Georgetown Law Professor Argues That 'Constitution Should Be Abandoned'

True to form, the New York Times saw out 2012 by publishing another apology for dictatorship. In his op-ed, Louis Michael Seidman — Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University – argues that the Constitution should be abandoned. The suggestion is so preposterous that it is tempting to dismiss the article altogether, but to do so would be to miss some very revealing implications. The article is not so much a suggestion of constitutional reform as an open call for dictatorship.

Seidman begins by blaming the current governmental crisis, incredibly, on “obedience to the Constitution,” which he describes as containing “archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions.” He does, however, lament that when some wise government official reaches a decision on what will benefit the country, he is likely to be stymied by this document. Seidman expresses doubt about the rationality of letting our wise official be dissuaded by the views of “a group of white propertied men who have been dead for two centuries, knew nothing of our present situation, acted illegally under existing law and thought it was fine to own slaves.”

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64 comments on “Georgetown Law Professor Argues That 'Constitution Should Be Abandoned'
  1. Harold says:

    Someone start deport preceedings against this treasoness commie!

  2. Chickasaw Chick says:

    Harold , totally agree!

  3. Ken Jacobsen says:

    Isn’t that considered treason to attempt to overthrow our form of government! No doubt this idiot is suckling on Obama’s middle apendage, if he has one.

    • PATRIOT says:

      authorizes we the people to protect our “COUNTRY THAT MANY DIED TO
      Declaration of independence SAYS IT ALL: READ IT 10X

      • redrover says:

        I live in AZ and just love Sherrif Joe! He is a good man, does not beat around the lefties at all, nor Obama, nor the illegals….God Bless him!! We would share him!!! ;o]

        • ecoplastican says:

          I’d like that, but like Washington, he recognizes limited government; therefore, he maintains his post.

    • simpletony1 says:

      I think all he has is balls

    • ecoplastican says:

      This government is destructive.

  4. Ron G says:

    And this is the type of individual who is teaching our future leaders. Time to remove these individuals and have Professor’s who believe in the Constitution and bill of rights.

  5. 2War Abn Vet says:

    All good Libs agree, “Constitution? We don’t need no steenkin’ Constitution”.

  6. Don says:

    A liberal, Socialist, progressive professor no doubt.

  7. 4dees says:

    And they allow this fool / idiot to teach our kids the Constitution!!!!! No wonder the younger generation has no respect for our history, the Constitution, etc.

  8. Anyone trying to circumvent the constitution should be tried for treason. Then send them to England the home of liberalism … America needs people who support The Constitution Laws. These laws are for the control of sound government for all an by all… We see people in both parties wanting to break these laws for there own greed and power lust….The real shame is to many Americans like dumb sheep agree to do wrong.. .

  9. Jerry Morgan says:

    Well, This is one of the main problems the American people have and it has caused most of our fast track to Socialism…..LIBERAL TENURED PROFESSORS.

    Could it be time to ban the practice of TENURE? They’re turning our kids against us, the Constitution and the American way of life.

    • Allen says:

      I agree, Tenure should be abolished along with union shops and seniority. You keep your position by the content of your work, that’s all

    • AndrewJerome says:

      “They’re turning our kids against us”………..Sound familiar? It was one of the tactics of the Nazi regime. And we all know what happened there, don’t we, or did we forget already? FEMA camp anyone?

  10. paco12348 says:

    Seidman “may” be smart enough to be a Liberal Professor (which doesn’t mean much) but his intellect cannot even touch the intellect of our Founders. The very people wanting to change the Constitution reveal how little they know about the ones that put it together with their blood and faith in God. Perhaps Seidman should live under tyranny for 20 years or so and then he “might” understand why we believe the Constitution is an inspired document put together by those that wished to follow God’s rules for human beings. This Nation was also dedicated to God, at the first Congress meeting in NY, by George Washington.
    It would be good if people in the US understood the full meaning of that dedication and what it bodes for us as a Nation if we continue down the road we’re on.

  11. GK says:

    I thought the Constitution already was abandoned.

  12. real talk 1 says:

    Why don’t these clowns leave america if they don’t like the constitution?

  13. We should look at the deportation laws including when American citizenship should be taken away.

  14. Evermyrtle says:

    Don’t all liberals do that? I is interfering with what they want to do to this country, not much, because they are walking all over them already..

  15. This is in line with the president refusing to obey the laws he swore to enforce including illegal aliens.