Obama Shrunk Private Sector Jobs by 8.5 Million

RUSH: Did you know that the unemployment rate went up last month?  They just announced that today.  It went up from 7.8% to 7.9%.  But the Drive-Bys are not reporting that.  The Drive-Bys are all reporting the number of jobs created.  That number, 157,000.  They’re saying that the unemployment rate going up, that’s a statistical anomaly.  It’s not really relevant.  What’s happening out there is that despite the best efforts of the Republicans in December to crash this economy, despite the best efforts of the Republicans to kill this country with all their spending cuts in December, the president persevered and created 157,000 jobs.

That would be in January after Republicans tried to kill the economy in December.  The president came through 157,000 jobs.  Unemployment rate did go up, but you’re not supposed to pay any attention to that.  You’re also not supposed to pay any attention to this.  While 157,000 jobs are being created, 169,000 people left the workforce.  Yeah, that got your attention, didn’t it?  Gazing off watching CNN or something, and you heard me say that, and you said, “Whoa.”  That’s right, 157,000 jobs created; 169,000 people left the workforce, meaning they stopped looking for work.  In a recovery.  They gave up looking for work.  That means they are not counted in the unemployment numbers.

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31 comments on “Obama Shrunk Private Sector Jobs by 8.5 Million
  1. A cult, yes, a dem-cult of hijackers, is now conducting a (hijacking-in- progress).

  2. Retro Ranger says:

    If it was not for the oil and gas industry, it would be over 10%.

    • emjay98 says:

      But Obama is trying to stop oil and gas production here in the states. So that is probably going to hurt us some more.

  3. Babsan says:

    Good job by a Dictator

  4. Stealth says:

    OBAMA-BOTS will believe ANYTHING because they’re MOSTLY morons and idiots..

  5. These figures are not accurate, as many have run out of benefits and no longer have jobs. And the only new jobs are government jobs at the IRS which the tax-payers pay for. The IRS is not a private company they are the long arm of the federal government which WE THE PEOPLE pay.

  6. Bay0Wulf says:

    Bu … Bu … But …. UNEMPLOYMENT is SHRINKING!!! The UNEMPLOYMENT Rate is CLEARLY DROPPING!!! The economy IS coming back, IS getting better!

    WE HAVE TURNED A CORNER in our crisis.

    Are You Vomiting Yet?!?!

  7. timeiznow says:

    Hopefully, some of those people left to start their own businesses. I don’t know how you can track that. Then again, some may have left for govt jobs. If you can’t beat em…join em mentality.

  8. Joanne Long says:

    Where do the liberals think this will lead them to also? Idiots

  9. unfortunately, the dumbmASSES in this country are too busy with reality tv shows to really learn what is actually going on right in front of them!

  10. obama is nothing but a destroyer!

  11. ketrout says:

    I hope that the 8.5 million are all Obama’s voters, for thanks to them voting for Obama in 2008 and 2012 allowed him to steal this election. Obama is destroying our once great country.


    • The GOP has to get its act together with a forward looking message…Let’s start with Romney’s “Believe in America” and not allow Obama’s slanderous gangs and his new politcal 501c4 nonprofit (his former campaign teams) to define the GOP as the party of NO and wanting to throw grandma over the cliff. As a Precinct Chair I was amazed at the confusion among Republican voters! GOP conservatives and old guard need to come together. Stay out of the “social justice” issues! It’s about economics and the Constitution for our Republic! Then individuals can have their own beliefs!

      • 1American1st says:

        The GOP’s Amnesty Caucus Raises the White Flag

        Friday – February 1, 2013 at 3:33 am

        By Patrick J. Buchanan

        On Monday, Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio emerged with an offer of a Republican surrender to Barack Obama.

        We will accept amnesty for 11 million illegal aliens, said the four, but you must get serious about securing the border against yet another invasion. Only after an independent commission agrees the border has been secured will the 11 million be given green cards and put on a path to citizenship.

        The next day in Las Vegas, Obama, reveling in victory, instructed the four waving their white flags that the defeated do not dictate terms.

        Get cracking on comprehensive reform now, Obama instructed Marco and John, or I send my own bill to the Hill, granting amnesty to every illegal alien, with no preconditions. Putting the 11 million illegal aliens on a path to U.S. citizenship should begin not after the border is better secured, but the day the bill is signed.

        In a pointed lecture to Rubio, the Great Hispanic Hope of the GOP, Obama said, “We have done more on border security in the last four years than we have done in the previous 20.”

        A graduate of the Saul Alinsky school, Obama can smell the defeatism in the Republican Party. And he knows how to treat supplicants begging for a fig leaf to cover the nakedness of their capitulation.

        But why are the Republicans surrendering their “no amnesty” stand, which has been party policy since America rallied to the GOP’s opposition to amnesty in 2007, when a national grass-roots uprising routed McCain, Teddy Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush himself?

        McCain fears the future. We got 27 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2012, and the reason is our position on illegal aliens, he argues. Until we get this behind us, we will never again get the 40 percent of the vote Bush got. Either we capitulate to Obama and La Raza, or we are doomed.

        Why is McCain wrong?

        He is wrong on principle. Should a majority of women tell pollsters they are against overturning Roe v. Wade, does the party abandon its pro-life stand and cease calling for Supreme Court justices who might overturn Roe?

        What kind of party is that? What kind of people do that?

        Who thought in 2007 we could rout the establishment of both parties?

        Washington is not invincible. But you cannot rally the people if you are not prepared to lead and fight.

        Republican capitulation on amnesty is not going to win Hispanic votes, but it will demoralize the party base. McCain, the amnesty champion today and in 2007, got 31 percent of the Hispanic vote against Obama.

        Why is he an expert on what the party should do?

        When those 11 million illegals have completed their path to citizenship and become voters, why should they, or the millions more family members they will have brought in by then, vote for the GOP? Hispanics are not small-government people. They believe in and benefit disproportionately from Big Government.

        Some 53 percent of Hispanic children are born out of wedlock, and 52 percent of Hispanic families are headed by single women.

        Big Government provides their kids with Head Start before school, free K-through-12 schooling, Pell Grants and student loans for college, and two or three free meals a day at school for the kids.

        Big Government provides food stamps, welfare for mom and earned income tax credit checks should she work. Big Government subsidizes her housing and provides free health care for the family through Medicaid.

        A Pew Hispanic poll found that by 3-to-1, Hispanics would favor a big government with more services to a small government with fewer services.

        Why would these folks vote for a Republican Party that promises to downsize the Big Government upon which they depend for sustenance, security and survival? Why would they vote for a party that is going to cut capital gains, income and inheritance taxes they don’t pay?

        The 11 million illegals, who came with nothing, are poorer than the Hispanics who are already citizens.

        When we make citizens of them and the family members they bring in, our welfare state will explode and the social safety net will sag under the weight of millions of new beneficiaries.

        Republicans win between 27 and 40 percent of the Hispanic vote. Add 10 million new Hispanic voters, and Democrats will realize a net gain of 2 to 4 million new voters.

        There goes the Southwest, and there goes the presidency, forever.

        Amnesty would be the greatest victory for mass lawbreaking in U.S. history. It would reward those who broke our laws and make fools of those who waited in line back home to come to America.

        And this is about more than economics. It is about our sovereignty, our security, our national culture and our national identity.

        This fight is not yet lost, and even should we lose, is it not better to go down fighting than to ask for terms from Barack Obama?

  12. Donald York says:

    Their Dogs are out saying it is Bush’s fault again, and the uninformed crowd are believing it. Amazing!

  13. Mary says:

    The true unemployment rate is 23%!

  14. Dreamer says:

    More folks for the Obama to put on the government dole. This in turn makes them democrat voters. No democrats in charge, no more handouts. The man has a plan and it ain’t pretty.

  15. 1American1st says:

    If they reported the REAL unemployment rate it would probably be 3 – 5 times higher than the fuzzy math 7.9% figure.
    Since when did people moving from Unemployment to Disabilty benefits lower the Unemployment figure?
    Since when did people dropping off the Unemployment rolls by “giving up looking for a job” and moving to Welfare affect the Unemployment figure?
    These people need to get real & figure out the REAL Unemployment figures. Oops! Can’t do that! The American people would probably all get together, go to Washington & throw every politician out into the street! Better keep it a secret.