Feds Order 'Black Boxes' in Cars

Many motorists don’t know it, but it’s likely that every time they get behind the wheel, there’s a snitch along for the ride.

In the next few days, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to propose long-delayed regulations requiring auto manufacturers to include event data recorders – better known as “black boxes” – in all new cars and light trucks. But the agency is behind the curve. Automakers have been quietly tucking the devices, which automatically record the actions of drivers and the responses of their vehicles in a continuous information loop, into most new cars for years.

When a car is involved in a crash or when its airbags deploy, inputs from the vehicle’s sensors during the 5 to 10 seconds before impact are automatically preserved. That’s usually enough to record things like how fast the car was traveling and whether the driver applied the brake, was steering erratically or had a seat belt on.

The idea is to gather information that can help investigators determine the cause of accidents and lead to safer vehicles. But privacy advocates say government regulators and automakers are spreading an intrusive technology without first putting in place policies to prevent misuse of the information collected.

Data collected by the recorders is increasingly showing up in lawsuits, criminal cases and high-profile accidents. Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray initially said that he wasn’t speeding and that he was wearing his seat belt when he crashed a government-owned car last year. But the Ford Crown Victoria’s data recorder told a different story: It showed the car was traveling more than 100 mph and Murray wasn’t belted in.

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210 comments on “Feds Order 'Black Boxes' in Cars
  1. regulus30 says:

    SAFER VEHICLES?????????how about competent, focused, safer drivers;; what is the government going to do about them??????

  2. Fred116 says:

    BO and Big Brother at their worst. What happened to our freedoms? These are America’s darkest days.

  3. Teritj says:

    This isn’t an issue as much about safety as it is about blame…who can be sued?

    • katie says:

      We can’t have it both ways: black boxes tell what we are doing/not doing, just don’t

      put in OUR vehicles…all the other ‘idiots’ need a black box. Folks, we need to
      look in the mirror a bit more deeply. We are part of the ongoing problems. How about
      the cell phones, getting in the vehicle after an argument, or after drinking, too long
      driving on a trip, unforgiveness for ??? you name it; OH, but you are in good control
      behind the wheel. Did half the Nation vote for the present politicals; where were the other half? Much excusing of ourselves has brought us thus far. Good Day!

  4. ElizabethMC says:

    You just wait……..
    I suspect the feds want black boxes to implement a usage tax based on mileage. God help the person who must commute to work.

    • Bingo!!!! This of course is the unspoken goal. Shhhhh….. ;-)

    • Friscolady says:

      You are closer to correct than you think. California is already discussing taxing by the miles traveled.

      • USMC and America proud says:

        Which is why the people ‘in the know’ out there are leaving in droves! I’m starting to see a lot of CA tags in NC, TN and SC! People in CA who can transfer to a location outside of California to work, or work from their homes are seeing the light and leaving that sinking ship ASAP!
        But some who were getting bennies that won’t happen here, are complaining about it? It’s either/or!! You want to suck on the ‘giverments’ teat and stay where you get too, or come out, relearn to stand on yer own two feet again, and fight it out like the rest of us!

        • Friscolady says:

          I am in a job where I am stuck for four years, however 2016 we are not only leaving the state we are leaving the country.

          Hubby and I both spent 20 years defending this nation – just as you – my family has survived both the Nazis and the Communist – only to see the country that saved us – turn communist.

          We will not live it again.

        • medivac says:

          Friscolady, Texas is still military friendly and many have retired here for a good reason !! My wife’s mother was from Poland and we know all about the nazis and communists. Even today on these forums I do battle with communists from here in the U.S. and will combat them physically if need be. I am a combat vet from the Vietnam “conflict” and even today am using resources available to learn more ways to physically combat the forces of the enemy here in the U.S. I still live by the oath and fully understand the “defend against enemies both foreign and domestic” part !!

        • Friscolady says:


          My husband was a huey driver in Nam so he I am sure knew a few medivac folks. I joined a little later 75 retired in 95. Got to do a whole bunch of stuff from military LE to Aviation, because I constantly violated the basic military rule of never volunteer. Got to admit I loved it though.

          The head of the California Republican Party got fed up and moved to Texas two years ago.

          Hey if Texas leaves the union that may be foreign country enough for us. Lord know we have not found anyplace else yet that even remotely resembles the US our families immigrated too in 1964.

          Hubby’s and my families have known each other since the late 1800s his Grandfather and mine were best buddies. Our families are from just west of the Polish Border near what is now Gdansk. It was Danzig then.

        • pfbonney says:

          (Being a geography/geopolitics buff, I always wondered what happened to “Danzig”. Thanks for the tidbit. Originally from Maine, where even the Republicans vote consistently with the Democrats, I’d like it if Texas seceded from the Union, and me along with it!)

        • medivac says:

          I was a crew chief and gunner on a CH-46 and we pretty well covered all bases on missions. Medivac ,by far, gave you the fuzzy feeling. We didn’t have the big target on our planes but it didn’t matter, Charlie wasn’t choosy in the AO I was in (Khe Sahn and the hills around mostly) We made good targets for him. I had quiet a few missions that covered all bases because of just being there !! One of my friends from the Army was a HUEY driver and Hank retired a full bull Col. His Squadron was the one in The Marlin Brando fantasy movie . My wife’s mother was from Warsaw and did time in a concentration camp (also the Polish underground). I also knew some Jewish folks that had the tatoo on the arm . I knew them before the military and really liked them. I would have been a career man if my wife hadn’t wanted to move back to Texas. My next duty station would have been San Diego as a D.I. if i had made it thru the near second tour in RVN (I had orders cut to be shipped back over after I had been in the states for 3 months—critical MOS thing !! Too many of our crew chiefs were getting sent back with wounds or in the green bags and they needed to fill the ranks preferably with experienced men) Tell the hubby I’m on eBay under medivac1 if he wants to chat with another rotorhead !! I’ve got a former Snake driver here as a friend and he went to grunt thing involuntarily but after 15 years he decided he was too old to pound the ground.

        • Friscolady says:

          Medivac I will give hubby the heads up as to where you are at.

          He doesn’t say much about either Nam or Persian Gulf I. Though we have the Persian Gulf in common, though I was in the rear with the beer and the gear. Plus he has another rotorhead in the family, I manage the maintenance program for four Aerospatiales now. Told you that I was into most everything when I was in the military. And I started as a Yeoman!

          Got bored easy! LOL!

        • medivac says:

          My oldest daughter was Navy and enlisted AFTER she had her degree in criminal justice. She had her two oldest kids at NAS LeMoore. The young’un was born here and has been around me well over half her life and we have her over here when the daughter is working as a LT. at TDC. The other daughter is a chemical engineer in New Orleans and travels world wide for DOW in her job as process safety engineer.

        • Retired_MSgt_Marana_Az says:

          Khe Sahn brings back some (fond?) memories of when I was a shooter/sniper. I spent a lot of time adding extra “eyes” to the VC that were mortering the landing strip. Same at Da Nang and many other locations.

          I retrained into Marine Avaition in 1971 and subsequently flew on HH-46′s, and various other aircraft, during a 2 1/2 year tour at MCAS Iwakuni from 1975 through 1977. We had a ground pounder Sgt Major assigned to MWSG-17 that thought 46′s were extra safe because they had two rotors. He was convinced that if one quit turning that the other would keep the helo flying!
          Semper Fi!

        • medivac says:

          I was in HMM-262 (Tiger Airlines) flying out of our base at Quang Tri (Ai Tu Air Base) from day 1 of it’s opening due to Dong Ha being in arty range and was also in on the big medevac of the base when it was blown to crap. I was on the Tripoli at that time and we literally filled the hanger deck with WIAs. My biggest experience with a sniper was of the slant eyed one trying to ding me when I was showing off by carrying 2 Ma Duces to the plane. Needless to say, it was the last time I carried two of those jewels at one time because they are a b***h to run with. I had to get to the plane and get the pilots off the pre-flight inspection to keep the gook from trying to ding them !! I always called Hill 861 my hill because I always had to go in to the LZ hot !! I went off active duty in 1970 and my E-6 warrant chased me down to the reserve unit I went in . One of my pilots from 262 issued me that warrant in NAS Dallas and told me a sea story about one of my exploits at Quang Tri on a particular night we were supposed to be overran and I was flying gunship in one of our planes all night long around the base because we had .50s and VMO-6 didn’t. Trees don’t count as a hiding place from a .50 !!
          [email protected]

        • USMC and America proud says:

          Long gone before this! Got a bullet through the right knee, and was back in ’69! Semper Fi gang!
          Any of you on ‘USMC hangout’?

        • SINROSSCO says:

          It is unfortunate that a large majority of the country has no clue on what our domestic enemy is. I suppose there are many as well who have served and are serving that also have no clue. Well, in my view it has become pretty plain and simple especially during the last 3 1/2 to 4 years.

        • ginger says:

          Problem is that the liberals move to states like Texas and Oregon and bring the disease with them.

        • wminaz says:

          Here in Az we don’t have that problem as much. Our reputation as a no nonsense state making illegals unwelcome, right to carry, etc. tends to turn the disease carriers off and the Cals who do come are generally conservative.

        • ginger says:

          I would love to live in Arizona or Texas or (gasp) Oklahoma…lived in Fla for 81/2 yrs and hated every minute of it…if things change here I would have to go to Ok. have family in Michigan but lived there for years and sure wouldn’t want to live there again…I was there during the 68 riots,,it has been downhill from then. So. Ca. is being held ransom by Northern Ca. nutcases.

        • Jeff Taylor says:

          A record number of wealthy US citizens are leaving the country and taking thier $$$$ with them, and its no secret to this administration. NY Senator schumer vowed to make thier lives hell should he get the opportunity, nice huh??

        • Friscolady says:

          Schumer is scum, what should we expect from such.

        • medivac says:

          Roger that on schumer plus several others !!

        • 3025 says:

          Thank you. You know more than most about communism. I shudder to guess where we will be in 4 years. What’s the country you are considering? God bless!

        • Snowman8wa says:

          Amen Brother Marine…….We escaped in “09″; since we’ve left, ESPECIALLY this last round of elections and voting, CA has become the GESTAPO STATE, and JUST when you think it is bad……Sacramento does something EVEN DUMBER!………

          “…But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another.
          For every man shall bear his own burden.

          Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things.

          Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

          For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption;…”
          GALATIANS 6:4-8

          Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

        • medivac says:

          Your extended Semper Fi reminds me of our detachment patch while operating with the first helos modified for combat duty back in RVN. The squadron’s nick name was Billie’s B******s and our mascot was a tiger. The patch had a desperate looking tiger looking back and the caption was “Semper Paratus, Bastids Forgotus !!
          Semper Fi

        • Snowman8wa says:

          [smile]……….I have my “sign-off” engraved in Gold on the front of my Patriot’s Bible. In these trying times, I felt it IS HIGHLY appropriate; as it along with Ephesians 6, should be a true Patriots mantra around the Country.

          Semper Fi….Angel Flight!

          Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

        • fed up!! says:

          right with you on that!! THANKS FOR POSTING THE TRUTH!

        • Snowman8wa says:

          You are very Welcome……..God’s grace and the peace of our Lord be with you and your family…

          Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

        • Jim says:

          This happened and is still happening between Massachusetts and New Hampshire. People get fed up with the high taxes, oppressive regulations, and the police state in Mass. so they move to NH to escape. However when they get to NH, they have brought their Liberal baggage with them. They then vote in politicians who promise all kinds of “free” benefits. Those politicians who are elected tell everyone that “the people have spoken” and promptly start working to give NH it’s first ever Income Tax and its first ever Sales Tax and any other taxes they can come up with. Now NH is saddled with a Democrat woman governor who is married to a prep school principal with an Arab name who leans toward Islam.

          You people in NC, TN, SC, and other states better watch who you let into your states. A California license plate is a warning sign.

        • medivac says:

          We would proudly welcome any conservatives to Texas. We are pro military and I personally would really welcome the Corps here !!
          Semper Fi

        • USMC and America proud says:

          Brother if I had the means….! I’m a disabled Vietnam vet who, through no fault of his own, live off of SS and Disability! I can’t get a job, and the prospects of me going anywhere is slim! I’m thankful to be living in a state that, at least for now, has a republican leadership! The new governor and the legislature can keep us above water, however the pos we got now wants to kowtow to Obama and set us up for the obamacare policies! We can’t stop her, as now she don’t care whether we like it or not cause she’s leaving in January! But the new guy has vowed to drill for oil off our coast, and where possible, use fracking to get at it! If this happens NC will become independent enough to tell Osama Ben Barry to take a hike!
          We believe that we can improve our own gas prices by going our own way, and these guys down here will get jobs in spite of Barry’s oppression!

        • medivac says:

          Bro, I am also a disabled Viet Vet and live off a retirement pension and disability SS. You
          earned the disabled and SS payments and they are not welfare. You have paid for them. At least
          you are in a military state and I still trust the military leaps and
          bounds over the current $#&^$& in office and his lackeys.

          Semper Fi

        • ColdWarVet says:

          Sorry to disagree here, but I do not trust our current military leadership. Gen. Dempsey is worthless as Chairman of JCS, and our Sec.D would break his nose if CinC stops too suddenly. I am not at all sure the current military would not execute orders to fire on the American people if so directed, but that would come after the slaughter by Sister Janet’s Goon Squad at Homeland Security.

        • medivac says:

          I personally know a couple of retired flag rank officers (one a retired Lt. Gen. , the other a retired BGen. ) and both are on our side. Both also saw combat and only pushed pencils later on in their careers. With all the retired officers I do know, I will say I do trust the military. The government doesn’t. They would not abide by the CICs orders if push came to shove. I base this on staying in full contact with the active military and understanding them. To them, obama is a “them” and family and former military is “us”.

        • themtnman says:

          I am also a 85 year old WW2 Navy UDT disabled vet but also was fortunate enough to be able to start a business when I got out of the Navy and so far have been able to decline most disability benefits but do use VA clinics and hospital and am stuck (can’t afford to move) in Nevada which is beginning to act almost like a NAZI state with that A-hole Harry Reid as the leader.

          But at least am in a real remote rural area where we do still have a few freedoms as the liberals haven’t got here YET.

          [email protected]

        • medivac says:

          I’ve got a friend that was UDT in RVN and a retired sheriff’s deputy in L.A.. He now lives in Idaho. He was in on charting the rivers around DaNang. Dingy Harry is not on my “to like ” list !! Thank you for your service. I’ll email you if the address is right. I’m good !! I’m a Marine !!

        • cherykie says:

          Let us emphasize CONSERVATIVES. We have enough of our own “progressive libs” who think of the government as the giver of all things. So if you come , think about how your progressive states fared , and why you’re leaving them in the first place. We are a right to work state, but not a right to ” better living through handouts” state. So , if you are able bodied, come prepared to contribute!

        • ginger says:

          I would give my eye teeth to be able to leave Ca..asap.

        • USMC and America proud says:

          Sorry it took so long. Yeah I would find a way to get somewhere else in the next year or two! I look for the government of Kalifornia, to start asking Obama for a bailout in the next few months, because they don’t have the guts to stop the handouts, or worse, believe they can avoid the inevitable by depending on (as Detroit did) remind Obama “we voted for you, now we want the bailout money!” My prediction is that the bailout will be blocked, and California will slide down the long dark tube!
          Where does a citizen as yourself go then? Broke! You go broke! They will try everything to avoid the inevitable, including tax, not ONLY your car mileage, but start taxing even oil changes and water for car washes will be taxed out of business! So y’all have a nice time! Ya hear?

        • ginger says:

          all that and worse.

      • regulus30 says:

        known as the obama/gore CARBON TAX.

      • oldcoyote says:

        Sounds like them.

      • TLady62 says:

        Just what we need…even MORE taxation in the Not-So-Golden State.

      • SINROSSCO says:

        I live in VA and in most east coast states going north we have to pay a toll. With the gas tax who knows where that goes, you would think for roads, bridges and the like. If it is for it’s intent obviously it’s not enough. I think anyone regardless of where you are from should be paying for it’s usage in some way. Certainly usage plays a big factor in determining maintenance. I95 being a major route certainly falls into that category. I am one who would support tolls and it is coming because around the D.C. area signs are already up. Not sure when they will start. Some will chose to go another way and eventually it will catch up there as well. If our government would focus more on major priorities rather than feel good projects we wouldn’t be in this mess. I don’t see anything changing anytime soon. So the idea that we need a system like this to me is totally unfounded and appears to be an invasion of privacy more than anything. Many have and are with the blame game against the Tea Party movement but in my view they are thee only one’s trying to get this government under control. There aren’t enough watch dogs to keep an eye on this corruption going on. They have inside knowledge I’m hoping to deal with it and therefore we should be lending our support to those folks.

        • Friscolady says:

          Very familiar with VA. Lived in Norfolk, worked in Chesapeake for 27 years and husband worked at a law firm in DC.

          Very familiar with the tolls and was glad to see them come off especially on the HRBT before the Monitor-Merrimac came on line. Got so I would pay the higher toll to go up the eastern shore every weekend I drove up to our house in DC. He always took 95 down on his weekends to drive down.

          I have to laugh now because I had forgotten how high the tolls are here at home $6.00 dollars a day to cross one bridge I cross on the way to work. Plus the taxes we have on gas, etc., etc., etc.

          Oh and believe me I am totally in agreement with the tea party and fully support it! Then again my hubby is probably one of the few attorneys that is both a conservative and fully involved in the tea party – both here at home and in DC where he still works.

          Wish we could see each other more than once a month!

        • medivac says:

          Go Tea party !! Our only real hope for this country !!

        • AZhot says:

          These taxes are only the tip of,the iceberg. Wait till the Marxists implement the VAT and the UN gets its ‘tax on wealth’ to distribute to poorer countries, read,third world dictatorships. As the song goes, “We’ve only just begun”.

      • Willtob says:

        Of course! This is one of the only things left that remains to be taxed.

    • Jerome Ennis says:

      It is all about control period. We can already be tracked by our every move by GPS installed in cell phones and other devices. It is time to Pull the Plug on this Fascistic Federal Govenment and The Politicians who have Subverted Our Constituional Republic and turned it into a Totalitarian Police State. This is yet one more mandate forced down our throats without any input into these decisions by everyday men and women citizens. The Lobbyists love the Subverted and Corrupted Version of Our Government because they can Hang Out in DC and Bribe these Subversive and Corrupt Elected Politicans who no longer represent the general public, but only represent the Highest Bidders. I am sure Apple, IBM and other Techy Companies love these Mandates by Regulators because their Companies Get R & D Funds and then purchases of the Spy Devices. Most new cars now already have black boxes to record operations of the vehicle in order for the Auto Companies to Not Cover Warranties if the box tells them you did or did not do this or that. And, it is getting worse. Also, insurance companies can Track Your Miles Driven in order to Raise Your Rates or Cancel Your Policy by Remote Control if Drive Too Many Miles, and it can get even worse as these Boxes Track and Send Out Signals of Your Speed, and you may start getting Electronic Tickets and Mandates to Pay Fines for Speeding, because the devices GPS is programmed to know what speed limits are in different sections of streets, roads and interstates. Big Brother Has Arrived. Old George Orwell was a Piker with his 1984 as compared to the Totalitarian Spy System that has been Erected in the USA, and most of it has been done as we Fight these Various ISM Wars Abroad, such as CommunISM and TerrorISM. The Biggest Enemy of We the People Today in the USA is our Fascistic Federal Governments Regulation-ISM and Tax-ISM and Punishmen-tISM if you dare Oppose them, or in anyway try and rebuke them.

      • You nailed it Jerome, A chip in our cars is only conditioning for the acceptance of a chip in our hand or forehead, [ " And none could buy or sell except those who had the mark or the number of his name in their hand or in their foerehead ."[ Revelations.]
        ” Even so come Lord Jesus “

        • cherykie says:


        • Old TexasCowgirl says:

          I think I’ll keep my old (1993) Ford F150 and replace anything that needs replacing as it wears out, including a new engine when it becomes necessary. Might even consider a LPG gas engine, as they are starting to make them for heavier trucks, and will undoubted get around to the light trucks, too. And let them try to put a black box on my horse!

        • Dulceb says:

          Agreed. I will run my old car until the wheels fall off.

        • Dulceb says:

          Amen, brother. Quit being sheeple, folks.

      • PMM says:

        The total police state………………and that is where the Fascist in the white house has taken us in 4 short years and the parasites wanted the free stuff so bad, they got all of us into this mess!

      • themtnman says:

        Yes you are absolutely right but there is even a worse problem and that is that they are teaching in schools now that this is the way it should be.

        I have a younger sister that retired as a school teacher in Arizona about 20 years ago and she says that even back then they were teaching that the government knows whats best and that if you really want to get along and make it in your life you need to do what they say and just follow their rules and that even then the constitution or bill of rights were NOT included in any of their class work.

        I am 85 year old a WW2 and Korea vet with only a 8th grade education and I can remember that even in Grammar school we were taught a lot more about the constitution and bill of rights that my grand and great grand kids are taught even in college.

        One of my great grand daughters, a senior in high school ask me a couple of questions about the bill of rights and after I answered her I told her that she that she ought to ask her teacher in the government class about both the constitution and bill of rights.

        A few days later she told me that she did and that the teacher told her that these subjects are not taught in high school as the only people that were concerned about them were radicals and that the schools did not want to encourage that kind of activity.

        I called the school and talked to a lady that said she could answer my question and was told that those are not subjects that are taught in high schools but that there were special classes that she could take that would PROBABLY touch on those subjects.

        This is the most disturbing information that I have ever received in my life and in calling around the state board of education I find that this is the way things are going in schools now.

        [email protected]

        • mallen11 says:

          I am glad to say that one of my granddaughters was taught the Constitution in her 8th grade history class and we even live in NC CA. I went over her lessons and test questions and was really surprised. We also have the DVD set of Liberty Kids that they have watched for several years now and the series is also on TV. Parents are going to have to teach their children the correct US History for the most part.

        • Eliminate God, endorse sin, erase history and let the unknowing die the 2nd death. But woe on those who have led them astray.

        • ginger says:

          The more ignorant the populice, the easier to control them.

        • WM/LCPL says:

          If one dumbs down the masses they are easier to control. I have been watching this for years….New therapist would come out of college with MS or PHD and could not treat or chart worth anything. Procedures I was taught my first affiliation these kids never learned at all. Allot of them had to retake the licensing test for a second time to pass. It isn’t only in my profession but across the board in all the professions. People seem to think it is fine to do a hap hazard job and still get paid a full wage. I finally retired. I just got tired of watching the pitiful way departments and management corps. are run to their benefit and to hell with the patients. Welcome to the wonderful world of socialism. God help this nation, only He can pull us out of this mess.

      • ATLDave says:

        What about Progressive offering plug-in monitors in your car so that they can “reduce your rates”. Or…maybe raise them?

      • tobeornot says:

        Not only are the black boxes going to be used to track speeding fines and insurance but also conversations between people. So, when riding, only talk about shoes.

        • El Kabong says:

          Guess it is time to stop badmouthing the driver who cuts you off, tailgates, or is ahead of you driving below the speed limit when you are in a hurry, huh?

    • abovethelaw says:

      and also tracking devices,welcome to the ussa,united socialist states of america,we are the laughing stock of the world , taking on policies that have failed through out history..using third world countries to map our strategy,allowing useless do nothings to run our nation lead by a criminal in the WH

    • guest says:

      Wow we would be in trouble. Each of us drives about 100 miles a week. Me, chauffeuring around two handicapped kids to therapies and dr appts and my husband’s job is in another state. Besides, I thought that was what the gas taxes were about.

    • skepttico says:

      They were all about this with taxing the high-birds and electrics only a short while ago. It’s going to rear it’s ugly head again. Their like a dog on a scent.

    • rockcut says:

      The useage tax is the tax we pay on every gal. of gas.

      • ElizabethMC says:

        I think this one addresses our carbon footprint and their desire to reduce that.

        • AZhot says:

          I think you have your liberal tree humpin head up your liberal butt.

        • ElizabethMC says:

          California Proposes Tax On Driving
          GPS devices would record mileage and charge drivers accordingly:

          A California transportation agency recently proposed what could become the most unpopular tax of all time: A tax for simply driving your car.
          The Metropolitan Transportation Commission of San Francisco is behind the idea and has said that the tax would work by installing GPS units into cars to track the miles that they travel. The vehicle owners would then be charged accordingly, with low-income drivers exempted.
          The hope is that a VMT (vehicle miles traveled) tax would cut down on pollution and traffic congestion, while raising funds for things like road construction and surface repair.
          Randy Rentschler, spokesman for the MTC, said that the group knew the proposal could be a longshot and could take a long time to implement. Theoretically, it could take up to a decade before the plan would be rolled out in full force.
          “I don’t want to say it’s pie in the sky. A VMT charge is really an option for the future to be looked at and considered,” he said.
          Given the very low popularity gas taxes have been met with in the past, the proposed driving tax seems like a very bold move. Consumers hate frequently being reminded of taxes when they gas up, but this VMT charge would take that to a whole new level.
          The Association of Bay Area Governments is slated to analyze a study of the proposal on Thursday.
          California residents are sure to watch this one closely.

        • USMC and America proud says:

          See the PROBLEM with that…ummm…theory? statement? Issue? Again is WHO says who drives too much, far, fast, etc!!? If I FINALLY find a job after searching for nearly 2years, but I have to travel 45 miles one way to work, should I turn the job down because of the travel, and stay on the government take? I would rather stand on my own two feet, but if I do, you’re gonna tax me for excessive travel?
          See this is what I’m saying about the whole picture! We the people have let these “progressives” convince us that they have the answer to it all, when obviously they have no answers PERIOD! Just the same old “we take from the rich to give to the poor, only WE get to decide WHO the rich Is! And if you drive that far to work, YOU’RE the rich!! But we have to keep paying union retires to do nothing, so we’ve got to have your money to keep paying them, “cause we’re stupid enough to keep paying them to do nothin’”!! So a guy emptied garbage cans so he can retire making $100k a year? And you and yer kids are star ing to keep this guy in the lifestyle to which the ‘giver ment’ said they would?
          And so on and so forth. And Kalifornia starts that slippery slide that ends in…..what? (No, NOT bankruptcy, worse!)

        • ElizabethMC says:

          “I’M” gonna tax you for excessive travel?
          I pointed out their plot. And somehow that means I support it?
          Where/how did you come to that conclusion?????

        • USMC and America proud says:

          Mmm… not personally YOU! The ethereal “you” as in the government!

          Sorry you took me wrong! I was just pointing out that there will be some little pointy headed liberal geek that thinks he knows what’s best for us, who will make the ‘law’ (‘bill’?) that says just how far I can drive before it’s excessive?

          And Carbon Tax?? Elisabeth don’t let them pull that one on you guys! Fight this lie with everything you’ve got!! It’s nothing but a money grab to tax even your breathing!!! The ‘Green House Effect’ is totally b*ll S**t!! This entire planet is made from…… Wait- for -it!………Carbon based life forms!! Everything from worms to elephants are Carbon based life forms and breath oxygen and give off CO2!………… PEROID!

          It’s a part of the half truth, (well even maybe LESS than half) Global warming scheme to get free money to go into lazy so-called scientists pockets! It’s the only way they feel useful! But the LIE that is used in this global warming crap, is that it is MAN-MADE!! There IS global warming! Even on Jupiter and Mars!!

          This should tell every lame brain who claims to be a scientist that it’s the SUN that causes ‘global warming’–which in itself is a misnomer! Our solar system heats up AND cools down with cycles of the sun! And WE have NOTHING to do with it, NOR can we stop it!! The liberals WHO KNOW THIS IS A LIE, are trying to convince stupid people (like yer basic liberal arts student) that they know what they’re talking about, so they can get enough sheeple to enact this “doofus idiot” tax without so much as a question!

          They’ve only got one problem! People like me that have enough grey-matter power to know what science IS! And theirs ISN’T!

  5. Pazuzu says:

    Is there any aspect of our lives that the douchebags in DC don’t horn in on?

  6. Don says:

    I’d say the auto insurance companies, ALONG with the auto industry is behind these intrusive devices. Truth be known, i bet there are some heavy pocketed lobbyists involved too.

  7. Mitch A says:

    Don’t you even believe it for one second. This is mostly to do with “controlling the citizens”, not for safety, not for law.

  8. Randy McCune says:

    Everybody thought it was a great idea for us truckers to have these black boxes in our trucks because “Trucks are so unsafe” Well now that they want to put these in cars the motoring public is crying foul! Big brother is watching every move you make now… and trying to control the lives of each and everyone of us! This is what happens when we allow the gov’t to take a little bit of our freedoms and we allow the gov’t to take care of us… They start taking over our lives. The gov’t is suppose to work for us! Not control our lives and force us into things we dont approve of… to bad we let it get this far!

    • Rachel Guess says:

      Randy you are correct. It’s slightly more justifiable for truckers because they are professional drivers, but so are chauffers, so if trucks are required to, why not chauffers as well? It’s just a cover up to implement an intrusive medium on our lives, to take more control and try to justify their actions as ‘looking out the for the little guy’.

  9. regulus30 says:

    a drivers license is similar to education;; not everyone is entitled to one ;; some are too stupid to handle the job…….

    • Friscolady says:

      Most all politicians seem to be too stupid to have a driver’s license.

    • partyless1 says:

      When was the last time a rule or regulation honestly made anything safer or better, the net result is more expensive and more intrusive with little to no change in statistics. In fact some statistics get worse as people assume they are safer and can pay less attention when they do things.

      There are many rules that are redundant and pointless, as they would be addressed by enforcing what has existed for years, the cell phone rants is a classic example of creating a specialized rule that dilutes the existing distracted driver rule, as others will argue that their distraction is not on the list, instead the focus on being distracted no matter what the cause. In truth many things distract drivers if they allow it, radios and eating on the run are two big ones along with children secured in the back seats for starters, and least we forget those that slow down watch the problems of others on the side of the road (accidents, flats, etc.) when more attention should be placed on the extra hazards of driving in those situations.

      I agree that this article provides nothing new, as the black boxes have been in cars and most mechanics use them when they diagnose problems for years. The full amount of information available is not provided to the general mechanic with their code readers, but the manufacturer does extract far more details than most people realize, and use it for development and testing of many aspects including performance and driver influenced data.

      And if one honestly cares anymore, the founding fathers of this nation setup a plan to keep the government as small and dysfunctional as possible, so most of what the government has been doing for decades has been outside the scope an oath of their offices; a by product of having professional political hacks in office, rather than the common person that was intended to be in office and return to their jobs after one or two terms. When there was honor in Washington DC, it was when the job was viewed as an onus you did out of duty, then left to return to your regular lives and live under the choices you imposed upon others. We now have a group of elitists that impose their will on others and isolate themselves, having no consideration for the Constitution, their oath of office, or the consequences of their dishonor upon many generations to come. There is no party that represents the people, or even care about the founding principles that created one of the greatest nations to have ever existed in history, and instead are working hard to assure their power base as they move this great nation into the trash pile of nations that have failed before with the very same corruption and decay that they promote for their own self serving whims.

  10. Combat Veteran Seabee says:

    Glad that you pointed out the fact that they have already been in cars for years, and in use by the insurance industry to dismiss claims, and point to blame in the legal battles which are always to follow.
    The headline is VERY MISLEADING!!!!!!.

  11. Sarah Hill says:

    What is wrong with our government? Have we elected idiots?

    • partyless1 says:

      Not idiots, self-serving elitists that have no regard for their oath of office, nor the honor of the founding fathers whom would have seen no difference between those disgracing Washington DC now, and the tyranny they despised from the King of England in their day. This is nothing new in history, as most nations fail due to internal decay; once morals and ethics are allowed to slide the nation becomes weaker as people are more self-absorbed (by default that also means they care less about others and insist that their whims rule at the expense of others, with their double standards), leading to failures of integrity and self-reliance that provided the foundations that a nation requires to build upon and thrive.

      Having career political hacks running this nation has been a great destructive force, far from what the founding fathers wanted for this nation. They viewed serving in Washington as a job done out of duty for a short time, then return to their regular lives knowing that they would be living with the consequences of their actions while serving others in office. It was never intended to be a career, as they understood the very negative impact that would result, and one can see today as it becomes a game of money and retaining power, without regard to the consequences to the nation or the people in the process. Most of those in Washington DC (from all parties) should be removed for they myriad of violations to their oaths of office, and their failure to perform their Constitutional Duties within the limited scope of their offices. That includes washing their hands of their duties by creating regulatory groups that allow them to avoid being accountable as the groups impose regulations without representation; or those whom have a primary constitutional duty to provide a budget every year but have not done so for years but are not only allowed to keep their jobs but also be the majority leader as a pure sign of corruptions that can only cripple or destroy a nation.

      The need for term limits is even more evident today as one sees the complete lack of honor and respect for their oath of office and this nation, by the majority leader (and many others) of both the House and Senate. The dilemma we face from their failure to do honor their oaths and duties over the years, and their current failure to address what needs to be done as they continue to expand upon the destructive force they already have been fostering for many years. There is not enough taxable resources to even begin to cover the abusive and uncontrolled spending, and all we see is agreement to continue spending money they do not have and pretending that with just more taxes and control it will be okay. Tax the people and use the money to buy your votes and maintain your power, that seems to be the motto in Washington DC.

    • Carl Stevenson says:

      No, they’re not idiots. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Day by day, they are more and more tyrannical. As long as they “nudge” a little at a time and don’t go too fast the sheeple will continue to accept it.

  12. aryton senna says:

    My 2002 WRX Wagon (purchased new in 2001) with just over 36 K mi has been in Mexico since April 2005.

    Should I feel the need to replace it, I’ll drive the new car directly here.

    ret expat MD

    • Friscolady says:

      I have a 1978 Mercedes 450SL that I have been keeping because it was my first new car ever! Had intended to to keep all along, but not drive it daily. That just changed. Will drive it all the time now.

  13. YO VINNIE says:

    If there needs to be a black box tracking device installed anywhere, it would be on the backs of our politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, DC. They should be under survelliance 24/7. We already know they cannot be trusted working (and I use that term loosely) alone with our tax dollars without being chaperoned. The networks love the reality show formats. They could track these slime balls and keep them on camera 24 hours a day. There could even be some cross over into the horror genre as the network tracks pelosi around the house in her pajamas. biden’s show would just be a series of bloopers all day with some cross over into “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” obama’s show would be following around a teleprompter with a cross over to the golf channel and “Where’s Waldo?”

  14. That is all fine but obama wants to know your mileage and if possible where you went. He wants to know what he can tax (by the mile) So there will be additions to those little black boxes.

  15. StonewallusJacksonus says:

    Safety, when carried to its logical conclusion is tyranny….no two ways about it. But what we willing have given up in the name of “make me safe” is none other than our rights and liberties of being an American. I am willing to take my chances going to the movies because I know I go with a solution in hand…well, not exactly in hand, but “handy”…..I don’t need nor want the govt to be my helper…..EVER!!

    • Brian Yoder says:

      We never asked the government to make everything safe that I recall. They decided that we needed them to do this more than we needed them to safeguard our rights and to abide by their oaths of office. Now when we tell them that we want nothing of their help in this arena they can’t seem to understand what we are even talking about. I fear that we will need to show them with a clue by four.