Eric Holder Bypasses Congress on Gun Control

According to reports, Attorney General Eric Holder has begun the implementation of three gun control measures related to President Obama’s Jan. 16 executive orders.

These deal with information sharing, background checks, and name registries. Holder’s action on them appears to be part of a two pronged approach where he pushes certain measures behind the scenes while Congress considers other measures Obama suggested.

The first of these gun control measures would “expand access to information on gun permits to American Indian law enforcement agencies,” the second would “allow law enforcement to access the FBI’s national criminal database to conduct background checks on people they’re transferring weapons to,” and the third measure “would authorize the FBI to retain records on denied firearms transactions in a separate database for longer than 10 years.”

The last proposal is especially irksome, as it increases the amount of time the government can hold on to information acquired through certain background checks. In this way, it allows the creation of a de facto registry of people who have tried unsuccessfully to buy guns, and it’s just common sense that this information could easily be misused.

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159 comments on “Eric Holder Bypasses Congress on Gun Control
  1. R says:

    How long does the FBI currently hold onto information of approved gun transfer background checks?

    • JJM123 says:

      ?? From the article, I would guess they can hold the data for up to 10 years.
      From an earlier article I got the impression that background check info was held in non-digital form on paper and/or microfilm, the limit set by congress many years ago. If the government is acting according to law, at least we supposedly are somewhat protected from a comprehensive Confiscation list – but stay alert!!!

  2. jong says:

    Of course we have expected this. It is time to ignore anything coming out of the White House as any kind of law(which it is NOT). Obama has committed treason once again while adding a notch to his pistol. Lets us hope the Sheriffs will stand firm denying him any real results from his temper tantrum.

    • James Tibbs says:

      If we start abiding by these wims thrown out there by Holder,the gun runner, or the illegal immigrant Obama, they become looked upon as a precedent and soon will become law. In government if they want to start a new law, or regulation, and people start making decisions based upon these phony laws, and no one contests it, they will use the excuse, “he set a precedent”. Congress would do well to start impeacment proceedings against Holder, and Obama, because it would be better than civil unrest, and riots.

      • CheeseandRice says:

        I understand what you wrote James, but I don’t think this mess of a country will ever get better unless we take it to extremes. Don’t sweat the riots, they will burn out pretty quick, oncw the guvmint checks stop, food dries up and their ammo is gone.
        We Patriots will need to seek out every commie/progressive/global elite, whatever you want to call them, pull them out of their positions of pwoer and influence and render them completely powerless.
        Ridding the body politic of the cancer is the only way it can be saved.

      • don says:

        no one wiil touch that word impeach, . there is coming a time real soon when the brave talkers will have to stand or follow the sheep

  3. Dingbat36 says:

    Laws are made by the LEGISLATIVE branch of government,,,,,,,,,,,,a member of which Holder ain’t! Any “regulations, rules or laws” suggested or adopted by Holder are therefore unconstitutional and NOT binding on any State or citizen.

    • ESQ says:

      We have got to impeach these people some how . I don’t see any of our reps standing up.I’ sorry but I’m lost of words!

      • RobinPC says:

        Impeach using precious metals. May I suggest lead?

      • Pam Peck says:

        Impeach is too kind. They all need to be tried for treason.

      • don says:

        there comes a point where talk is useless we are there. action is needed. draw the line an lets go

        • Donald York says:

          By reading these posts, it is crystal clear to me that ALL patriots are being driven to the same thoughts, and that is to storm Washington and take over our Government. It’s also clear that our Congress is sitting idly by and letting this Dictator do these damages to our country. I do believe that the tipping point will be in the summer of 2015. Obama would then declare Martial Law that would void all elections,(the socialists have taken over the ballot boxes), and he could sail right through the 2016 elections and declare himself ruler of the USA. There are more evil sources within our Government than all our enemies of the world. Time to wake up.

        • Swaff says:

          They are moving to fast for us to wait util 2015, we are now reading about the Obama administration selling aircraft to Egypt, sensitive technology to China and something else everyday and the house who appropriates spending does nothing..He is destroying this Country and if we want to save it, then time is running out.

        • NHMI says:

          Selling them jets? They are GIVING them 20 of them for free! which makes tons of sense since the Muslim Brotherhood is just a giant Al Quaeda….so we are at war with them so lets give em a country, an army and a bunch of brand new fighter jets….makes tons of sense…

        • theodorej says:

          Very clever deal ???? Do not forget …. They will need spare parts and skill level to keep them flying…. Short term threat …. Long term debacle..

        • NHMI says:

          Don’t forget Obama selling high quality land to China in exchange for more loans…

        • theodorej says:

          Thats great !! Can they take it home to China….. I can remember when the Japanese did the same kind of real estate deal…. What matters is what they do with land …if they are striping our natural resources this transaction is treasonous…

        • LEE says:

          Yes, that is what they are doing. Beijing has been developing a proposal in which real estate on American soil owned by China would be set up as ‘development zones’ to establish Chinese-owned businesses and bring in its citizens to the U.S. to work.

        • NHMI says:

          It is refreshing to see people are realizing this…for the last couple years I was the only one I saw pointing out how bad things were and how drastic the measures to fix this really are….I am glad to see a lot of people are coming to the same conclusion…this problem can’t be solved by elections since the Congress and the Fed have become so corrupted….it needs to be stripped away and Congress shouldn’t get paid at all, then they wont just sit around thinking up ways to destroy our freedom…and they need to stick to their 18 enumerated powers and stay out of everything else…
          Anyone else think it is silly we give other countries billions in aid when we are broke and they still hate us after we help them?? ALL aid to everywhere need to end…the world is NOT our responsibility….what made us special was we were NOTHING like the rest of the countries in the world….Progressives need to be banned from public service so we never get here again after it is rebuilt…

        • mallen11 says:

          You were not the only one.

        • mallen11 says:

          Congress is in his pocket or scarred to death that he might do something to them or they might lose all that money and power they have over us. We know they have the power to deal with him but choose to do nothing. Of course the Senate will not approve his impeachment or treason so why bother? We are in a sad state of being in this country and only God can deal with the problem — if we let Him.
          1 Cor 2:5…so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God

      • roy207a says:

        I thought that this country was a goverment of the people,by the people and for the people.So why cant we FIRE their asses if they are not working for the good of all,not just themselves.They were put in there to do the will of the people not Odumbos.Come on America,how much more do we have to take,Lets roll and start cleaning house and kick them to the curb and put some decent folks in place of them.Remember they are supposed to work for us,not the other way around.

        • lasercad says:

          The only way to fire them is through elections. Unfortunately, many of your fellow citizens are now scumbags on the government dole. They will vote for any scoundrel that offers them more free stuff. Unless we can somehow deny these useless humans, the right to vote, then we are at their mercy. People depending on the taxpayer dollars for support, SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED TO VOTE. It’s just common sense that they will always vote for more taxpayer dollars.

        • foxmulder says:

          47 Million on food stamps and that number keeps growing. Those slimballs don’t want to risk losing their food stamps and other welfare benefit. Thats how Obama stole the election along with other voter laws that his party violated.

        • They have rigged the Elections so elections is no longer an option for “We the People”

        • theodorej says:

          In defense of the profhalatic citizenry…. you forgot stupid as being a demanding requisite…

        • June Gagnon says:

          Perhaps we should conduct a “pink slip campaign”; address each individually, tell each one they are fired, as of “this very moment”- -wonder how they would react if each one received a few million “pink slips”!

      • Retro Ranger says:

        I guess our Rep’s left their balls at home as well as their guns.

    • junkmailbin says:

      true, but it takes about a year for the court case. Than there is the appeal and of course the non elimination of all records generated.

    • don says:

      guess you miss the first 4 years nothing has changed

    • RLM357 says:

      The same applies to this Impostor POTUS ! ~Rick Magee, FL * See ya ign the 84 Rex Camps

    • Michael g. says:

      You hit that one with a “sledge hammer!”

  4. DockyWocky says:

    Would anyone agree that these cheeky SOBs have established a pattern of simply ignoring the rules established by the Constitution?

    Before they succeed in overturning everything about our supposed form of government, wouldn’t it be prudent to blow both Holder and King Obama out of the water?(Figuratively, of course.) Heh-heh!

  5. N.R.A. says:

    This is not right, but just another back door policy that no one wants. Why doesn’t Holder just leave like some of the others. Oh Dah I forget he’s Pres. Obama’s stooge.

  6. juanitachristensen says:

    F*** Obama,pelvis,emanuel,reed.
    Impeach them all immediately.

    • johnkohlenberg says:

      There should be no job that you can not be fired from. Not even the president. If you don’t do your job or uphold your oath then fire them.

      • If you get a Job by Fraud , You should be gone. And charges Filed ,,, What is wrong with our Republican Party ,This they should be investigating and Congressional hearings , Of course if they are affraid to ask Tough Questions, It’s another waste of tax payer Tax payer dollars,, In Ohio we had about 20 days to vote and there were people bragging they had voted every day and they had help because they could not read Or write English!!!

  7. singer23 says:

    We have an administration out of control! Obama and the Democrats are destroying our freedom and tearing up the Constitution and using it for toilet paper! Holder is a white hating racist, he has the full support of Obama, who agrees with him! America is being transformed into a Zimbabwe style government! The MSM is compliant and is slanting the news to obfuscate the illegal edicts foisted upon the American people, remember, he did not receive a, “Mandate,” like he believes he did, he only won by a mere 3 million votes ( he only won the States where photo ID’s were not required!) The millions of people who did not vote for him, seem not to have anything to say! We are not being listened to, we have no representation in this government! The Republican Party has all but disappeared or has nothing to say! Obama only obeys the laws that support his agenda, if they don’t he ignores them! We are living in the 1930′s Germany and he is, Hitler!

    • Remington 870 says:

      You are absolutely correct. When has America ever had such a divisive president who works our country like some back-room dog fighting goon..pitting Americans against each other and watching with glee. Obama is no decent American nor qualifies for president, yet he shows continued hatred toward this country and nothing is being done by any of our elected Congressman or Senators. They are whimps.

      • James Tibbs says:

        You won’t see or hear any of them say anything or do anything against this usurper. It’s as if they are afraid for their life, and the saftey of their family. From where I stand they, the democrats, and the communist/democratic caucus, and yes the republicans are all complicit, in all of the criminal violations commited by this president.

      • don says:

        my man 870 when do you think we will get tired of saying what needs to be done> no one but us is listening an we have heard it all.our repulacans are scared to death of the marixs. i’m 70 years old an i am tired of talk no one listons. only we can change this. do you understand.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Roger that fellow patriot. Most of us feel like John the Baptist, only the wilderness hears our anguish. Washington is full of political whores and working ones too. I read that there are more prostitutes in DC than Nevada.

      • United we stand, divided we fall…….

    • James Tibbs says:

      Well said, and here we are letting polititions decide whether or not we need the second amendment, or need a gun for the protection of our family, and our possesions. At the same time they have armed protection for themselves, and their family 24/7′s, at our expense. At this moment, I’m watching the communist Senator Grassley, speaking from the senate, and they, the gun haters/constitution haters have Gabby Gifford, and her husband there. Gabby could hardly talk, and sounded like a little girl, it’s sad that the democrats would go to such extreems. This whole thing is about control, of the masses, and fear for their saftey for what they are doing to the people of this country with their backroom deals, and horse trading, at the expense of every man women and child in this country, except them and theirs.

  8. 12345bda says:

    What did we expect from holder???

  9. Shorty Stuff says:

    EriK “Fast and Furious” Holder carrying out unconstitutional laws, created out of thin air by an illegal immigrant unconstitutional president who thinks he is our dictator, and not being called down by Congress or the courts, has turned the US into a banana republic. States need to rebel.

  10. Let the fukka’s do what they will I got mine and willin to use if it comes down to it..The revolution grows closer and closer..

    • don says:

      you can belive that to stop them WE will be the ones but not sure if we are up to it this country will not last to even the mid terms correction must be done soon

  11. Gary Mallast says:

    Obama is the master. Holder is only the servant.

    Someone needs to remind Obama what happened to England’s Charles I for trying to govern without Parliament.

    The hubris of the President and his cronies is such they are going to self-destruct and probably soon.

  12. Remington 870 says:

    Mohammed Holder is an outlaw and should be ignored. Law abiding Americans should give Holder the middle finger and do nothing supporting anything from his mouth.

  13. Vette66 says:

    But you must understand that BO wants to be President for life like Castro and Chavez and will do what he needs to do to get there. Otherwise why would he have so many anti-Americans working for him. Also, all the anti-Americans in Congress does help him. What about all the black “Reverends” that preach “hate the white man”. Now the anti-Americans what the 2 term limit for the President changes to what? Three terms, unlimited terms. Yep, I think BO wants the life time appointment (election) set up for him.

    • ongelofelijk says:

      Napoleon did away with the monarchy in France, but did not waste time to crown himself emperor! Perhaps Obama is inspired after he read some history books during is Hawaii vacation! Not King Obama but Emperor Obama of the Divided States of America (“DSA”) and do away with the United States of America!

  14. regulus30 says:

    this IS NOT GOING TO END until we the people drag the communist bigots out in the streets and meat hookem…..Mussilinni

    • it’s going to take a real effort to get the people Upset enough to do some thing,, Joe McCarthy we need you back ,, Joe Arpaio would make a great Leader,, Ran Paul and Marceo Rubio are on the right team , NRA has a lot of work to do

  15. ladyceo says:

    Bypassing Congress is a very bad habit of this admin and needs to be stopped!! Who will do it????