Kwanzaa: A Fake Holiday Created by a Felon

It’s that time of year again. You know what time I mean – the time when the media promote that fake holiday created by a crazed california felon who wanted to create racial discord.

That’s right – Kwanzaa.

Do a news search and you’ll find hundreds of articles about wonderful Kwanzaa celebrations held all over America. Good luck finding a single one that mentions the sorry fact that the holiday’s creator was imprisoned for torturing a couple of African-American women.

You’ll have to go here to my original article on Kwanzaa to find that. The article originally ran in FrontPage Magazine back in 1998. It’s easily found on the Internet by any journalist willing to do the tiniest bit of research into Kwanzaa. I like to run it this time every year as a corrective to all of the dreadful journalism that occurs in every report of Kwanzaa.

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21 comments on “Kwanzaa: A Fake Holiday Created by a Felon
  1. Unbelieving Jews created Islam. Unbelieving Jews will help gays create their new religion based upon their new Queen James Bible. So why should not the unbelieving Jews push blacks into a new religion?

    I just thank the believing Jews for creating Christianity.

    • theodorej says:

      Don’t waste your time thanking anybody for the religion that is of this world…. If you truly knew christ and his gospel / good news of his coming kingdom and government you would pray …. for his speedy return ….”thy kingdom come”and “thy will be done”.

  2. ElizabethMC says:

    Happy Festivus for the rest of us.

    • Tommy Ge says:

      You are watching way too much Seinfeld. Turn the TV off and go do something productive.

      • ElizabethMC says:

        Hey you, which is worse?
        Watching the boob tube or being a boob?
        I was equating festivus with kwanzaa…They’re both made up.

  3. Remington 870 says:

    The same African-Americans who voted Obama, regard obama as black Jesus, are the same morons who believe in this fake holiday. What can we expect from one of America’s ignorant classes of human beings? Sorry folks, but it’s true.

  4. Rick Cleveland says:

    My daughter had the jerk who created Kwanza in college at CSULB in a ethnic studies class for her teaching credentials. This guy is the worst racist I have ever heard of. She taped the class like most college kids. He was mad one day because their thursday class was cancelled because of Thanksgiving and told the class ‘it was just another holiday celebrating the white mans subjugation of people of color’ and until it and others changed ‘slavery would never really be over’. Can you imagine if a white man had ever said such a thing?

    • John Cherish says:

      what do you expect from liberals, it does not suit their agenda so change its meaning and spout lies and you wonder why college kids are dumbed down look at the idiot professors pushing there BS

    • Rick Baldwin says:

      Thanks for the first-person report.

    • Actually, Quentine Tarantino is getting quite rich rubbing the white nose in the stench of slavery — with the full backing of the Judeo-Weinstein Brothers of course.

      Watched Jamie Foxx kill all the white men in Django Unchained last night — “How Black is That!!!”

      But do you blame Jamie Foxx, the token racist black hired to play the part in the script, or do you blame the racist director Tarantino
      Django — Blacks killing whites
      Machete – Mexicans killing whites
      Inglorious Basterds – Jews killing whites

      Or do you blame the RACIST Weinstein production company who picks and chooses which projects it wants to back?

  5. Rick Baldwin says:

    The last refuge of a scoundrel is racism.

    • Steve Tanton says:

      Rick, Love your quote!!! I have always said that “Racism is anytime a conservative disagrees with a liberal minority.”

  6. Larry says:

    Most (Not all) Blacks are just totally messed up. They were when they swung from vines in the jungle and have been all through history. The traditions and ways they have pursued for expressing themselves throughout their history have always been predominantly banal, often self-destructive and most of all non-productive and not in any way positively life enhancing. Putting rings around the necks of their females to the point of damaging them physically; scarring themselves irreparably and the whole list of other nonsensical things they have done right through modern-day break dancing, “Rap” music with all of its formless, strident quality and expletives as well as being most often demeaning to women is irrefutable proof that they (Blacks) are simply a very messed up people. Look next to the other off-white groups; Arabs, Persians and the ocean of Latinos and you see the very same muck of damnable sick, destructive behavior. You see people with no respect or value for human life. You see men perfectly comfortable treating their women like $hit and thinking absolutely nothing of it. This is the backdrop of liberalism and you dare not speak truthfully about any of it because to do so is to be branded with some label of incorrectness. In fact, isn’t it ultimately the most incorrect to just sit silent and say nothing when the unseen, spiritually rooted barometer of “Decency” and “Morality” is trampled and in the process human life is devalued and people are harmed in a multitude direct and indirect ways? Oh, what a gutless load of cowards humanity has become! Sit down, shut up and just accept it because you lack the spine to spring forth and object! Kwanzaa indeed…………….

  7. Dane Smith says:

    Geee, what a surprise!!!!!!!!

  8. catnip24 says:

    the mentality of these subspecies is unbelievable. obama gave a hearty speech supporting kwanzaa on the day of the kwanzaa “holiday”. if anyone has any doubts about obama being a marxist/communist, then they are totally ignorant or they are themselves marxists. i’d like to see a national holiday for robert e lee’s birthday.

  9. Evermyrtle says:

    When I named the things that proved that we are in the end days according to GODS’ WORD, I did not even realize what Kwanza was, but it is another sign that we mus without any doubt in the last days.Beginning at the very top of of the USA is numerous anti-GOD people. But first thing that I can remember is the moving the Sabbath to Sunday worship by the Catholic Church, I believe. We all followed like sheep to the slaughter, and still won’t admit that was a mistake. The things that have occurred in the last four years are too numerous to give a complete and correct list, but Christians know what they are. But I would like to point out one one very disastrous thing to Christian life is the group who call their churches Chrislam. which means the Christian church joined with Islam, an abomination to GOD. He will not accept the joining of HIS church to a man made god.

    Then we can count the anti-GOD practices that has been legalized by anti-GOD people.

  10. Carol says:

    This is the first time I had heard this but I am glad I have because you learn something new everyday or you aren’t living correctly.
    Is that why they call Barry Soetoro a black god because he is so fake he makes me want to vomit everytime I see him?

  11. PierceArrowV12 says:

    Kwanzaa is as stupid as Seinfeld’s “Festivus for the rest of us”.
    However, while Kwanzaa is bogus, we can do WITHOUT the closet Democrat and Muslim trolls who falsely claim to be Christians and then praise KKK Democrats and Hitler’s National Socialists.

  12. Laurence Almand says:

    Kwanzaa is just another example of Black reverse racism. What about all the Black Christians and Muslims? Do they celebrate this nonsense also?

  13. Maggie B says:

    Only with the BLACK one it is a joke put on all of us by an idiot! Or are the ones who believe idiots?
    Written and set up by a Felon who mis-treated a BLACK woman (must to have been BAD) and went to jail for his crime! Now all the Black women think this new Celebration is WONDERFUL!