing at all like the prayer baracko was born and raised with – you know, the wailing ‘call to prayer’, the rugs, facing east, and all that Islamic ritual…c’mon man! don’t play dumb!


    who cares what he does, some PR people are trying to show his human side, but the real Obama has surfaced too many times I still dont trust him and furthermore I dont recogonize him as my President and never will.

  10. R. Neville says:

    O’Bumble clearly did not like what Dr. Carson had to say. Not ONCE during the speech did he applaud, and was barely able to put his evil hands together when the speech was over. What he heard was an amazing black man who took responsibility, became crazy successful as Head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, and didn’t take handouts. He was the antithesis of everything O’Bumble stands for. Compared to him, O’Bumble is a shallow drone, a waste. Believe me, if O’Bumble was even half awake he was seething at Carson’s words. And believe me, whomever invited him to speak will suffer for it, if not overtly, then covertly.


    now their trying to show Obamas human side, all dictators try this, they showed Hitler picking flowers with a little girl, Stalin embracing a peasant, Mussolini helping a famer make cheese, even Idi Amein was filmed crying at a funeral. well I still dont trust Obama and i’ll never recognize him as my President. hes as dangerous as ever.

  12. Mona says:

    I agree with Vincent. I am not an Obama fan either but the title of the article distorts what he said. We must remember there is hatred on both sides of the aisle and and one is trying to out do the other.

  13. Drink says:

    Philosophizing. And making general comments on the “collective we”. And assuming that what he does personally is what the rest of the country is doing. Very disgusted that he presumes to speak for the country, and that the media presumes such also.

    Who gave the order to “Stand down” in Benghazi?

  14. max says:

    Not even a America.

  15. Gladiator says:

    The truth of the matter is that the President is really an illegal adopted immigrant and since he is not an American and does not respect any thing that does deal with what a true American is.
    The Doctor told him as it was but the problem is that since he does not have his teleprompter and his socialist media friends there he didn’t know what to answer.
    What can true Americans expect from a fraudulent, Illegal immigrant as President?