Stanford Professor: 'Nobody Has The Right To Have 12 Children, Or Even 3'

Doomsday biologist, Stanford scholar and author of the book The Population Bomb Paul Ehrlich recently promoted the myth that “dangerous trends” concerning global climate change and overpopulation are threatening our extinction. In a January 9 article published by London’s Royal Society, he writes “Nobody… has the right to have 12 children or even three unless the second pregnancy is twins.”

Ehrlich says that studies should not be asking, “How can we possibly feed 9.6 billion people by 2050?” but rather should also be asking “how can we humanely lower birth rates far enough to reduce that number to 8.6?”

Considering that Ehrlich is continuing to push the mythical tale of climate change which has already been exposed as a huge hoax and fraud and the myth of overpopulation, one wonders if he can even be taken seriously about population reduction of a billion people.

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32 comments on “Stanford Professor: 'Nobody Has The Right To Have 12 Children, Or Even 3'
  1. Wade Dukes says:

    If only his parents had practiced safe sex.

  2. TIM says:

    The Government should not be empowered to force other people to pay for them. Mandatory sterilization.

    • We have heard this story before.

      The genocidial rage of Jews in New York City in 1941 was a book which proposed to eliminate all German Christians from the face of the Earth. Much as they had already done to the Ukranian Christians in the Holodomor of 1932-33, same time Hitler was just taking office after being elected by the German people.

      Theodore Kaufmann (February 22, 1910 – April 1, 1986) was a Jewish-American businessman and writer…

      In 1941 he wrote and published Germany Must Perish! which called for the sterilization of the German people and the distribution of the German lands.

      The text was used extensively in Nazi propaganda, often as a justification for the persecution of Jews, and was specifically cited as an excuse to round up the Jews of Hanover, Germany.

      – Wikipedia — Theodore Newman Kaufman

  3. kevin says:

    This guy is a joke and he should not be allowed to be near people. God is the controller of all things not man, If global warming were real he could stop it any time he wants. Man has no power over the climate…..

    • colleenf says:

      Oh, yeah, don’t you just love the global warming in the north east right now?
      I believe some of the highs are in the negative category!

  4. Nobody should have the right to be that stupid and get published!

  5. Ranchman says:

    This is the same guy who suggests we unleash deadly viruses in third world countries to get rid of people! A little Ebola anyone? What a total loser.

  6. raynbene says:

    If he and his loony followers want to unbreed themselves out of existence to ‘help save the planet’, I can support that idea, since it works ! ! Someone should do a study about that – how long might it take for those like him who advocate this sort of anti-family-anti-God-pro-top-down-soclaiism-zero-popuiation-growth to finally disappear, finally and thankfully from the public eye, which for me, cannot happen fast enough ! !

    • Ariviste says:

      I had a professor in college many years ago who said that there should be an intelligence test for people to have children. Unfortunately people like Paul Erlich would probably pass the test. I think the college professor’s cut off was anyone under 110 which is high average. At least the IQ test would serve to limit those who think Obama is the best president of all time, and consistently vote for him because he is black. They could at least have their population numbers decline instead of steadily increasing. By 2050 intelligent people will be the minority.

  7. colleenf says:

    So who the hell made this socialist leader?
    Who gives him and others like him the right to decide how many children you may or may not have?

    If he wants to “save” the planet, maybe he should euthanize himself and all the rest of the wacko libs out there who keep spewing carbon dioxide into the air every time they start babbling their nonsense!

    What a wonderful would it would be…….without them!

  8. meglvsJC says:

    The birth pains are speeding up….every week more stupidity and evil! I feel bad for these people now not mad…essentially they are asking for prayer.

  9. respectlife says:

    Our elite universities are filled with this kind of “education”… we’re in deep deep deep trouble … the theology of China headed our way.. Mandatory sterilization.

  10. Dingbat36 says:

    This creep has been beating this drum for at least 20 years. Now, not only is he saying we won’t be able to feed ourselves, we will all die from the “global warming”. That solves the problem quite nicely doesn’t it, you putrid pedagogue. Soooo…………looks like we won’t need your eugenics proposals will we.

  11. racefish says:

    His parents should have never met.

  12. Great, another Jew saying that there are too many Christians.

    Our Jews have become Pharaoh.

    Israel quietly worked the area of Goshen, minding their own business and growing in numbers peacefully, which the Pharaoh of Egypt perceived to be a threat against him.

    They had not risen in revolution, but the Pharaoh sought them out and made slaves of them simply because God had blessed them with children and their numbers grew (Exodus 1).

    He even put in place the idea of infanticide to keep the population from growing.

    Sound familiar to anyone you know?

  13. Harold says:

    Does he speak chinese, he sounds like a commie!

  14. RedMeatState says:

    Paul Ehrlich, you’ve been breathing our air and taking up way too much space for far too long!! Lead by example and exterminate yourself and all your like-minded idiotic Malthusian people hater friends.

  15. agbjr says:

    Such and elitist sonofabich. This ‘professor’ likely worships the Red Chinese government-forced abortion mandates. I bet his literary hero is Ebeneezer Scrooge, “If the poor won’t go to the workhouses then they should die and decrease the surplus population.”