New EPA Regulations to Ban Many Wood Burning Stoves

Our ever so helpful government has decided that your wood burning stove is now a danger to the world. In another attempt to outlaw the off grid lifestyle, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the same agency that was recently caught using drones to spy on Americans, is now going after home owners who use Wood Burning Stoves to heat their homes.

Shortly after the re-election of President Obama, the agency announced new radical environmental regulations that threaten to effect people who live off the grid. The EPA’s new environmental regulations reduce the amount of airborne fine-particle matter from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air.

This means that most wood burning stoves would now fall into a class that would deemed unacceptable under these new draconian measures. The EPA has even launched a nifty new website called burn wise to try to sway public opinion.

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110 comments on “New EPA Regulations to Ban Many Wood Burning Stoves
  1. SammysDad says:

    A revolution of some sort will be a-coming if this administration continues its march towards a dictatorship. Regulating wood burning stoves? Are you shiiting me?

    • Uninsured says:

      I wonder when the revolt will start. I’m one of the “off the grid” people who will die defending my rights to own guns and to burn wood. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this on the internet. I’m sure I’m on their watch list already.

      • Farmgirl says:

        Thats okay…. wecan stand in line together in the “camp!”

      • De says:

        I’m watching you—Uncle Sam
        Yes, you and me both…..and you know what? I don’t care. I still think that this is one great country to live in when compared to other countries…..but I have to say I am about fed up with ‘big government’ and the way that they think they can get away with regulation of everything. They don’t this girl….I lived in the wilderness under a tarp for years….and fed off of the land. I am a bit old to be doing that now, but I can tell you this, I would do it again if necessary….or die trying.

      • KAS says:

        Yep all seems truet, Yet guys like Gore can sell his CURRENT to a potenital enemy and no one says a thing… They no have the waves of communication in America to contact their CELLS that are here….. KAS

      • Evermyrtle says:

        This maggot will stop at nothing, he will eat through everything before he is finished with us, When he is finished there will be nothing left for the rest of the maggots to eat.

    • patriot2 says:

      I guess we can’t say we couldn’t see it coming,he’s already started a war on coal,guns,voters ID,the UK,cheap energy,common sense,whites,blacks,or anything else American including America & it’s citizens.I wonder if he would change his mind if we all placed our boots up his a s s.

  2. polmutant says:

    ahhh. the communists now control the sheoples. what you eat, where you sleep, what you use, WHAT YOU THINK. haahah “I am a man a proud American man, I say I am a proud Amercian man! can i have a food stamp to feed myself? I am an American man!

  3. mom2marine says:

    Direct hit to people who are living independently (off the grid). Does this include my woodburning fireplace?

    • Tim says:

      Oh yes, the socialists do not like independence, free thinking, or personal responsibility.

    • BH206L3 says:

      You are looking at this wrong, well its not my fire place so I am ok with that. The NRA dose what it dose, just for this kind of crap. First its the people living off grid like so what? I am looking at a house that dose not have electricity hooked up. Then again its also 70 miles by air to the nearest town. But only a 20 min boat ride to the nearest gravel runway. But they also want to ban Avgas too.

    • Farmgirl says:

      Ya, they probably wont be able to build new houses with fireplaces!

    • gbandy says:

      Actually in Commie California there are days YOU CANNOT BURN YOUR FIREPLACE! Certain counties are paying rewards to turn in your neighbors.

  4. I already own a Vogelzang Durango Woodstove-a liitle hard to draft but VERY efficient so less trips to the wood pile!

  5. Barb Patton says:

    MMMM I see that Moonshiners now use gas to cook their whiskey and not wood anymore (hows that for being modern!!!) so at least they are not threatened by the latte one creeping into the deepest darkest of Kentucky backwoods sniffing out wood burning stoves. Jaysus when is this madness going to end. Why does the latte one and all his thugs go to Kenya and b@tch about all the eood fires that are built there – in the thousands – on a daily basis to do basic cooking etc.??? God help America

  6. Tim says:

    They are on the way to controlling everything required in life, food, energy, education, mobility and now specifically your lifestyle. Gun grabbers be careful what you wish for.

  7. The goal is total control over all of us. Little by little. What a–holes all of these idiots are. Just leave us alone. Go live in your own little bubble!!!

  8. RubyBlu says:

    …next are the wood-burning fireplaces, then the wood-burning pits, then it’s the wood-burning match stix, then…oh, you’ll see.

  9. sandman says:

    I wonder how all those cold left wing fools in Vermont, Maine, Mass, Min. Washington state, Oregon, or any other “blue”state, that gets cold as he][ feels about their wonderful goverment now? I know many, for a fact that burn wood to keep warm, and the oil man at bay! then we have these New stoves, that stand alone in the yard, and look like a smalll shed, but they are realy a wood furness, that can heat your home and water!, now they will be told to stop using them? big oil loves this idea!

    • PierceArrowV12 says:

      Actually, Obama’s Islamo-Stalinist oil tyrant buddies, and his Stalinist pal Hugo Chavez, love this EPA deal, because it is yet another way Obama and the Demonrats keep the USA dependent on foreign oil!

  10. ccbiggs says:

    This REGIME will do anything to control everything we do,I hope all you sheeples who put OBLAMELESS back in are real happy!! Four more years,oh boy!!!!!!!

  11. I have always been a law abiding citizen, but with this maniac at the controls it will be a different ballgame.

    • Jasmine Catt says:

      Remember Prohibition made every person who bought a drink into a criminal. Criminals keep their mouths shut.

    • grassroot says:

      This maniac is lawless,,

      • John Hunter says:

        No he isn’t. he is above the law, he IS the law.
        He is going to set himself up above God. he is
        going to over rule God.
        God gave humanity the right to be armed, but
        king barry knows better than God.
        Talk about something going to turn out bad !!!
        Who has ever backed himself into more
        corners than king barry? Self love is so very, very

        But, yes you are right he is lawless, he is friends
        with and obeys “THEE lawless one”.

        • okihadit says:

          don’t say GOD, rather say allah! people say he wants to be GOD, NO, HE HATES OUR GOD, his is allah,he wants to be allah,(evil)

    • okihadit says:

      oh, for sure!

  12. gbandy says:

    Here is a little food for thought. Right here is commie California we have annual brush/grass/and forest fires. Some burn for weeks. Now this past year we had a fire which burned several weeks in the Northern part of the State. Officials said this fires created more pollution than all the cars in CA produce in 10 years! Now some months later there is no smoke or smell from the fires….hence the pollution blew away probably to the rest of the world. Yet the Kumbaya singers of CA think we should always pass more regulations and laws limiting pollution. Why not outlaw forest fires? Well CA passes Cap and Trade. Does not eliminate pollution just requires companies to pay higher fees. So companies leave the State more unemployment and CA loses. The funniest thing though is UC Davis did a study and found 70% of all the pollution in CA comes from China and not here. Yet we CA have our own Air Nazis who worship Al Gore and we cannot do a thing about it with our super majority Democrat run Government.

    • iamsurrounded says:

      Crazy, isn’t it? We will all be regulated to certain death while China and India pollute the whole world.

      • agbjr says:

        Both those countries are still running daily mainline trains with old-technology and highly-polluting coal-fired steam locomotives. In the ‘eighties AMTRAK experimented with a rebuilt mainline steamer updated with modern firebox, burners, water tubes, and carbon-catching exhaust scrubbers. It proved to be extremely efficient and by burning hard coal (anthracite) very low in emissions. The experiment was successful but the EPA demanded the program de-funded and shut down … of course the liberal Democrat congress complied.

        • iamsurrounded says:

          You’ve got to be kidding… sometimes I think my head will just explode when I learn about stuff like this. The EPA should have to answer to We the People, not have free reign to impose what they believe in. Why can’t we all vote on all of these decisions. With technology today, it would be easier to do that right from our computers (if they could figure out how to protect the vote from fraudulent activity). Oh, what am I thinking, I forgot that we are all too stupid to decide what is best for us. Better to leave it to all those smart people.

        • Wild Thing says:

          You want to vote on these things. Try remembering how the last vote went. I assume you want to lose again, and again.

        • iamsurrounded says:

          I would venture to guess that most of the people who voted Nobama in are not going to make the effort to vote on anything else. Most of them showed up to the polliing places because he is black and have probably only voted two times. I don’t think they would pay much attention to any other issue up for a vote. And if the media doesn’t tell them about issues and steer them in a direction, they would remain unaware. But you are right – it would be a bit of a gamble.

        • A local talk show made a great point. There are two States where the Governor and state officials are elected on the off cycle.

          New Jersey is one. Hence, Christie, a Republican, wins in a very liberal State, because the Obamabats stay at home on election day.

          In most States, since the Presidential election takes all the oxygen out of the room, local elections do not get covered and no one knows who they are voting for. But in these two States, the local election gets good coverage, which is boring to Obamabats and they stay home.

        • Grandma17 says:

          Could we flood the EPA with opposition mail. I mean REALLY flood their inboxes and mailboxes with protests and petitions.

        • iamsurrounded says:

          They would probably burn it without regard to the environment : ) But it is a good idea. I like the websites where you can fax/email your reps. It makes it easy to flood their inboxes. Although I wonder if they get so much mail they totally tune it out and it doesn’t do any good (it just makes us feel better).

    • JohnGaltTexas says:

      Its called wood ash. It settles back to the ground and becomes a nutrient. None of this environazi nonsense has anything to do with pollution, it has everything to do with government intrusion and control of every aspect of our lives. Its long past time for these b*a*s*t*a*r*d*s to go.

      • gbandy says:

        John: besides the “Wood Ash” there are zillions of tons of carbon dioxide released which by the way and against the thinking of all the envioronazis helps plants to grow. Without CO2 all plant life on earth would perish.

        • John Hunter says:

          yes, resulting in death to all breathing creatures for lack of
          oxygen. And that is the name of the game, the killing off of
          billions of humans. They know more than God. God knows
          how many the earth can support, but by wanting to kill off
          billions they are cursing God. It is no wonder that there is going

          to be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth on the day of


      • John Hunter says:

        Good point. I remember some cultists claiming that

        after death all should be cremated and the ashes

        scattered out to fertilize the flowers.

    • John Hunter says:

      Air pollution. Have you ever noticed that when the sun comes back out after
      a good storm, how clean and clear it is? God knows how to solve problems.
      And carbon dioxide. Plant life thrives on it. It just has to be that our dumb
      public schools don’t teach how the oxygen we have to have to live gets here.

    • Schrecken says:

      Actually they did try and “outlaw” forest fires – decades ago the policy was to snuff out every wildfire, even those that posed no danger to homes or humans. Well, the brush got real thick and overgrown, and then there were fires that got so out of control (due to excess brush that would have naturally burned which would have prevented overgrowth) they were all but impossible to put out. So they reaped what they had sown.

  13. Cliffystones says:

    Screw the EPA. Build your own. Google “rocket mass heater” and see what can be done with a little American ingenuity.

  14. agbjr says:

    This is the same agency that not too many years ago was touting the efficiency, safety, and non-polluting aspects of wood-fired water-stove central heating … and unusual for the EPA hey were surprisingly correct in this! Now they’re against water-stoves? Typical government hypocrisy and bureaucratic idiocy. Asinine, simply asinine.

  15. RobinPC says:

    What is the matter with my comment VA?? Is this just another government troll website? Checked by the moderator? Is that the big O, or one of his henchmen?