Mayor Bloomberg: Guns for Me, Not for You

In an explosive exchange outside the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington, D.C., security guards for billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg accosted senior Talk Radio Network investigative reporter Jason Mattera when he asked the mayor about his strong support for gun control.

In the video, Bloomberg is seen surrounded by security. Mattera approaches Bloomberg and asks, “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?”

Bloomberg’s reply:  “Uh, you, we’ll get right back to you.”

“Why can you defend yourself but not the majority of Americans?” Mattera asks as the mayor walks away. “Look at the team of security you’ve got.  And you’re an advocate for gun control?”

The video then cuts to Mattera walking further down the street when one of the men guarding Bloomberg, identified as Officer Stockton NYPD, stops Mattera and asks to see his photo ID.

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67 comments on “Mayor Bloomberg: Guns for Me, Not for You
  1. Remington 870 says:

    Komrad Bloomberg is not used to regular citizens asking him real life questions. As a nice Communist overlord, Bloomberg is great at telling the ‘little people’ how to live, where to live, what to eat and what to do. Who in the Sandra Fluck elected this circus clown? You people wanted him, you got him.

    • refurb001 says:

      And YOUR keep him!

    • Frank629 says:

      He bought the election to a 3rd term (a 3rd term he successfully and vigorously stoped Guiliani from having after 9/11) Remember he is a billionare and thinks he should have anything he says or wants …Itoo am a ex N.Y er.

      • ESQ says:

        And he does get what he wants! And where did he get all those green backs? OH! How old is the Bloom cause I be wondering if he was/is a draft dodger?

  2. Bob Coffey says:

    The anti-gun loonies have never been truly anti-gun; they are only against the masses having guns. They want all the guns to themselves so they can oppress the masses.

  3. DockyWocky says:

    Don’t do as I say, so as I do…

  4. Kenny_Ray says:

    Too bad the citizens didn’t confront him in the streets for being a communist and employing a goon squad of Gestapo like characters. Is this the America we grew up in? I think not.

  5. Kenny_Ray says:

    You Jews listen up….is this not reminiscent of Adolph Hitler type tactics of the 1930′s. Do you really want this to happen all over again. Don’t you think your predecessors paid the ultimate price. They let the government disarm them once, Learn from History before its too late.

    • Remington 870 says:

      The American Jew is mostly Dem, views Republicans as nazis and is gambling that this Fake president, a muslim/national socialist and who hates Israel will be nice to them. Many German Jews thought Hitler was a funny looking Charlie Chaplin character with no murderous bones in his body.i doubt the American Jew will listen up.

      • Phil Bronner says:

        They don’t know history….dems are left wing….nazis are left wing…there is no difference between the two….look at the history of dems….the KKK (that “ain’t” a republican founded organization!!)….socialism is socialism…..period….


      im amazed that the Jews vote these liberals in, the reason this country is safe is the conservative ppl in the military and certain branches of the government, the Liberal weaklings couldn’t fight to save the country or should I say wouldnt fight. I wouldn’t want to be a Jew if a foreign power took over America. why do you Jews vote these Liberal creeps into office it doesn’t make any sense.

      • lasercad says:

        They support these fascist liberals for the same reason they supported Hitler. They thought he was just a stooge and they could control him. Some people just do not learn from history.

        • Bruce Jacobs says:

          Oh, OUR stooge is definitely being controlled by George Soros – a non-practicing Jew. As far as Jews go, even the Conservative Jews in Israel are losing ground to passafists and socialism. I would estimate only about 1% of Jews in the US are conservative.

    • Wigglypoff says:

      It’s very sad that African Americans would vote along side the ones who want to be their masters. Slave owners were dems. KKK. Dems… Communist… Dems… Muslims… Dems…. Jews dems… It’s obvious; they all view Christians as their enemy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Listen right now, when your masters are done destroying Christianity and the American family they’ll come after you.

    • Wigglypoff says:

      Useful idiots and their descendants well be used and then exterminated. The nazis are making another run at the Jews. I actually beleive they’d vote for hitler if he had a “D” behind his name. How much more evidence do you need that they(Jews) are just plain stupid when it comes to who they support; they supported hitler until he started gassing them.

    • LOL, There are a million Jews in New York City who voted this Jewish Bloomberg into office.

      Bloomberg does not want to be an anti-Jew Hitler, he wants to be an anti-Christian Stalin — a far more sinister man — who never had to face a Nuremberg Trial.

      • Hitler was anti-Jewish
        Stalin was pro-Jewish
        (Stalin’s communist country was founded and controlled by Jews — Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Lev Rosenfeld, Solomon Lozovsky, etc. Stalin could not have gained power in post-Christian, post-Czarist Russia without having had a pro-Jewish, John-Hagee-style, love affair with Judaism)

        Hitler was a National Socialist
        Stalin was a National Socialist
        (as opposed to Trotsky, who favored an international struggle for communism)

        Hitler, a Catholic, helped Franco in the Spanish Civil War, where communists slaughtered 10,000 Catholic priests and nuns, in trying to overthrow Franco
        Stalin, a Catholic, on his orders, had over 100,000 Catholic priests, nuns and monks shot during the Stalinist purges of 1937-1938, in trying to overthrow Christianity.

        Hitler was a soldier during WW1, receiving the Iron Cross, Second Class, in 1914 for bravery
        Stalin was a bank robber before WW1 (To support the communist cause, of course)

        Hitler was a soldier during WW1, where in 1916, he was wounded in the leg during the Battle of the Somme, but returned to the front in March 1917. For this, he received the Wound Badge later that year.
        Stalin led an extortion ring before WW1 (A protection racket to gain money for revolutionary activities). (To support the communist cause, of course)

        Hitler was a soldier during WW1, where in 1918, he received the Iron Cross, First Class, an honour rarely given to a lance corporal (Gefreiter)
        Stalin engaged in kidnappings of oil tycoons in the oil-rich Baku region for ransom money before WW1. (To support the communist cause, of course)

        Hitler was never married
        Stalin was a pedophile who while a prisoner in 1913 , at the age of 35, fathered two children to under-aged 13-year-old Lidia Pereprygina

        Hitler engineered the Beer Hall Putsch on November 8, 1923
        Stalin engineered the 1921 Red Army invasion of Georgia and took harsh measures to subdue any resistance, two years before Hitler’s first use of power

        Hitler led the patriotic civilian militia called the Brown Shirts (former decorated soldiers in defense of Germany. Associated with the Freikorps)
        Stalin organized assassinations of the Black Hundreds (A civilian militia of supporters for the Tsar before WW1

        Hitler, a Catholic, was elected by a majority of “The Pope Does Not Speak For Me” Lutherans, to be their moral leader
        Stalin, a Catholic, having never been elected, outlawed his own Russian Orthodox Catholic religion

        Hitler’s military took the historic German Sudetenland, liberating 3.2 million Germans, prior to invading Poland
        Stalin’s communist thugs took Christian Czarist Russia, and the non-Russian lands of Mongolia, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Moldavia, Latvia, Estonia, and Albania, prior to invading Poland

        Hitler invades Poland, on September 1, 1939
        Stalin invades Poland, on September 15, 1939

        Hitler frees German citizens whose lands around Gdansk had been given to Poland as WW1 punishment for Germany
        Stalin enslaves all non-German Poles, and on March 5, 1940, executes 25,700 Polish military leaders, in the Katyn Forest Massacre

        Hitler, when freeing Germans and German lands in Poland, had not yet killed a single Jew, but accused Jews of being the instigators of their problems. France and England declared war on Hitler
        Stalin, when enslaving Poland, accused Christianity of being the “Opiate of the Masses” instigator of their problems AND had already slaughtered roughly 40 million devout Christians. France and England did not declare war on Stalin.

        Hitler did later become famous for his round-up of the Jews, where he sent them to concentration camps.
        Stalin was already famous for his “show trials”, where men were convicted with no evidence against them as being “enemies of the people” and sent to the Gulag in Siberia.

        Hitler was defeated. Germany had to give up all claims to other lands.
        Stalin was victorious. Russia was busy occupying Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, East Germany, Yugoslavia AND Poland, the country France and England went to war to protect its freedom.

        Hitler’s friends were tried and executed at Nuremberg for “crimes against humanity”.
        Stalin’s friend Mao thanked Stalin for helping him take control of China, allowing him to slaughter 60 million Chinese “enemies of the people”.

        Hitler, we are told by the media-Scribes, was the most vile and evil man who has ever walked the face of the Earth.
        Stalin, we are told by President Roosevelt, was America’s “Uncle Joe”, standing side-by-side with “Uncle Sam”.

  6. vailbunny says:

    Just another reason this New Yorker will never move back to New York.


      I got out 22 years ago while the getting was still good, this power crazed midget Bloomberg is a prime example of whats wrong with NYC.we had a parade of short Mayors, La Gaudia, Beame, Wagner, O Dwyer, and this nut.all bad and all corrupt.. Randy Newman was right when he sang about short people lol.

    • ESQ says:

      And I hope you left that New York state of mine there in New York!

  7. Mary says:

    NY’s if you folks don’t do something about this ‘dweed’ in the next election along with the rest of commies incorporated in NYC you have only yourselves to blame.

    • ESQ says:

      That’s it! It’s time to start campaigning against Bloomberg not tomorrow but NOW! Come on and pull you’re head out of *** Now!

  8. Gary Smith says:

    Bloomberg IS MENTALLY SICK!!! Among many psychological problems that he has he has a Napoleon Complex!!!

  9. Tony Chaney says:

    F—ing hypocrites. Wake up America.

  10. New York deserves what they are receiving. Just like CA. they elect these left wing nut jobs and then can’t understand why these guys try to control everyone. Remember socialism is only for the people not the socialists.

    • ESQ says:

      Yea, FLA has changed because of the influx of them North Easterner’s! You know the story,” this is how we do it in New York! But most of those are the Retired that have moved here!

  11. Sinatra98 says:

    I was born and raised in NY this is one reason i moved to Florida Bloomberg is a complete moron he is another Hitler NY is not what it used to be.
    You voted him in now is the time to vote the commie out.

  12. Rabelrouser says:

    At some point in time, the American people have to come to the distinct realization that there are now two classes in this nation. Those who hold the power, the ruling class; and the rest, the serfs and slaves whose lives are dedicated to supporting the ruling class. This would be true for a greater percentage of those elected, sans a small handful who still support the Republic as servants of the Constitution.
    They control us, they rule over us through threat and imtimidation of punishment by the badge and the gun. Theirs is nothing more than an existance of self importance as we are their plaything, their bread and butter. An elected monarchy if you will.
    They no longer listen to the people, but make up more rules, laws, and controlling regulations to extend their power. They have economically strangled the average person so that he no longer has the ability to advance or succeed, just survive meagerly.
    Do you accept this type of daily control? Is being an economic slave and contributing serf to their lifestyle pleasant to you? Are you just willing to submit and obey, just to hope to eat again today? Are your God given ( Inalienable) Rights, Freedoms and libertys no longer important to you. Have they brainwashed you into the belief that they are smarter, and more powerful than you and you dont stand a chance? Are you the pheasant they want you to be?
    As I look at most, and talk to many, I would seem to think so. The American Dream is dead, gone and buried. No longer self acheiving for a future of prosperity and legacy, but subserviant to the whims of a few. The only conclusion I can draw is: America, at least what it once was, is dead. The death of a thousand papercuts of laws, rules and regulations imposed by the ruling class we have elected and chosen to be our Lords and Masters; and as always, for our own good.
    But as for me, I refuse to submit and obey. I have drawn my line and will do what I must when that line will soon be crossed; knowing full well that it may cost me my very life, but I consider Inalienable Rights, Libertys and Freedom to be more than worth it. Do You?

  13. Cross67 says:

    Way to go Mr. Mattera. You are a brave man to put your life on the line to expose the hypocricy and truth about Bloomborg (intentional misspelling) and the rest of his ilk. Kudos to you.

  14. Mary says:

    These bodyguards are NYPD city employees paid by the taxpayers of the State of New York, fire them and DO NOT REELECT this low down commie

  15. realistredneck says:

    Keep on you Communist / Marxist elites and you will awaken a sleeping giant!