Facts About Mass Shootings Liberals Don't Want You To Hear

A few things you won’t hear about from the saturation coverage of the Newtown, Conn., school massacre:

Mass shootings are no more common than they have been in past decades, despite the impression given by the media.

In fact, the high point for mass killings in the U.S. was 1929, according to criminologist Grant Duwe of the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Incidents of mass murder in the U.S. declined from 42 in the 1990s to 26 in the first decade of this century.

The chances of being killed in a mass shooting are about what they are for being struck by lightning.

Until the Newtown horror, the three worst K–12 school shootings ever had taken place in either Britain or Germany.

Almost all of the public-policy discussion about Newtown has focused on a debate over the need for more gun control. In reality, gun control in a country that already has 200 million privately owned firearms is likely to do little to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. We would be better off debating two taboo subjects — the laws that make it difficult to control people with mental illness and the growing body of evidence that “gun-free” zones, which ban the carrying of firearms by law-abiding individuals, don’t work.

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45 comments on “Facts About Mass Shootings Liberals Don't Want You To Hear
  1. djd says:

    getting rid of guns – who are they kidding. That is how to have complete control of the zombies and libtards, as well as the rest of us.

    • Victor Magilke says:

      If Americans are disarmed with Obama as the president, we will be like zombies with no rights except what he believes we should have. And of course we would have fewer rights than Black Americans..

  2. Larry Smith says:

    And you will NOT hear this from the LAME Stream Media. They are far too busy kissing OBUMA’S A** to report the FACTS. But then we have Idiots Bob Costas that use a captive
    Audience to spout the liberal agenda.

    • Larry Smith says:

      LIKE Bob Costas

    • Remington 870 says:

      Ever wondered why mostly white schools get shot up and not black schools? Why are all the shooters white? Meanwhile, it is Dodge City OK Corral in Detroit, Chicago, Miami and other cities where they are predominately black populations. I don’t intend to be disarmed under any circumstances. The Jews marched sheepishly to their deaths at the hands of the Nazis…and this is what Obama expects us to do, especially white people.

      • Nancy Couden says:

        You know–how dare you racially profile. (Just kidding.)

      • Victor Magilke says:

        You are right Remington. Barack Obama, the Black leaders and the black celebrities would love to see all the white males in cages and chains. Jamie Foxx made it clear on SNL and said it all when he expressed his joy and pleasure of killing all the white people in his recent movie. He was not being humorous, he was dead serious.

        • Remington 870 says:

          Victor..Obama and his Chief Negro Hitman, Mohammad Holder have wanted a race war and soon they may get it.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          You know the old adage,” Watch what you ask for, you just might get it.” As you stated, ” Holder the Negro Hitman”, my live to regret his racism and lust for a revolution..

  3. Helen says:

    Right wing extremists are now going against public opinion which includes all types of Republicans. The same demographis that voted for Obama, who now has a 57% approval rating, are now solidly supporting gun control. You are missing the focus. The impetusmwasmthe random killing of children, the focus is eliminating what people perceive as “unnecessary” guns. The call them various names but the people making laws knowmwhatmi hey want as does the NRA. both will fight for their side. I’m sure it is comforting to moms and dads that previous k-12 shootings were in England. And England now has gun bans and no children shooting. Might not be a good analogy. These people want control, not ban. But see “a ban worked in England”. Times they are a changing as the old hippie once sung. Wait till the rockers have a rally against guns.

    • pduffy says:

      “A ban worked in england”? Actually the murder rate in england didn’t change. Knife killings doubled. All in favor of a knife ban, raise your right hand to the dear leader! The gun ban worked in Nazi Germany too. Especially for the Jews that were disarmed. If course you liberals that hate guns never mention that Hitler murdered 30+ million with his guns, Joseph Stalin over 50 million, Mao Tsa Tung, over 50 million, Pol Pot slaughtered millions after ‘disarming’ the middle class, and then his thugs shot to death half the Cambodian population – with guns. Guns in the hands of rogue governments is responsible for more than 100 million deaths in the 20th century alone, and the death count rises daily. WHO will ban Barry Soetoro and Eric Holder from their guns? Hmmm?? They are running them into Mexico for the sole purpose of banning them in the United States so they can setup a police state and total tyranny. WAKE UP! Until GOVERNMENT is disarmed, there will never be a zero gun death society. If you want to live in England where the police state will protect you from those nasty little guns, by all means, please leave.

    • dalek1967 says:

      You should adjust your thinking to this fact. After guns are banned in countries, one crime really jumps, RAPE. I’m assuming that since your name is Helen that you are a woman. If you want to ban guns, you might want to prepare yourself for what comes shortly after it.

      I read a article the other day talking about the worst killing at a school. It didn’t mention anything about guns because they used a bomb. Lots of kids killed and even more injured. As bad as guns are, it can be even worse. Imagine a SUV filled with gas cans and drove into a school. Think on that for a bit.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        Helen needs to get her facts straight. If law abiding Americans are disarmed violent crime will triple. What Helen’s not considering, England and these other civilized nations don’t have all the black street gangs we have.

  4. colleenf says:

    Also what you won’t hear from the lame stream media is how they gave all these loonies running around out there all these nifty little “rights” and booted them out of mental health institutions and continue to close more psych hospitals and to cut services for the mentally ill. They started shutting down psych hospitals and turning all these really mentally ill people out in the late 60′s. I was a nursing student at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in DC back then (psych rotation training) and many of the nurses and doctors there were very vocal against this practice and were very , very concerned about what would happen to the patients turned loose as well as the resulting effects on society.
    Well, they have their answers now, but it is like the 900 lb elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about!
    I hope everyone knows that in Connecticut the govt voted down further extensions and opportunities for mental health care and access……….and the ACLU was behind the push to squash it. They thought is was too demeaning and restrictive of a nut case’s “civil liberties”.
    How about the civil liberties of the 26 people murdered by a nut case??
    Think those 20 kids might would have wanted to just grow up???
    This mass murder is the result of the liberal feel good mentality.

    • So, that’s where Piglosi came from. She was released from a Mental institution in the early 60′s, as was Reid! Now I understand why they think and act like they do!!

      • Victor Magilke says:

        My God if they’re both mentally challenged they could go on a shooting spree. They need to be supervised.

  5. Sam Crisp says:

    We must take the GUNS away from the FREE PEOPLE and put them in CONCENTRATION CAMPS! According to H. Belofonte, and another movie STAR, “HOLLYWOOD” the MURDER PROPAGANDA CAPITAL of the World.

  6. VeeDub57 says:

    Seriously? You’re using FACTS with liberal/socialists? They’ll never change their way of “thinking”. FACTS don’t matter, only what they want to believe.

  7. danclamage says:

    Instead of Gun Free Zones we should demand Some Gun Zones. It’s a better deterrent.

    • Steven says:

      The ‘gun free zone’ signs should be replaced with signs reading “X% of the faculty/staff is armed. You won’t know who unless you give them cause to shoot you.”

      • Victor Magilke says:

        We should have signs posted in our neighborhoods like they do in Kennesaw GA. ” All residents in our city are armed.” They have Zero crime. I can’t think of a better deterrent. You don’t see black street gangs from Atlanta roaming the streets of Kennesaw.

        • Steven says:

          I don’t know about the signs, and the local law does NOT require anyone to be armed outside the home. That said, I agree with the concept.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I like that concept. It will work if everyone does it. Getting white people to stick together is the problem. We found that out during LBJ’s forced busing social experiment. Not enough people called his bluff and kept their children home or we would have won.

  8. dad666 says:

    One quick fact that everyone is forgetting. These have occurred in GUN FREE ZONES.
    So much for the restrictions and laws. Criminals don’t obey laws, that’s why they are criminals

    • Victor Magilke says:

      The criminals will always find ways to get weapons. Their dealer would probably Eric Holder. He seems to be good at weapons sales.. Look what he did in Fast and Furious.

  9. James Maxwell says:

    Something you will never hear about from the Left wing Liberal press either, Although the
    mass killing of children is horrific and shocks us as a nation it does not compare the the mass
    killing of unborn children by the abortion crowd. The democrats are so callous in this regard
    that they even held their Christmas party at a Planned Parenthood Abortion clinic in Texas.
    I do not hear any outcry from the left on this but they slip in the door,have murder committed
    all in the name of women’s choice and think nothing about it. They are so callous and have
    such disregard for life that they promote abortion as though it were the holy grail that sets
    women free. Thousands of lives are sacrificed each year by misguided and delusional
    people on the alter of whatever unholy corruption the worship at. Our nation cries for
    the loss of any life and even more so for the unborn.

  10. seektruth says:

    The Oregon mall incident ended quickly because of a CCW permit carrier pulled a gun and confronted the shooter. This patriot didn’t fire a shot because he was concerned about those behind the punk might get hit. The punk however, saw him with the gun and decided to end his own life.
    As sad as the mall incident, the school shooting and the China stabbing a are, they point to the trifecta of why we need the 2nd Amendment:
    The mall incident shows just how effective a private citizen can be when a punk tries to inflict massive casualties and is stopped in short order.
    The school tragedy reveals exactly what can happen when a crazed madman isn’t stopped immediately.
    And the China stabbing shows us that inanimate objects, in this case guns, aren’t the cause of someone to be evil.

  11. rchguns says:

    A good example is a shooting that took place in Portland Oregon. The shooter went to the mall with the intent of killing as many people as he could. He was confronted by a person who was licensed to carry and one that shooter saw this person with his weapon the killer killed himself rather than killing anyone else. Just the presence of a person who was armed and willing to stand up to this coward was enough to end the shooting. Personal firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection, and most of the time the mere presence of an armed citizen is enough to stop the perpetrator.

  12. kenhowes says:

    Another issue–why does conviction of an offense that involved no violence and no firearm preclude one from owning a gun? Tax evasion; misuse of trust accounts; insider stock trading–these are felonies indeed, and are bad things. While someone convicted of those offenses obviously can’t have a gun during his incarceration and any parole period (because the parolee is still technically serving his sentence but with permission to serve it at home), why should he not thereafter be able to buy a gun? He’s no more dangerous than any other citizen, and this is a fundamental right under the constitution. But federal law prohibits such a person from buying a gun.

    • dalek1967 says:

      While I like the idea that a felon can’t have a gun, I believe that is unconstitutional. The 2nd amendment doesn’t exclude felons from the right to bear arms. I don’t want them to have a gun but I do think it violates their right to not be allowed to have one.

      I have a family member that lives very close to Detroit. He can’t have a gun to defend himself even if someone breaks into his home and he is not doing anything wrong.

      Again, I like the idea but legally, it violates the 2nd amendment rights.

      • jim_wright says:

        Actually it does since a felon loose their rights and must apply to get any of them back. This includes the tight to vote. That’s just the way our system works.

        • dalek1967 says:


          “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free
          state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be

          I don’t see a exception in there for felons. I understand that a law was passed that takes rights away from people convicted of a felony however, no law can violate the Constitution. If there was a mention in there that says felons lose that right upon conviction then there is a exception. As it is now, there is NO exception.

          Keep in mind, I like the idea but it is not constitutional. It might also be worth noting, “shall not” when the Constitution was written was the most forceful and nonnegotiable terms. It left no exceptions at all. The term “could not” would have left some wiggle room but not “shall not”.

        • jim_wright says:

          No argument, just an outhouse lawyer. That is how it was explained to me. I do agree with you on the meaning of the second amendment and on the right to keep and bear arms. I believe that the liberals have blood on their hands, but you will never get one of them to admit it.

        • dalek1967 says:

          Like I said, I like the idea of criminals not having guns. Just because I like it does not make it Constitutional tho. After all, they can get it back if they get their Governor to issue a pardon. Takes a good while tho.

          I posted a bit ago this. How many people have to die in a “gun free zone” before they figure out guns are not the problem? It has been shown time and time again that the safest place to be is where guns are allowed. To make the point clearer, would anyone run into a police station and start shooting? Anyone who does deserves all the bullets that are about to be headed their way. It will be a LOT too.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          A felon will always will find a way to get a weapon.

        • jim_wright says:

          I can’t disagree with you on that. Not just a felon, anyone who wants to do harm can find the means. That is why the liberals continued attempts to disarm law abiding people is so irrational. What is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          This is true. From what we know now, the killer of all the precious children in CT were slaughtered by a madman. All weapons should have been put in a secure place out of his reach and this dastardly act could have been avoided.

      • Steven says:

        SOME loss of rights, at least temporarily, is INHERENT in any punishment. As long as a ban on owning firearms exists at the time the crime is committed, it can be argued that the ban is part of the original sentence.

        The above aside, I believe there should be a means to have gun rights restored. If a person can’t be redeemed sufficiently to restore their ability to defend their own life, perhaps they should stay behind bars.

  13. Steven says:

    1. Mass shootings happen in ‘gun free zones’. Gun shops and police stations are never the scene.
    2. The shooting is ALWAYS ended by a gun. If someone else doesn’t point a gun at the shooter first, they run low on ammo and shoot themselves. In rare cases, they surrender when someone else produces a gun, but they usually have to be shot.

  14. gavinwca says:

    Mass shootings in the civilian population killed 26 people, which is a tragedy . Mass genocide by Goverments kill millions of their own citizens, Hitler Killed 20 million Jews , poles, and others. Stallin killed 30 million Russians when they went to comminist. Cambodia killed 8 million of their citizens in the killing fields. Look at the mass murders in Africa, hundreds of thousands of Christians in the jehadist Arab countries that Baracko Clause loves. The USA murdered 56 MILLION babies in the name of a womans right to choose.Liberals think the second Amendment was written to protect our hunting rights . That is not true it was written to protect us against an Opressive Goverment like the ones above.you will have to take my gun from my cold dead hands as Charleston Heston so famously said.

  15. Raymond Michael Borland says:

    I challenge liberals who say they detest guns ownership and want to ban guns to first give up their guns and their armed security guards. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are all for a gun ban but they, in fact, admitted that they carried hand guns for self-protection and probably still do. Secondly, liberals should puy up a sign in front of their house that says they have no guns in their house. Then I urge gun owners to put up signs that say Survivors will be Prosecuted or Member of the NRA. Good luck to all the liberals. When their houses get robbed and the become victims, I know the media will run one story after another for days saying ANOTHER SHOOTING DUE TO LACK OF GUN OWNERSHIP.