Dem: Obama Must Exploit Shooting to Get Gun Control

A veteran Democratic lawmaker believes the nation will go along with stronger gun control laws if President Obama “exploits” the Newtown, Conn., tragedy and nudges Congress to action.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who represents portions of New York City, said he was encouraged by Mr. Obama’s statement on Friday afternoon that the mass shooting, which claimed the lives of 20 young children, requires “meaningful action” by Congress, but hopes those words turn into concrete legislation.

“These incidents, these horrible, horrible incidents … are happening more and more frequently. And they will continue to happen more and more frequently until someone with the bully pulpit, and that means the president, takes leadership and pushes Congress,” Mr. Nadler said during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” with Ed Schultz.

Mr. Nadler was asked whether the Newtown tragedy could be the turning point in many Democrats’ longstanding struggle to enact stronger gun laws.

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211 comments on “Dem: Obama Must Exploit Shooting to Get Gun Control
  1. fliteking says:

    Liberals only use kids for politics.
    1. The politics of abortion
    2. The politics of gun control

    It is impossible for anyone to reconcile the two positions.

    • DrSique says:

      BINGO!!!! A President who feigns tears for dead children in Connecticut yet votes against medical care for babies who survive an abortion procedure. Care to see the face of evil………

      • fliteking says:


      • johnC says:

        He condones the murder of innocents so far 54 million worldwide by abortion, yet feigns tears for 20 what a hypocrite

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          I really doubted the “tears” bho shed while denouncing gun laws (if you listened closely)

      • del says:

        his face was really ugly attmepting to conjure up tears…..what a sham and a horrid con jerk

        • Luci Tomlin says:

          Del, What BOTHERS ME, is that an entire Town is suffering in abject GRIEF, he has ALREADY given his condolences, representing the Country, yet he plans to attend the Memorial today? WHY the HELL is he making himself part of THEIR grief when he has already shared his and ours? NOW he puts himself in FRONT of theirs, with a crowd of Security people, onlookers, invading cameras, photo shoppers taking pictures of this “grieving” President with the locals, yet somehow forgetting the families who SHOULD be able to grieve IN private! NOW Newtown will be FORCED to allow him be the main speaker at the memorial instead of the Ministers of the Town who KNEW these dear people all their lives! While this arrogant, egotistical, in-your-face, opportunist puts himself out FRONT! AGAIN! And will no DOUBT mention that he will “do” something about “gun control” so it won’t happen again” Using THIS tragedy to push his POLITICAL AGENDA! TACTLESS! And shows his EGO has flattened his heart like an airless balloon!

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          remember!! Never waste a chance to take advantage of an incident Chicago politics

  2. Daniel says:

    Those who support Gun Control are knowingly or unknowingly supporting Tyranny! Because, Governments are always afraid of an Armed Citizenry and where the Government is afraid of its Citizenry, you have Freedom and where the Citizenry is afraid of Government, you have Tyranny.

    • agrclemsonfarmn says:

      let’s talk about Chicago!

      • DAVID PEACOCK says:

        and New York then let’s checkout the crime rate in Kennesaw , Georgia

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          Kennesaw Ga what is the connection or parody

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          I believe the point of Kennesaw is that THEY don’t have this problem because the citizens are ARMED!

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          thank you for the note. Tx Congressman 2day when Chrissy Wallmaker tried to get mauldin as 2 gun control reminded us all how usdoj holder was personally responsible for 200 Mexican deaths including CHILDREN

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          You’re welcome; and this is SO much larger than Holder, or Obama, or even the Dems and UN; and so much more insidious. But this shooting was almost certainly engineered to press the American sheeple to not only accept but cry for “gun control’ to disarm us all!

        • okihadit says:

          obumas tears are tears of excitement, now he can act on his gun control, he has an excuse. by the way, may GOD BLESS ALL THE CHILDEREN AND THEIR FAMILES.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          There are bills and petitions for them already FLYING! I’m SURE O is giddy with glee over that! He tried to get that stirred up when Loughner shot Giffords and all those down in Tucson almost 2 years ago.

        • Babby says:

          It’s NOT the guns that are killing folks………it’s these weirdo nut jobs who sit and play violent video games 20 hours a day and then don’t realize the difference between a game and reality. People are killed with bats, knives, drunk drivers, bombs, etc. all the time. This is just a wolf cry by liberals to try and ban guns. Good luck with that !!!! Don’t these libbers know that criminals will ALWAYS get guns. They want to disarm the public so they can be run over by a tyrannical government.

        • okihadit says:

          FOR SURE!

        • Carl Stevenson says:

          Yes, Kennesaw has a law on the books that requires every household to maintain a firearm.

          Crime went down to virtually nothing.

      • johnC says:

        Yes about Chicago one of the higest murder rates in the country and they HAVE GUN CONTROL seems the unarmed citizens are sheep for the slaughter. Now lets talk about Great Britian they have gun control so what do they murder each other with …other weapons, bats, knives etc. They still have murders there, same with Austrailia,…and in China a man murdered 20 with a knife …where is the story on that… now lets talk about Switzerland they require every male citizen to own a gun and provide those for their citizens Their murder rate is very low fact is Guns do not Murder people …people do. The real facts are this will be used to disarm the citizens the agenda of the UN and our communist president one other fact 56 million died in regimes that enforce gun confiscation 56 MILLION and 54 MILLION with Abortions where is the outrage about that

        • Clint Derr says:

          John C, Verywell said. Problem is the goal of agenda 21 is to murder 350,000 people in the world everyday to get the population down where the elite can control every aspect of everybody`s life. Then they can not only control the population, but the allocation of all the natural resources. Obama is the push for the new world order. If he can demolish the US constituition and cause America to fall, the rest of the world will follow like trained pigs. The American people as a whole have not figured this out yet. The people that voted for obama do not realize that when he accomplishes this, they will be on the list for extermination as well simply because they comprise mostly the sick, the lame and the lazy.

        • Luci Tomlin says:

          Clint, you forgot the MAIN purpose for the “Agenda”! We are the wealthiest Nation on earth! Our natural resources ALONE total more than all the OTHER Countries combined! And GUESS who is just a stones throw away from the greatest supply of oil and gas in the world? And who has more “plants”, Agents, Party members, and “internal” examiners, designated and assigned officials, Chicago FRIENDS of the Party, etc. in our Government, Washington, White House, than any other group? Yep! The ones who trained, tutored, mentored, raised, and CREATED him! For that exact purpose! But he has no POWER! His Advisor makes the decisions made by HEADQUARTERS! HE is only the conduit which spreads the
          sweet “message” through masterful, articulate, well-trained, convincing, and effective oration! To minorities! To Conservatives, we get mouth-puckering “pickles”! And NOW we are IN one! Because of our OWN complacency!

        • Bruce Jacobs says:

          Luci, I hate to disagree with you about the wealthiest nation on earth. China is. They have been buying, for years, gold off the open market, from the UN, from the US, and any other country that will sell to them. They have about twice the gold supply as the US, and this was announced about three years ago. Ft Knox is about depleted of it’s once powerful reserves of gold.

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter says:

          Where do you think that gold of yours goes when you sell your unused jewelry, old gold, etc.? CHINA!! And giving you pennies on the dollar for it!

          I’ve been telling people for YEARS NOT to sell their old jewelry!

          Why do you think there are so many places around the US wanting to buy your “old” gold?? Because it is VALUABLE.

          Why do you think Soros, the Devil is playing around with the gold market, making it go up and down!??!

          KEEP your precious metals safely! They may mean the difference in being able to trade them in the future for food to feed your family and starving to death.

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Right notion, wrong enemy! Yes the Muslims are an enemy, but THEY have been and are being USED by a shadow behind them pulling their strings TOO, one far more insidious, and which has been consistently in operation, since LONG before the Muslims had any MEANS to BE a real enemy to the US, which in fact MADE them an enemy to us: one so well hidden that when you hear the name, you’ll believe me nuts: Jesuits!

        • I have stated all along-CHICAGO MAFIA ! His MAIN adviser Valerie Jarrett is a COMMUNIST !! Obama is just a PUPPET for them !!

        • okihadit says:

          and a dumb one at that, if he can’t see he is their puppet.

        • RubyBlu says:

          He well knows and likes it. He doesn’t have to think, he’s just told what to say, when to say it, and where to be – a phony actor in a role; that’s why he sucks up to Hollywood.

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          aka communists kill lawyers and stop the free press

        • okihadit says:

          right on!

        • Johnco says:

          John In China they injured 21 or 22 people with a knife. No one was murdered. Get your facts straight. Otherwise not a bad post.

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          violence is the key; a fist can kill, mame, injure

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Go one step deeper; to WHY violence occurs at all: EVIL! A complete lack of morals and conscience or one so seared it doesn’t feel any longer!

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          few realize evil exists. Without morality based on Christian ethic evil mushrooms with each generation that remains farther from the teachings of The Messiah, You cannot hold dear woman’s rights which means free abortions and not expect life to get cheaper. Talkingheads will amble endlessly this Holy Season about murder while the undercurrent is to rid people of 2nd Amendment even with its few flaws. These same people have stood tot-to- toe with ACLU despots marching to rid small town America of its Jesus’ scenes.

        • Phil Bronner says:

          As taught in our schools for decades by the secular progressives that have hijacked the pubik edumakashun sistum….

        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Indeed they have; and for a very specific REASON! Think back through history; to a time when “education” was discouraged and severely limited, for a specific purpose; but you have to go WAY back to find it; and much of this starts to make SICK, if clear “sense”!

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          where is neal bortz when we need him

        • Soldier For Christ says:

          What/who is a bortz?

        • BUT-The fact is they could have been killed,Not that he wasn’t trying!

        • Bruce Jacobs says:

          It should be noted that in Switzerland, ALL males are required to take yearly training with their rifles that are furnished by the gov’ment. ONLY when they retire does the training stop. Now, these males were brought up that way, and educated that way. The Swiss teach it’s citizens to love and respect the country they were born in. The ONLY major problem they have is with the immigration of muslims into the country, which, I understand, has stopped the immigration.

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          how did they stop the immigration stampede?

        • Roy Koch says:

          I believe there is Probably no WELFARE for Non Citizens!! Hence, No SHIETE MAGNET, like we have. If the U.S. is SUCH a Hell-Hole for Non-Whites, How come they’re coming Here Illegally on anything Smoking !!’

        • Phil Bronner says:

          What we need to do….secure the borders…and then ONLY allow immigrants with certain job skills, and proof they can support themselves for, and find a job in oh, say 5 years for support, 2 years for job…if they can’t….adios….back they go!!

        • Great Britain is also overrun by Islamists! This is the GRAND purpose, IMO. Disarm us so the UN (which has more Islamists than our govt–which is a LOT) can overrun US! I think it could well be considered that we have a media blackout in this country!

      • patriot2 says:

        please,can we not talk about chicago? think about it,most of the countries current problems started there 4 years ago.or in kenya in 1961,take your pick.

      • Yes,Obama won’t talk about the BLACK crime rate there as they have one of the strongest gun control laws we have and have a bigger crime rate as any !!

    • Barbara Ball says:

      Agree in spades. In Israel teachers have guns slung over their sholders and the only attacks come from Palistenians.

    • Remington 870 says:

      These young innocents were not even cold yet, when the lefty commies began their tirade to get guns out of American citizen’s hands. This is not about gun control…this is about disarming Americans in order to get Dictatorial control. Citizens who can not protect themselves will become the victims of Obama’s communist state.

      • SNAKEDOCTOR says:

        That’s why we have to fight hard to keep our God Given rights. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. This is a plan to disarm the citizens and we have to stand up. The NRA and NAGR are our lobbist in Washington. WE must support them. Our President is not our friend.

      • Open Field Day for CRIMINALS !! This never happened when we had Mental Hospitals all over the Country !! Stop the GUN issue and FOCUS on MENTAL HEALTH !!

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter says:

          And stop letting known crazies out due to no space, personnel and lack of funding…do you see where this could go?

    • rockcut says:

      The goverment afraid of hand guns, rifles and shot guns. Have you ckecked lately what weapons our armed services have? Your comments are laughable.

      • Daniel says:

        rockcut…You’ve got to remember, you’re a Liberal! You believe that Government wants to grab/steal our guns in the benevolent effort to protect the Citizenry from hurting themselves. Now, that is truly Laughable! Bottom Line: Big Government does not want the Citizenry to be able to defend itself against the Avarice and Tyranny of Big Government at All…PERIOD! It makes no difference whether, the Peoples weapons are superior to the Government’s or not. They want NO resistance to their enslavement of the People. Get it? Probably not, you’re a Liberal.

        • agrclemsonfarmn says:

          rewind to election 2008 it was mentioned in some news outlets, as president bho has a militia at his discretion in case of needed Marshall Law

      • The government can control the military.

      • Johnco says:

        Have you checked lately how people can still overthrow governments? Have you checked about our military where most of them would join the citizenry against this commie loving Obama regime? Didn’t you read anything about Afghanistan and how they did against the Soviet Union and now us? Don’t you know we can get powerful weapons too besides automatic weapons once the carnage starts? Have you heard of making bombs? Have you heard of after gaining a victory in battle that you can get more powerful weapons? Think before you laugh because I know you are much smarter than your post!

      • John says:

        You are very naive person it is not the guns perse that the government fears it is the empowerment that owning the weapons provide that feeling of security, that is what they need to deflate then they have the population cowering wake up!

      • agrclemsonfarmn says:

        msm showed 3 weapons 2 Glochs & 1 semi auto does ANYONE know factually if all 3 were used??

    • BOstinks says:

      you are absolutely right-let the liberals go without guns–okay by me

    • Lynn says:

      The Armenians, Russians and Chinese can all testify that if you have no guns you have no way to protect yourself against the government of your country. Do you really think that history cannot be repeated here in the good old USA?

      • johnC says:

        In these totalitarin regimes Hitler’s, Stalin’s Mao’s and other gun confiscation regimes 56 Million have died because they could not defend themselves. Murder rates are down in cities and countries where the population is allowed to own guns. on the contrary the rates are up in all the loctions that have gun contrrol. Make it unlawful to have a gun and only criminals will have them and the rest of us will live in fear because we can not protect ourselves or our families. The real agenda here in to enslve the citizens

      • What did the Jews do when Hitler drove them into camps, imprisoned them and murdered them. NOTHING! And what are we doing with all the regulations this man has implemented that has destroyed our economy and the laws that are chipping away our constitution bit by bit!

        • del says:

          Now you must see how the Jews allowed it….same way we are doing to let this muslim domestic terrorist ruin our country and enslave all of us!

        • LikedTheOldUSABetter says:

          This is why the movement is called, “Progressivism”.. They kill a society a little at a time so the change is so gradual, the country doesn’t notice it.

          It is straight out of the Pit of Hell.

      • That’s what your DICTATOR wants-TOTAL Control over us!! Not going to happen !!

    • patriot2 says:

      good one Daniel,if obama & the other liberal democrats try to pull our guns now,when this country is in such turmoil & in danger of an obama dictatorship,they might actually find out how Englands king george lll felt when we refused to bow down & be subserviant to him.

    • Texas001 says:

      An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject.

    • okihadit says:

      so true!

    • highlysceptical says:

      did anyone alive actually see this so called gunman do the killing besides his suicide.he”s already dead cannot refute the claims.!! goons could have killed all eye witnesses to embelish the suicide and go after 2nd ammendent. think about it ????

  3. Isschade says:

    Tell me how can the Liberals scream gun control and the murder of the NRA president all in one breath ? Where is the logic ? They scream PEACE PEACE PEACE … but murder the bastards at the same time ??? Makes no sense AT ALL ~!!
    How can they cry a single tear the darling angels in Conn and do absolutely NOTHING about ABORTION or the survivors of abortions who get shoved into a corner to die. WHERE does this make SENSE ????

    • suzzy q says:

      You are so right, under this administration millions of babies have lost there lifestyle to this proabortion president, well I don’t call him my President, he is a disgrace… Gods grace is going to be and is being lifted from this Country, He does not stand with Isreal either.. Impeach Obama!!!

    • RPW says:

      The liberals operate by emotion and not by logic. Hypocrisy and Liberal are synonymous. Don’t ever expect them to make sense, Ive read several convincing articles that point to liberalism being a mental illness and I’m beginning to believe there is allot of truth to that idea. No matter what hold on to your weapons, you might need them. I also doubt that present day law enforcement will be willing to go door to door confiscating weapons in this country, they are not required to obey illegal orders and our 2nd amendment is a prime law.

    • johnbbbb says:

      Liberals do not use logic and common sense. Get used to it. Liberalism is a mental disease.

    • agrclemsonfarmn says:

      remember!! who was the Ill senator who favored partial abortion and stated legally we must let botched aborted babies die or we will be in legal entanglements

  4. RoadBlock says:

    Instead of GUN control, which we already have plenty of, why doesn’t someone start screaming about finding out who is programming these NUT cases to go on these killing sprees. Every time The Pres gives a speach, somebody starts killing people.
    Can anyone say Conspiracy Theory that is real.

    • susie q says:

      The Government is programing them, just like there controlling the weather, look up Why in the World are they spraying, Chemtrails Obamas bioengineering zar.. is a very disturbing man., that is to say the least, haarp, saying they were responsible for Hurricane Sandy, This New world Government, is sinister, deeply twisted, No to gun control.. A well armed militia is our right to protect us from the tyranny of the Government Thomas Jefferson..

    • Barbara Ball says:

      Amen and again I say Amen.

    • DJ says:

      You will never get the truth from those who are in power.

  5. Keyman says:

    If guns kill people, then: forks make people fat, trucks make people drive drunk, matches cause arson.

  6. cp says:

    Why are all these tragedies happening in “Gun Free Zones” ????

    • bobwhite says:

      Because criminals bent on slaughter have nothing to fear in ” Gun Free Zones”.

      • patriot says:

        Yeah “gun free zones”
        All weapons are Prohibited on these Premises OR
        Staff Heavily Armed and Trained
        Any Attempt to Harm Children Will Be Met With DEADLY FORCE

  7. Douglas says:

    If these fools are so concerned about Babies…maybe they will re-consider ABORTIONS!! Every nation where guns are removed from citizens or controlled…the crooks, killers and general bad guy never reads the memo…they are BAD! This Congress person from NEW YORK most likely carries a 44 mag…or the person assigned to protect him carry’s a 45.

  8. DAVID PEACOCK says:

    where are most firearms concentrated;; in the rural/hunting areas, used for sport or food harvest;; never any mass murders committed by a deer hunter in some game bountiful town in the rural areas;;the simple erosion and decay of intelligent life has been the by product of city/urban existence; people get cooped up on top each other and as they witness the shear stupidity of urban degenerates it drives them insane,

  9. twilah says:

    This man should resign and get back to normalcy. His FIRST thought is gun control? Why doesn’t he look at some of the video games these kids watch and participate in? They teach how to shoot quick, how to to kill and enjoy it. After a while they want to try it out in ‘person’. Why doesn’t he think of the lack of mental health providers? I’d like to check out his home…ten to one there’s a gun stashed away somewhere. He should take at LEAST the days that are spent in mourning and mourn for these families. Shame on him for exploiting the murders of these little ones, while the parents are still waiting to claim their children. Shame on him!!

  10. agrclemsonfarmn says:

    of course aborting a fetal (?fecal) matter is not MURDER!!

  11. Ron Gilmer says:

    Democrats in the Senate are nuts! All they can do is want to have excessive power and their records for governing is sick to say the least! We have rights and thank God the founding fathers had common sense and now the Yankees want to redo the constitution based of exploiting fear! The US is going to hell in a hand basket because of ignorant democrats! The all have butt-mud for brains! The have trained the media over the years and they promote just one side of the equation! The never report the news; the make the news to fit a radical agenda!

  12. Freeman says:

    Free men have the right to own weapons. Our rights are not allowed us by the government, but given by God. A gun, or any other weapon in the hand of a moral person is an instrument of provision, peace, and justice. We’ve seen what weapons do in the hands of immoral/evil people. Guns have been around for centuries, so why now is all this happening? Could it be teaching moral equivalency, and therefore, no real right and wrong. Could it be teaching self esteem to the point that people have no esteem for others? Regardless, it is the people, not the weapons that are the problem.

  13. Mike says:

    The war on guns will never stop. The violence is not caused by the gun. It is caused by the idiot holding the gun. Conn. has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Did it do any good? NO! Look what happened Friday, I believe it was in China, where a crazy walked into a classroom and killed kids with a knife. It is not the tool that does the killing. Look how many people are killed by cars every year. Nobody advocates outlawing cars.

    If the idiots in Wash. want a civil war, let them try to take our guns. That is one freedom we absolutely not loose. Those that support gun control are either supporting tyranny or they are to stupid to realize they are supporting tyranny. With the out of control congress we have now and especially the POS in the WH, we must maintain control of our guns or we will truly be lost.

    • patriot says:

      beat me with a flower

    • RPW says:

      Most of them are too stupid, they have necessarily dumbed down the majority, (thanks to the teachers unions and the NEA). Make them fat and happy on government subsistence. Promote free sex to keep them occupied (contraceptives) than offer to fix the unwanted result (abortion). Pacify them with legalized drugs. Take their means of self defense away (ban guns). When completed enslave them for their own good under socialism/communism. These are all planks of the left.

    • Johnco says:

      Mike, regarding China: no one was killed in that situation, although knives have killed plenty. Please get this straight so when you argue with commies, I mean liberals, you will not sound uninformed!

  14. MarieJ27 says:

    Who didn’t know what was on the mind of President Obama when he shed his tears for the dead children? Just like the progressives who had to take over our health care system for the sake of all the people, now they look at gun control. Bill O’Reilly had common sense words that evening of the shooting. There was nothing anyone could have done about that mentality unstable man. The left has been fighting gun protection for the children and Obama took guns out of the hands of our pilots. If only there was a gun behind that door inside the school that would have welcomed the killer with his own fire.

    • know it all says:

      Shed a tear ??????????????????? What tear did you see ?

    • SNAKEDOCTOR says:

      Tears form at the tear ducts, next to the corner of your eye next to your nose, not on the outside next to your tempral. He was faking it like some do at funerals with a onion in a handkerchief. Get my point.

      • Frank629 says:

        your so right about that . two things for sure though obama reads a speech off the telepromter well .And now he is becoming quite an actor (probably being coached by his communist cronies in hollyweird) your tears do generate in the ducts by the nose what a piece of dung he is.

  15. DAVID PEACOCK says:

    there is common thread linking all these psycho-paths ; they are all known to be edgy and on some mind altering meds