Colin Powell: GOP Looks Down on Minorities

This morning, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press to discuss the nomination of former Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) to Secretary of Defense. During the discussion, David Gregory asked the liberal Powell, nominally a Republican but a longtime supporter of President Barack Obama, about the Republican Party. “I’m struck when you talk about Republicans as they. I know you insist despite voting for President Obama twice now that you’re still a Republican. But as– as I go through your record on some social issues and even foreign policy issues, I challenge you a little bit to say on what basis are you still a Republican? Do you feel like this Republican Party has left you or have you left it?

Now, this is a half-decent question, given that Powell has been quite liberal on the issues for years now. But Powell’s answer wasn’t that he differed from Republicans on the issues. Instead, he went directly to the most common liberal meme these days in defending a radical left president: Republicans are racist. It’s a bully tactic that has become all the rage these days – Republicans don’t oppose Obama on policy, and they don’t have a good rationale for standing against liberalism. It’s just that they secretly hate black people.

Here’s what he said:

I think the Republican Party right now is having an identity problem. And I’m still a Republican. I’m a Republican who grew up along with George Bush XLI. I grew up with Ronald Reagan, Cap Weinberger, Frank Carlucci, that Republican Party, the Republican Party of Dick Lugar and John Tower. But in recent years, there’s been a significant shift to the right and we have seen what that shift has produced, two losing presidential campaigns.

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402 comments on “Colin Powell: GOP Looks Down on Minorities
  1. ElizabethMC says:

    It sounds like Powell is the racist for having voted on the basis of color, since there’s very little else BO brought to the table that Powell supposedly supports.
    His name should be COLON Powell, because he’s full of it.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

      Great observation!! I wonder if he is an “affirmitive action,” general!

    • OLD MAN says:


    • Remington 870 says:

      Powell is not a Republican as he states, but a traitor to America for standing with Obama, who has no redeeming qualities or moral compass. COLON Powell has not figured out that he is being played like a violin by Communists. And this man once commanded our Army?

      • Sailboat165 says:

        He is a disgrace. He puts race before anything else. It shows how shallow he really is. It’s amazing to me how stupid people can be. To be fooled into thinking that the democrats care more because they seduce them with a worthless line crumbs. They end up with little self respect, knowing that they haven’t earned what they have. I have always felt that one of the worst things you can do for someone is give them a reason not to get up in the morning.

      • El Lobo Solo says:

        Benedict Arnold was once a decorated General who served with George Washington but sold out to the other George (King George).

        • Yes, Benedict Arnold did sell out to the British, yet, when the man died, he was buried–as per his request—in his Continental Army Uniform! He also had, on his bedroom wall, copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence!
          Love, as demonstrated by General Arnold, does strange things to a man! His wife was the weak one–didn’t honor her wedding vows at all!
          She should have read this from Ruth: “Whither thou goest, I will go”—-
          The passage didn’t say: “Whither I go, thou must go–”

        • barefootmtgirl says:

          Don’t blame the woman, he had a choice, and chose the wrong one. It matters not what was on his wall, nor his person, when he was buried, but what he became, as a man…

      • Shows all his true colors and absence of real talent and capabilities!!

        • Remington 870 says:

          Hard to believe Gen Powell threw in with the likes of Obama. Unfortunately, skin color is more important to Powell than not supporting Obama the communist.

    • Shorty Stuff says:

      It’s hard to believe the blacks are so blind to what the Democrats do to them. It’s like the difference between giving a man a meal, or teaching a man to fish. The Democrats work on the theory that you can give them just enough to keep getting their vote because they know they’ll get their next meal handed to them without working for it. The conservatives believe in giving all people, not just white or black or any other color, the opportunity to work and feed themselves instead of expecting a handout. Learning to support yourself leads to improving your life and lifestyle instead of feeding from the trough. The Democrats NEED you to stay down and dependent on them in order for them to stay in power. Unfortunately, they have engrained the entitlement mentality into over half the population now through the educational system they now control.

    • TexasOlTimer says:

      The irony of the statistics that 98% of blacks (unless that number has changed since I read it) voted for Obama is that simply put – Obama is not black. Not in the way African-Americans define it. I was told that it is the blacks that are descendant of slaves – those that were once called Negroes, changed it to blacks, and now African-Americans, except the one I was discussing it with prefers blacks.

      Obama is half white (mom is white), 3/8 Arabic and 1/8 Kenyan black (dad half Arabic and half Kenyan black) based on his own story. Some rumors indicate that the Kenyan black grandmother was actually Arabic in which case Obama would be half white and half Arabic. Regardless he’s not black.

      If one argues with an adamant Democrat regardless of race, he will tell you that you are racist because you don’t agree with a black man. If you say it’s because of policies, not race, you’ll be told that you disagree with a black man and that’s racist. If you then ask if he agreed with Bush’s policies, you’ll get a resounding NO! So then you call him racist. He’ll be deeply offended and tell you first you can’t say that and then he was just against Bush’s policies. You then say that’s a double standard, if you are racist because you’re against Obama’s policies, then he is racist because he’s against a white man’s policies. Then tell him Obama isn’t black and explain! Wow! He’ll want to fight you!

      And then the Democrats and RHINOs like Powell have the audacity to say that Republicans are racist! Come on, Dems! Look in the mirror to see who’s racist!

      • PierceArrowV12 says:

        Ahem, TexasOlTimer. If Obama’s dad is half Kenyan black and half Arabic, that would make Obama 1/4 Kenyan black, not 1/8. The argument is disingenuous anyway, because the DEMOCRATS who imposed Jim Crow segregation for so long discriminated against anyone with even “one drop” of African blood. The Democrat race-baiters such as Obama and Al Sharpton are really the political descendents of racist bigot big-government-progressive Democrats of the past, such as Ben Tillman, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Bilbo, and Robert KKK Byrd. Yes, you are right that Colin Powell is a RINO, as bad as honky Chuck Hagel. Let us judge Hagel, Powell, and Obama by the content of their vile, slimy character, not the color of their skin!

    • Made_in_the_USA says:

      And don’t forget that as a Kenyan, bho is more arab than he is black. His ancestors may have been involved in selling east Africans as slaves. Yet he proclaims himself to be a black man….he’s more white than he is black, but mostly, he just doesn’t have America’s best interests in mind.

    • Floyd says:

      I used to have a tremendous amount of respect for him. Something happened in recent years or he kept his true beliefs and feelings to himself for decades.

      I am very disappointed in him.

      • smilee says:

        He did not change his views or feelings, the party did when it became infiltrated with radicals whom hate most others for many reasons and one is color. Colon claims to be a Republican and that is his choice, I after 53 years I quit the party rather than be associated with these people whom have no interest in solutions of any kind just obstructionism and if given the change destroy those they hate so bad and being so hateful would destroy this country if they had enough power. Powell is one of out finest citizens and few deny that just the far right wingnuts whom hate anyone who will not toe their radical line.

        • Jenner says:

          What are you smoking?

        • Wayright2 says:

          If we are such far right racists wingnuts, why do we like Allen West so much? “Splain that why don’t you?

        • Paula says:

          They can’t. Play that race card until it screams!

        • KJ says:

          I’d happily vote for Condoleezza Rice to be the President of The United States.

        • gonepostal says:

          I am not now, nor have I ever been racist. I firmly believe that Mr. West would be an outstanding president. I do not lilke Obama because he is a socialist, not because he is black. Every time something goes against this president, the liberals immediately start screaming racist. I for one am rather tired of it.

        • Karen says:

          Funny how the democrats who cry racist all the time are the ones who are the most racist of all. I cannot understand why those of color can’t see it.

        • smilee says:

          If that was true why do over 90% of colored people vote democrat, they know better than most the pain of racism. Racists today are mostly in denial as it is not considered PC to admit it but actions and other words betray you despite yur denial

        • thompa says:

          hard to see the full picture with blinders on.

        • gerf says:

          Please explain few . Oh, better get out your dictionary smart smiler !

        • darkcyder says:

          You are an oxygen thief.

        • KJ says:

          Obstructionism? Ask Harry Reid about that; he is rewriting the book and adding chapters as we speak. And afterward you can examine the many facets of Nancy Pelosi and learn of her agenda.

        • Jungle Jim says:

          TAKE A LOOK AT THE “DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST of AMERICA” Membership List,It is very interesting reading.Nancy Polousy Is/was a Dues Paying Member,And a Very Dedicated Member.As Is Some 19 other POLITICIANS from CALIFORNIA…
          And Since This Subject Is On Colin Powell, He Is A Ranking Member Of The “Council on Foreign Relations”,You Can Look On their Membership List……

        • Bob2002 says:

          smilee, I have seen your blogs on other sites and you were never a Republican based on your comments. Stop lying to us; oh I forgot, all Democrats lie.

      • MikeInDC says:

        I completely agree with you, Floyd. At one time I was a great admirer and staunch advocate of Powel’s, especially when the DNC establishment tried to through him under the bus as an Uncle Tom the way they did with Justice Thomas and Congressman West. However, I started picking up on whispers of fraud and charlatan towards the end of Bush’s first term and if you remember how Powell suddenly packed bags and broke camp, in retrospect I see that they were right, especially in light of Vice-President Cheney’s auto-biography and Powell’s own contumely and calumnious comments. Powell is a complete self-serving hypocrite and status-seeking douche-bag.

      • Bob2002 says:

        Powell needs to retire from politics also. Do us all a favor and not let us hear a peep out of you for the rest of your days on this earth; you traitor to the Republican Party. How dare you condemn the Republican Party as a racist Party when in fact you are the racist one. Just disappear from sight for the good of the country because we have heard enough of your hypocrisy. You should register as a Democrat because they are the Party of hypocrisy; as you are.

    • Bass_Boat_Bill says:

      They don’t call him Powell the Prostate for nothing..

    • John Detwiler says:

      Powell is a person who took advantage of his color (Yes color) because it is obvious that he is not intelligent enough otherwise. To accuse the Republicans of discrimination because they do disparage Obama because of his color is an insult to the party. The only discrimination there is, is the disagreement to his asinine and totally out of touch policies. He is obviously a talented and articulate person. You forget Powell he was voted for by more than half of the white population. And the only problem the Republicans have with him is his generosity the those perpetual parasites who have lived on welfare for years. And those who choose to take the easy way out, such as riding the unemployment benefits for however they last. People like Powell, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the true racists and their constant ploy is to keep racism alive for what ever devious ideas are.

    • smilee says:

      He has made it clear that he voted for what he seen as the best man for the job and that man just happened to be black and that is not racist, your false statement about him though could very well be racist motivated and appear to be

      • Powell admitted on the air he voted for Obama because of the skin color, NOT because Obama was best for the job!
        Don’t forget either that Powell is a foreigner who was brought to this country as a child, and who has had the advantages of this country given to him all his life! At one time, he was an honored American!
        But, no longer!

      • Jenner says:

        If Powell thinks he voted for the best man for the job a second time, then thank God he is no longer commanding forces. He has poor judgement and appears that he voted for ‘color’.
        Read Orly Taitz information on her website. February 15 she appears at the Supreme Court with evidence of eligibility for the current potus.

        • smilee says:

          Your opinion and it means nothing. Orly Taitz is a loser who just will not quit and will continue to lose and lose and lose as losers always do, dream on sucker!!

      • darkcyder says:

        OK- let’s all come clean. I ADMIT to being racist. I cheer for the basketball team that has the most white guys playing. Just like blacks cheer for more black people at every turn. (Recent examples are Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson trials- where blacks threatend riots, and partied in the streets when they were acquitted).
        Don’t get me wrong- Some of my best friends are black people. But when it comes to issues of morality, etc. I have noticed that black people in general do not seem to hold to the highest moral standard in many cases. And my black friends agree with this. This is not true for all, just a generalization. Look at the evidence. They commit a disproportionate number fo the crimes- not just in the US, but world wide. They have more babies out of wedlock, take more than they are entitled to, more food stamps, more welfare dollars, and I could go on.
        Having spent a fair amount of time in Africa, I found this was indigenous to certain tribes. So I suspect that there are differences in blacks that whites just don’t recognize because of the common color of their skin. Yes, there are also white trash, and they are also a scourge. But percentage-wise, it simply doesn’t compare.
        So, mark me as a racist- one who loves a lot of black people, but also one who is smart enough to warn his children so they do not think five black guys who approach them in an alley are potential friends. I hope that you teach your children just the opposite so that natural selection removes your genetic trait from the mix.

        • barefootmtgirl says:

          darkcyder, how true you are. When working with blacks, some will state what you have stated. There are so many blacks on the law enforcement payroll, they will follow o , no matter what. Lots more to say, but just hate to say them. I think all can tell, where this is going….

        • smilee says:

          I do have to admire your courage to admit your a racist rather than lie about it but your post deals with so many tings I never brought up and do not wish to go off on that tangent as most is irrelevant to this topic

        • snowmaggedoned says:

          Wow $hits and Grins….you don’t recognize sarcasm when you see it, do you?

      • ElizabethMC says:

        McCain was as moderate a republican as a candidate could have been. That’s what Powell says he’s looking for in a republican.
        BO ran on the promise to transform America. Does that sound like conservative values to you?
        BO is black and that’s why Powell voted for him. He’s a racist.

        • smilee says:

          You losers who think you can read minds, Obama is not done yet. Do you think Obamacare has not transformed our heath care system???? Tea Party is all but dead and its leader in the house M Bachmann won by the skin of her teeth and from her silence since it appears orally neutered.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      For a long time I admired Colon Powell but that 12 1/2% of black blood in the White House has blinded him, completely. I had no idea than he would ever bow to a liberal but to one this excessive in his determination to ruin America??. Never!!!!! I have gotten a distasteful surprise

    • richard says:

      yep it is almost assured that powell voted for obama just becasue of race, obama brought nothing else to the table, I am almost ashamed to have served in the same army as this POS.

    • GK says:

      The smallest minority in the world is the individual. Generally (no pun intended), which party is more inclined to look down their nose at the individual?

    • Gman says:

      I used to think highly of this guy and had much respect for him as a military general and a man. The black has come out of him and he is showing his true color since president POS can on stage, I put this fool up there with the lying jerk in office. It’s sad when you look up to someone and then they show your that they are just like any other a$$hole in this world.

      • KJ says:

        I think you’ve hit on something here: the vast majority of Caucasians don’t see ethnicity as an issue until someone rubs their nose in it or until, worse, the race card gets played (which this administration’s supporters do with frequent alacrity).

      • tom357freedom says:

        I respect General Powell as a brave soldier; but I’m not over joyed with his political views I do know one thing .he took the same oath to protect and defend

        the U.S. Constitution ect. So I pray he remembers in who’s name sealed that oath. I hope he would see the violations of the rights and liberties of all Americans, including himself!

      • disgusted demacrat says:

        Sort of looks like a high yellow to me! Mulatto if you prefur..But still a blue gum..And yes i’m slightly racist u bet cha..

  2. Powell is not relevant to anything. he is lucky he was black or he would have ended up busing tables in a restaurant….

  3. Bobseeks says:

    Powell is a disgrace to the military and a liar to boot. Conservatives do not look down on minorities; they just tell the truth about why they have so many problems. Unfortunately, minorities would rather listen to the lies of the liberals as to why they are in the mess they are in. This guarantees that their problems will never be solved.

    • smilee says:

      HORSE HOCKEY!!!!!!!!

      • Bobseeks says:

        No – truth. Of course truth is “horse hockey” to liberal liars such as yourself.

        • smilee says:

          Believe what you like but to me it means pure bull$hitt and you smell of it!!

        • Bobseeks says:

          Better that than the rancid stench and corruption of a morally diseased, perverted, parasitic, baby-killing liberal such as yourself.

      • ezekiel22 says:

        Let’s see, voted in the Civil Rights Act that was republicans. Practices eugenics? Oh yes that is Planned Parenthood. Believes that people of color cannot make it on their own? That be democrats as they fervently believe that minorities especially blacks are not capable and need guidance. Helped establish the NAACP? Again republicans. Fought desegregation tooth and nail? Democrats. Yep I would say the real racists live in the democrat party as evidenced by history.

        • brazzoli says:

          Ha!.. What was once the Dem party is now the Rep party and what was once the Rep party is now the Dem party.. it all changed when LBJ passed the civil rights act and voter rights act.. LBJ told his staff that he did what was right but it would be damaging politically. That by passing this legislature he was “handing the South to the Reps for at least 2 generations”.. To more accurately assess who did what you need to study where the house and senate members voting on this legislation were from.. it was almost entirely split by the Mason Dixon line regardless of party affiliation.. along these same lines you can judge former presidents by whether they were liberal or conservative not Rep or Dem… ie Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were quite liberal..

        • smilee says:

          WOW, a person on here who actually knows the truth and has the guts to say so. Your a breathe of fresh air and thanks!

        • snowmaggedoned says:

          It’s disingenuous to talk about the racist South of the Democratic Party and not address the racist North of the Democratic Party don’t you think?

          You are aware that once Blacks started migrating by the hundreds of thousands to the North after WWII that is when all the whites in the big cities moved to the suburbs. In fact, that is how what we have come to know as suburbs were created.

          Many of the northern cities along the east coast and in the Midwest were controlled by Democratic Mayors and City Councils then. That is when the decay of the inner cities began…..the middle class and the uber rich moved out because of their racism. They didn’t want the Blacks moving into their neighborhoods because they saw their property values decreasing in their future.

          Also, read up on the Boston riots in the 1960′s when forced busing was ordered. This “forced busing” edict was, yet again, another Supreme Court decision to force what whites that still lived in the big cities to finally integrate with Blacks that could not travel to white schools.

          They put white kids on buses against their parents wishes and carted them all over the city just to diversify and be in compliance with the 1954 Supreme Court order to desegregate all white schools. Because the distance and costs were so much greater to transport in the big cities from black schools to the white schools and the logistics to move large masses of children, it took over a decade to implement the order.

          Democratic Boston voters were screaming their collective heads off about their precious children having to go sit in a classroom with Blacks. Their excuse was at the time that “we don’t like our kids being so far from home” and “it takes so long for them to come home after the school day has ended”.


          And that was waaayyyyy above the Mason-Dixon Line!!!

          And LBJ did NOT hand over the South white voters to the Republicans after the 1965 CR Act was passed. It wasn’t until the 1968 Presidential election that southern voters voted for a Republican presidential candidate for the first time in the history of the Republican Party. And it was because Richard Nixon went there and worked hard for their vote.

          And he didn’t capture the entire south, either. Independent Presidential candidate George Wallace (a Democratic Dixiecrat in sheep’s clothing) took Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana in the 1968 election.

          It took another 16 years later to capture all the southern states in 1984 to the Republicans. To say that the Civil Rights Act passage in 1964 & 1965 had an immediate impact and paradigm changeover from Democrat to Republican in the South is not correct. It took 19 years of hard campaigning and convincing southern voters to the fiscal and social issue of Pro-Life policies that eventually turned the tide.

          BTW…..Arkansas just went entirely Republican for the first time in it’s state’s history in the 2012 election: Republican Governor, General Assembly majority, US Congressmen and women, and US Senators.

          Let’s see…..hummmmmmmm……that’s 47 years since the passage of the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

          That’s OK…keep being in denial of the facts and historical data. I know it’s difficult to comprehend unless you have a brain AND an open mind…..but digress.

        • smilee says:

          Civil rights bill was by both parties but it was a democratic bill and signed by a democrat president whom was the master of twisting republican arms until they hollered uncle and voted his way. Isn’t it interesting though that almost 90% blacks ever since have consistently voted democratic so it does not appear they do see it your way. The parties have reversed themselves since the civil rights act, democrats today are much closer in their beliefs to A. Lincoln than the republicans so the racists today are almost exclusivity reside in the republican party and the black people in thee democrat party and your post assumes all the wrong reasons for it and makes you look racist, ARE YOU??????????

    • Well said; proof that truth speaks loudly.
      Conservatives do NOT look down on the
      minority; still the racist lib accuser accuses.

  4. Lindaj says:

    Colin Powell is not thinking clearly. The Black Democrats shun conservative black leaders, and simply will not give them a chance to be genuine statesmen. Think, Colin. You are not now a General, but a powerful spokesman, and your influence is diminishing

    • Paula says:

      Lindaj: good point! The Black Caucus is notoriously bigoted. Whites are NOT allowed in their “club.” We DON’T need or want a Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus or an Asian Caucus (The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC)…all that does, and has done, is separate them from us!

      • afanaglenn says:

        Separation. That is their objective, to keep minorities in their pockets, the way they control them, facilitated by their own pied pipers like Jesse Jackson, et al.

      • smilee says:


        • Paula says:

          OK… but there are blacks, hispanics & asians in the Tea Party… it is NOT a closed “club!”

        • smilee says:

          Closed to intelligent people!!!!!! But then they are not interested in joining either!!

        • Paula says:

          You have insulted me and my friends.

        • snowmaggedoned says:

          Noooo…….closed to the uneducated and unenlightened people such as yourself. I would like to point out that Democrats are three drinks behind the rest of the world when it comes to the intelligence factor. You don’t know how to read, search for absolute truth, find real facts at least at the high school research level, know a great primary resource when you see it, have a clue…………I could go on and on………

        • darkcyder says:

          There are many black in the tea party caucus- the same cannot be said for the black caucus, or for that matter, for black-only universities, or for Miss Black America pagents. If there was a group calling themsleves NAAWP, they would be run out of town. Why is it that only blacks can be racially abused? As an average white male, I think I have been savaged for enough years, and I’ve had my fill of it. I had to take a back seat in college and jobs as I saw others advanced simply because of the color of their skin. I’ve seen decades of reparations handed out to these same people for so-called crimes that nobody of my generation has ever comitted against them. In fact, Obama was elected largely on white guilt, and the 98% guaranteed black vote.
          PLEASE explain to me why the asians in this country (who are VERY different from whites) seem to need no sepcial attention to get ahead? In fact most universities have to exclude Asian races from placement preference, becasue if they did, university polulations would be 50% Asian- WAY OVER their mix in society. Hmm- is it possible that people who LOOK different can actually work hard and get ahead? I see nothing stopping either Blacks or other so-called disenfranchised groups other than the very large chip on their shoulder. Colin Powell makes it clear he has carried that chip despite everything that was given to him. Grandma alwayds told us that you don’t apprevciate things that are given to you. You only appreciate those that you have to work hard to get.
          So, I challenge black people to shed the mantle of being given and start working to get those things that only hard work and moral fortitude can provide. I know many who have, and they are better people for it. They are afraid to fall back on the free seafety net that society provides inherently for blacks, instead demanding nothing but excellence in themselves and their children. That is the pattern for a new generation of blacks. Colon Powell is not an example…

        • smilee says:

          The tea party is all but dead anyhow, polls show very little support for them now.

        • darkcyder says:

          Let’s wait before we pronounce something dead. I predict you will see a response in the midterm election bigger than the last.

        • smilee says:

          If they do not change some of their stripes by then their loses could even get worse and if they get better it will b because they are not tea party ones

        • darkcyder says:

          I consider myself a tea party member. There is somethign you need to understand about us. We do NOT answer pollsters. We hang up. We do not attend protests- we simply don’t have time, as most of us are working people. If we get time off, we spend it relaxing as we work hard to support the rest of the non-working people. But we don’t know any other way. What we do is we vote- but only when we feel a person deserves our vote. this the reason we did not get out for Romney- the originator of Romneycare. I predict there will be lots of tea party candidates in the mid terms, and they will be put inplace to take out life-term republicans who we have grown weary of. Again- don’t look to polls to predict what the tea party will do. We onl;y show up unnannounced, and throw tea off of boats. IN the words of Groucho Marx- We would not belong to a club that would have us as a member. We DO NOT join things. But we are also well armed.

  5. don says:

    well remember white people are now the minorites so he might be right

  6. kbcab says:

    Powell , why don’t you go back home and stay retired and to think I actually hoped you would run for president , stupid me …

  7. Media Smells says:

    Powell is quite obviously pushing for the Republicans to move further to the left, at least so it seems to me. This is typical RINO behavior. It is SOOOO obvious.

  8. sebtiodog says:

    Wow. How did he get to be such a bigot? It was the GOP that gave him any level of credibility he may enjoy.

  9. scarface says:

    what a disappointment Powell

  10. Talikka says:

    Colin Powell used to be respected. He’s destroyed his former legacy.

    • He has no legacy, other than what GH Bush tried to give him. Norman Schwartkof was relegated to the background in order to make this dumb black look like a hero of Dessert Storm. The hero was Norman S.

  11. nancy miller says:

    Who would ever have thought that I would be calling a General of the Army a liar? He is a disgrace to the uniform. It is so sad that I once admired him.

  12. thomas gentile says:


  13. Everett says:

    Who could possibly respect the opinion of this left-wing RINO, as long as I have watched him I have never had much respect for this turkey. Like most koolaid drinkers he does whatever his master tells him to do. No real depth to the man, during the first gulf war, he opposed the plan that did the most good. Just another talking head for the left. Useless.

  14. acqcon says:

    Colin Powell can kiss my butt! We don’t look done on minorities. It’s time they carried their own load and be held accountable for themselves. I’m tired of lowering our standards to accomodate them.

  15. Doc says:

    I would have voted for this man for president but now his true Colors have come out. Marxist racist socialist traitor.