Obama Admin: We Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith

In a legal argument formally presented in federal court in the case of Hobby Lobby v. Kathleen Sebelius, the Obama administration is claiming that the First Amendment—which expressly denies the government the authority to prohibit the “free exercise” of religion—nonetheless allows it to force Christians to directly violate their religious beliefs even on a matter that involves the life and death of innocent human beings.

Because federal judges—including Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor—have refused to grant an injunction protecting the owners of Hobby Lobby from being forced to act against their Christian faith, those owners will be subject to federal fines of up to $1.3 million per day starting Tuesday for refusing to include abortion-inducing drugs in their employee health plan.

The Obama administration is making a two-fold argument for why it can force Christians to act against their faith in complying with the regulation it has issued under the Obamacare law that requires virtually all health care plans to cover, without co-pay, sterilizations, contraceptives, and abortion-inducing drugs.

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335 comments on “Obama Admin: We Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith
  1. Daniel says:

    The Dogs of Hell from the Obama’s administration, are attacking the very foundation that has built this great Nation. There is nothing sacred that this administration will not seek to destroy. Neither, marriage nor the right to life of the unborn and even, the new born. Yes, under Obama Care, you will not be allowed to live out fully your life as well. The Obama administration is truly Godless and will continue to beat upon those who seek the Lord with more and more vigor as time passes. You will no longer be allowed your religious convictions. Soon, your places of worship will be razed to the ground. Be prepared and pray to God for deliverance.

    • Sandy Kelley says:

      We have raised over the past generation, a godless society. We took God out of the classrooms and threw him in the gutter. What should we expect? And there is no other reasoning for his getting elected.

      • Nursieee2 says:

        Sandy you have hit the nail on the head. I see Revelations coming to pass each day of this “Dark Lord” the Antichrist Obama. Call me crazy. I remember seeing him elected here in Illinois, I said to myself Where did he come from? An unknown to me and most here. It was almost an eerie feeling that came over me. His soul is evil and dark.

    • mallen11 says:

      You are absolutely right and We the People let it happen because we do not put God first in our lives. Too many other things have gotten in the way and we as a Nation have ourselves to blame. However, it can be turned around if we are willing to put Him first and not be afraid of what others will think.

  2. shearwater says:

    Taking away free moral agency of the human spirit is nothing less that enslaving him/her to the gulag of oppression by masters. Humans were designed to be free and this administration is going against that design within . . . also spoken of in our American birthright . . . “All men are created equal and we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, that within these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The Obama Administration is killing our freedoms!

  3. ElizabethMC says:

    I’d like to see him enforce this crap on muslims.
    He bends over backwards to accommodate them, his brothers.

    • perfectlyaged says:

      Obama has exempt the Muslims…..
      The ObamaCare bill is the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia muslim diktat in the United States . Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be “gambling”, “risk-taking” and “usury” and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.

      • Sandy Kelley says:

        So does this mean, that when they get sick, we pick up the tab…because we love them so?

        • jb80538 says:

          I don’t love them! Some woman in NY pushed a guy in front of a subway because she hates muslims. You may see more of that!

        • usaplan says:

          We may see a lot more of that against muslims. There should be NO muslims in America, including hussein.

        • jb80538 says:

          I agree.

        • Sam W says:

          No blowing up the towers; right! NOT!!!!!

        • No, the answer to the evil is not hate. The antichrist and his minions want nothing more than us to hate each other and create division. The only way to defeat evil is to love. Christ is our example. Very hard to do but Satan is confounded when there is love and empowered when there is hatred.

        • JosephT says:

          These idiots are all “sons of Ishmael” and hate the Jews and Gentiles. You’d have to have an IQ in the minus column to believe the crap that mohammad wrote. He too was a pedophile.

        • John says:

          You are so right Joseph T, the bible says he is a wildman

        • John says:

          An eveil spirit has no power against a rightious spirit who is not afraid.

        • John says:


        • larryincamden says:

          Where in the Bible is Mohammed mentioned? I have never seen it, not that I am a Biblical scholar

        • Luci Tomlin says:

          God, through Daniel and John (Revelations) gave pictures and clues in the form of visions that they interpreted so that humans could understand. It’s called prophesy. The Book of Daniel and Revelation have some of the same prophesies! They tell of things that happened thousands of years before Christ! And most of these have been DOCUMENTED! You do not have to be a Bible scholar to “understand” it! You only have to be WILLING to “see” an idea not of your own! Then after READING this new information, if it does not stir you, change you, convince you, or re-direct your beliefs, then no harm done! But I will guarantee you, you will NOT be BORED! It is fascinating! You will need a Bible, concentrate on Daniel and Revelations. You will also need a good book that will help you understand the visions and prophesies of both John and Daniel. A Christian book store will help. Good luck!

        • larryincamden says:

          I have to admit that I was hoping for something expresly refrencing Mohammed and not something that had to be interperted, but thank you I will check Daniel. I recognize that Rev. seems to explain today’s happenings.

        • hanna says:

          larryincamden..i had always wondered about the false prophet revelation talks about. I had beleived it was simply a false religious prophet but now with the rise of islam..i am wondering if the false prophet relates to mohammad. I know revelation speaks that many christians will be beheaded and Islam loves this method of death. Are the 2 related spoken of in revelation? I don’t know. I also know Jesus speaks of those who believe killing His followers are actually acting in the best interest of God and it pleases Him. What religion teaches this..Islam.

        • JobRon says:

          hanna: If you really want your pants scared off — II Thesalonians 2:1-4 will do it in a heart beat. Something I never thought I would live to see happen has.

        • Kelly Kafir says:

          Mohammed is NOT referenced in the Bible but Ishmael is. and he is said to be a wild donkey of a man and he will be against the world and they will be against him. Anyone who knows anything about Islam knows that Muslims supposedly trace their roots to Ismael, first of son of Abraham… which would make them…..JEWISH!!! hahahahahah

        • larryincamden says:

          Thank you for the information.
          As to being Jewish, I suppose that I never thought about it, making the claim to being decendant from Abraham certainlydoes make Mohammed Jewish

        • Guest Guess says:

          And many many of us are Jewish !

        • Chris says:

          Hallelujah from Canada, with love.

        • Kelly Kafir says:

          they are talking about Ishmael who is supposedly their ancestor… try to keep up

        • Terramom says:

          No need to be condescending, Kelly.

        • larryincamden says:

          thank you I was somewhat taken aback by this after reading her(?) other post on the subject.

        • Wayne Graff says:

          I was wondering the same thing Larry. Especially since he was born around the 5th or 6th century there is no way he would have ever been referenced in the Bible?

        • Sons of Ishmael — that is,
          A) One God
          B) Descended from Abraham
          C) Chosen People, who believe they can kill and rape all Gentiles at will.

          By the way, the father who gave the young girl over to Mohammad, was a Jew who was helping Mohammad create his warrior religion to fight the Christians for Jerusalem.

          True story, told by two Jewish researchers none the less, so it must be true.

        • PierceArrowV12 says:

          TCS-NOT, your claims about Jews and Islam are the craftiest Islamic Taquiyya lying that you have done so far.

        • larryincamden says:

          What is the meaning of the term Taquiyya?

        • PierceArrowV12 says:

          Larry, Taquiyya is the Islamic doctrine of lying to infidels (non-Muslims) to advance the cause of Allah. TCS has posted outrageous comments on V to A and other comment sections in his effort to blame all the world’s problems on Jews. TCS has tried to justify Islamic violence, and then turns around and blames the Jews for the formation of Islam. TCS has tried to justify the Holocaust and has tried to portray Hitler and the Nazis (National Socialist Workers Party) as conservatives. TCS is trying to keep people ignorant of the facts that Hitler and the National Socialists raised taxes, confiscated property from Jews AND gentiles, closed down churches, and were tight with violent Muslims such as Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al-Hosseini. TCS, along with “oldcoyote” and “Victor Magilke,” with their racist and insane comments, act like closet Democrat or Muslim trolls who falsely claim to be conservative Christians in a despicable effort to discredit real conservative Christians.

        • The Muslims are rank amateurs at Taquiyya. For real pros, you have to look to the Jews.

        • Guest Guess says:

          get a brain first then come back!

        • BOstinks says:

          mohammad and allah suck

        • Elton Robb says:

          Reminds me of Vader’s Dim Moch. “Now release your anger, only your hatred can destroy me!”

        • Most important, at this time of great anger and division, are His words in John 13: 33-36: “‘A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’

        • John says:

          Yeah sure you love the Muslim even though his/she is going to cut off your head. There is no way that the command to love your neighbor asks you to do that.

        • Lauralee Hensley says:

          You can love them, but you can also love your family and yourself. To love my family, I may have to protect my family. Would you stand there and watch a man rape your wife and do nothing to protect her, but rather say to the man doing the raping, I love you? Get real. God does want you to love, and the greatest love I believe is to pray for salvation of the individual and also to preach the gift of salvation to those willing to hear, but how can you do either, if you, yourself is dead by the hands of one of them. How can after you are dead from one whose heart is already hardened by the evil lies Satan has filled him with be able to pray and preach to those whose hearts have not yet been fully hardened and unable to or wants to change and see the truth. Even in the Bible God tries to reach them with the Holy Spirit, but there are times he lets their hearts be given over to being hardened. Why is that, well since God can see the future, he can see in their free will that they never will change because they have chosen their God and it is not him. I feel their are many Muslims whose hearts are not yet hardened, but there is a greater number I believe whose hearts are. Since I don’t know which is which, I pray for them all to be saved. Yet, also since I don’t know which is which, if one comes after my family to kill my family, I’ll have to assume it is ones whose heart is hardened and I will protect my family and myself.

        • Guest Guess says:

          The way i love muslims if from a distance …. a far distance.
          That day at Armageddon is coming soon, and the Lord will sort it all out finally and for all time.

        • Adee Ganes says:

          Isn’t God telling believers to love one another. We are to hate evil, not love evil!

        • Sutekh says:

          The answer to evil is not hate. That said, the crew of airmen flying the Enola Gay over HIroshima didn’t hate Japanese, either. They just did what was necessary.

        • There are always those who can justify evil, but mercy and forgiveness are essential if you expect God to show you mercy on the day of judgement. We forget that this world is transient and those who embrace hatred will be punished accordingly but we should look after our own souls and do what we need to do to protect it and keep it in the company of our Creator where we will be safe. I know its difficult to do, It requires faith and very few possess it.

        • Lauralee Hensley says:

          In the old testament of the King James Bible, there was a incidence where God had a group go into a town to kill idol worshipers. He told the group not to take any plunder, yet one man did. God had him and his family killed for taking the plunder. Why the family you might ask. Well back in those times they lived in tents. If he hid the plunder in the tent or buried it in the tent then most likely his family knew about it, and therefore were also defying God by not turning in their father to the tribal council at that time. Most likely the Gold or other items that were plundered also included statues that were worshiped as Gods. God does have his servants follow through with punishments here on earth, if he directs them to do so. I hate no one, even pray for Obama to change and see the truth of God, but you’re not suppose to just sit on your hands either. Sometimes God will direct an individual to act. Yet, you have to be one of those people who actually hear from the Holy Spirit and know the information you are getting is from God and not your own selfish desires. Sometimes that can be hard to discern, that’s why you have to read and know your Bible extremely well, to see if the information you hear is in accordance to what the Bible has shown to be true of how God works. See God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Therefore, I know God doesn’t want us to worship idols, even if that idol is a Government official or the Government. I know to give unto Ceasar’s what is Ceasar’s (the government in which I live) as long as it is not against what is first God’s commands and precepts. So, I have no problem paying my taxes, but not taxes that pay for abortion as I no God does not approve of such.

        • Guest says:

          Those who feel that they should be “exempt” from any tax for any religious reason should be able to do so.

        • Oren Player says:

          I don’t hate them. And I’ll even lay a hand on them and pray for them after they’re on the ground no longer breathing. Of course I’ll wash may hand afterwards. But you may as well get ready for it. There is a time fast approaching where you had better be prepared to fight to protect yourself and family and that includes taking a life.

        • Dynadobe says:

          And how is that working out for us?

        • Cliffystones says:

          While you are correct, I’ll love them a lot more from across the ocean than from across the street. Too many Muslims just don’t want to get along with us infidels. So instead of waiting for them to turn the USA into hell on earth, how about we lovingly deport the whole bunch?

        • I’ll go long with that if you add in their Jewish benefactors as well in the boat ride aross the ocean.

        • oldcoyote says:

          Amen to that. The jews are the ones to watch out for!!!!

        • Be careful…..the Jews are STILL God’s chosen people!!! Revelation says the tribulation will not end until 144,000 Jews that are left are converted to Christ…..He wants to reach them still!! Just as he wants to reach as many Gentiles as possible. But, alas, no one comes to the Son unless the Father compels him.

        • Adee Ganes says:

          They are not the chosen, they turned against God, they broke the covenant!

        • Guest Guess says:

          yes …i could love them a lot easier if they didnt preach hate and wanton killing of christians and others…..so Ish should go.
          Don’t show your back to a Muslim.

        • oldcoyote says:

          I’ve never been lied to or stolen from by a Muslim. Every time I listen to the biased jew major news, I’m lied to. Every time I use a jew bank or credit card, I’m charged usury and being stolen from. Think about it…..

        • draeh2020 says:

          Get a life you fool.

        • oldcoyote says:

          You must be a jew swine parasite that’s been out screwing people. You
          are eighteen days late with your HATE!!!!

        • Go to a Muslim country and tell them that! He, He……See you in heaven fool!!!!

        • savetheusa2 says:

          Then what are you going to do? Just let it happen? After this, you know it will be that doctors and nurses are forced to perform abortions? Saying NO and bringing claims against Sebelius and Obama is not hate. It is being righteous and preserving our God-given First Commandment that protects our religious rights. If the Supreme Court won’t do it because it has been bought by Obama, then we will have to do something.

        • Lauralee Hensley says:

          I know of a nurse who refused to take care of a patient in a hospital after an abortion and she was sent home without pay and was pretty much told she could refuse this time, but if she continued to do so, she’d need to look for another job. That was way back in the early 1980′s. I for a fact applied for a job in a Dr. office as a nurse. I was interviewed. I did not take the job because the Dr. asked if I would assist in abortions. I said No. I was interviewed in a Catholic Hospital where the Dr. had an office. Yet, the Dr. didn’t do the abortions there, but rather in a privately owned clinic building somewhere else in the city. See I thought since the Dr. had her office in a Catholic Hospital there would be none of such by this family practice, but I was wrong. So, if you are a nurse and refuse to be party to something like this I imagine you’ll be refused employment by many and fired by many. Besides I’m glad I left the profession of nursing, because their work loads in hospitals and nursing homes is going to increase probably triple fold under the new health care plan, and you can only take care of so many people safely at one time. That won’t be an option under the new health care plan in just a very few short years, or maybe even sooner.

        • Luci Tomlin says:

          Kevin, He is NOT the Anti-Christ! But he IS the pre-curser! The anti-christ will be educated, skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced! But you are RIGHT! We are to love our enemies, and be kind to those who spitefully USE us! My Dad was a Minister. A kind, gentle and humble man. It used to infuriate me the way he used soft words to turn away wrath! I vowed in my young heart, that when I became an adult, I would DECK the first person who treated me unkindly! I am now seventy two and only “decked” one person in my life! I was pregnant with my first child, she had flirted with my husband, and then called me FAT! I thoroughly enjoyed that punch, and so did half the store where my husband was Manager! Of course the Lord forgave me! He understood the sensative nature and affect of a hormone surge on a tender young wife! Back to the “turn the other cheek”! Where there is REAL LOVE satan is absolutely terrified! That’s why so many athiests and agnostics fight ANY symbols or displays of Christian faith! If THEY were as secure in their LACK of faith as we are in our SOLID faith, we would be no threat to them! Bless their hearts! To live in such “fear” and having to constantly watch for signs to “remind” them of their own destiny must be horrible!

        • The answer to the evil is not hate, but love AND TRUTH.

        • JobRon says:

          The Christian Solution: I agree, apply lots of love and truth,with liberal use of a 4 x 2 to first get their attention, then talk with them.

        • grumpy3625 says:

          Kevin: Our Founders didn’t love King George until he caved in. Our country had to fight him with blood being spilled. Even in biblical times blood had to be spilled. Your philosophy is dangerous because it suggest that we sit around and suffer from oppression without taking things into our own hands (with God as our commander). God gave us the freedom of choice to accept the path of happiness, joy and freedom but we have to do what is necessary to gain and secure them. Or, if you want, just sit around and let the bad guys screw us by espousing pacifist philosophies while confiscating our guns and passing laws willy nilly. Get your head screwed on straight.

        • barefootmtgirl says:

          Kevin, sorry, the bible says to shun the presence of all evil…shun, not love. Stay away from the evil.

        • larryincamden says:

          How is your statement a reply to he comment made?

        • dondh says:

          You obviously do not know what the Bible says. It says in Psalms 97:10 that we who Love the Lord are to hate evil! The muslims are evil when they behead innocent people, murder family members, maim their wifes and daughters and want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth! Also, we read in Matthew 6:13 that we are not to be led into temptation, but to be delivered from evil. Evil is just what this guy is doing, leading us into the pits of Hell! But if you know Jesus as you personal Savior, you know he will give us the victory over this evil! Praise His name!!

        • Barb says:

          Of course we’ll pick up the tab……and kiss their A$$ when they get well and probably send them a check We have to be so politically correct that it stinks to high heaven.
          BTW, isn’t that religious discrimination??

        • Randy G says:

          AND if they are illegal, then the politican are traitors to the USA.

        • Subee says:

          You are doing that now + Mexicans & Blacks.

        • okihadit says:

          probably, but gee leave the dam love out of it!

      • larryincamden says:

        Can you give me a reference to dhimmitude and ditat in the law? I have looked for it a couple times and not found it. I do not doubt that it is there but hate to claim something I cant show where it comes from.

      • savetheusa2 says:

        Why don’t we say that we need to be exempted as well? If this goes against their religion, well, duh, this mandate goes against my religion! Obama can’t have it both ways. If the Supreme Court won’t take on this issue and the administration does make this company pay millions, then we as a whole have to do something about it. More companies should be saying they won’t take this mandate. We can’t all be in jail. It is important to keep our conscience and religious beliefs or else why are we Christians? Only when things are going our way? The more who do this, the more it gets noticed everywhere. I guess I have to do something. I’ve been thinking about how I can help my fellow man. This has to be it!!!

      • Jerry Goodwin says:

        perfectlyaged – Is this really true about Muslims being exempt in the Healthcare Bill, fact check says no and snoops says maybe. I do think as Obamacare is implemented and rulings on the Bill are drawn up we will see our individual liberties evaporate more and more as the Elite tells us how we must live. Unbridled Democrat bills Obamacare and Dodd/Frank are huge bills as we all know but many don’t really understand the ongoing rules making and massive expansion of Bureaucracy within these bills. They really are hideous!!!

      • BOOMER8 says:

        so that is actually a beautiful argument to sue for UNEQUAL TREATMENT of the law!!!

      • Gordo says:

        I am not a fan of either the President or his PPACA. However, you are incorrect that Muslims are specifically exempted. The test for this will be whether Muslims have taken SS benefits and/or allowed their members to purchase other forms of insurance, which they have. Some small sects do not allow the insurance but they all take the SS benefits. Let’s fight this with truth and facts and not rumors and half-truths.

      • Bob2002 says:

        That alone should make the legislature invalid. When you discriminate by not requiring one segment of society to be required to comply with a law, the law is invalid. Where are our law scholars? They have all drank the Obama kool aid and that is why we must have a revolution to rid ourselves of these evil people running our White House.

      • wattsupstupid says:

        what is the difference between muslims believing it is gambling and Christians believing that the mandate is murder. I think that murder is a lot worst than gambling. He has his priorities screwed up wouldn’t ya say, but then they, (the muslims) are his own kind.

      • BOstinks says:

        is that true?

      • draeh2020 says:

        then when they need hospital care let thier sorry child molesting asses die.

    • Sandy Kelley says:

      He has his nose up their collective rear end. Grovel, grovel. They are his people, you know.

      • DrewbeScrewed says:

        Yes…and in return they have their hand shoved up his @ss competing for space with soros. What’s a puppet without a puppet-master.

    • Vette66 says:

      BO has already exempted his muslims brothers from the “insurance” scam. Their “holy” book says that insurance is agains their “religion”.

      • Sam W says:

        So that makes muslims a special class of citizens, right? NOT in my book. They took down the Twin Towers….. And KILL

        • Vette66 says:

          In BO’s book it does. Along with the unions and anyone else that will vote him in again in 2016 or at least who he appoints to take his place.

        • Ron G says:

          I think we need a law that requires all US citizens and those who reside in the US to eat pork at least three times a week. No exceptions,

        • Mr.Mike says:

          Architec and Engineers for the Truth.. 1700 architecs have a law suite angaint the US Government for thier lie about that day. Go to Channell 11 Denver Colorado’s PBS Station and see the truth. Those buildings where brought done by demolition. I was an Iron Worker for over 20 years myself. Watch it if you dare see the truth.

        • oldcoyote says:

          Right On, I worked with structural steel for over forty years and know it was another big jew lie.

        • oldcoyote says:

          9-11 was a jew false flag operation to get us in a war with Iraq for them. The Mossad motto is” BY DECEPTION, THOU SHALT DO WAR” and they certainly do!!!

      • USMC 69-75 says:

        So does my Constitution! Government forced!

    • Mary says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Evangelicals who refused to support Romney and did not come out in the numbers they should have? Well, look what happens when you cut off your nose… you only spite your face. 50% of Catholics voted for Obama.
      Sorry folks you get no sympathy from me, as outraged as I am by this decision.
      Christian people had a golden opportunity to take a stand and did not. Don’t cry when it bites you in the rear.

      • Sarah417 says:

        You are so right and that also goes for those who had a hissy fit over Ron Paul. They didn’t vote either. However, thats not all of it. Obama won only 51% to 47%. That’s not a landslide and I would bet on voter fraud for the win. These people know no corrupt bounds. They are soulless.

        • Let me see if I have this right…This is all the fault of Evangelicals and Ron Paul (and by default, Tea Party) supporters? The Republican establishment has absolutely no culpability in this matter being that it undermined just about every viable (7 to be exact) candidate that actually wanted to be president (now knowing because of Tag Romney that his dad didn’t really want to win anyway, and it showed in the outcome!). These other candidates actually stood for something and not just trying to be a “plain vanilla” anybody but Obama, which is what the “Moderates” really wanted. Since the leadership “opted” for a Moderate (who always seem to lose anyway – Ford, Dole, Bush Sr. and McCain, etc.) and who, if elected, would have driven us off the very same cliff that Obama is now taking us over (socialism, third world status and becoming a “vassal” state of the United Nations) albeit perhaps a little slower than Obama. Now you feel the need to scapegoat voting groups who still maintain a sense of integrity and are no longer going to just be taken for granted. The Republican party did exactly what was expected of them with this candidate, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and for all of the wrong reasons!….For what its worth.

        • Sarah417 says:

          Actually, the difference between 47% those that voted and 51% the win was due to voter fraud.

        • Great response!

          I would only argue with you that the 7 were all viable.

          GAYrich did come out for Gay marriage this week. He would also have repealed “Don’t ask, don’t tell” which itself was already a conpromise with conservatives.

          Rick Perry is still the lightweight protege of George Bush – whose sorry conservative leadership setup Obama to replace him.

          Michelle Bachmann did completely destroy her integrity toward America when she virtually said “GOD DAMM AMERICA if we do not genflect toward Israel”.

          Only Ron Paul stood proud and strong for an exceptional and moral America.

        • PierceArrowV12 says:

          TCS, Ron Paul voted to repeal “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Not exactly standing proud and strong for an exceptional and moral America!

        • I don’t know Pierce. Perhaps Ron Paul was suggesting that they be placed in front of the charge.

      • deena01 says:

        What source stated Catholics voted Obama? I would like to read it.

      • Linda Falke says:

        FYI, Mary: I am a Christian, and I voted for Romney. So why don’t you keep your ignorant generalizations to yourself from now on? Or is that too difficult for you?

        And the same goes for Sarah417 and every other person on this website you made comments that are just as ignorant as yours.

        • Mary says:


          FYI I am not making generalizations just stating facts that should make you squirm, and I’m glad they do. I have already shown a source you can check out concerning the 50% Catholic support of Obama. Do a little google researching and you will find any number of articles pointing out how lack of Evangelical support may well have cost Romney the election.

          Since I may get moderated again and my source not printed, I will suggest you google “evangelicals cost romney the election”. There is an article printed in The Free Republic called “Evangelicals plunge America into Darkness” Kevin Coach, Nov. 8, 2012.
          I understand the truth bites Linda, but do some research and get some facts before you accuse people such as Sarah and me of “ignorant generalizations”.

        • PierceArrowV12 says:

          As a born-again evangelical Christian, I admit you are right, Mary. I give Linda credit for voting. I also voted individually for every Republican on the ballot, including Romney. Unfortunately, too many of my fellow evangelical Christians overdosed on bogus, weasel-wordy end-times predictions from the likes of Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, Dave Hunt, Jack Van Impe, and their many wannabe followers. They sat on their “left behinds” waiting for the rapture, and chose NOT to vote.

      • Mary says:

        I’m Catholic and I did NOT vote for Obama. The man serves Evil.

        • Mary says:

          Hi Mary,
          You would be appalled at the Catholics I encountered who were, and still are, absolutely worshipful of Obama. I’m not a religious person but isn’t this blasphemy? This also includes clergy. Observing the blind adulation of Obama from 2008 to now has enabled me to stop wondering how people as educated, cultured, and intelligent as the Germans were led to their destruction by an Austrian street thug. You’re right Mary, this man serves Evil, and Christians have no one but themselves to blame for the fact he is back in power and coming after them.

        • Elton Robb says:

          Actually, the real Corpral was captured by the Government and an Impostor took his place. The real Adolf Hitler had been imprisoned and Aleister Crowley imposed as Hitler from 1924 to 1945. That’s the theory (it’s very convincing).

          On the other hand, a lot of people say that Hitler lived well after the war with Eva Braun in Argentina. They have identified Hitler positively. Although all of Hitler’s family in America have been “fixed” his Argentina branch is probably alive and well.

        • Mary says:

          Hi Mary, I am we’ll aware of the Catholics that voted for Obama. They are mesmerized by him. That inability to see him for who and what he is comes from the influence of you know who and it was the same with Hitler and other dictators/tyrants. Those who knowingly voted for Obama for his abortion stance, etc. automatically excommunicated themselves. They knowingly voted for someone who advocated the slaughter of innocents. Obama said that every woman has the right to a dead baby if she wants. I am a RN and I have spoken with physicians concernining Obamacare. Most of the elderly voted for Obama because they think they are going to get good and free health care. Those people are in for a big surprise. They either either are not aware of the review board of beaurocrats that will be put in place. These people will decide If and What treatment a person will get. If they feel a person is not worth enough to society anymore, then they don’t get what they need. They will die. And it gets worse. Many physicians will be leaving the practice of medicine completely or they will start a concierge practice. There is going to be a real hurting shortage of doctors and of nurses, also. People will soon find out. As far as there being no conscience clause, there are doctors and nurses who will quit or allow themselves to be fired before they would ever participate in an abortion. Babies aborted alive are left unattended to die or the abortionist finishes them off right there and then and that was signed into law by Executive order of Obama. Almighty God forbids this. This anti-abortion stance is not a rule made by man. It is God’s law. And yes, blasphemy is happening when Obama is being held up as the true messiah . Our society will pay dearly. Islam forbids abortions so I wonder if they will be allowed to take part in aborting babies. They will be exempt I bet. We need to stick together, support each other and pray. Sorry for the epistle, but I couldn’t help myself.

        • JohnTX says:

          When sitting in the pews look to the people sitting around you and know that half of them voted for Obama. Half the church should be excommunicated! I don’t know how they can even step into the Catholic church knowing that they supported the baby murdering President.

        • Mary says:

          They are excommunicated. It is just not preached much from the pulpit. Believe it or not, their are a lot of people who have not educated themselves on these issues and when you tell them they don’t believe it and say that it is all just nasty rumors.

        • oldcoyote says:

          His puppet masters are all evil. The list I post is always deleted.

        • Mary says:

          Why is it being deleted. Is this not a free forum?

        • savetheusa2 says:

          I am the same, Catholic and have NEVER voted for him. I learned everything I could about him and all I had to know was that stupid FOCA Act (may have the name wrong) where anyone could have an abortion at anytime and that there was no conscience clause. The doctors, nurses, etc. would be FORCED to commit abortions. That’s ALL I NEEDED!

        • Mary says:

          I’m a RN and I would quite or let myself be fired. A lot of physicians are going to be leaving their practice because of Obamacare. A lot of nurses will also be leaving.

        • Mary says:

          Hi Mary,

          I’m an APN and the ignorance of equally educated people in the medical area is mindboggling. My professional organization supported Obamacare, thinking it would mean more patients. I told them they were sitting at the devil’s table and we were only sowing the seeds of our own destruction as a profession. I already know an APN who has lost her job. She says everyone at her hospital is parttime, but paying more for insurance coverage. The hospital just doesn’t have business, due to the economy. From what I have read, hospital CEOs are already laying off because of the impending “health care mandates” aka Obamacare. Luckily I live in a state where the governor has given Obama the middle finger and refused to implement the exchanges. Hopefully that will gum things up. Also, we are being hit with another trillion in taxes to fund all this “free care”. You should read Obamacare expert Betsy McCaughey’s articles as to how old people will be targetted and hospitals will be forced to function under a sea of red ink.
          Honestly Mary, what is wrong with the medical professionals who should know you never get something for nothing. I remind them that 15 American hospitals, the last I sourced anyway, are contracted by the Canadian gov’t to provide care to their citizens. Oh really? So their wonderful gov’t run system isn’t able to provide for their citizens?
          The waiting list for bariatric surgery in Canada is 5 years.

        • oldcoyote says:

          You are right, Obama serves evil. He does everything his jew puppet masters tell him to.

        • Mary says:

          Would you tell me why your list of his puppet masters is always deleted? I realize that he is the puppet of others.i believe Soros is one of them and then there is someone bigger- a trillionaire-I believe. I forget the name. And of course there is that Jarrett woman et all. Just to let you know, I answered a comment on FB concerning O. about the fact that he likened himself to Lincoln. He even had his pic taken in front of Lincoln’s statue at the Memorial. Anyway, my comments were all rejected/censored and I did not swear or anything. The worst that I said was that he was an egomaniac and narcissistic. The last time I tried to comment, I said,”Ditto” to the original comment I was answering to and that also was censored. Where did you try to post your list. This baloney that is going on is getting me angry. Don’t we still have free speech?

        • oldcoyote says:

          His puppet masters are all jews!!!

        • Mary says:

          Why don’t you like Jews? Or is it just American Jews since so many seem not to care about Israel and practically worship Obama. Of course a lot of Christians and Muslims do also . Plus the humanists, etc. Jesus was a Jew as were the Apostles and disciples .

        • oldcoyote says:

          Jesus was not a jew. Here’s what He told them they are in John 8:44-50

          I STAND WITH HIM!!

          King James Version (KJV)

          44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.
          He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth,
          because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

          45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

          46 Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me?

          47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

          48 Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil?

          49 Jesus answered, I have not a devil; but I honour my Father, and ye do dishonour me.

          50 And I seek not mine own glory: there is one that seeketh and judgeth.

      • Actually, I believe that it is more along the line of voting your conscience and not just because someone is not someone else. The Republican establishment is fully to blame because they were being so “cute” in picking an establishment (actually a liberal R) type to be the standard bearer for the party thinking that everyone would just automatically jump on board and hold their noses just like always happened in the past. Guess what! this should be taken as a wake-up call for the Republican establishment. Don’t be so disingenuous, arrogant and condescending in the future. Don’t try to scapegoat groups (Evangelicals!?) or the Tea Party. Integrity does count! Thanks to that arrogant and idiotic attitude the Republican party now finds itself in the place that the Whigs found themselves just before the Republican party came into existence at their expense. The writing is on the wall.

        • Mary says:

          Joseph Foster,

          We can argue forever as to who was the best candidate. Personally I liked Romney and saw him as an outstanding man. All candidates had their flaws. Yes integrity counts, but don’t expect me to shed tears for you when Obama steps on your religious freedom. Obama has complete power and control and nothing to stop him from his evil agenda. Christians have their “integrity”.

        • Daniel says:

          Oh come on now, you think that Romney is an outstanding man? What a Laugh! Romney was the Establishment’s pick. He’s an insider. He represents the Ruling Elites whether, they be Republican or Democrat. Romney was the one who gave Massachusetts Romney Care, the blueprint of Obama Care. The Republican and the Democrat parties, although they may be a little different in their methods, share the same goals. They both want money and power over the Electorate. Yes, money and power to the point of enslaving the Electorate. So get Real!

          Bottom Line: We need to put forth a true Patriot to run for the presidency. We are way outnumbered in this World to be able to do that. It will never happen without God’s help…PERIOD!

        • Mary says:

          Please check out my reply to the Christian Solution

        • It's way past time says:

          Actually, it all happened twice when the voting machines were tampered with and it was proven as tech’s did tests to proove that no matter who you voted for, if you voted by machine, it always came up that the Rag Head was your vote, even if you didn’t vote for the anti christ. They found the results of the tampered votes, yet NOTHING was done about it. In that case, each vote should have been counted by hand on camera with the results taped and used as evience. So what happened to that discovery? It happened in 2008 and this last election. This election should be null and void and made to be recounted with the Supreme Court watching, minus Kagan or Sodameyer attending. I voted by absentee because of my disability, and I did NOT vote or even conger up eough spit to place on the Rag Heads name.
          He’s illegal, has always been illegal, both elections he was in were illegal and having his Rancid Muslim behind in our country is and has always been illegal.
          When you have the time and if you can stomach a look at his disgusting “face”, check out his forehead and you will see two small horns, I’ve seen them and others have found the horns, just look between the Dumbo Ears and the Purple Lips. Can’t miss em.
          This country deserves another election on the fly and if the stupid blacks want to give up their lives and the lives of their family for a stupid, cheap, cel phone. Wanna buy a watermellon?

      • Susan says:

        You are exactly RIGHT. We didn’t do our job and gave the election to Obama by default. Don’t come crying now.

      • oldcoyote says:

        The jew swine voted for their Odumba puppet AGAIN!!!

        • Kenny_Ray says:

          They might as well voted for Adolph Hitler

        • oldcoyote says:

          Hitler was a good man. He never harmed another human in his life.

        • Mary says:

          Please oldcoyote, do not direct your vile anti-semitism to me. The fact it is tolerated on this site at all is despicable and an embarassment. As a child from a very troubled home, a Jewish woman opened her heart and home to me, and years later welcomed me back into her life like a long lost daughter. I am very offended to hear her and her wonderful family reviled in this manner.

        • oldcoyote says:

          FYI I direct “anti-semitism” at no one, especially jews because they are NOT semites. I am called an anti-semite person by stupid jews for telling the TRUTH and the jews cannot stand the truth. Look up THE NATIONAL STATISTICS as to how the jews voted and find out the truth for yourself, then shut your oversized yap before you spout off about something you never researched before shooting off your big mouth.

        • Mary says:

          When it comes to shooting off an oversized yap, no one holds a candle to you.
          When responding to my posts, I would thank you to keep your ignorance and vile bigotry to yourself. Its repugnant.

        • PierceArrowV12 says:

          You are right, Mary. Oldcoyote actually acts like a “Trojan-horse troll” as described by WorldNetDaily. Trojan-horse trolls are actually Muslims or progressive Democrats who falsely claim to be conservative, but lace their posts with racist, anti-Semitic, or other insane comments in a vile effort to discredit real conservatives.

        • Mary says:

          Thank you PierceArrowV12. The best way to dignify stupidity is to acknowledge it so we should all just ignore him.

        • PierceArrowV12 says:

          Thank you, Mary. But every time “oldcoyote” pops off, we should call him out as a closet Democrat or Muslim troll, trying to smear us real conservative Christians. Because that is how he acts.

        • oldcoyote says:

          Then look up the facts BEFORE you yap off.

      • Mary Mary, Mary. RINOmoney was trying to out-abortion the abortion king himself, Teddy Kennedy, in televised debates anyone could see on Youtube, when he was running against Kennedy for his Senate seat.

        What moral stand could have been made by evangelicals at that late point?
        Instead, I was arguing all through the primary season here at Vision to America that a moral stand would have been for Republicans to nominate Ron Paul.

        But all I every got in return from evangelicals was evangelicals saying the GAYrich had finally stopped his immoral flip-flopping and had finally found God.
        Ron Paul had never lost God, but GAYrich was the most moral man for the job in their eyes.

        Then this week GAYrich comes out for gay marriage. SURPRISE!!!!!
        RINOmoney would not have been much different than Obama. Trust me!

        • Mary says:

          Christian Solution,
          We could argue from here to eternity on who was the best candidate and never resolve a thing. I wasn’t thrilled to see Gingrich shmoozing with Nancy Pelosi in a global warming PSA, and I found his private life rather dubioius, but would I have voted for Obama over Gingrich? Never.
          No candidate would meet everyone’s expectations. Any would have been better than Obama.

        • And that is why we lose elections Mary.

          People like you are satisfied with the candidates your party gives you. The Hoovers, The Nixons, the Fords, the Bushs, the Doles, The McCains, the Romneys.

          America has better men that these in the janitorial staff of their local elementary school
          – because they have to pass REAL background checks.

      • hanna says:

        I also read how christians did not vote this election. I am amazed at their foolishness. A non vote means a vote for a man who is totally evil.In essence every christian who did not vote gave their stamp of approval by default for abortion..homosexuality..marriage of same sex..etc. and war on christianity.

      • we the people,who are the real government.not were i live 90% of the catholics didn,t vote for ovomit/lucifer,and every catholic i know did take i stand against satan/ovomit,and has known satan/ovomit is an ineligible treasonous musmutt traitor,and we the people by me,have know this for 4 yrs.god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all legal american veternas/citizens.god bless america.yea thou i walk in the shadow of the valley of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit/lucifer

    • junkmailbin says:

      no the gay arab grasps his ankles or wears elbow and knee pads ( San Francisco sneakers)

    • James Maxwell says:

      What you are forgetting Elizabeth is that osocialist was born a muslim, raised as a
      muslim and attended a maddress muslim school before commin to America.
      He was not exposed to Christanity until later in life. Before he came here he was a
      committed muslim and had learned their values and rules. America and Christianity
      is alien to him and not of his beleifs. Even Rev Wright the, anti White ministers,
      admitted he had to change his preaching so osocialist would attend his church. I
      bet that if the truth were known he has a prayer rug laid out in the Oval office
      and slams his head on it 5 times a day. But he is a backsliding muslim who, while
      in America, only follows them in the privicy of his own home. He will not admit he
      is a Muslim in public but there is a reason why the Muslim brotherhood members
      are there on a regular basis.

    • oldcoyote says:

      My comment was deleted. Nearly every one in Obama’s white house? is a jew. Can’t find only two Muslim names there.

    • You are so right!These are his brothers and sisters,anything that!Do against America is just fine the horrific killing of Ambassador Stevens,the torture that!He went through before he even died plus three other honorable Americans!What

    • Endgame says:

      Yep. And Muslims aren’t the only thing he “bends over” for. Lol!

    • PierceArrowV12 says:

      You are right, ElizabethMC.

    • Wayne Graff says:

      No, he bends over and grabs his ankles.

    • dondy says:

      How right you are Elizabeth! Do you suppose this guy is a muslim himself? I wouldn’t be surprised! In fact, I have thought a couple years ago that this guy is a muslim transplant masqueraded as an American! Did you see where he used executive privilege to allow a huge number of Palestinian Hamas supporters free ride into our country? In my opinion, this guy must be IMPEACHED NOW before he totally destroys America!

  4. Harold says:

    Hiel Obama!

    • Bob says:

      God will never let Sotomyer and He will not let Obama take away His Ten Commandments or Destroy Christianity. He will show Obama and Sotomyer who is in control.And if Obama and Sotomayer has a catasrophy in their homes or Congress they will turn back to God.

  5. Goatlocker says:

    The mandate of “The “One,”during a second term, as he sees it, is to eradicate Christanity and make the U.S. a totally secular and socialist nation.

  6. Ihatelibs says:

    Enough of this crap. Force congress to arrest this fraud!

    • hotrod41mag says:

      unfortunately the senate doesn’t have the stomach or ballz to do that

      • mallen11 says:

        The Senate is made up of too many of his friends who protect him from everything. The Congress is not showing enough power to go against him either for fear or self greed. The only way to change things in WDC is for We the People to turn back to God, learn His ways from His Word and apply them to our lives.

    • DAVID PEACOCK says:

      it can HAPPEN BUT IT IS GOING TO TAKE 1 MILLION OF US STANDING ON THE STEPS OF THE capital building to make it a reality;; WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones with the courage and conviction to do it…Obama must be forced to play his hand and if we lock down DC it will happen and the revolution will BEGIN…TIME IS FLEETING FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO OVER THROW HIM AND THE LIBS…

    • Ron says:

      No body is going to do anything. Every person in Washington knows that he is a fraud. But they are scared of the black backlash that will occur if he is removed from office. The FBI has already told members of Congress that there will be coast to coast race riots. They are scared and Obama knows it.

  7. guest says:

    Maybe the idiots who voted him back in will be glad to get rid of him in 4 years.

    • hotrod41mag says:

      it won’t take that long—and they won’t ever admit it

      • usaplan says:

        hotrod, I hope you’re right, that it does not take 4 years to flush this muslim garbage down the tubes. I hope it happens next week, I can’t imagine putting up with this phony muslim socialist for that long. Someone please take him down.

  8. Sleeping Giant says:

    F-ck you and your Chicago style politics you Hiltler wanna be. Go back to Africa where you and all of the parasites need to be with rest of the dredges of the earth.

  9. Sandy Kelley says:

    I have never hated anybody. I hate Obama…..he is nothing but evil ….. and will prove to be the ruination of our country…which he set out to do from the start. I am embarassed for my gender; they sent him over the edge. They just ooo and ahhhh, and get tingles up their leg (like our friend Matthews), and vote with their female parts. ) Shame on the so called Born Agains, who didn’t vote. What did they expect if they didn’t show up and vote? And shame on parents for not instilling in their children ‘right from wrong’.

    • Sandy Kelley says:

      Also, shame on the Catholic Church. Never once, from the pulpit or anywhere I could see, did they lead their flock into voting for what is right. They followed Barry and led from behind. Were they afraid of this totalitarian President? I think maybe. But the screaming fool Rev. Wright can spew his filth from the pulpit and that’s OK. But then, he’s black…and we have to give them leeway because the are da po blacks. BS

      • Nursieee2 says:

        I am with you, I quit watching the news. Fox and Friends was my fav in the morning. Can’t stand to hear Obama’s voice or look at his smug face. He disgusts me. I can’t believe Americans are so busy and not realize their freedom is slipping secretly away. It will be too late when they awaken from their stupor. God has turned his back for now, but I believe he will return.

        • Elton Robb says:

          If my people, which are called by my name (Christians), shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.– 2 Chronicles 7:14

        • peter says:

          I feel exactly like you, i just hope god will give as the strength and willingness

          to get this evil bast…rd out of the white house. I’m ashamed of America and
          the American people to have voted for such an evil human being.

      • Vette66 says:

        You have to remember that only black “churches” can preach politics from
        the pulpit. If anyone else does it, they get an IRS visit or at a minimum, a letter from them to stop the politics or lose your tax exemption. I wonder how the rev
        jackson and the rest of the “rev” get their money. Don’t have a church do they?

        Po blacks, some of the po blacks live better than me, but then I have pride on my side and I actually go to work every day and pay taxes so they can be po. Tho I have to say their are more then just blacks on the dole.

        OBTW, where I work, you need a college education. Their are, by percentage of the population, more none whites than whites working. For the 80 person office where I work, but then again we talk to each other like the educated people we are, we get alone just fine.

        I still think the black slave masters “revs”, you know like the plantations head slave, are the ones that are the real cause of the blacks not getting ahead in the USA. Those that strive to get ahead in life do so. Those that are poor are so because they are controlled by their slave masters.

        Now bring out the “racists” comments. This 60+ has seen alot in my life time.

      • Sam W says:

        Wright is WRONG! And the use of Reverend in front of his name is Blaspheme.

  10. ginger says:

    He has just admitted that HE is not a Christian as he said he was….thus the “their” faith.

  11. hotrod41mag says:

    of course the 0bama administration takes the islamist side—islam is a Totalitarian Political System just like liberalism

  12. SFCUSARMYRET says:

    Christians are once again thrown to the lions… Not only are muslims exempt from all of this, so are congress, the senate and the WH. Other coroporations that have lined Owebama’s pockets have been granted freedom from these atrocious taxes, laws and fee’s.

    I guess it’s like the old saying, it’s not who you know but who you blow. Double standards are the precident of the day. The so called health care that is coming and all of the fee’s, taxes and higher rates are compounded by all of the new taxes envoked by the powers that be.

    The once great state of California (which is now the largest cess pool in the nation) is floundering. Instead of helping it’s people, “governor moonbeam” has done whatever he wants. Sound familiar? We are going to once again be the highest taxed state in the union. My family and I cannot afford it. My daughter is a single mother, she is never going to be able to afford anything of a decent standard.

    I don’t like the direction this nation is heading. I don’t like the legislation being rammed down our throats. The taxes are outrageous. Fuel prices are plain stupid (and believe me, they will go MUCH higher). And now milk is forecast to be $7.00 a gallon. People on food stamps are going to reach 50 million. Don’t even ask me how many people are out of work, I can’t keep track of the rising numbers.

    If everything goes as planned, everyone will be on some sort of government assistance (except for the politicians). The WH just approved a raise for federal workers AND congress!!! How the H*ll can that be!!! Unions striking for MORE money and benfits! These people are already over paid for what they do (I’m a former union dumbo), Some of the laziest workers I worked with are union. They know every loophole and can complain about anything because they have “protection”.

    I’m going to cut is short. I was going to mention teachers unions but it’s a mute point. (another theiving entity that will destroy our economy).

    • charlie ann says:

      Psalms 37

      Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong;for like the grass they will soon wither,like green plants they will soon die away.Trust in the Lord and do good,dwell in the Lord and enjoy safe pasture.Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.Commit your way to the Lord,trust in him and he will do this,he will make your righteousness shine like the noonday sun. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him,do not fret when men succeed in their ways,when they carry out wicked schemes.Refrain from anger and turn from wrath,do not fret it leads only to evil,for evil men will be cut off but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.

      If you continue reading Psalms 37 you will see how God Laughs at the wicked! It does not matter what the wicked are doing,its what God has already done! Yes we need to pray and we need to keep our eyes fixed on the only one who can deliver us! The Lord! Have a Blessed Day!

  13. Goodforall says:

    This is a Godless administration! I guess we are getting what we deserve by putting this fake back in the WH for another term. America has certainly lost her way. The sheep and entitlement seekers now outnumber those of us who still honor our Constitution and stand by the original intent of our Founders. I guess this was bound to happen as all great Nations run their course. I just never imagined it would happen in my lifetime. Sad times for our Country. I hope John Roberts is happy!

  14. Barb Patton says:

    We live in very dangerous times, and since we have a muslim in the white house you will notice that his heart will always be in the right place for his brothers. It is a historical fact that Christians WILL be burnt at the stake and crucified, In the year 2013 this is the ayatollah barack hussein obama’s way of punishing the Christians for being Christians. But wait ! it will get worse and the actual killings will take place sooner than what we think. Hobby Lobby must simply close their doors. that’s as. All Christian shops and businesses should close shop. Let the Christians know that this is their intention, and then see where this thugs and his czars will get their next dime to shove up their – you know what. The muslims are the untouchables like the lepers of old, untouchables, and he is one of them. GOD HELP AMERICA it is crunch time.

    • rkz777 says:

      You are certainly right. There will be no good from these thugs of satan ever. They are for destroying America and all that’s good, no matter what it takes. The czars in the white house and the supreme court are all working together. Anyone who you may have thought might have good in their veins has been got to,either by threats or worse, you can believe that. These thugs are far beyond anything you can imagine in your Christian minds. They are working to gradually remove all our rights and FREEDOMS so as to not shake the mountain (Right now), but soon the mountain will fall and all those that are so primp and proper will have to wade in the rot and stench with everyone else. And believe me when I tell you, the muslims have been entering this country for many years, buying up retail businesses and other real estate, blending into our American fabric so when our American businesses are closed by this thug in washington guess who will be in business, and guess what America will be then. The minorities were a tool for these socialist-communist, used to take down the True Americans. But all those primp and propers couldn’t believe what was happening, they were too busy living on what our Forefathers left us without paying the rent— our FREEDOM. Now the enemy, after living amongst us since the end of World War II have moved to finalize their takeover, and their messenger in the white house is delegated to bring it to a close.

  15. DAVID PEACOCK says:

    wake up America it is time to act;; down with communist dick-tater………mobilize and take back America;; January 20, 2013. let’s turn inauguration day onto Free America Day………

    • mallen11 says:

      I did not watch it last time and I won’t watch it this time. It will be just another day to ignore the news and all TV coverage.