Pelosi Urges Obama to Use 14th Amendment to Raise Debt Ceiling, Bypass Congress

The White House insists President Barack Obama can’t — and won’t — use the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling.
But a growing number of his congressional allies are urging Obama not to abandon a potentially powerful weapon before negotiations even begin.

With Republicans promising another climactic fight over the $16.4 trillion debt limit in two months, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday that if she were president, she would invoke the Constitution to raise the ceiling on her own — with or without permission from the GOP.
“I would do it, in a second, but I’m not the president of the United States,” Pelosi said.

Like many other Democrats, Pelosi is eyeing the language in the 14th Amendment stating that the validity of U.S. public debts “shall not be questioned.” Prominent Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton, have argued that language — added in the aftermath of the Civil War — gives Obama all the authority he needs to break the ceiling.

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399 comments on “Pelosi Urges Obama to Use 14th Amendment to Raise Debt Ceiling, Bypass Congress
  1. Friscolady says:

    If Obama does this the House should prefer Articles of Impeachment against him. I know the Senate would never hold the Trial, however at least the Articles would be out there and possibly begin the process of eroding his power.

    At the very least Pelosi should be sanctioned by the House leadership for merely suggesting this!

    • ddean62 says:

      He would have very little time.

    • Donna says:

      Should they YES; Will they, most likely not. Our government, woops, now it is their government as we the people are being told we are too stupid to know what is best for us. So, none of congress, except for a very select few, will have a chance at doing anything. Our country is lost to the socialists, as they want us to believe.

      However, some of us will never give up and go down fighting.

      • PATRIOT says:


        authorizes we the people to protect our “COUNTRY THAT MANY DIED TO
        Declaration of independence SAYS IT ALL: READ IT 10X

      • Pam Peck says:

        Remember Obama won the election 51% to 47% That is not a mandate. American families earning less than $30,000 voted for Obama 62% to 35% So, low information moochers voted for handouts. Romney won where it counted. White males and independents. Half of America is sane and for some unknown reason lets the other half tell them what to do. I am so sick and tired of hearing someone say if a Republican did that they wouldn’t get away with it. Why don’t we fight back? Call them the Marxists that they are. Why do we sit back and let them run over us?

    • Remington 870 says:

      Americans were dumb enough to vote Obama in twice..and the same dumb would probably agree with Witch Pelosi. The aggorance and hypocracy from the San Fran-freaks-Co hag epitomizes how she and fellow ilk..Frankenstien-Fienstien, Madam Boxer and Big Nostrils hold contempt over tax paying Americans while flaunting their superiority.

      • edwinrad says:

        Some districts gave Obamanation 99% of the vote which is impossible. The GOP is either going along with the Dummycrats or they’re on dope or something.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Edward..the GOP is cowardly. I made a pact with myself during this past election…if the GOP blows this one, I am finished with them. I am sick of Karl Rove types, Boehner, McCain and their RINO ilk. I still plan to vote, but not for Dems or Rino Reps.

        • pitter43 says:

          I emailed the GOP and Boehner that I was voting 3rd party unless they grow a pair.

        • Boehner is a cry baby. McCain is getting senile. The rest need to grow, buy, rent, or steal a pair. Other wise vote them out next time.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          They go when the CFR says they do; WE have no real voice in the process; elections are an illusion in this nation.

        • a says:

          But do you really want to vote in a demoncrap again? NOT ME! May as well vote Adolf in….

        • Remington 870 says:

          Good point. When it is voting time again, many of us may have to hold our noses when voting or vote for a third party. If the elections are fixed, then we must send the GOP a message….’you are finished…we don’t want you any more.’ The GOP put Boehner in charge again and that sends a clear signal that the GOP is completely leaderless.

        • raven says:

          and vote in the democrats again… hows that for cutting off your nose despite your face! a 3rd party is not the answer. Vote better people in and push for term limits.

        • tionico says:

          given the “options” proffered us by the GOP, voting better people in won’t be hapening any time soon, either. Time to rise up and have the bums out.

        • Homenetworker says:

          The problem is that the Rep Party over rides the people’s choice. Look what happened to Alaska and Nevada last time around. The candidate that the people choose were over spent by the Rep Party for their own choice.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          That’s an even larger waste of time and energy. There is ONE party, which shows 2 “heads” and no one else is even relevant. THAT, is the reality with which we live. We have NOT had an actual election in this nation since before WILSON was put in office a century ago; the Jesuits, through their various fronts have been controlling who gets onto our ballots, therefore into our offices, for at least that long. No matter which “party” seems to win it’s actually the CFR/Jesuits/ NWO that WINS! And that’s true in Europe and most of Asia as well. Communism, Fascism, the UN, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Muslim Brotherhood and all it’s sub groups, and dozens of others are merely fronts and tools for the Jesuits, and THEY also answer to higher authorities, whose agenda it really is that they are carrying out.

        • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

          No doubt, the Jesuits have been corrupted by their excessive obsession with Higher Education which feeds their pride, however to imply that they are behind all of the evils we now face is ridiculous! You no doubt, have been reading too many Chick Publications.

          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,

          Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director

          Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          No sir; I haven’t. I do read many things; and grew up in a Catholic neighborhood; I’m reasonably sure the majority of the grassroots Catholics have no notion what’s going on either. Their obsession with education has to do with “molding” minds, in the same context as Stalin and Mao found so useful, and in the same fashion as is corrupting the young minds in the US. I know this hits a nerve for you; and I do apologize for that, but I’m compelled to relay what I do know; that is my duty. And it’s not as ridiculous as it would appear on the surface, when you do look below that surface. I do not mean you any personal offense.

        • Tommy Ge says:

          Sandra Lee, you are right. What we see the politicians doing is all Kabuki theatre. It’s like the Wizard of Oz. All bluster for you to see, all the while the man behind the curtain is pulling all the strings.

        • Sutekh says:

          As I remarked in an above post, I’m protestant, but what most of our Congressmen and executive officials in D.C. needed as children was a nun with a big stick to beat their butts and tell them NO! But then I remember that it didn’t prevent Ted Kennedy from becoming a thief, murderer, and traitor, so the thought passes.

        • Ray says:

          Good post!

        • Sutekh says:

          I’m a protestant, and I firmly believe that the fast food product known at our house as “Chicken Up-Chuckits” is primarily made of Chick pamphlets.

        • MalikTous says:

          Sure it’s not ‘Soylent Green’?

        • Ana says:

          Are you on drugs?!

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          No; and I see very clearly, what’s actually going on in our world! Can you say the same? I have my doubts…

        • IRONSIDE says:

          I’m somewhat familiar with many of the groups you mention but have not heard of the Jesuites in that capacity. I would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction to learn more about this and avoid the BS I’m sure is out there just as with the other groups to throw people off track. I would really apprciate any help or info you would provide me.

        • sic of it says:

          Read the book “The Illuminati” by Henry Makov. It is about what is happening and why! It was a real eye opener for me. It explains about The New World Order and their dreams of taking over our America and the people who are pulling the strings. Very good factual read! I got it on Amazon dot com.

        • Sutekh says:

          My daugher’s ex boyfriend is a freemason. His local lodge has trouble raising the money to pay the rent on their meeting hall. Doesn’t sound much like a first class global conspiracy to me.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          They aren’t the lead conspirators, only one of dozens or hundreds, globally, of front organizations, and one lodge with fiscal problems doesn’t disprove that by any stretch. Freemasons are nearly as old as human civilization; they organized during the middle ages as a guild, and aligned with the Jesuits in the mid 1500s.

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues says:

          Yes, I believe that both parties are playing the Bad Cop / Good Cop game upon us citizens because they are all working in concert to please the “Establishment.” Who are the “Establishment?” The are the Big Money Interests whose membership makes up the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the FED, and a few other such groups if I mentioned would be unbelievable. Washington politicians have sold us out to Big Money and the power mongers. It would appear that the only corrective action left to us citizens is an armed revolution where the traitors and subversives in Washington would be the first targets. I keep posting what Nancy Pelosi once said to Howard Metzembaum long ago as a reminder of the thought process on the left: “Socialism cannot succeed unless we get the guns.”

        • What Pelosi said is in the Communist Manifesto and was also in Hitler’s Nazi Manifesto. So we know what she and her ilk are planning for us.

        • MalikTous says:

          Hence her nickname Nazi Picknosy.

        • 1American1st says:


          We really need to create a new party. I, too, am disgusted with the GOP for not vehemently protesting the 2012 rigged election & demanding a new paper ballot vote. What is wrong with those people. There are absolutely NOT serving the people who put them in office & I don’t think they have an inkling of just how angry we are with their lack of concern over this fraudulent election.

          I recently read an old E-mail, dated 11/4/12, that had the election tied. How in the hell did Obama win by 3 million votes? It didn’t happen.

        • celticwaryor says:

          Check out the Constitution Party.

        • Schnable says:

          Three million Republicans did NOT vote. One percent of the voters voted Libertarian.

        • Sutekh says:

          A sizeable number of evangelicals who thought Mormon businessmen are more dangerous than Muslim sleepers in the White House didn’t vote either.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Just read your message. I completely agree with voter fraud tampering, especially the Swing States. When the Congressional elections get here in 2014, the same will happen to benefit the Dems who will win districts they shouldn’t win. And we the people will be able to do nothing. And the GOP Congress will do what it does best…nothing.

        • 1American1st says:

          Remington -
          The voter fraud not only affected the Presidential election, it messed up the city, county & state elections. We probably have more Democrat Socialists in office than ever before in our history. They are all the same, Tax & Squander. I could tell you horror stories about the crap our local government (mostly dumb Dems) spend money on, but it would take too long.

        • Ana says:

          Sure, a new party. It was voting for losers like Gary Johnson (with the Democrats pulling the strings and funding that loser behind the scene) that put Obama back in office. A third party is just what the Democrats want and need to keep power knowing it will take votes away from the GOP. The Democrats played the idiots who voted for that idiot like a fiddle.

        • 1American1st says:


          We need to “replace” the Republican Party….for good. They have proven themselves to be spineless weenies when it comes to standing up for the citizens who voted for them.
          This election was a sham, the epitome of fraud, yet the GOP acts like everything is hunky-dorey. Well, it’s not. This isn’t some Communist country where elections are meaningless. The Republicans should have been screaming FRAUD at the top of their lungs & demanding a new paper ballot election. We put them in office to protect us and our rights. Our forefathers didn’t die for a bunch of weasels to fold up & give in to dictators, Socialists & Communists.

        • MalikTous says:

          They should have done so in 1992 when that con artist Komrad Wilhelm Klinton hired ACORN to tamper with the vote so he could invade the Whitehouse. Klinton will be forever damned for hanging a railroad brakeman’s lantern over the Whitehouse back door, as well as election and economic fraud.

        • Danny Cooper says:

          I’m with you 100% Remington 870.

        • Bill says:

          You are kidding yourself just like 3,000,000 Republicans who did not vote in November. Their action assurded Obama of being reelected.

        • I consider myself a Conservative Independent. The next election I will not vote Republican as I did these last 2 times as no Conservative was running. If no Conservative runs in 2016 but a Libertarian does, then I will vote for the latter.

        • dextermassolettisr says:

          You are quite right in all, but for that “cowardly” — they are complicit.
          We are beset with a Poltical Class dominated by those who have assumed themselves royalty.
          They all deserve their fate.

        • Ray says:

          I agree & I think that many morre people have awakened to the fact that this GOP is in bed with the Demons! I personally think this has been for over 50 yrs at least! Anyway, I am not voting Repub. anymore! Our politicians need to be tried & prosecuted for their many crimes against the taxpayers of this Nation! Some need to be tried for treason & hung!

        • I agree! Time for a third party, anyway!

        • enough says:

          Yep, its a scam and killglory clinton was/is the next in line for 2 terms of treason as well. No president is voted in they are selected and to have a third party running makes the voting fraud more diffacult. why do you think they hate 3rd parties. It’s us or us with a different color. From the CIA ” if the selected president of choice couldn’t keep more than 25% of the voters they would create a favorable distraction. Bin Laden sound about right and hundreds more. they would influence the other party with the same overall agenda” as long as they get what they want blue/red doesnt matter. Ron Paul tried telling you/those people this..

        • rscott says:

          Hell 99%, is better than a couple that recorded over 100% of the voters registered in the district.

        • Holden Faweva says:

          Couple! Ha, dozens!

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Some districts surpassed 100% of the registered voters in their district.

        • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

          I understand that Connecticut had over 110% voters. That is 10% more than is legally possible!

          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
          Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Yes sir and some in PA and OH approached 150 % of registered voters in them.

        • Tommy Ge says:

          Yep! Sad but true. We the American people are being played like a fine Stradivarius.

        • Mike M says:

          Ed – I believe the GOP is so worried about maintaining their power structure, they’ll go along with virtually ANYTHING to keep the status quo! They might as well be on crack…

        • Rurth says:

          They passed a law where the GOP could not protest over election results even if it was fraud. Not sure which law it was but someone out there probably does.

        • Bob2002 says:

          edwinrad, I agree there was fraud in the 2012 election but there is no one to question this fraud judiciously because of an agreement with the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC)as a result of voter fraud back in 1981. The agreement was made in 1982 that the RNC would not question voter fraud on the DNC; which gave the DNC carte blanche to do anything it wants concerning elections. The RNC needs to rescind this agreement because it should not go on for eternity. However, this agreement does not apply to the congress and Boehner could do something by bringing up some sort of law to outlaw voter fraud and put penalties for violating the legislature. I know it might be hard to get the Senate to go along with this type of legislature, but to do nothing about the Democrats committing voter fraud is silly. Without this agreement, perhaps, Obama would not be president.

        • raven says:

          Impossible is right… Talk about voter fraud. And the GOP is so disc ed
          by the media they will not even bring it forward!

        • Ken Stephens says:

          Some districts also gave him 100% of the vote. This is so ridiculous. Why has this not been challenged? The vote in these districts should be challenged in court. You can bet that any district that went 100% for Romney would be challenged by the Dems. We’ve got to fight fire with fire. Instead we are satisfied to make Rove the villain. Rove was probably right in his predictions but he assumed that there would be no manipulation of the vote.

      • ltfbhh says:

        I have just two words to say regarding Obama’s reelection: VOTER FRAUD

        • Remington 870 says:

          Bingo! And these scumbags have it down pact now. Wait until the 2014 congressional elections.

        • wminaz says:

          And meanwhile the sharp as a tack Repubs are researching which paper ballots would be legal and efficient and are organizing to have observers at each polling location to observe irregularies and have attorneys organized to stop the balloting thru court orders issued immediately when fraud is attempted. They also are organizing to see that military ballots get to the troops in a timely manner via an organized group who will publicly report the progress being made starting with mid-2013 and each month thereafter. A trail of custody mechanism is being proposed so it can be placed into law in a timely manner and properly staffed so that ballots are not manipulated and are available for review as needed.
          More likely, the Repubs are going to complain mildly and wait for the meek to inherit the election.

        • Judy Loman says:

          Not just voter fraud, but intimidation, 30K dead people voted in one state, 26K dead in another. WTH – people actually crossed state lines and voted in 2 or more states and talked about it in Newspapers and blogs – so again WTH we have 4 more years of the liar in chief. Then think about all the military votes that somehow didn’t get back in time to be counted – or the plane crash of a flight carrying – guess what – thousands of military votes – that just somehow got burned up in a crash! If I hear one more idiot claim that this guy won the election fair and square I may throw-up. As for Piglosi she is absolutely senile, stupid and all the plastic surgery to her 73 year old face has caused her brain to malfunction! She has her head where the sun don’t shine. She should be indicted for subversive activities and speech that is unbecoming a member of congress.

        • Judy, this Judy agrees with you 100%.

        • chalmette lady says:

          And so do thousands more of us.

        • dollyg says:

          I totally agree!!

        • CSS Lov says:

          They should leave her head in there and sew the hole closed.

        • mallen11 says:

          Instead of just letting this information go, why isn’t someone doing something about it? This is the worse I have ever seen in this country to let the wrong be right and let it go. It blows my mind like the “The Americans With No Abilities Act” by Reid and Pelosi.

        • Bucky says:

          We have to write our congressman and senators repeatedly about this, unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears. The people need to demand term limits for these people, it’s the only way.

        • mallen11 says:

          I totally agree and sadly to say my district has been recarved and I no longer have a Repulican as my representative. You should see the district and how large it is compared to what it was for our GOP rep here in CA. However, we can turn to God for help against this evil.

        • dollyg says:

          I TOTALLY AGREE!!!

        • ltfbhh says:

          From what I am seeing, there are literally MILLIONS of people who believe the 2012 elections were stolen by massive Democrat voter fraud. We know the spineless GOP will do nothing about it. To show that We The People will not stand for the stolen election, we must refuse to comply with any law which is passed in the next 2 years, or until we can be assured of a fair election. Our elected officials aren’t listening to us, so we MUST create a commotion that they cannot ignore. Did I hear somebody say “TAX STRIKE”?

        • IRONSIDE says:

          Tell me how to get my job to quit taking taxes out of my paycheck and I will gladly tax strike. I like the idea, but they get it before i see it. Can you claim more deductions on your w2 than you legally have and do you have to proide SSN’s and names? I don’t know. even if I claimed 2 which is all I have left my wife and I, they are still going to take out more than enough that I still get a refund. Guide me or give me some ideas and I’ll jump on that bandwagon.

        • ltfbhh says:

          Tell your employer that you want to fill out a new W4. You are legally entitled to declare more exemptions than just the people in your family if you expect that you will have high deductible expenses, such as business losses, casualty and theft, or high medical expenses. However, if at the end of the year you owe a lot more than was deducted, you may get hit with a penalty. Of course if we ALL do this, the system will get overwhelmed and everything come to a crashing halt. This can be our version of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Instead of overwhelming the welfare system, we will bring the govt. to a halt and make our politicians finally stop and listen.

        • IRONSIDE says:

          Thank you ltfbhh,
          I appreciate your time and the info you provided. The less I let them steal off the top gives me more control on the other end. Thank you again, Sir.

        • 1American1st says:

          I would be happy to join a tax strike, however, as a small business owner under 4 years of Obama hell, I don’t know if I am going to owe any taxes. I’ve been paying out more than taking in with no hope for the next 4 years.

      • IRONSIDE says:

        As a middle American, I feel let down by my fellow Americans. I don’t know if they felt it was ‘in the bag’ but when a whole group of people knew if they didn’t vote, they might lose their entitlements…and please, don’t twist that to mean people who earned it like retirees and such. I mean the welfare moochers and the liars in disability who are not disabled. I don’t mean the poeple who deserve it. It really ticks me off when the MSM immediately twists a statement like that to say we are attacking people who deserve it. I stand right behind Romney’s statement about the 47% as he was talking about the wefare kings and queens, not the retired or wounded vets and such. I’m 57 and still have not figured out how someone can qualify for welfare, foodstamps, HEAP, HUD housing, and still drive around in a big Caddy and the women getting their nails and hair/wigs done once a week. We all know there is fraud there, and we all know there is gang involvement and drug pushing going on there too. After we close the borders, I also see no problem with going neighborhood to neighborhood and rousting the gangs right out of there. Gitmo sounds like a good place for them and I don’t care if there are 10 in a cell. Far as I’m concerned, criminals have no rights and should be subjected to cruel and unsusal punishment. They also don’t need televsion or game rooms. They can be treated as they are; criminals. Life ought to suk for them, they made it suk for their victims.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Support everything you say. I call the big butted women who travel the shopping ailes with their babies…Obama Pajama Mamas. Most of the babies’ daddies are standing on corners in groups doing drugs or sucking down alcohol. If you ever want to send these worthless people running, just tell them you have a job for them. These 97 percent voters for Obama are the ‘bain’ of this country plus the illegals.

      • camo says:

        voter Fraud is the only reason obama won it was a scam and fraud by the liberals, i have talked to many people who said no way in hell would they have voted for him, he promised illegals amnesty if they voted for him and i thought illegals were not allowed to vote in our country, just shows how much liberal basturds have destroyed our country

        • Vette66 says:

          Now that would be 100 registered voters and 200 votes for the “D” and 0 for any other peson running for the office. you know, something like OH for BO. What was some to the turn out, 104% in one area and 113% in another. Nay, the Ds never lie. Must be all the illegals that can’t read English and told to pull the lever/push the screen when every the see something that looks like (D). Nope, no voter fruad in this last election. OK, now all you DS jump on this. Even the MSM reported this so it must be true right?

        • 1American1st says:

          I only know of one person that voted for him. She is an absolute dingbat. If it wasn’t for her husband I wouldn’t even talk to her. In October he assured us he was voting for Romney so he would cancel out her Obama vote. He said he doesn’t let her talk about that AH at home.

      • mallen11 says:

        I hope those who voted for -0 will realize how wrong they were when they come up with less money in their pocketbooks and when they can’t get in to see a doctor.

      • Pam Peck says:

        The Republican party is Marxist. They are no different from democrats. They are doing nothing because they want what the dems want…more money in their pockets and power. This government will not do one darn thing for America. They also want to be the top feeders when the New World Order takes over.

      • Nancy Pelosi, this brainless individual is the one who said that in order to find out whats in the Obama Care bill, we had to pass it first to learn whats in it. Well we found that it will bring on the biggest tax hike. Now she proposes thsat Obama by-pass congress to raise the Debt ceiling. In four years Obama has caused te national debt to rise double what Bush did in eight years. When we learn that a large number of Senate Democrats are registered with the National Socialist Democratic Party, and we also learn that Obama has publicly stated that our Constitution is outdated, and some Constitutional scholars are asking for the repeal of same, Just what the hell did our voters vote for,a Democratic Dictatorship? If so then those who voted for this Administration, who do not recognize the many thousands of men who gave their lives to preserve our nation and freedoms, why don’t you all take the fastest plane to a country you might be more comfortable with, say Iran for one.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Good comments Vincent. Our country is in big trouble with Obama and his commies. We are in big trouble because we have a low information voter who wants free stuff and Obama be their man. We are in big trouble because the commies are using Newtown as their rally point form which to take our guns. Ohhh…and do I believe Adam Lanza acted alone in those killings? Hell no..he got lots of help from whoever is working Obama’s strings. We are on our own and must stand together or we will be slaves.

      • afanaglenn says:

        You sure so adeptly expressed both our sentiments. Wish I could have said it so well.

      • Mike M says:

        These same “dumb Americans” are aptly labeled “low information voters” by a popular talk show host! Perfect!

      • Amfer Ferg says:

        they still haven’t recognized they are just ‘employees’, like those at Burger King; they were ‘hired’ to do a job, when they fail to do a good job, we have the right to fire them.

      • Medaton says:

        Our only hope is that Obama and Hugo Chavez have a lot in common!!!

        • Remington 870 says:

          Wouldn’t that be great. You know what is sad…half of America has these thoughts. Why? Occupying the White House is a fake, communist, muslim, anti-American, and liar. I know…most politicians are all of the above, but this one is a smiling two headed rattlesnake capable of smiling and bitting at the same time.

      • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

        Once again, it is highly doubtful that the American people actually did elect him in 2008 or 2012. Massive voter fraud made it seem like he was elected!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,

        Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director

        Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

      • MalikTous says:

        The Americans who were ‘dumb enough’ to put this cheating traitor into a second term were likely ‘dumb’ because they were 6 feet under. Their votes were cast posthumously and fraudulently by ACORN. ‘Dumb’ means unable to speak.

    • They should, but they won’t because they’re cowards.

    • Pelosi can be removed from the House by a simple majority vote.

    • autho5555 says:

      Pelosi is the perfect exmaple of why linberalism is a mental disorder. Now just think of what she would do if a republoican president would want to do this. Nobody should be able to usurp any amendment or the constitution.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Obama: A limb of Satan
      Pelosi: A limb of Satan
      Reid: A limb of Satan
      Holder: A limb of Satan

      Our arms and legs are in terrible shape. Do you suppose it is arthritis? What should we do about them? How can we do what is needed?

      • IRONSIDE says:

        that would be up to the death panels, but if it were you and I, the old ones would just be left to die and the younger ones might get a transplant as a tx of last resort. Factoring in the dementia of the old people and the criminal background of the younger ones, the only just consensus of the board would be to euthinize ‘em.

        • Evermyrtle says:

          It is a very sad outlook for out children and grandchildren. I am ancient and I do not matter, but I know my GOD will take of me.

    • Polozi is with her own words rebeling against the constitution by trying to disrupt the ballance of power. and she should be arested and tried for TREASON

    • Herbert Hoos says:

      Impeach Pelosi too she was the DNC chairman that Vetted Hussein and signed two documents, one legal and one illegal with a whole paragraph omitted!! An ommission is just the same thing as lying!!

    • kenhowes says:

      A censure might be in order. She has, as a member of the House, urged circumvention of the House and its exclusive constitutional power.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      To what point? The SENATE and Chief “Justice” will never hear them. And even if they put on that show, the DEM Senate will NOT convict, no matter HOW compelling the evidence. CFR runs them all; and it put O in our WH; so there he stays ’til THEY get done using him there!

    • I would not be the least bit surprised if,Marxist Muslim Dictator Barack H.Obama!Did this all the Constitution is to him is a worthless law! He’s already walked over the Constitution I’m sure when it comes,to America’s Right to Bear Arms!!He’ll figure a way to ignore that and LIE again to the American people.That he wants to protect them,children and he cares.About there safety!
      I agree with you that if he does this that,impeachment hearings should be started!Even as you say that the Senate would ignore the,Articles of impeachment!Hopefully it would slow Obama down or it might,anger him.More and make matters even worse for America!Right now I do not know how things could,get any worse!
      I pray for a MIRACLE that will prevent,him from.Being sworn in for a second term!

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Friscolady, I think it is time to play the game using the same rules the progressive liberals use…the Alinsky model…and give them a taste of their own medicine. The ends justify the means and that can work both ways. I really hope there is someone out there digging up dirt on every democrat senator in office that will be used to persuade them to vote to remove “that guy and his side kick Joe” from office. Then watch how they cry fraud and corruption because it is being used against them but they are the ones who perfected it and showed us how to use it. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Agree?

    • Beepster says:

      The House can prefer the charges, and the Senate has NO choice but to hear them. THEY are the jury. Unfortunately, they will find “No Bill”, and Soetoro escapes again.

    • larryincamden says:

      If the freaking House had any backbone they would have prefered Articles of impeachment three years ago, Now it has been re elected and all of his previous treasons are null and vod.

    • GregoryP says:

      Obama deserves it but you can’t get a two-thirds vote. Find another avenue to stop this man.

    • OLD MAN says:

      Farm pigs wouldn’t eat garbage like Pelosi!!!

  2. charleyhog says:

    impeach and jail all those a$$holes

  3. Harold says:

    Is this Eva Braun reincarnated? The she follows Obama I wonder!

    • s58031ts says:

      Eva Braun was better looking, could move her face, and had a gold plated car.

      • Donna says:

        don’t give peelowsee any ideas for her auto! The freak did remodel “her” plane, thanks to the taxpayers. I will not pay for her to have a gold anything…but it will be slipped in somewhere like a porkie thing.
        Speaking of pork, we need to spray the WH with blood of the porkie.

        • Damon says:

          ..she thinks she has a gold plated something else.

        • Greggie says:

          Sorry, Donna, you already have. So has every taxpayer! And yet they’re back in office, again. They are destroying our great country, still. Certain parasites need to have their head lopped off to eradicate them. These parasites are living on borrowed time!!

  4. Mary says:


  5. EdinNola says:

    This argument is absurd. Whether or not a debt’s validity is questionable has no bearing on whether Congress should give Obama another credit card. These Communists continue to mis-quote and mis-represent the Constitution and it is past time for these outright lies to stop. The fact is that Obama is spending money in advance of receiving Congressional authorization and then has the nerve to claim that the debts must be paid. He is spending money that he has no right to spend – got that? He is spending money that belongs to taxpayers, not to him or his Party.

    • Lady Patriot says:

      Agreed. And while we are at it, if they even try something like that, the House should immediately take away all money for items not enumerated in the Constitution as a function of the Federal govt. States should fight for the 10th amendment. With 30 Republican governors, seems we could win that one.

      • CheeseandRice says:

        Don’t really need to fight FOR the 10th, just need to begin to practice it. The fight will come later.

    • Damon says:

      EdinNola- Your comments are worth the billboard sign on major international and state highways–it is the Congress who empowers the debt and Obama wants to raise taxes-Dedistribution of wealth) but does not want to cut spending. Yes they voted for Obama and the North and Northeast who majorly voted for him are going to pay the price.

  6. dad666 says:

    If he attempts this articles of impeachment should be prepared and he should be charged with treason for his continuous refusal to obey and enforce our laws because he doesn’t agree with them. What a POS.

    • 1American1st says:

      Worst prez in the history of the United States….EVER!

      • And, yet reelected. What does that say about the electorate in the United States?

        • Lady Patriot says:

          It says people want free things, don’t verify things, don’t know/understand the constitution and are perfectly content to vote for someone based on one personal issue they are concerned with. Ahhh…The definistion of sheeple…

        • Damon says:

          …and it shows the stupidity and outright ignorance of the people.

        • real talk 1 says:

          Just what are the people getting free things going to do when the money out and belive me it will, the restraints should be put on having children out of wed lock when the illegals continue to have children and they have no education to raise them no jobs because lack of and this will be a generational problem, soon or later these people will perish for lack of growth through out the world no food or money will sustain them and all this in the name of power,

        • Lady Patriot says:

          That is the O plan. They are too unwillingly to figure it. There will be 2 classes-wealthy and poor. It will be the survival of the fittest, so to speak. Look at China, Russia and other Communist countries. They won’t have anything and they won’t have a Constituion to protect them any longer if they don’t wake up. Or, when we take to the streets to take our country back, O will give them guns to fight us and I won’t even suggest how that idiotic idea will go. It will be just what Socialist’communist leaders want–reduce the population. Like I said at a different site though: I think we should be methodical in our effort to protect our country. There are only around 20% who consider themselves liberals. It’s time we start taking names and adresses. Just getting rid of LIBERAL Democrats could get us to the point of proclaiming the Constitution as our document and anyone who works against it will be arrested for treason or whatever else needs to be done. We pretty much know the politicians involved who are busy violating our constitutional rights every day. Perhaps we could start a group whose sole responsibility would be to begin these lists state by state…including but not limited to politicians, professors, union leaders, judges, entertainers, etc. Without these people the war on Socialism could be won much more quickly than fighting ALL of the citizens. We would then be able to elect a president, fill judges’ vacancies, correct our history books and teach our history correctly. Oh yeah, we could take O’s name out of all the presidentional records especially where he included himself in the biography of other presidents. What a narcissist! He has never been a leader no matter what he thinks. He has been wrong more often than all other presidents combined.

        • peter says:

          but they will have guns and will use them to get what they want!

        • NCBigmouth says:

          It says to me that they are dumb as dog turds!

        • Bo Graves says:

          It says that there is something terribly wrong with our election process.

        • Combat Veteran Seabee says:


        • bobscia says:

          he would of won if he ran against himself…….

        • Hand outs of other peoples money.

        • IRONSIDE says:

          it says the moochers got off their butts one day and put forth the effort to go vote and then go back home in their caddy’s and wait for the EFT to continue to drop in. It woul be no different than heroin addicts being told that unless you go this one day and do one thing, no more heroin. Pretty simple. On the flip side, we honestly and stupidly thought it would be a fair election-and we shouldhave known better–and not as many turned out. Coupled with all the dead people voting, the way over 100% of the populations of a state voting, planes going down with absentee ballots, it’s pretty obvious what happened. The bums got off their butts to keep getting their heroin, and just to make sure, Obama pulled out all the stops to ensure his fraud went forth.

        • dollyg says:

          It says that the company that took care of the voting machines was owned by George Soros. It means that Holder would not let the voter Id law that was passed was held up in court so they could cheat. It says that Dems are a bunch of cheaters and voted for dead people, voted multiple times in different states because they could get away with it.

        • 1American1st says:


          It says Hitler was correct:

          It says Joseph Stalin was correct:

      • oldcoyote says:

        He’s just a big mouth 100% controlled by the joos.

      • camo says:

        Jimmy Carter was the worst but compared to obama carter is now listed as a saint

  7. Jim Uberti says:

    This is what happens when you have a biased media.
    The Liberals aka Democrats, become bolder and bolder because they know that the media(most of it) will not wake up the “I gotta watch my sit-coms crowd” to what is going on.
    These so-called voters have no idea how they are being impacted by these last four years and Pelosi knows this!!
    When the destruction of the NEXT four years becomes evident, THEN that crowd will whine about who’s to blame, and the media will do it’s damndest to blame the Right.

    • 1American1st says:

      Just like they did in ’08, instead of blaming Barney Frank & the Dems who really caused our housing collapse & ultimately the worst recession since The Great Depression, they blamed President Bush & the main stream media backed them up, promoting the Liberal lies and propaganda to get a freakin’ Dem in the White House.
      Nobody on the Left or in the MSM ever mentions that the Dems controlled the House AND Senate then. You never hear them say that the Republicans warned them about the bad loans or that Barney “Fife” Frank kept saying there were no problems with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. He was and is nothing but a self-serving, 2 bit LIAR & should be in prison.

      • Ron G says:

        You forgot to mention Dodd. He made a fortune along with Frank. Pelosi and Reid promised that if they took control of the house and senate in 2007, they would lower the price of gas. They took control and for two years thumbed their nose at the American public while gas prices continued to rise. In 2008 President Bush took action and prices dropped. I filled my tank on Jan 20,2009 for $1.299 per gallon. Under Obama prices went over $4 per gallon, then dropped for the election and are on the way back up again. All four of them are not to be trusted and should not hold any public office or position of responsibility.

        • Damon says:

          Ron–Try explaining that to these dumb-a$$ liberals that voted for the communist baring fools.

        • Vette66 says:

          It’s kind of hard to explain anything to a lib who gets their free gas money every month so they can drive thier SUV to Wal-Mart and get thier EBT food. Check out the EBT users and see how “tough” they have it when they buy the food you and I can’t afford. Just stand at the end of a checkout line and see for yourself. Why are so many people that use EBT cards so overweight? If you get a day off from your job, try it or do so on the weekend. Bring a barf bag, you may need it as you see how your tax dollar is really spent.

      • enough says:

        start removing the media influence, post the names of the editors, owners etc. In my 75k plus town I sent 2 packing in 9 years. They can have an opinion but when they lie, distort facts and the like, I am at their home, work with video cam. First time took 6 months, but now 3-1/2 months if you know what to do.

        • 1American1st says:

          I like it! The more the Conservatives challenge their lies, the better.

          I keep asking Conservatives to go to the Huffington Post site & post their comments. This is one of the largest Liberal news media outlets on the Internet. AOL hired them a few years ago as their news media, but prior to that they were just a 100% Liberal blog.
          I don’t know what AOL was thinking. I have sent E-mails complaining about the lies, propaganda & distortions posted by HP, but I yet to receive a response from AOL.
          As I told them, AOL is supposed to stand for America On Line, not Democrats On Line.

  8. It is what it is says:

    shes an old douche living on borrowed time, her offspring will be living off all of the money she took from us

    • David F. Podesta says:

      Maybe HER activities should be investigated. Since she’s been in congress, her husband has become wealthy beyond measure – maybe due to inside information or a few strategic votes that benefitted him?

    • Damon says:

      …let’s just be honest here and call her what she is–a sewer rat.

  9. Nightlyonewolf says:

    This is why she and others like her should be removed from office, handcuffed, stripped of all wealth and clothing and sent to Gitmo for the rest of their lives.

  10. s58031ts says:

    That’s why Pillousy has to go and take Harry Reid with her. Afghanistan would be a good place for both of them to go. Atleast they would know what they are doing to our Military.

  11. TIGERPAWS says:


  12. zearman says:

    OK don’t question it, just reduce it.

  13. guest says:

    Too bad she is in Washington at all!

  14. guest says:

    The picture looks like they have more going on than just politics.

  15. turn 3 says: