'Gun Free' Britain is the Most Violent Country in Europe

Britain’s violent crime record is worse than any other country in the European union, it has been revealed.

Official crime figures show the UK also has a worse rate for all types of violence than the U.S. and even South Africa – widely considered one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

The figures comes on the day new Home Secretary Alan Johnson makes his first major speech on crime, promising to be tough on loutish behaviour.

The Tories said Labour had presided over a decade of spiralling violence.

In the decade following the party’s election in 1997, the number of recorded violent attacks soared by 77 per cent to 1.158million – or more than two every minute.

The figures, compiled from reports released by the European Commission and United Nations, also show:

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221 comments on “'Gun Free' Britain is the Most Violent Country in Europe
  1. cheryl says:

    Somebody needs to remind Piers Morgan on CNN.

  2. I would say that gun control is a failure.

    • rog363 says:

      gun control is as big a failure as the war on drugs. Politicians should, as part of a training program when elected, be made to live on the streets for a couple of weeks each year, thereby learning what life is truly all about, living in their little ivory towers with hundreds of aids at their beck and call,they have no idea what life in the real world is like but they will try to tell you what you should and should not do.

      • RedMeatState says:

        Considering all that, is there anything government does that isn’t a failure?? We shudder at the incompetence now on full display regarding the State Dept and military. Can they protect the nation?
        Better than an armed citizenry?

        • Can the military protect the nation? One has to wonder with their dismal record of defeats in every decade — since we defeated half the world in WW2.

          Our military could not defeat….

          1950 — the North Koreans (they even have nukes now)
          1960 — the Cubans, (Castro still in power)
          1970 — the North Vietnamese, (All of Vietnam is still communist)
          1980 — the Lebanese in 1980 (Marine Barracks bombed – we run home),
          1990 — the Iraqis (had to come back to finish the job),
          2000 — the Afghanistani (they are still shooting at us)

          Of course the United Nations official peacekeeping force — the US military — could not really win any wars, for it would scare too many people.

    • OldNYFirefighter says:

      As was Prohibition, Drug War, Drunk Driving & Criminal Laws that fail to Prosecute Offenders.

  3. vincent says:

    If a white person said what Jamie Fox said in relation to black people there would be riots in the street,Al Sharpton would get his processed hair in an uproar and Jesse Jackson would start a freedom march.I feel bad for all the good black people who have to live with the embarrassment of the low life blacks who say what they want because the liberal media is afraid to anger them.

  4. Lance McCray says:

    Britain is not gun free, the good people are gun free. The bad guys all have guns and what about all of the bombings in Europe, That is far more deadly that guns. EVIL will find a way to kill and the best way to stop ti is for every good person to carry a gun.

    • Schnitzelschitzen says:

      You got that right, my daughter lived in Australia for six or so months and everyday on the news it was commonplace to hear about break-ins and killings of families and the elderly because they are unarmed as well.

      • Kev says:

        Idiot, Australia is where?

        • Dan says:

          Suppose you tell us where Australia is….By the way , it is also “Gun Free”..

        • Anadara says:

          Its in the southern hemisphere, dumbass. Its a part of the British empire.

        • It’s where they speak “AUSTRIAN” according to Times “Man of the Year”

        • Lucky3511 says:

          We know the Times man of the year is Brain dead. But, the question where is Australia, is frightening. Apart from being a long way from here, it is a huge piece of real estate, Australia is the planet’s sixth largest country after Russia, Canada, China, the USA, and Brazil. At 7 692 024 Km2, where they do speak a similar language to us and provide bases from which we can at least keep an eye on Asia

        • mallen11 says:

          Too funny, thank you!!!

        • aray says:

          There is no need to be rude and call people names, just provide the directions.

        • Raymond Michael Borland says:

          Aray, What are you one of the brain dead kids sent through our public schools that think Canada in south of the border. OK, I’ll give you directions to Australia…….. Go to San Deigo, CA and sail or fly west about half way around the globe. It is south of Indonesia which I am sure you have no idea where it is located. God help us all with such morons that still have a vote.

        • James says:

          You know eh voted for Obummer.

        • sha49tn says:

          Then tell that to Kev. HE’S the one that started the name calling.

    • DrewbeScrewed says:

      With their tolerance for Muslims and their religion, why should anyone be surprised. The Europeans have become the second class citizens.

  5. DrBillLemoine says:

    Do you also like being scared at the Halloween Haunted House? Nobody’s talking about ‘gun free’ America. Just well regulated lethal weapons, just like you register a potentially lethal car. Get a life, get real.

    • lichau says:

      So–gang bangers are going to register?

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        If you register all gun trades, the GB weapons will be registered to someone who can be held accountable/responsible for them. All others are outlaws.

    • COMEGETSOME says:

      Ah another LIBERAL who shows so much “civility” in hs postings. Take your own advice buddy and “Get a Life, get real” AND STOP TRYING to IMPOSE your LIBERAL VIEWS on the REST OF US.

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        Your 2nd amendment rights don’t eliminate my first amendment ones to tell you anything I want in a civilized way online. BTW it’s right wing blog comments where you see frequent language that’s not normal civilized free speech. You must live in a bunker or cave somewhere out west or down south with that point of view. I prefer civilization we’ve worked 236 years to perfect.

    • hawkeye says:

      Nothing in the Constitution about the right of owning a car. How is that well regulated
      car law working out for you?

    • dockilldare says:

      drbill, how do you recommend we do that. according to the national firearms act
      of 1934 all weapons of mass destruction, that is to say any rifle with a barrel
      length of less than 16 inches or shotgun with less than 18 inches, selective
      fire and full auto guns (in other words REAL assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, and sawed off shotguns) are already illegal with out extremely strict
      regulation and a 20 – life sentence for first time offence. that regulation includes a background check equal to a top secret clearance, prior approval of local, state, and federal law enforcement, proof of approved storage facility i.e. gun safe, complete registration wit ATFE, a $250 tax per gun per year, and of course needing
      federal permission to sell said weapons. failure to comply is a 20 – life fed

      further maybe you could explain to me why law enforcement needs armored cars with weapons of mass destruction, like browning 30 cal machine guns (550 rounds of 30 – 06 per minute) new orleans pd, preditor drones (those can be armes with air to ground missles) orlando fl pd, m 240 machine guns (600 rounds per minute of .308/7.62x52mm) and flame throwers las vegas pd, or my favorite chicago pd with their scorpion armored car with a mini gun firing 4000 rounds a minute of 7.62x51mm? those are battlefeild implements but it is ok for law enforcement to have them?

      please Dr.bill don’t reply with your a doctor and see gun shot wounds as your argument.
      I am a 30 year retired army medic and have seen combat on 6 different continents
      I know full well what guns do to the human bodies of all sizes and shapes. it is not an excuse to curtail or deminish the rights of law abiding citezens.

      • David F. Podesta says:

        Correction- the tax is now $500 and there is a 250,000 limit for guns in circulation. Not to mention the cost of such weapons is prohibitive-IF you can even find one for sale.

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        No one wants to ‘curtail’ or ‘diminish your rights’ with proposed legislation–NRA/gun manufacturers fear. New legislation will accommodate current conditions and past legislation. These folks are lawyers. Trained professional law enforcement isn’t your average citizen with weapons. Police everywhere are often out gunned in crimes and pursuit. Enough said. Military medics aren’t civilians demanding assurance of ‘domestic tranquility’ the government is required to provide us. Can you picture 6 year olds with 5-6 gunshots in ‘em? No excuse not to regulate; we’re no less civilized than Australia which eliminated mass murders.

        • we’re no less civilized than Australia which eliminated mass murders.

          But are we more civilized than the totally gun-disarmed Rwandans who slaughtered 2 million of thier own with nothing more than a machete?
          So, pretend you win and Americans only have machetes to defend themselves. Be honest in your answer — Will you feel any safer?

        • DrBillLemoine says:

          There’s no comparison between modern America and developing nation Rwanda. Except, maybe the two tribes over there resemble our political parties–one at the other’s throat to dominate at all costs. You must be a right winger, one of the cultists who ignore the Gospel which shows Christ not condemning sin, but working to illuminate it in the sinner for repentance. What’s your motive here?

        • Always like a liberal to sidestep a very simple question. Again, would you feel safer with no guns, but everyone having machetes?

          There’s no comparison between modern America and developing nation Rwanda.

          Besides your advocating making us technologically equal to Rwandans in weapons technology, I would love to hear from a liberal why there is no comparison between the peoples of America and the peoples of Rwanda.

          Could it be because Rwandans are all black and you feel them inferior? Heaven forbid!!!

          Or perhaps it is because you feel black Rwandans are too stupid to develop a modern society like ours?

          “Oh really? You say it’s because the 2,000 Rwanda is still developing and has not caught up to the 200 year old America. Interesting hypothesis you have there Doctor.”

    • Karl Schild says:

      Pardon me, sir, while I set fire to your straw man. Automobile ownership is not a right, nor is operation of said vehicle. Some may argue that it should be, but that pile of ashes is now irrelevant to the conversation.

      The point being made here, sir, is that UK-style gun control has been a complete and utter failure and has served only to further endanger the lives of the innocent in that country. Furthermore, contrary to your assertion, the Newtown, CT mass-murder has, in fact, sparked a call amongst those who wish to disarm the United States to follow Great Britain down the rabbit hole. Remember, the UK used to have a very similar right to keep and bear arms as we do. In fact, our inherent right to do so was based on that precedent.

      The Bill of Rights was crafted at the insistence of the citizens of our newly born nation to enumerate certain inalienable rights within the constitution. Rights that were only left out because our founding fathers actually felt were so basic and understood that they need not be written down. (Thank goodness that they were corrected in that regard.)

      Please note where the right to keep and bear arms is in that list. It is second, only behind the right to free expression. You speak out for “well regulated lethal weapons.” Sir, it is often said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Would you sit still for a “well regulated press?’ How about “well regulated speech?”

      That fact remains that, all this aside, I am hard pressed to think of anything that the current administration might propose that would actually have prevented the Newtown murder. As the task force headed by the Vice-President makes its recommendations, that should be the litmus test. “Would this have actually prevented the Newtown murders?” If not, it is a power grab to introduce more regulation and reduce the rights of innocent people. If so, take a good hard look and decide if it’s worth it, because it will likely be a large first step toward the failed UK model.

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        Regulation of commerce is a function of government, if you check your constitution instead of parroting NRA slogans. So is regulation of anything including guns. No one has called for ‘disarming’ anyone–nonsense.

        Have you considered Australia where gun control has STOPPED mass killings? No one is in danger because they lack a gun. It’s a wild west fantasy of scary persons. You like British gun laws, go live there and leave reasonable people here.

        Some people need to be constantly reminded. When they rote learn something, it fades with time. Rights never fade, as they are self-evident. Your founding fathers motives are amusing. It was ordinary people who called for ‘rights’ specification, exactly what’s happening now with calls for gun regulation. The current ‘fathers’ in congress and heading the NRA are out of touch with us.

        Actually the press is regulated with libel laws; no one can falsely holler ‘fire’ in a crowded room–regulation is normal business in civilized society.

        Wrong, again–if the assault weapon ban that expired in 2004 were in force, Mrs. Lanza couldn’t have bought her assault weapon. If she were required to learn safekeeping like trigger guards, the killing weapons would have been rendered harmless with her death. You pose an impossible situation; nothing can totally prevent mass murders, but we can make it harder and eliminate the loons from gun possession like Newtown. None of your rights are threatened with proposed legislation. Get real.

        • Karl Schild says:

          Sir, did you even *read* my reply? If you keep putting up straw men, I’m going to run out of matches.

          Regulation of Inter-State commerce is a function of the federal government. It was put in place to prevent the individual states from enacting tariffs against each other and stifling the flow of commerce. As far as parroting slogans, the only squawks I have detected in this conversation have been in your posts. (The one about parroting NRA slogans, itself, is particularly well-worn.)

          If you haven’t heard the cries of “Dunblane” from the media and the rest of the gun control community, you may want to pull the plugs out of your ears and read the news.

          Where you may have gotten the idea that I *like* British gun laws I have no idea. I do, however, find the fact that you don’t wish to discuss the ramifications of that failed policy in a comment for an article about that failed policy to be rather amusing. Especially given that you are comparing my historical precedent for why our right to keep and bear arms is spelled out in the Constitution with the motives of those who wish to strip us of some or all of those rights. My point at that time, is that England had the same “self-evident” rights before the Dunblane murders occurred. They no longer have them.

          It is interesting that you pulled the old “libel laws” and “fire in a crowded theater” tropes into the conversation. It is true that, with rights, comes responsibility. You are apparently confusing regulation and restriction with consequence and law breaking. Crimes are crimes. If you use your rights and freedoms to hurt others, you have committed a crime. Never confuse (civil) punishment for misrepresenting somebody in the press with restrictions on political speech. While you can’t “shout fire in a crowded theater” (in the absence of an actual fire) you are free to speak your mind about your government. We already have the equivalent laws for gun ownership. Those crimes include, among many others, assault, battery and murder. These crimes are committed by criminals. They should be punished, what you want punishes those that have not committed crime.

          With regards to the the Newtown murders, you apparently haven’t even become acquainted with the specifics. The only weapons used in that heinous act were pistols. Not an assault weapon in sight. (The one you may have heard about was inoperable and in the backseat of the criminal’s car.) Also, every weapon in use had a trigger guard on it (Unless they had been sawed of for some inexplicable reason but that has not been reported.) If you are referring to trigger *locks,* they are of questionable utility depending on who you speak with. Besides, do you honestly believe that after killing his own mother the criminal in question wouldn’t have been able to find the key to said lock?

          The criminals and “loons” will continue to have access to weapons regardless of what laws are passed. They will come by them the same way that they always have. The same way the Newtown murderer did. They will steal them, they will kill for them, and they will have them. They will then proceed to go where they know they can conduct their evil in safety. That is, the places where they are the only ones armed. If people like you have your way, that will be everywhere.

          Strangely, I find you last two comments the most amusing. First, since no legislation has actually been proposed (other than an assault weapons ban promised by Feinstein) you are either precognitive or mistaken. Sadly, you are probably both. Second, you keep writing “Get Real.” Is that a slogan of some sort? Who are you parroting?

        • Well said words — totally wasted on an incorrigible liberal.

      • David F. Podesta says:

        It’s just a witch hunt gainst the “black rifles”. Why else would Obama ramrod this while emotions are still so raw? If I had the money, I’d buy 2 just because he wants them banned. They don’t want an unbiased examination of the law. They want a BAN. period.

    • van Helsing says:

      Bagged another Troll!

    • Lorrie L. Timbs says:

      Bill, Don’t you remember history class? It starts out slow taking a few specific types then before you know it theres a total ban.If you forget it,we are doomed to repeat it.

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        The history of this country is to turn it from agrarian to post-industrial society, to expand its influence to world leadership now; it’s improvements of guaranteed life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. If you have to register your gun purchase, how is any of this decreased, while preserving our ‘domestic tranquility’ and regulating commerce, other guarantees in your history book.

        • loves freedom says:

          You may want this world leadership but I for one want them to kick the UN out of this country and get all our businesses back that have moved out of the country. That is what will make this country great again. Not turning everything over to one world government. The Bible tells us that is a sign of the end times. But you must not believe in the Bible if you think world leadership is a good idea.

        • DrBillLemoine says:

          The subject is gun control–remember now? You are clearly a hermit who doesn’t talk much–it’s a requirement in the smaller, faster world now like in the UN, a safety valve if you like. This still the greatest nation the globe has ever seen. Agree on returning business to our shores to generate jobs, paychecks and get the consumer driven economy percolating again. Since 2000 years, small minded people worry about the end of the world; the bible tells us to live our lives not for Armageddon but for Him. Actually The Way tells us people will have all things in common–not just Israel and Roman Empire, but into the entire world. Back to Sunday School for you.

    • cowgirl20 says:

      You must be ignorant if you think gun control is not a gun grab…..it is indeed the start of an all out gun ban…..they will start with the so called assault rifles, and then move on down the line until all honest citizens will be disarmed…..that is exactly what they want so we can’t protect ourselves against the corupt gov and criminals. If you think that “well regulated rules” for lethal weapons will help, then you had better start banning knives, bats, tire irons, cars, etc…..there are a lot of items that can be “lethal”.

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        If it’s ignorance that breeds faulty reasoning, look in a mirror. Nobody is grabbing guns. Nobody is disarmed contrary to the constitution. Statistics show very few crimes are thwarted by gun ownership of ordinary citizens. It’s weapons of mass killing quickly that’s the issue here, not your fantasy of knives, etc. Get real; get some information.

        • Karl Schild says:

          Please show me your statistics, and I’ll show you mine. (Who let the parrot in here again?)

          Additionally, did you hear about the other mass attack that occurred the same day as Newtown? You know, the one in China…with a knife. 22 children and teachers. Thankfully, none dead because the perpetrator did not want to kill. Had he been willing to kill it probably would have been worse.

          How about the thwarted theater shooting in Oregon?

          I have my information. You appear to have talking points.

      • gerf says:

        don’t forget machetes ,just a little levity, sorry .

    • big wyo says:

      Nobody is
      talking ——at what point did you wake the f@ck up in this driveling accusatory
      rant. Your talking gun free and your Usurper stated there is no real right for
      Americans to own guns while a senator and state senator. Every one of you Gun free
      freaks will take a mile every time given half an inch. You need to wake up and
      see what is at stake with our constitution every time Obummer steps all over it
      and you.

      Gun control does not work and never will anywhere except to disarm the legal

      free zones do not work.

      million gun owners have never killed another human.

      murder people.

      of babies are murdered by DOCTORS every year in America.

      9 times
      more people are killed by Malpractice in America than gun crime in America and
      that says it all considering the rate that gang bangers and drug related
      murders happen here. Most consider it ok that they kill each other more

      people were murdered and 50,000 injured by airplane in 2001 by well regulated

      were murdered with 500 injured in the Oklahoma City bombing by well regulated

      crime rates have exploded since becoming gun free and even gun crime is up.

      crime rates have exploded since becoming gun free.

      So I
      have to ask Dr Kavorkian are you a abortionist or just Mal practicing.

      The only
      thing Obummer is going to accomplish with this is punishment to the right. You
      remember him promising that right. Sometime in between stomping on our
      constitution, demeaning our flag, fundamentally changing the greatest nation on
      earth ever he will manage to start a civil w@r. And why not he did get
      reelected as the worst president ever.

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        New to political blogging I see. Much ado (and verbiage) about nothing real. Your rant is mostly aside from the point–regulation of lethal weapons; banning military weapons designed to kill many quickly. We all have but one president. You best be respectful like 236 years of earlier citizens in our great political system.

        • loves freedom says:

          You may have a president but mine has not been elected yet. I do not claim obama as my president, never have never will. For 236 years we have been free to own guns. Millions of people have them and they do not kill anyone. I do not believe that disarming America will stop the killing. Thugs and criminals can get guns where they always get them on the black market. That will not change. If you think it will then you live in a bubble or that cave you mentioned in an earlier post to someone else, that makes more sense than you. You try to may out like you are smart using Dr. in front of your name but you are just one of the sick liberals that post on here.

    • David F. Podesta says:

      Guns ARE registered Every gun sold “legally” has a paper trail called a Form 4473 which is filled out for the ATF. Also, many states and localities also reqiure permits, so there is no shortage of paper trails. FYI- owning a car is not a constitutional right. Owning a gun IS. This latest tragedy was caused by a lunatic who stole his mamma’s guns then killed her. Maybe they could’ve been safeguarded better? Anyway, this is just a witch hunt against ugly black rifles that happen to cosmetically resemble military weapons, but function completely differently and share a common design that’s been around for 100 yrs, or more. If they want to do something good in the wake of this heartbreak, they should address the correct problem for a change, which is not objects, but behavior and safeguarding to prevent unauthorized access. Why should every gun owner be penalized for the action of people who are deranged, or criminals? It’s not as if nobody knew Adam Lanza was a lunatic.

    • Just well regulated lethal weapons, just like you register a potentially lethal car.

      And the government regulating cars has done such a wonderful job preventing children from dying from a car have they?

      More freedoms lost and for what end result?? Mandatory car driving lessons, mandatory drivers licenses to drive a car, a whole assortment of driving laws and regulations and the end result — cars are still the greatest killer of children.

      In fact, children are several orders more likely to die in a well regulated car than by an unregulated gun.

      I love it when liberal prove themselves wrong :)

      • DrBillLemoine says:

        Christian Solution–I find it remarkable that a self-named ‘Christian’ would hide behind a pen name avoiding responsibility for his/her public comments. Aside from that, Your points are muddled respecting responsibility in a democracy and civilized country like ours. No relationship between children and their cars–nonsense. No freedoms lost in car registrations–just designed to keep certain irresponsible people from driving. Nothing can prevent accidents, but they can be reduced with regulations we have. Pre-ownership screening, registration for tracking, training for usage and safekeeping, banning of more lethal war weapons–just like for cars. Back to both Sunday school and high school civics classes for you–need more training in piety and responsibility.

        • Speaking of muddled… First you talk nonsense about my name , then you blather some mush about mush, followed by saying that there is no relationship between cars and children who ride in cars, before finally implying that we were less free when we did not have to register our horse or buggy to ride to the next town, Geez!!!

          I bet you hate it when husbands “arm” their wives with SUVs so that when in an accident, the wife and kids are protected while the other vehicle is totally demolished. In fact, I can guarantee you as a liberal will hate that and want to give us “freedom from SUVs”.

  6. Rick Baldwin says:

    Only fools don’t believe guns deter crime.

    • lichau says:


      Unfortunately, there are about 51 percent of US citizens who fall into that category.

      Lemmings marching to the sea.

      • LeSellers says:

        If the lemmings want to march, I have no objection.

        The issue is that the lemmings hire a lot of large lemmings, give them big guns, fancy hats and shiny badges and force you and me to march along with them.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • OldNYFirefighter says:

          Probably only if you bribe him!

        • Phillip Gray says:

          No that’s a ridiculous notion, obama is above such actions… not enough money in the world to convince him to actually do something good for a change, he doesn’t even know what honesty is!!

      • They won’t even know they are slaves.

      • DrSique says:

        Actually, the number of Americans favoring further restrictions on firearms has spiked to 53% following the epic tragedy in Newtown, Conn. When emotions settle and people, once again, think rationally, the numbers will undoubtedly swing back to the side of freedom and individual rights. These rights, after all, do come from “the hand of God”(JFK) and are merely recognized by our Constitution. Therefore, they cannot be usurped by our government or any other.

      • oldcoyote says:

        I happen to be crowding eighty years old and have had guns since I was twelve. (Lived on a farm and hunted rabbits all winter and shot prairie dogs and gophers all summer.)
        I bought my kids and grand kids guns and there has never been a problem.

        • kirkaloan says:

          Exactly oldcoyote. I have used guns since I was about 12 or 13, BUT I was taught to use them properly and to respect the inherent potential for danger. It’s very hard for a gun to kill someone without a person attached to it.

        • Exactly Guns don’t necessarily kill people; they are an instrument a tool, people kill people. And it is the individuals who misuse guns who we should worry about.

      • Joe White says:

        51% of Americans don’t want gun control the last Rasmussen’s poll was like 82% of Americans don’t want the government anywhere near Americans guns! You should know that there will be dead trying to collect Americans guns and that is from Real police officer’s whom warn that they do not go along with taking of Americans guns! Smart police officer’s

        • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

          Admiral Yamamoto said the he never had plans made to invade mainland U.S.A. because, “there is a rifle behind every blade of grass!” Yes, that is why we were not invaded by the Japanese, because we could defend ourselves!

        • Jeff says:

          And Iran & China, in the last week, demand more gun control in the US! mmm. Also, our Founding Fathers made it with the 2nd Amendment so that NO Dictorial President or Congress can just take over the US without the American People rising up against them! Not to defend yourself. Thus, that’s why Obama & Commiecrats want to get rid of guns! Not the 20 children, its their chance for ultimate power! Pres. Vladimir Putin said we became a Communist Power on Election night & that we would have a (cival) War within a year or 2, maybe 3. People will need their guns then. There’s a storm coming!

        • 51 percent voted for a candidates whose gun grabbing positions were quite clear.

        • That was 51% of THOSE VOTING. That does not represent 51% of all Americans – a big difference.

        • Wayne Graff says:

          With the help of computer rigged voting machines.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee says:

        Actually the Lemming thing is a myth. It was a film crew that herded a bunch towards a cliff for footage and the myth was born!
        So in America, it’s not “Lemmings,” but, “Dumbasses!” A synonym for Democrat!

        • I actually knew that. However, the image is still good and given that the 51 percent doesn’t really distinguish between Hollywood fakery and reality, I thought I would use it anyway. This (the 51 percent) is a gang that think that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house and that Hillary Clinton had a concussion..

      • Moose says:

        What! Your way off on your statistics. Polls show that over 70% of Americans are against gun control by government.

        • Jeff says:

          The Commie Lying Media doesn’t report it that way! They’re ( the Leftist/Marxist) are out to make a killing this time and take away all guns like Hitler did after blaming violence in Germany on Guns after burning down the Reichstaug! Lenin, Stalin, & Mao also turned the same trick!

      • Trouble is I don’t think 51 % of the voters voted for OB. He just got the vote counting machines ” tweaked” in Spain by Geo. Soros’ leftist machine.

        Just like in Chicago. ” The ends justify the means.”

    • Not only is that true, but the 2nd amendment was intended primarily as a method to defend against an oppressive government. With that in mind, not only should citizens be able to own assault weapons, but should own bazookas, hand grenades, and other armament to fend off the weapons available to the military today.

      • bob machaffy says:

        if it wasn’t for citizens that owned guns during the American Revolution we would still be a british colony

      • RedMeatState says:

        the armed citizenry was always intended to be the “military”, the militia. The founders never intended for us to have a standing army or police force; too easy to use against the People.

        • MSGT JOHN CORREA says:

          Sir, you told the truth as intended by our Founding Fathers, and I do stand by your statement.
          USAF (RET)

    • LetzBReal says:

      or a swift application of the death penalty.

    • Jayjay says:

      If people don’t believe it, Stop to wonder why idiots don’t break I into police stations to shoot that place up?

  7. Remington 870 says:

    Obama wants to control us by controling our guns. A people unable to defend themself against a corrupt government will be subject to a new form of tyrannical terror. Welcome to Obama Land, the home of the opressed.

    • David F. Podesta says:

      Wasn’t it Thomas Jefferson who said, “Those who beat their guns into plowshares will plow the fields of those who didn’t”?

    • franklinton says:

      REMINGTON 870: We have at least two MASS MURDERERS (OBAMA AND HOLDER) blabering about gun control when they are the PERPS of fast and furious and Benghazi. This is all about transforming this once great nation to a third world country from which this SO CALLED president is from. Where is the birth certificate from Kenya???

      • Remington 870 says:

        You are correct and millions of us would like to see the Kenyan’s birth certificate. Africa has thug dictators and we have a African dictator. Something very wrong with this situation.

    • Clint Ufford says:

      It is a regime of anti-Christ terror.

      • Remington 870 says:

        Are you beginnint to feel like a Jew in 1933 Germany? There were muslim nazis and better believe they view Jews and Christians with the same hate. See you on the battlefield…don’t take any lib prisoners..let the buzzards sort em out.

        • Clint Ufford says:

          No, not a Babylonian Jew, but more like a follower of The Way around AD 33 – AD 310 suffering under tyrants similar to Nero, Diocleaatian, Maximian and other Satan controlled Roman Empire pagan leaders.

  8. dockilldare says:

    lets see you got the political parties in england admitting gun control doesnt work. the austrialians can bragg that since they banned guns there has not been another mass shooting but their gun related violent crime rate is up 80% since 1996 all out gun ban. then we look to our own country, and i will use the newton shooting as an example. the shooter there was in violation of at least 10 existing laws before he ever fired a shot at the school. so i would have to conclude that gun control laws are not working.

    • wmagg says:

      Not so, the laws do work If applied. Its the government and their lack of enforcement that has caused all the problems and deaths. The biggest problem in this nation is the government and their lack of willingness to admit that they, the government , are the real problem in this nation. not the guns and not the people who value freedom over servitude.

  9. jb80538 says:

    I have friends that have come to the US from Britain. They tell me there are plenty of guns there in the wrong hands. Honest law abiding citizens there can’t get guns. We need to stand firm and tell washington not to become like other countries. I will clingto my guns and religeon!

  10. mort_f says:

    After a century of ‘gun free’, NOW even the London ‘bobbies’ need to be armed.

    • kev says:

      Idiot, ‘Bobbies’ are police! Not delinquent teens…

      • loves freedom says:

        Kev, every time you post you prove what an idiot you are. Everyone knows that Bobbies’ are the police but they carry a night stick not a gun. They need a gun against the crime that they now have in England. That night stick does not do to much against the guns that the thugs have.

      • OldNYFirefighter says:

        Dimwit, we know that! They never were armed before & now they are because the thugs & delinquent teens are also armed. You make a remark & prove your stupidity.

      • Again, YOU’RE the idiot (with your ‘Bobbies’ post). Are you a first grade dropout?

  11. 81643 says:

    Piers Morgan is brain dead or else he is just a plain and simple liar! He made a man look as if he was a liar on his town hall type show. The man stated that Britain’s murder rate was worse than the US by comparison and the crime rate had risen since Britain’s gun ban. Piers Morgan flat out called him a liar and raised his voice and kept interrupting him not allowing him to back up his statement with the facts. Piers Morgan should take his bloke azz back to Britain if he thinks he would be safer there rather than try and change the US as many foreigners do. Why do the TV networks keep employing Brits when there are many highly qualified American personalities that could do the same job and probably even better!?

  12. alan schorr says:

    Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd p morgan, please shut your pie hole as tightly as you shut your ears when you face someone (j lott for ex) you disagree with!!

  13. sovereigntyofone says:

    This proves the difference between being a SUBJECT ruled by a queen and you have no right to keep and bear arms, and the United States where we are (so far still ) CITIZENS that own guns, and WE THE PEOPLE rule, not a queen nor a president that thinks he does.

    • Lucky3511 says:

      If the people rule, why are the laws congress and cheif traitor keep putting in always against what are being asked for by the people.

      • sovereigntyofone says:

        Like the saying goes: ” It ain’t over til the fat lady sings “. Obama and his cronies may think they have won and ruling us. It’s not over yet. If you’ll recall the Boston Tea party, when people are pushed into a corner things happen. WE THE PEOPLE have yet to be pushed to the breaking point, but it’s coming.

      • That’s the problem – ONLY WITH YAHWEH the God of the Bible ie Christ Jesus with HIM as our head, do we have any authority – it was Adam & Eve who disobeyed God in the Garden and went outside his AUTHORITY… when we as people place Jesus and all the biblical laws, statutes, judgments in harmony FIRST – the rest will clarify itself into a pure reflection of equity & justice for ALL.

  14. c. robinson says:

    If piers Morgan doesn’t like the USA and our constitution, why doesn’t he go back to socialist


  15. rog363 says:

    England proves that you don’t need a gun to be violent, people will use whatever is at hand to accomplish what they have set out to do. All the laws in the world against any kind of violence against ones fellow man will not stop a violent person from hurting, maiming or killing someone if they feel they need to. Laws may stop law abiding citizens from doing wrong but the criminal cares not for the law, laws are there, in their mind, to stop them from getting what they believe they rightfully deserve.

    • David F. Podesta says:

      The bad guys DO have guns. Their victims don’t because they are decent law-abidng people who drank the disarmament Kool-Aid. A gun free UK has worked out wonderfully……….right??????????