Al Gore, Al Jazeera...Common Goals?

A conservative media watchdog group says it’s outrageous that former Vice President Al Gore is selling his liberal cable television network to terrorist sympathetic Al Jazeera — the result being a U.S.-based news network with content that American consumers should be wary of.

The Associated Press reported yesterday that Gore and his partners have agreed to sell struggling Current TV to the Qatar-based broadcasting entity for a reported $500 million. The sale would raise Al Jazeera’s current U.S. footprint from 4.7 million to more than 40 million households. The Al Jazeera Media Network reports it plans to create a New York City-based news channel called Al Jazeera America that should begin broadcasting later this year.

But television analysts say the Arab network faces hurdles in the U.S. with distributors and viewers. Time Warner Cable, which accounts for 12-million households, has already indicated it would drop Current TV from its lineup and will not carry the channel under its new ownership. “We are removing the service as quickly as possible,” Time Warner said in a statement.

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31 comments on “Al Gore, Al Jazeera...Common Goals?
  1. ElizabethMC says:

    Piece of garbage that he is. I’d like to kick him in the azz with my carbon footprint!

  2. Remington 870 says:

    And this clown was almost voted President, thanks to the ‘Chad sucking state of Fla. Gore has been whoring his global fornicating for too long and only the stupid have believed such fiction. Gore needs to fade into a Thia Massage palor and never be heard from again.

  3. haditinsd says:

    This act of treason should be a great opportunity for Obama to try out his NDAA policy of detention without trial. He won’t of course.

  4. nexgenesis says:

    It would not be a reach to say that this president and Al Gore and Al Jazerra all share the same goal to destroy America

    • krdave says:

      I really believe that you are correct, along with many million others, I’m sure.

    • I knew Al gore and Al Jazerra had something in common, besides their first name.

      Jews + blacks + unmarried women + muslims + gays + Hispanics + Earth-worshippers = a Jewish-led coalition of the mismatched which is bent on our destruction.

  5. krdave says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole deal wasn’t a set up to begin with. They might have been afraid that they couldn’t get it going from the start, then got Gore to start it and then bought it.

  6. Babsan says:

    Common goals,ABSOLUTELY!

  7. Gman says:

    It’s really sad just where this country, for years, has been headed, is at and where it’s going due to the morality and irresposibility of the American people and the actions of people like Gore, Clinton, judges and congressmen and the like. I just feel bad for my kids and their kids. With these politicians caving and making these deals that just keep perpetuating the demise of this country. It’s a shame that more and more people America have become so lazy and self made disable that they actually expect the rest of the country and this government to give them what others work for and have total control of their lives. It’s really a pitty.

    • Ana says:

      Gman, our country is headed this way because a lot of Americans, for whatever reason, decided to sit the election out in this country’s hour of greatest need. We are in more danger now than we had ever been from Hitler’s Germany. Too bad the majority of the idiots who sat the election out didn’t realize it. But I know deep in my heart that one day they are going to sorely regret it.

  8. Al Gore is no better than Vicdun Quisling (he was A norwegian who sided with the Germans during World War II).

  9. real talk 1 says:

    This country would be better off with out the likes of people like Al Gore and Pelosi and Obama bidens etc etc etc etc you get the point.

  10. fliteking says:

    Al ” Huge Carbon Foot Print “Gore, Progressives, Liberals and Al Jazeera all hate Conservative Christians.

    Source of common goals? You bet.

  11. Doc says:

    FCC needs to shut this action down NOW.

  12. dagriz says:

    I’ve already told DIRECTV that if Al Jazeera is in the programming in 30 days that I’m DROPPING them

  13. QuisPercusit says:

    Just another boycott in order and boycotting of all who advertise or support any thing Pinochio Gores says or does. Sounds almost like a treasonous act to me maybe something a littl more robust than just boycotting arseholes.

  14. gunner48 says:

    Scum Bag! He would sell his mother for a buck! He goes on my list with Jane Fonda,John Kerry, “Giving aid and comfort to the enemy!” Jerk Off!

  15. Ron G says:

    Al Gore should have been locked up long ago.