Obama Wants Doctors Interrogating Patients About Guns

A week ago, Breitbart had reported that Obamacare actually prohibited the Department of Health and Human Services from collecting information on gun owners. Awr Hawkins wrote:

It seems that in their haste to cram socialized medicine down the throats of the American people, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Barack Obama overlooked Senate amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, part c. According to reports, that amendment says the government cannot use doctors to collect ‘any information relating to the lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition.’

Obama has now clarified with his recent executive actions that Obamacare does not actually prohibit doctors from interrogating their patients about guns. In fact, the Obama administration is encouraging doctors to do just that.

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119 comments on “Obama Wants Doctors Interrogating Patients About Guns
  1. Kyle Calkins says:

    so much for the HIPPA they establised years back!

    • Dingbat36 says:

      HIPPA is only for people who ask questions about your health (except insurance companies of course). I do NOT believe there will be many doctors who will even ask that question. If they want a convenient “cover” all they have to note is “patient refused to answer that question”, even if they never ask the question at all. What’s Odumbell going to do to enforce his order………….bug every examining room and doctor’s office in the country? He’s an imbecile who only wants to look like he’s doing something

      • dockilldare says:

        dont give him any ideas he very well may do just that. however dingbat36 living in florida, doctors used to ask the question all the time. in fact i was asked to leave for not answering that quesiton when i went to an ortho specialist for my knee. now what my guns have to do with my treatments i still do not know, but if you are a marxist, as obama is by his own words and book, then you want to covertly gather intell about guns in which houses. so i would tell everyone to just say no i dont have any guns, that is what im going to do. hell they lie to us all the time, why not give back their standards of conduct to them. this is war after all.

        • larryincamden says:

          So say no and be done with the stupid question

        • princesssong says:

          Doc where do you live in FL that they ask you that? I have never been asked that. (thank God)

        • dockilldare says:

          i live just outside orlando, it was about 4 years ago and i cant remember the name of the place as i never went back after the mri. the office is in downtown orlando, orthopeidics group i think it was called. or something like that….

      • larryincamden says:

        Almost every examining room in the country has a communication device, it could be done. Not that I expect it but technically it would be possible.

      • princesssong says:

        He hasn’t done anything since he has been in offce except take vacations and spend money the country doesn’t have.

    • joan says:

      did you ever red the HIPPA law. I did and about the only person they can’t give our medical info to is the milkman–and then—maybe

  2. proudtexan62 says:

    They won’t get an answer from me! What I have personalloy is no business of any doctor and I will not answer any question he asks me that has no direct correlation to my health!!! Right now, I still have that freedom.

    • Remington 870 says:

      Whatever Obama says, you can believe he really means the opposite. He is a pathological liar and probably has no idea who he really is anymore. And why have we not heard a word from the so called leaders of the GOP? I know…they are complicit and cowardly.

      • theronald says:

        Right – pay no attention to what he SAYS – pay attention to what he DOES!

      • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

        I agree with you! I have yet to see a member of the Congress without a yellow streak running down his or her back. I have written letters to several members of the Congress to generate the immediate arrest of the foreign-born Muslim communist agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II as a “Saboteur.” I already address my own Congressman Richard Hanna who turned out to be a wimp. He is currently making a name for himself by doing the job of State Senators and ignoring important issues at the national level. I asked him to start the proceedings of inititating a “Congressional Arrest Warrant” for the immediate arrest of the foreign-born agent dictator. The wimp never extended me the courtesy of a reply. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II has gotten away with dictatorship in America, and our cowardly U.S. Representatives have done nothing for the salvation of the American people and the sovereignty of our nation.
        We all have to try again and again by bombarding the House and Senate with phone calls, letters, and demand that they generate the proceedings for Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II’s immediate arrest before we face a full scale of tyranny in America. And never forget that this tyrant was not born anywhere within any state of the union or territories of the United States of America. Furthermore, there is absolutely no medical record of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II’s mother ever being admitted to any maternity ward hospital in Hawaii or any other hospital within the U.S. or its territories.
        USAF (RET)

        • rockcut says:

          I am sure your congreeman has a file on extreme and yor letters are filedthere. Your claims are total nonsense.

        • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

          Sir, would you mind listing my “total nonsense?” It appears you know more about what I wrote to my Congressman than I do? And by the way; according to a supreme court ruling; congressional recipients are no longer required to answer their constituent’s letters, and so, if the issues are not in their best interest, the letters are trashed, and not “filedthere” by my “congreeman.”
          USAF (RET)

        • Remington 870 says:

          Thanks for your patriotism. The cowardly GOP is afraid. Why? Sometimes Obama’s enemies die unexpectedly or from unnatural causes. Sort of like what happened at Newtown. I believe the GOP is ignoring Obama’s illegality, because there is a move to place Marco Rubio (Fl) as a presidental contender. Rubio does not qualify for president because both parents were not born in the US. GOP is giving Obama a pass at America’s expense. Time for a new party.

        • Luvnusa says:

          Rubio IS eligible for the office of President of the US. His parents came to the US in the early 50′s, I believe. They were LEGAL citizens at the time of his birth. He (Marco Rubio) was born on US soil (Miami) in the early 70′s and his parents were legal citizens at the time of his birth, This does make him eligible to run.

          I agree with you about people dying “unexpectedly”. This is all a plan and has been from the beginning and it started in 2004 or 2005. The Democrats saw they finally had someone who could successfully advance their agenda and fool the majority of their party.

          It’s pathetic – you really can’t even make this stuff up.

        • budman says:

          Since Obama is not eligible and may not even be a U.S. Citizen since he was a foreign exchange student at Occidental College, this is a moot point.
          The Democrats have already elected an ineligible President and they knew if before he was elected..
          Rubio’s parents were still in immigrant status here in the United States when he was born but I doubt the Democrats are going to raise the issue if he decides to run for the Presidency. The only thing that might stop this would be if Congress finally decides to take action on Obama’s eligibility as they all know now he wasn’t born in Hawaii but in Kenya with all the information out about this now. Obama has even admitted twice on video he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii.

          You should know though that Rubio is a politician first and does not have the perfect record people may think. I live in Florida and am aware of his misuse of campaign funds he was forced to pay back but did not mention until he was caught. Be careful what you wish for.

        • Riverdweller says:

          You are wrong. Rubio’s parents did not become Naturalized Citizens until he was about 4 or 5 years old…..He IS NOT eligible…..

        • pakeehn says:

          Rubio was born in 1971. His parents were naturalized in 1975.

        • Snowman8wa says:

          MSgt……Try living in a Blue State…..I left CA for WA; THANK GOD my District Rep is a Republican….write to her and get pretty good results….but Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell suffer from “cranial-rectalosus” (the disease) as opposed to -itis (the temporary inflammation)…….nothing is “temporary” with the new Democratic Party and the Left knows it…..
          Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

        • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

          I would love to write your patriotic Congresswoman with great pleasure. Can you provide me with her full name and mailing address? I would greatly appreciate it.
          USAF (RET)

        • Snowman8wa says:

          MSgt….was that sincere for her and her stance against the Dems; or was it (“patriotic”) sarcasm, as in not getting the job done? Pardon me for asking, but in the current environment, sometimes it’s difficult to discern the difference.

          Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

        • princesssong says:

          John Thank you for your service. and I’m with you, I don’t know of any Military that is behind this Dude in office. Somehow we need to stand up and get this dude GONE!

    • Daniel says:

      If any doctor Dumb and Complicit enough to be involved with Obama’s Unconstitutional demands, I would certainly change doctors…Post Haste!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Every time I learn of something new about Obamacare, it seems to be more ridiculous that the last thing, can it continue to get worse??

      • Coco Miller says:

        Yes it can and will.

      • princesssong says:

        yes the taxes are already being RAISED to pay for all the other people and prices will be raised for everything else. You will probably have 15 mnutes with the doctor, and if you h ave another issue/question, you need to make another appt, and wait another 6,8 10 months to get in. IF you want surgery, you may be on a list for a couple of years. ( This is from speaking with people that are on Socialized medicine, Canada, UK that I know, not hear say.. It makes me sad… to many people die waiting…

    • brianjconway says:

      Tex. Zackly!

  3. kbcab says:

    When I go to the Doctor I carry a rifle so he don’t have to ask any questions , but if he does I tell him ” This is my rifle , That is my gun , the rifle is for shooting , the other is for fun “…

  4. Rich Hay says:

    In 2010 medical mistakes killed 195,000 Americans. The same year there were 8900 murders with firearms. Ave to nearest 1000 per FBI statistics. As anyone but the brain dead can see your Doctor is the most dangerous person in your life. Every Doctor should have a background check every 3 months by the FBI and addtional recertification education every year. You know, if we can only save one life. That my friends is Obama logic.

    • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

      The FBI won’t be able to conduct any investigation as I already tried to have them investigate the foreign-born agent dictator Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II. You must understand that the FBI falls under the juridiction and control of the “Department of Justice,” and whom do think is in charge? None other than the dictator’s appointment of Eric Holder. This is what I had learned back in 1947 when the American Communist Party had already made plans to conquer key U.S.government positions as well as other institutions.
      The late Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover warned the Congress and the American people about the communists’ “infiltration.” The late U.S. Senator from the State of Wisconsin Joseph McCarthy also warned the American people. Even the late Premier of the former Soviet Union Nikita S. Khrushchev knew about the American Communist Party’s “infiltration” throughout the U.S. government. People heard them, but they didn’t listen. I did! In addition, we are now facing a new threat of “infiltration” by the Muslims, and who is catering to the Muslims? You guessed it; Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II the foreign-born agent dictator. One would have to be blind not to see it. The big question now is what are we American patriots going to do about it since our representatives have their tails between their butts?
      USAF (RET)

  5. cathy says:

    I can’t believe this! How can he get away with this? This is worse than scary. Sounds like the USSR!

    • Ebnas1 says:

      communists & fascists go the same way

    • Hugh Dame says:

      You are exactly correct, Cathy. This is part of the methods used by the Soviets and if we allow it to happen here, the FEMA gulags will not be far away. Obamao has that scary, blank deeply angry affect that he switches off and on like a Christmas tree bulb and I recognize that look, the affect of a psychotic madman. America has become soft and spoiled and his goals will probably be quite easily realized.
      I remember a psychiatry professor in med school, when asked how he determined psychosis in a patient said he looks at their eyes and facial affect. If they were psychotic, he said, he got the feeling that they were behind a pane of glass that he could not penetrate. While my career was as a surgeon, I had many instances where I came in contact with this truism.

      Barack Hussein Obama has that same affect. You have elected a madman.

    • princesssong says:

      Exactly Cathy, he wants to ruin the states.. He HATES all of us

  6. So let the doctors, who don’t refuse to, ask about guns. Answer him or her by saying, “It’s none of your damned business”. UhOh! What if the Obama administration makes it a felony to not tell your doctor?

  7. mayo says:

    So now everybody is going to have to school their children to lie to the doctor.
    What an immoral idiots.

    • mallen11 says:

      They should not be asking the children in the first place but if we can remember what happened in China when the children reported on their parents and were killed in front of their eyes when communism took completely over we would stop this type of tattle-tailing.

  8. DrAnalog says:

    So now if I go to a Doctor for anything I may be asked if I own a gun? I would hope that no medical professional in his/her right mind would ask such a ridiculous question.

  9. mayo says:

    So now everybody is going to have to school their children to lie to the doctor.

  10. cdegler1 says:

    Everything about from Obama exploiting the children in back of him to saying doctors should tell what patient has a gun. None of this is what he really wants to do. He wants to step all over the 2nd amentment and then do away with it so he can take all our guns away and let the thugs run the show. By this it will be the beginning of the end of America and the Constitution as we know it. He has a plan and it has already been plotted out. The people who voted for him do not know the real Obama. Now is it too late. Are we going to sit back on our lazy bottoms and watch it play out or are we going to do something. At least the people of the tea party are voicing their voices. How do we get something done? We voted for our Congress but where has that got us except lip service. Do they have the courage to stand up against Obama?

    • dockilldare says:

      these are the first steps he is taking on the 2nd amendment as well as the rest of our freedoms. once the 2nd amendment is gone how long do you thnk the rest will last?

  11. vladilyich says:

    The lkaw signed by Cuomo in New York is even worse. It REQUIRES mental health professionals and psychiatrists to report any patients that they are concerned could be violent to authorities under penalty of a class D felony. So much for doctor patient confidentiality.

    What’s next? Requiring priests to report confessions?

  12. Harvey Boyette says:

    The doctors will ask you if you are stressed out or have suicidal tendencies. This alerts the feds.

  13. Dingbat36 says:

    Seems like Obama is constantly tripping over his prior “laws”. The man is a real train wreck!

    If a doctor ever asked me a question about guns, it would be the last time he/she would ever see MY face again. Probably just as well, I have a very sharp beak!

  14. craig says:

    not their job

  15. dockilldare says:

    folks can we try to remember that
    the health care law does make it illegal for dr.’s and the government to ask
    questions about gun ownership. an executive order is not binding it is illegal
    and unconstitutional.

    for this whether you are pro gun or anti gun, alarms should be ringing in you heads right now like it was 9 11 again. why because the most dangerous people in the country is our government. what Obama did yesterday is EXACTLY WHY THE 2ND AMENDMENT WAS WRITTEN AND EXACTLY WHY WE FOUGHT THE REVOLUTION in the first place. need proof of that, ask yourself this, why did he not tell us about all 23 orders yesterday? also read the declaration of independence and pay very close attention to the list of abuses and usurpations Jefferson listed. you will see if you think about it, that since 9 11 at the least, 25 of 26 (we do not as of yet have to quater troops in our homes) of those usurpations and abuses have been revisited on the American people.

    • larryincamden says:

      The 3rd Amendment will not be violated until foreign troops are on the ground and maybe not then, those that own the houses will probably be dead already.