Obama Sees a 'Political Victory' in Going Over the Cliff

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said Sunday he thinks President Obama wants to dive over the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

“I believe the president is eager to go over the cliff for political purposes,” Barrasso told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “He senses a political victory at the bottom of the cliff.”

The senator also said he believes the nation will go over the cliff, with the deadline just nine days away.

Barrasso said he thinks Obama is eager to blame Republicans if Congress cannot reach a deal by the end of the year. Polls have indicated that Americans would blame Republicans more than Democrats if talks fail.

Barrasso also pointed to a report in the Wall Street Journal late last week that said during negotiations, Obama threatened Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that he would use the presidential bully pulpit to heap blame on the GOP during his “State of the Union” speech next year.

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183 comments on “Obama Sees a 'Political Victory' in Going Over the Cliff
  1. oldtimer says:

    Most of the ignorants that voted for Obama will believe his lies.

    • Les says:

      It’s already been proven that most of his supporters can’t read or think on their own. Most want something for nothing and are willing to vote for anyone that will give them stuff. They are too stupid to care that it will bankrupt the country and when it does and the free gifts stop rolling their way, they will be rioting and looting the whole country. That is coming and can’t be stopped. You can’t keep spending 4 trillion dollars a year while only taking in 2 trillion dollars. So we have to go over the cliff to force the taxes to automatically go up on everyone. Øbama knows taxing just the rich will not come close to meeting his demands for more spending. What do you expect from a clueless under-educated, under-experienced loser? Nothing has proven otherwise to date.

      • Ed Shick says:

        they had democrats to show them where to vote .. when people come in from Somolia you can not expect them to read or write English,, Just Vote

    • Sam says:

      The problem is his ‘ignorants’ voted, while more than 3,000,000 Republicans stayed home assuring Obama’s victory.

      • Nadine says:

        Makes me sick that they didn’t get out and vote! Doesn’t make any sense!!

        • kathleen says:

          major voter fraud too or nobama would of gotten half of what he did

        • One Way Follower says:

          Half? Are you sure? That seems erroneous to give him that much!
          However, it’s like the 1991 World Series, where it has been reported that the Minnesota Twins utilized the indoor air conditioning to cause THEIR batted balls to go further, while causing the Braves batters to struggle.
          So, we’re stuck with Obama for either four more years or until he and his henchmen bring down the United States of America!
          Believing in the Way (John 14:6) isn’t enough, unless we allow Him to prove Himself – praying and seeing how the Word, in action, can turn this around.
          Philippians 4:13 assures us that all things are possible, through the Way the Truth and the Life, mentioned in the aforementioned scripture.

        • Tita Gascoin says:

          The latest results showed that Obama won with 108 % of registered voters. (Ballots filled in in advance) Also they delared “vote by mail only” areas and when people showed up to vote, they had to vote with provisional ballots that did not appear in election night results.

        • Nadine says:

          THAT is a FACT!!

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Many erroneously believed they were making a “political statement”; but in truth, it didn’t matter WHO we voted for, the CFR had already selected THEIR next POTUS and their agenda was going forward, regardless of what we, the People, wanted! The TRUTH is WE the PEOPLE have NOT selected a President in over a century! EVERY single one who has held the office since and including Woodrow Wilson, was THEIR man, following THEIR orders, and they, in their turn, have been following the orders of the Jesuits for whom they “front” to us for the POPE!

        • wminaz says:

          There are a lot of voters (including Tea Partiers, Libertarians, disaffected/Reagan Dems, evangelicals and others) who are to the right of where the present Repub party stands. McCain wanted comprehensive immigration reform and Romney wanted to eliminate Obamacare until he decided he would keep the good parts. Those on the right want the Repubs to get off this maniacal quest for the middle of the road independents and to stand for something other than the “me too” policies that kept the Dems in control of Congress for more than a generation. Give the voters a true conservative and the voters will be there.

        • Nadine says:

          Oh God…we need a bunch of them soon!

      • Dave Haney says:

        Blame the ministers who failed to rally their congregation against the Decadent Democrat party. And blame the evangelistic Christians who WRONGLY believed that Mormonism is some sort of satanic cult so they stayed home and didn’t vote. Obama was elected because of ignorant, intolerant idiots on both sides.

        • Charlie says:

          Couldn’t have said it better if I said it myself.

          Oh, wait, I have been saying that. It feels good to know someone understands.

        • No sir , it’s the moral downfall of the nation . Don’t blame christians & ministers , that’s not right .
          People have no idea what the difference Right and Wrong is . People looking for entitlements and not the willingness to work hard . Good law abiding citizens are being punished , while lazy crooks get FREE goods .
          It’s the condition of the heart , a sear conscience never knows good and never will .
          In the grand sceem of things , when Christ comes , all of this will not amount to a hill of beans .
          God looks on the heart ,not the flesh .
          So please if you feel the need too blame someone , place at the doorstep of Obama , he is the President and he should know everything that is going on . But I don’t think he does or cares !
          All in all I’m prepared ! Are you ?

      • ggswede says:

        I have family in one area of Ohio,that the voter registration people stated ” that no one voted for Romney ,there ? ” Yet ,ALL 20 members of the family voted ” Romney ” ! This whole election needs to be investigated before this person ( O’bam Bam ) is sworn in ! Look at all the voter fraud that is starting to surface !

        • Ed Shick says:

          This sounds like Cleveland , where if you call they say you did not read right so it became a vote for Obama ,, we were shafted by Gutter politics !!

        • Your so very right , The FIX was in for Obama from the very start , he was appointed not elected .
          The BIG RED sign should have told the story from the get go . There is a reason he has NEVER allowed the people to look at any information about him . One does not spend millions to cover a TRUTH , if they have nothing to hide ! The cost of a LIE is expensive , the cost high for low living
          I live in Mississippi , and the voter fraud is horrid here . .

        • sonny says:

          You don’t actually think the “truth” would make any difference, do you???
          The people DO know much of the “truth” about obama: I.E. forged birth certificate, SS.#, protecting illegals, sueing the state of Arizona, passing obamacare behind closed doors, the Benghazi incident, voter fraud, the movie 2016, a documentary of obama….the list goes on and on.
          Do you actually believe the people WANT the truth??? (or at least a MAJORITY of the people, the ones that re-elected him).

        • sonny says:

          Fine…who’s going to investigate the INVESTIGATORS???
          It seems like EVERYONE in a position of authority is crooked AND greedy.

        • Tita Gascoin says:

          Surely you don’t put Sheriff Joe and his posse in that catagory?

        • sonny says:

          Not at all. Just seems like the GOOD guys aren’t making much (if any) progress. The b/c evidence has gone all the way to the FSC and they just ignored it. I’m talking about people like the liberal judges that are protecting obama, Eric Holder, Harry Reid. obama has SOMEBODY
          protecting him on EVERYTHING. “SOMEONE” covered for him on the Benghazi incident. The congress won’t IMPEACH him out of either fear or bribes. SOMEBODY is protecting him at every turn. Those “somebodys”
          are just as guilty as obama BUT that isn’t getting him out of office…
          I think that those that COULD do something are afraid to (like John Boehner).

      • jim_wright says:

        There were also thousands of Christians who were lead to stay home by their misguided spiritual leaders. That was one of the reasons I left one church this year.

      • barb says:

        I have decided that Republicans are just plain stupid. Democrats stick together no matter who the nominee is and Republicans stay at home if they don’t like a particular nominee. They have yet to figure out that all this does is give the election to a Liberal, socialist, Democrap.

        • sonny says:

          barb, you are absolutely RIGHT. Reps are just plaim stupid. They pick apart their own people. They did it to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann.
          Either one would have made a good president. No matter WHO the rep nominee is, they will pick them apart and then bellyache about obama.
          I hope another party is formed b/c the reps are nothing but whiners and critics of their own people while the dems just continue to destroy this country.

    • ophelia6 says:

      Ran into an Obama supporter yesterday, this gentleman stated, that if Congress would just get out of Obama’s way, this president could get something done.

      I asked him about the US Senate, he said the Republicans won’t let them do anything either. BTW, this man has been on the teat of the US his entire life.

      • flasawdust says:

        I know a few of this guy’s “brothers”.

      • mona says:

        but you see this is what this half breed wants. he is brain washing them all. give them stuff fill their heads full of lies and watch the civil war begin. i truly believe all this gun stuff going on he is behind it some how. get a gun now while you can…..buy ammo

        • sonny says:

          You are 100% CORRECT. All these ignorant parasites care about is free
          stuff. They have no clue who is paying for it and DON’T CARE.

        • WellNowDear says:

          Not just that mone, make sure you buy food and medical supplies. They always come in handy. Those of you who can, get out of the big cities.

      • Remington 870 says:

        Does this man speak ebonics? Trying to have an intelligent conversation with an obama supporter is not possible. They are so dumb or brain washed…you waste your time.

        • WellNowDear says:

          People, don’t even waste your time or breath. Your time would be better spent elsewhere. You know what I mean.

      • WellNowDear says:

        He would get something done alright. What an idiot!

      • Brenda says:

        Maybe a trip to a third world country with a dictator in charge would help change his mind. How about one in Aftica?

    • Remington 870 says:

      Obama and his handlers have wanted to go off the cliff from the beginning. It is a win win for Obama…higher taxes and gets to blame the GOP. Meanwhile, Boehner is chasing his tail trying to work with his buddy Obama, but is clueless to the trap set and falls right into it looking like the drunken fool he always looks like. Better get a new Speaker or the GOP will resemble the prehistoric RINO and become extinct.

      • Col Richardson says:

        I despise Glen Beck BUT! He is absolutely right about the whole political picture. Cloward/Pivens laid the blueprint and Obamao and his jeering pack of communist hyenas have put it into play.

        God help us!

        • Remington 870 says:

          Glen Beck has been sounding the alarm for years. We, the intelligent conservatives understand Cloward/Pivens, whereas the low information voter can not spell Cloward/Pivens or pronounce it.

        • Col Richardson says:

          Exactly! I try to tell people whom I formerly thought were intelligent the C/P story but they are too ignorant to understand it. They are just smart enough to vote, but thasssal, folks.

        • WellNowDear says:

          Col, even mentally or socially retarded people can vote. People who can’t read are allowed to vote. Brainwashed people are allowed to vote. All that is just the reality of our situation. Ignorance and mental laziness goes hand in hand. The majority of Americans today are just lazy.
          What we have to do is face reality. These conditions are there and they are not going away. Ignorant, lazy people are going to be a real, serious problem for the rest of us in the future. Of course we don’t know exactly when so we need to stay on the “alert”.

        • Col Richardson says:

          The abysmally ignorant used to be the other side of 50% but they are now in the majority. That is the tipping point to which I alluded.

        • sonny says:

          Glenn Beck has been telling the truth for years, also Rush Limbaugh
          Sarah Palin but nobody wants to believe any of them. Even if we end up in a dictatorship, which was always obamas’ plan, the people will STILL blame Bush.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Sonny, dictatorship is not an option for We the Patriots. Time to get Boehner out and install a ‘Take no Prisoners’ type who will push for impeachment. Yes I know the Senate must pass impeachment, which will not happen..however the GOP can begin the process by proving Obama is not Constitutionally eligible and exposing his communist handlers.

        • Patricia Leath says:

          You are right. A dictatorship is just around the corner and “We the People” must demand conservative leadership that will fight “down and dirty” like the Democrats We can no longer afford to accept wimps in the Republican Party. Fighting with words is one thing. If we do not take this seriously now, we will all face the ultimate, another Civil War.

        • Ohio patriot says:

          What’s there to prove? The constitution states that a “natural born citizen” is one that BOTH parents are citizens. o-butt-head clearly admits that his “daddy is Kenyan. BAM – can we say INELIGIBLE???

          The only thing o-butt-head is eligible for at this point is a jail cell, along with all those cronies of his who want to re-write our constitution as the “new socialist republic of america” ..

        • sonny says:

          I would like nothing better than to get rid of Boehner, OBAMA, Reid, Pelosi
          and ALL of the dem crooks. We patriots HAVE to stick together to get anything done.

        • WellNowDear says:

          This has been coming down for at least two decades. Let’s not act surprised. We have seen it coming. Way back in the early to mid 90′s we saw it coming down in the future.

      • sonny says:

        obama DOES have a win-win situation. IF things get better, he will get the credit.
        IF things get worse (and they will), he AND HIS IDIOT SUPPORTERS will continue to blame BUSH.

    • TLady62 says:

      Of course. What else can you expect from people who only get their ‘news’ from outlets like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC?!

    • RubyBlu says:

      True, but who cares what they think – we KNOW.

    • One Way Follower says:

      Don’t worry…Those “ignorants,” you mentoined are in all walks of life…I even know a science teacher, who is a Christian and STILL teaches evolution!

    • mathchopper says:

      And that is what counts, doesn’t it? Lock and load.

  2. Chris says:

    Think about it this way – if you were CEO of a company, and you were unable to negotiate with the board of directors. Then you knew that the company would be severely hurt by any failed negotiation….and it was close to your vacation…OF COURSE you would take off for vacation. Seriously…..you always wondered what a second Jimmy Carter term would look like….wonder no more

    • Lucky3511 says:

      Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like a fiscal conservative.

    • Raleigh says:

      The board of directors would then (rightfully) dismiss the CEO that they are unable to work with.

      • Dave Haney says:

        But the Board of Directors would not be a bunch of stupid and ignorant leeches who have sucked at the government teat all their lives.

        • Charlie says:

          While I understand and completely agree with the point you’re making, Dave, you might want to re-evaluate the statement you made.

          1. A lot of BODs have, over the years, shown to be pretty dumb. The history of the modern corporation is littered with incompetence at the top, both BODs, presidents and other business executives. Like Congress, or any other large committee, group-think and the truth of the bumper sticker that reads “Never under-estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers” begin to become abundantly clear.

          2. Given the intertwining of business and government in today’s economy, I question the theory about most BODs and other corporate officers not sucking at the government teat.

        • Cliffystones says:

          The creator of the “Dilbert” comic Scott Adams wrote a book on this called “The Dilbert Principle”. It covers this entire idiotic business world we now have to put up with. One of the hilarious chapters is ‘The Ten Great Lies of Management”. One of those “lies” is “You could make more money under the new salary plan”. Scott’s response? “Are we supposed to believe that they created this plan to pay all employees more money? Or is it more likely that the Christian Scientists will now be administering our health plan?” I suppose I love Dilbert because while I hate big labor I don’t have any particular fondness for big businesses either. Both are infested with lazy, lying incompetents.

        • RubyBlu says:

          GM for example………

      • Chris says:

        Unfortunately…the America people who don’t have any pride….nor any self respect – (aka….the gimme gimme generation) – are now the majority..

        • sonny says:

          You are absolutely correct. The bad part is, the country cannot survive
          like that. Prepare for the WORST…IT’S COMING.

  3. craig says:

    he wont like what i plan do do with my money…to bad ..

  4. Ed Smith says:

    The Republicans should use the fiscal cliff as an opportunity to get their house in order. Allow the cuts and raise the stakes by refusing to raise the debt ceiling They should also confess their lack of dependence on God and the same for of the country. Only with God’s help and the ensuing gridlock in the nation do we stand any chance of not careening over an even larger cliff than the fiscal one that is dead ahead.

  5. relayman says:

    This was why it was so important for Republicans to present a plan to solve the problem. We all know that zerobama does not want to fix the problem, he wants to fix blame. We also know that zerobama and the dems would turn down a any plan holding firm on conservative principles that works. By doing so, when the sh*t hit the fan THEY will own it.

  6. Dick Frakes says:

    It looks to me like a MEXICAN stand off “no pun from Obama’s Mexican voters” regarding the “fiscal cliff” If neither party will give an inch, why is it one party’s fault and not the others. Makes no since to me. It’s a good old fashion MEXICAN STAND OFF.

    • Baron von richthopper says:

      Mexico has nothing to do with it, the progressive liberal nationalist have doomed you and I and all others to a tax rate that will starve free markets to the point of producing an economy entirely dependent on nationalist government, The intent all along. You and I will soon come to conclusion that the harder “we work, the behinder we get”. Just like now. No change. Just much,much, more theft, by our lovely “gummit” by weakening our currency and raising their spending.

  7. DarylD says:

    Politics before people. Same church, different pew.

  8. Floridastorm says:

    Who cares who he blames. Whatever the Republicans do they are blamed by the propaganda news media and this POS in the white house. So, blame away fool. The Republicans are used to it and things cannot get any worse for them. You, on the other hand, can have things get worse for you and they will. Hard to imagine how things can get much worse. But, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • john8c says:

      Look at Greece this is where we are heading 25-35% unemployment hyperinflation and taxes going thru the roof, you won’t even be able to afford gas for your car. But because he will put a majority of the people in misery this will be his demise. There will be a rebellion in this country because of him. Why do you think FEMA has been buying up bullets they are to be used on Americans in this country after the riots start and the rebellion begins

  9. Lucky3511 says:

    Of course the republicans are blaimed for failure of talks. Who does the reporting Demoncrap media. It is a shame that there is not media from the conservatives. Fox news is the joke of the century, if not of the millenium. We have no media.

  10. agbjr says:

    Obama looks at everything from a political stance and if there are no politics involved HE will inject them. He uses Marxist policies to plunge the nation into an economic depression (yeah, you fawning liberals it IS a depression and it IS of his own creation) then politicizes and demonizes every attempt and method of sane Constitution-abiding Americans to stabilize the failing economy. We must rid ourselves of this Marxist sonofabitch. It is about the Constitution and the survival of OUR Republic.

  11. Madisonmaker says:

    Wake up “WE THE SHEEPLE”….Obama’s surreptitious intention has been to insidiously bring the USA to its knees econonomically since the day he “prayed” for his father’s anti-colonialist agenda to be administered via his run to governmental authority when he ran for Senator. He says he’s “trying” to do his best to help all th middle class folks, but, trying is lying. OBMA IN LYIN since he heard Rev. Wright’s black liberation sermon on “audacity of hope.”

  12. David says:

    Obama never stops with the blame game. He stinks. Name one thing he did positive during his 4 years. You cannot. We is a disaster and wants to destroy America. America should soon wake up and impeach him for numerous reasons. We made a mistake twice. shame on us. He will soon start playing the race card. He is a racist. See all the Blacks around him. Are they the best for their jobs? Eric Holder is a terrible person and A.G. Susan Rice is smart but showed she is a puppet willing to lie.

    • john8c says:

      I really don’t think we made mistakes twice I think the voting was rigged so that he would win how is it possible that in one Florida District that 146% of the voters voted you can not have more that what is there is no way that you can have more than 100% yet in many districts especially in the cites you had just that and in some districts there you had 100% for Obama and not a single vote for Romney now tell me the election was not fixed and I have a bridge to sell in Brooklyn

  13. Red says:

    Going over the cliff is exactly what he wants. He is our greatest enemy and going over would be another big blow in his destruction of our country. The government is hiring nearly 100 workers every day to insulate Obama’s political advantage and break the backs of others to pay for them

  14. Gary Jones says:

    Obama is going to subject himself and his family to dangers that his treasonous acts will produce due to his inaptness too see the whole picture. Stupid is as stupid does. I hope too see him and Holder hang as traitors.

  15. Pat says:

    Obummer wanst to go over the cliff so he can hide all the increases in taxes that bummer care will cause. That way he can say it was all due to the other.