Following Obama Win, Democrats Crank Up 'Death Panel' Strategy

Now that Obama has secured another four years in the White House, it is time for the administration to crank out more Obamacare propaganda, specifically arguments about the cost ineffectiveness of keep old people alive.

Enter the internet’s liberal bellwether, Earlier today, the website posted an article by Matthew Yglesias, a blogger and Democrat operative who spent time at the Soros’ project, ThinkProgress.

According to Yglesias, old folks are “the key issue in the federal budget” and their welfare accounts “for the remarkable lack of apparent cost effectiveness of the American health care system.”

“When the patient is already over 80, the simple fact of the matter is that no amount of treatment is going to work miracles in terms of life expectancy or quality of life,” he writes.

Yglesias offers a chart to make his point.

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45 comments on “Following Obama Win, Democrats Crank Up 'Death Panel' Strategy
  1. Friscolady says:

    You really do not want to see what will happen if my 97 year old mother is denied treatment and she dies from lack of treatment.

    • Dingbat36 says:

      Actually, my 100 year old mother-in-law is physically healthy and a mental wreck. She wants to die but so far has had no luck in being infected by any virus or ailment that will kill her. She outlived her husband, a gentleman companion and her sisters who were all younger and there are no contemporaries with whom she was close who are alive either. She is an emotional burden to all her relatives (she has funds to comfortably sustain her) needing constant companionship and is simply wasting away as nourishment no longer sustains her as intended. She is now a walking skeleton who can barely communicate. Life is definitely NOT fair.

      • Cliffystones says:

        I’m reminded of when I had a job in the surgical department of a large CA hospital. Every morning I got a copy of the day’s schedule to set up the necessary rooms and equipment. I see where this 86 year old man is getting a quad bypass. Being in my early 30s at the time, my thought was if I make it to 86, just hook me up with morphine and LSD and I’ll call it a lifetime. I had a conversation with an OR nurse later in the day and mentioned the man. She said that many times it was family members who insisted on procedures that otherwise would seem in vain. This doesn’t sound like the case with your mother-in-law. But this Yglesias guy is a dickhead for sticking his nose where it don’t belong. These decisions should be made by the individual and their God, no one else. But the fact is some folks will make the decision to spend as much of other peoples money as they can to prolong their lives. I don’t blame them, as I’ve never been there and don’t know how I’d feel being in their shoes.

      • Brenda says:

        Your circumstances are bad and for that you have my sympathy. However, there are many active, productive seniors in this country that are in good health. My own greandmother lived to be 103 and up until the last 3 years of her life, though blind, she took care of herself, stayed current on what was going in with her grandchildren, and would threaten to “dust our pants” if needed; no one disbelieved her. It is not the length of life that should matter, but the quality of that life. To desensitize a nation to the point that murder of the elderly is acceptable speaks badly for our country and those who advocate such action.
        Rather than condemn the elderly, we should be seeking the knowledge they pocess.

      • Friscolady says:


        I can sympathize with you, Dad passed after a long battle with Alzheimers in 2011. He was 97 then.

        And I agree life is not fair. Our Dad was a very smart man. He was a career military officer, and after that a electrical engineer, business man, and a co- inventor of a battery that is most likely in every American home in one form or another.

        But most of all he was our Dad! And to watch him slip away, I can tell you I know what your family is going through.

        However, Mom who is just turned 97 this last December is a whole different case.

        Her health is absolutely great, she still drives, and insists on living alone and taking care of herself. My sisters, I and others check up on her often and we have absolutely no concerns for now.

        So to deny her treatment for minor to moderate health concerns, or for that matter, major ones is purely evil in my opinion.

        And God help anyone that does that too her. They will not like our reaction as a family.

        Oh Heck! The woman is dating LOL! Though my younger sister has some heartburn with that I think it is great! Life is too short at any age, but at Mom’s age!

      • Ladybug says:

        Just the same, only GOD has control of it all. Too bad that merely people think of themselves as a god in an attempt to control…

      • mrsyd says:

        If the lady is truly unhappy, it should be up to her to end it by declining treatment. I have a living will that states if I can no longer make decisions, all medical treatment will cease. That is MY choice, not the governments. I know several centenarians who are happy and a joy to their families. My daughters father-in-law put a new roof on his house at age 90.

  2. terr says:

    Obamacare is the way to undermine the incoming baby boomer’s healthcare costs. This is the president your mother warned you about.

  3. Aalee says:

    Should this be any surprise from the party that supports killing babies in the womb.

  4. BeBe says:

    This has been the liberal agenda all along.

  5. ladyceo says:

    Surprised anyone??? I think not.

  6. pacaco says:

    Does anyone remember the movie Logan’s Run? This is all starting to remind me of that film.

  7. Babsan says:

    In my view of my fellow Americans, they have voted for it so CONGRATULATIONS

  8. Dingbat36 says:

    All of these whiners created the problem by creating the programs……………Medicare and Medicaid. Now they want to solve it by deciding who gets care and who does not? Conservatives, starting with Sarah Palin warned everyone about “death panels” so people are just now starting to listen? We are surrounded by turnips!!

  9. Brenda says:

    Death panels are properly named and using the misleading term of rationing as Steven Rattner would have us use is misleading. Yes, health care cost have increased, the cost of insurance has increased, the cost of medicine has increased. Thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act(ha) these cost will continue to increase. Right now the emphasis is on the elder members of society as the culpruits, but the fact remains that the biggest increase is not the aged, but the increase number of “disability” claims from younger, unemployed population who see Medicare/Medicare under Social Security as a means to receive income.
    When you stop to look at the true cost of medical coverage for the elderly vs an employed person, you will find that the health care cost are close. A peroson on Social Security can expect to spend close to or over $200.00 per month for coverage. Social Security will deduct approximately $100.00 per month for premimun cost. If there is a supplement insurance that can cost additionally up to $100.00 per month. An employed persons contribution is comprable to the same amount and often offers dependant coverage, whereas the Medicare cost is applied to the insurerer only..

    • Let’s not forget the illegal alien population’s contribution to this debacvle… they thronge into the ER’s of every medical institution to get free care for everythihng from headaches to just a place to hide out for a while… Medicaid is enormously abused by these interlopers…

    • NoU4EN says:

      I know of a “disabled” 40 year old man who has been on social security disability for nearly 20 years. He earns additional money doing a menial job and drives his own car to the workplace. Normal as a child, when he was in early adulthood, he developed a mental issue that requires him to take meds to help him “cope”. He lives in a $200K+ house that was in foreclosure four years ago because a parent hadn’t made a house payment for over a year. Thanks to Frank & Dodd, the house was refi’d and PUT IN HIS in order to qualify for a 3% rate ($1200 payment). Now four years later, the house is again in foreclosure because of lack payments for well over a year. Again, the government & bank are trying to figure out how to keep him in that house and he wants his payments lowered to $800 a month. Oh, did I mention that a parent who has a net income of over $3K a month lives with him?

  10. wfwilson6 says:

    If we were to go into the house and senate for 80-year olds, how many would we get??

  11. Dave says:

    …. and this democratic attitude is why we should never give up our guns.. especially seniors.. we may need them to fight off the Obama Gestapo!

  12. suzyq says:

    Funny thing, I keep trying to share this on FB and it won’t post! Hmmm!

  13. Those beasts are truly abhorrent. “the simple fact of the matter is that no amount of treatment is going to work miracles in terms of” their mental illness.

  14. chamuiel says:

    They are already killing unborn babies. They are going after the old people now. Just wait. You are next.

  15. shearwater says:

    They want to kill off the elederly who remember the days when this was a good country. When that is forgotten a new scenario of mediocrity can emerge and a “new normal” can be established to comport with the socialist agenda of democrats.