Facebook Making Aggressive Anti-Social Assault on Conservatives

Facebook, as social media goes, has become decidedly ANTI social.

Not for all who use it but for those of us with a clear conservative leaning, Facebook has become the place where we’re NOT allowed to friend who we want, NOT allowed to share WHERE we want and NOT allowed to POST what we want.

It’s been getting way, WAY out of hand since socialists started openly talking about banning the 2nd Amendment after Sandy Hook, the “deal” on taxes and now, calls for unlimited presidential terms.

For instance, Facebook will “tell” you “Here is someone you might like to friend.”

So, you send that person a friend request and then, Facebook tells you…”You don’t have permission” to send that person a friend request” and because you DID, Facebook blocks you from sending any MORE friend requests for 30 days.


As a conservative, I belong to about 125 conservative groups on Facebook.

Facebook ALLOWED me to belong to these groups and the vast majority OF them ASKED me to join because they WANTED to see my articles daily.

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24 comments on “Facebook Making Aggressive Anti-Social Assault on Conservatives
  1. Jenny says:

    Mean FB most likely taken over by socialist, communist, fascist Obama truth police. Very surprised yiur article did not link back to Obama. Or is FB just another Obama front. You must have to troll a mile of garbage for 125 conservative friends. Have yiu guys gotten your RF micro chip yet. remember that’s part of Obama master plan to control you. I feel your pain. Too bad your guy lost. Then FB would not act this commie way.

    • residualstravel says:

      You are a left winged moron!

    • alibaba123456 says:

      Meanwhile you wear the tinfoil hat. I have many friends that have linked to my rarely used social media. Actually however it was not my guy that lost it was the United States being under another four years of the Marxist in the White House. Look up the definition of Marxist and what he has written before opening you yap that he is the savior.

  2. KAOIrish says:

    This is why I don’t facebook – it is only another means for the dems to control us.

    • Irishw says:

      Amen brother Irish. I do not want other people knowing about me anyway. This can’t be good, all facebook does is let people air out their dirty laundry.

  3. racefish says:

    This is one thing that don’t cause me to lose sleep at night.

  4. Worrywart says:

    This should cause us to lose sleep. So many people, from the young to elderly use FB, and subtle influence is at play.

  5. mathchopper says:

    If I was able to quit cigarettes 13 years ago, certainly you can quit fartbook.

  6. Kraviwannabe says:

    So far twitter is staying out of our way.

  7. Don Bahn says:

    Facebook is acting as a government surveillance organization. I will not join facebook, I will not even look for someone on facebook, I do not become friends with anyone on facebook.

    • Charming says:

      Thank god. The world is just a little bit safer. Sure Mark Z is crying and so upset.

    • Goober says:

      Don has it right! I never joined f___book because I new in the beginning that it was a way for government to watch everything you do, well they watch you from the camera’s all over the place but they know what your doing because you tell them on f___book. Before you signed up f__book told you that you could control who would see your postings so-on and so-forth but it looks as if that’s not what’s happening. Don’t expect Suckerberg to do anything he got his money from this legal ponzi scheme he doesn’t care! Be very careful what you say or blog YOU are being WATCHED!

  8. I know a lot of times that I post some conservative item on FB, it never makes it there. Until they block my account i will keep doing this.

    • Mary says:

      You go Gary. You will prevail. Can’t stop the Zuckermann Obama machine. We are patriots. Next they will be taking our guns, our children, our money, our wives, our food, our cars, our boats, our planes…oh wait that’s rich people and they won’t do that. Be very very scared.

      • don says:

        your right mary we should be worried but can not aford to be afraid they will prey on us that are. don’t know how all this is going to end but if we stand together they will fall as the tyrants they are.

  9. Greggie says:

    When Obama was campaigning, there was a day where he visited with Zuckerberg for a portion of a day. I knew in my knower that would lead to NO good! Now we have them telling you who, when and where you can blog. Never did F…book and unfortunately we see yet another freedom stripped. Guess Obama did not lie that he would “fundamentally” change America. Its time to band together because they will come in numbers and so should we. Its time!

    • Chuck says:

      I knew there would be an Obama – Zuck. Our very core democracy is being put in jeopardy. Where will the kids post their drunk pictures. Where will granny’s share those adorable kids pics. We are doomed and it’s all FB Obama commie fault. Can’t we get Sheriff Joe to stop this. Isn’t this an impeachable offense. I’m sure it is. There’s a link and Oama controls all of FACEBOOK. WHAT IS NEXT. OMG. LOL.

      • residualstravel says:

        You won’t be laughing when the knock comes on you door!

      • don says:

        your all wrong comepletly. its OUR fault. where you been chuck? impeachable offense you make me cry. this is miner to what he has done, an the bad part chuck you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • don says:

      we need to listen to obams ever word. cause he is bring his ever thought to the forfront. the fall of america is his vision an it a lot closer than we know. a stand must be made an soon

  10. John Cherish says:

    If they closed my FB account it is no big deal I will not loose sleep over it . They just want to control your life anyway although for some Facebook is an important outlet for their businesses

  11. alibaba123456 says:

    I do not either like or use Facebook. However it does have its uses to track morons including the person who owns it. Now what we need is a true “Facebook” that allows freedoms of all to say(within parameters) anything they want with out the fear of the thought police.

  12. dcgirl says:

    Am sick of all the “like us on Facebook” from various manufacturers; all the “must be a facebook user to comment” notices on blogs. I refuse to join Facebook. Stop making that liberal group money!

  13. Froghead says:

    I was always leary of fb. It just seems like it was created to bait people who can then be labeled and classified one way or the other. The only ones with rights will end up being those on the ‘Politburo’, if you catch my drift.