Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans' text messages

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and other wireless providers would be required to record and store information about Americans’ private text messages for at least two years, according to a proposal that police have submitted to the U.S. Congress.

CNET has learned a constellation of law enforcement groups has asked the U.S. Senate to require that wireless companies retain that information, warning that the lack of a current federal requirement “can hinder law enforcement investigations.”

They want an SMS retention requirement to be “considered” during congressional discussionsover updating a 1986 privacy law for the cloud computing era — a move that could complicate debate over the measure and erode support for it among civil libertarians.

As the popularity of text messages has exploded in recent years, so has their use in criminal investigations and civil lawsuits. They have been introduced as evidence in armed robbery,cocaine distribution, and wire fraud prosecutions. In one 2009 case in Michigan, wireless provider SkyTel turned over the contents of 626,638 SMS messages, a figure described by a federal judge as “staggering.”

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174 comments on “Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans' text messages
  1. DockyWocky says:

    Big Brother? Big Sister?

    Just another tiny step in Broncobama’s planned takeover.

    • r says:

      That;s more than a TINY step. The word GIANT comes to mind. Next is the chip implant on every citizen so they can track us wherever we are. Maybe even terminate us.

      • DockyWocky says:

        My. It sounds like you, and a lot of other people aren’t going to be sending Bronco Holiday Cards this year.

    • Remington 870 says:

      Goerge Orwell and 1984 are here. Are we going to just sit by and allow our freedoms to be taken away each day until obama’s new FEMA Army comes for us? I may see some of you on the battlefield, but hope you all with be there.

      • PISSED OFF PATRIOT says:

        i’ll be there !

      • LeSellers says:

        Some of us will resist, but the majority fall into the “If you don’t have anything to hide, why worry?” mentality (oops — there’s nothing “mental” about it).

        The problem is they have more guns, bigger guns, and better guns than any of us, or any group of us, will ever have. They can (and doubtless will) exercise the monopoly on the use (and threat) of lethal force to coerce compliance. Resistance will be met with death.

        Further, they own the schools. Government-run, tax-funded welfare schools have been the tyrant’s best tool for controlling and manipulating the masses since Egypt. (We can do something about that: get our children out of the grasp of the bureaucrats and politicians who own and run them.)

        At least singletons and small groups will die. Only when Constitutionalists join together, train together, and become a force will we have any chance of saving our God-given liberties, responsibilities, and powers, heretofore protected under the Constitution for the united States of America.

        I have small hope of success.

        The future will bring us to our knees, the country will falter and fail. Then, and only then (absent the “Second Coming” of Jesus Christ), will the people rise up en masse and demand legitimate government.

        Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • Remington 870 says:

          Expect the brown skins, illegals and white libs to comply. The other half of America will not go down easily when fellow Americans are shot or imprisoned. There are millions of us old vets who know how to destroy an enemy. Give us some credit. And most of us are willing to make widows and orphans in exchange for our own lives.

        • USMCBLACKOPS says:

          COUNT ON THAT,SEMPER FI./why do you think the Cops want to tape all the text messages of AMERICANS,AND THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR PRIVACY.

        • USMCBLACKOPS says:

          SORRY TO TELL YOU the American People have More Guns than the Military do they are out numbered,WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE LARGEST PRIVATE ARMY IN THE WORLD, thats Why Osama,ooops Obama,Hillary,Bloomberg,Emanual,Boxer,Shumer ,Feinstein and the rest of the NEW NAZI,ISLAMIC ‘s are trying so desperately to take Our Guns. and Downsizing the Army and some of the other military branches,that way the U.N. can march in and take Our Country.!!!!!

        • LeSellers says:

          While what you say is true, it is misleading for these reasons:

          One person can fire a single weapon at a time. The number of weapons is important, but the number of people using those weapons is a limiting factor.

          Most of the guns in USmerica are handguns, effective at close range, but not more than a few dozen metres. The populace has perhaps a few thousand rounds (most have far lower amounts) per weapon and no possibility of getting any more in the situation we’re discussing. The army has long guns, and unlimited ammunition. I know a lot of people with semi-automatic weapons. I know exactly one with a fully automatic weapon, and it’s just an M60 (.30 cal). I know zero people who have armed helicopters, tanks, fighter jets, 500 lb bombs, or grenade launchers. The federal government also has NATO, the UN, and who-knows-how-many ad hoc allies who would be glad to fire on USmerican citizens. there might a b hundred fifty Canadians who’d come to the aid of liberty.

          Further, the US military is commanded, controlled, and co-ordinated by a single person. It can fight as a single fist. The USmerican people, as individuals or small groups, would be annihilated by this force. (Not every soldier would fight against freedom, but many would because, unlike the militia whose allegiance is to the community, the Army has allegiance to its leadership. Soldiers from Michigan and Florida would not face an ethical issue over shooting Coloradoans.)

          My statement, “they have more guns, bigger guns, and better guns than any of us” remains true.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • Remington 870 says:

          Yes, they do out gun us, but you did not factor in Americans using Al Queda techniques. I’ll write no more. You figure out what I am writing.

        • TimAZ says:

          I’m curious as to how you have arrived at the figures you give as to what kind of guns Americans own and how much ammunition they own. Your ignorance of American citizens ownership of weapons and ammunition suggest you have never been to America or even watched American Television. Maybe you are a recluse just trying to calm your own fears by deluding yourself and others to the realities of America and her citizenry.

        • LeSellers says:

          I made it all up. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!

          How many people do you know how have more than a few thousand rounds of ammunition for each weapon they own?

          How many people do you know who have helicopter guns ships and tanks?

          How many people do you know who have machine guns or grenade launchers?

          I know two people who could afford a jet fighter, but neither of them actually does. Can you name any private party who has a fighter in his hanger, or, better, a bomber? (It doesn’t even have to be a modern jet — I’d like to meet a private party with a fully functional B29, complete with 500 or 1,000 lb bombs.)

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • howard says:

          US had ALL BOMBS, PLANES, BIG GUNS and all of it was used in Vietnam. So the single person can make a difference.

        • LeSellers says:

          There was no “single person” in the Vietcong, nor in North Vietnam. It was a very carefully and fully co-ordinated war. Further, the Chinese supplied the Cong and the NVA throughout. None of that would apply in a new USmerican revolution.

          Yes, the single person can make a difference, but he needs to be part of a co-ordinated effort, not a lone gunman on a hilltop.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • G says:

          You seem to forget that our Patriotic forefathers took on the largest empire in the known world in a similar situation as you just described and by God’s Providence, beat them! It can be done again, but it takes courage, will and the Providence of God. People have to be willing to take action and not cower! If our forefathers buried their heads in the sand because the British crown had more money, better weapons and more of them, we would have never become a nation of freedom!

        • LeSellers says:

          I have not forgotten this or any of the connected facts. (I just finished George Washington’s War, btw.)

          Again, Washington had a very well-organized fighting force. It got better as time went along, but he did not start out with a few people shooting British soldiers on alternate Thursday nights. The militia of Massachusetts were what the British faced in April of 1775. They were protecting their arsenal from the British who were bent of disarming them. And they outnumbered their enemy that morning. They had a spy ring, and “signal” (the lanterns in the Old North Church).

          People seem to be missing my point, so I’ll state it more plainly:

          We cannot hope to have a successful Second Revolution without a functioning organization of trained fighters, with all of the supplies and arms available. It would, by necessity, be a guerrilla force, and use “al Quaeda” tactics, as one respondent put it, but it would have to be a co-ordinated force, with the support of telecommunications, spies, and a host of other very military services. It is possible.

          However, it is a pipe dream to think that Tom,Dick,’n’Harry can just go out and oppose the US military machine on their own. That ain’t gonna happen. This force would need the support of a significant number of non-combatants, and, not least, a reliable supply line. Otherwise, we’d see a “New World Syria” and that has not resolved itself yet, even with substantial international support for the insurgency.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • AndrewJerome says:

          Shovel-ready jobs? Of course, we’ll be shoveling our own graves as long as this egotistical, arrogant putz stays in power.

        • Mikie40 says:

          Just what makes you so sure the military WILL attack the American People? Obamanation is afraid he won’t be able to control them. He
          will use UN troops and try to lock down the military all the while lying to
          them, and the media will be screaming Terrorist attack! I have friends in the
          military and they, and all of the buddies they have, will NEVER follow an order to shoot at Americans. They will shoot the officer that gives the order. At Pearl Harbor, The soldiers had to force their way into the armory’s to get what they needed. The government was waiting for the Japanese to attack and didn’t want to see them repelled. It will be much harder for them to get in the armory’s this time and, it is only a matter of time too.

        • LeSellers says:

          We’re discussing the possibility of USmericans revolting against an illegitimate government. The discussion trigger was the police request to Congress that they overlook the protections of the Constitution against searches and seizures, freedom of speech and religion, and other God-given rights.

          In the case of such an uprising, I’m certain O’bama would not see it as the spontaneous voice of the people as he did when it was Arabs and other Muslims during their “Arab Spring”. He’d pull an Assad (the Syrian dictator), and order the military to put it down.

          Now, I have already said that not all USmerican troops would fire on us, but, since I have 21+ years of military experience (and this being one of the reasons I retired earlier than anticipated), I am pretty nearly certain that, given orders to do so, the Army and sister services would obey those orders. A study done a few months ago verified my observations.

          That’s why, I believe, the Founders warned us against a standing army. They gave us several tools to resist such an entity, not least of which the “two-year rule” on funding it. However, the most important bulwark against a standing army is the fact that the militia (all able-bodies men — and women? — between ~18 and ~55) was to be the “Department of Defense”, with a small cadre of professional soldiers who give direction and leadership when the militia are called up. The II amendment specifies that the militia is to be “well regulated” (which meant what we understand by “well trained”), and that the militia is “necessary to the security of a free state”. We don’t have a militia any more o many other provisions of the Document, we ignore it, and we are paying the price for that neglect.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • FineTexan says:

          Guerilla warfare can beat tanks, big guns etc…

        • LeSellers says:

          “Can” does not equal “will”.

          While it can, I’d much rather have a “well regulated militia” than a bunch of untrained people taking on those tanks. And, btw, the Vietcong didn’t face tanks very often: they are unsuited to jungle warfare.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • Remington 870 says:

          And when brown skin UN troops set foot onto American soil, we can officially declare war against all traitors…

        • Nightstalker says:

          The American Soldier will not fire upon their own people unless they’ve enlisted from another country in our military ranks; like the Muslims are work within our Executive Branch of Government. Those sorry individual will hire the UN to come and do their job for them!

        • LeSellers says:

          Recent studies show this to be in error.

          If ordered to do so, a majority of current USmerican troops would fire on USmerican civilians. I’ll have to look the study up again, but it was done in the last eight or ten months.

          Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

        • Buford says:

          You mean all that desensitivity training you paid for isn’t going to work? You mean the military is going to kick out gang members who are there for training, and comprise a substantial percentage of the population? You mean the military is going to kick non-citizens out of the forces…. the ones supposedly there to ‘earn’ their citizenship? Or the American soldier who wears the UN uniform?

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          I have a question Nightstalker. Have you heard anything about twenty thousnd Marines being fired by bo?

        • DieHardPatriot says:

          Add the UN to that list to confiscate our guns!

        • Txfredn says:

          USMCBLACKOPS..You are correct! And one of the BIGGEST mistakes that this ‘fellow’ can make is to underestimate all of us ‘Former combat veterans!. Them you add in to that mix all of the hunters and sports shooters that have all of those scopes dead nuts zeroed …well I rest my case!

        • emerutil says:

          Are they not removing senior officers who dare to disagree?

        • emerutil says:

          A coherent force is not plausible. The training and discipline of a military unit is impossible unless those involved are organized as such. This includes all the veterans who had served bravely in the past!

      • USMCBLACKOPS says:


      • Nights talker says:

        Correction, they want to be known as Blacks. “I AM” a Brown Skin Native American (BSNA), the only one in the universe, when I die there will be no other! I’ve spent 24 years in the military, flew the East/West German Border at the Fulda Gap during the Cold War, went through Check Point Charlie into East German and did some things while in 1st SOCOM. When I raised my hand to uphold the Constitution if the United States; it wasn’t just to get a pay check like those today! Yes there is a different between Blacks and a BSNA. By the way, my friends are always oiled!

        • Remington 870 says:

          I stand corrected. Never intended to insult a native American. My grandfather was 50% native American.

        • Txfredn says:

          Nights talker…Roger..Roger…reading you 5 X 5…..mostly brown skin myself and was there when you were…..oops…I was in the unit that was ‘never there’ NOT! lol…..Use to harass the E. G. guards by shooting the lights off their guard towers! lmao……

      • Ken says:

        I’ll be there. Ready to go.

      • Txfredn says:

        Count on Txfredn!

      • a1NannaGail2u says:

        Learning how to handle a piece of armory at present. If for nothing else, for my personal protection.

      • disgusted democrat says:

        Where can I get an armored hover a round wheel chair? As mine is not.

        • Remington 870 says:

          You have the perfect disguise..a wheel chair. Think outside the box and you will realize you don’t need armor, but C-4. Will I see you on the battlefield?

  2. Michael says:

    US cops are acting more and more like Hitler’s Gestapo.

    • LeSellers says:

      “Acting”? They’re not “acting”.

      Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

      • We could only be so fortunate as to Obama’s “Jackboots”. Funny how so many talk negatively about Hitler and Nazi Germany while Defending Obama regardless of the Fact that he has continued to pattern his Regime in the fashion of National Socialism.

        • DieHardPatriot says:

          We can only hope Obama repeats Hitler’s demise by killing himself also!

        • I was talking to a fdriend who was Air Force Prar-Rescue (Total Badasses) and we came to the realization “Our” Amercica, i.e. the America of the Forefathers is Dead. How else to explain a Man like JFK (who today would be a Conservative based on his values as a Military man) being Assassinated or the attempt on the Great One (Reagan) but Obama rapes the Constitution un-impeded. We are more a North Mexico than America we all Loved.

        • a1NannaGail2u says:

          Well Diagnosis, I for one am only too happy to fight for The America WE ALL LOVE. They want a fight, let them start it and they sure as hell will get one.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          Americans have had enough of the Kenyan Dictator. They are ready for action.

        • I hear on every board or news feed I read or post on about people being “tired” but the fact remains we are a joke to the DC Pimps on both sides. We all can read/talk about this or that but we have no dedication while Obama supporters can send a few Tweets and have a Flash-Mob in no time flat. I am Ex-Army and a Jefferson Constitutionalist and ready to defend my rights but nobody will stand with me. Just more of the same complacent whining.

        • fedup in fl says:

          not enough

        • delong003 says:

          We couldn’t be so lucky—he loves himself too much……………

        • Viet Nam Veteran says:

          oooooooops semper fi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • crazyfreddie says:

          not gonna happen , he is a an attention hoer / a power hoer / a miney hoer etc

        • Willy Jones says:

          Amen brother

        • Victor Magilke says:

          Wouldn’t that be an awesome dream come true?

        • Jay says:

          Is not funny,self.righteous people are blind to the truth and evidence,they follow their ideology and pre conceived ideas,Germania did it under a charismatic man,Hitler,I am not comparing Obama to Hitler but an ideologe in power is always dangerous,a charismatic ideologue in a position of great power is extremely dangerous,O bama is a clear and.present threat to our republic.

        • Indy Patriot says:

          Absolutely correct Diagnosis! Hitler and the Nazi’s took over little by little until they ran Germany. Obamanation and his minions are doing the same thing!

        • Anyone that has even a remedial understanding of history knows Obama is using the precise Tactics of Hitler. Americans are complacent, lazy and ignorant and that is why we are Doomed.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          Hitler wasn’t any worse than Obama and he was much more intelligent.

      • grassroot says:

        Not while he’s in ” power” control

      • Robert says:

        Who’s mandating definition of Domestic Terrorists? Cops or Democrats & moderate Republicans? Or is the dictator Obama doing it all?

    • DieHardPatriot says:

      Acting like??? They are the new Gestapo!!

    • Robert says:


    • Victor Magilke says:

      We knew that would happen with Obama’s brown shirts and black panthers. I don’t believe Americans will put up with the Obama tyranny for very long. He is underestimating the resolve of the American Patriots.

    • gp says:

      they’ve always acted like gestapo. In fact, they probably taught the gestapo their tricks.!

  3. Ben Gardner says:


  4. Ben Faust says:

    If only used property, this could be a very good thing. Unfortunately, the people in charge can’t be trusted, and once our government goes completely dictatorial, they would use that data to help squash any resistance.

  5. Doc says:

    Not without a warrant you jack booted thugs.

  6. Snidely1 says:

    Sounds like “Big Brother”, but it’s really more insidious than that: it’s the Obama boys playing it “Chicago-style”. They want files on “everybody”, to use as they wish later on when the enemies list is completed. If it was just the cops, they can always get a judge to issue an order to follow any communication trail of a bad guy. But the Obama-ites? Just who is a bad guy? A Republican? A gun owner? A church-goer? A guy with audacity to question why Obama sealed his college records? Freedom and privacy are at risk here. Let’s narrow the parameters, Skippy.

  7. R says:

    Citizens to congress: we want cops (And YOU) to remember the Constitution.

    • Isa Gee says:

      they are trying to circumvent our constitution.

      • ginger says:

        Trying??? obama has done that since day one. And our “fearless ” Congress has gone along for the ride…the few who stand up for the Constitutiona are overwhelmed and outnumbered by those who are complicit in the destruction of our country.

    • Remington 870 says:

      I am convinced the GOP Congress does not listen. They don’t like confrontation and would rather compromise with obama the boogeyman.

  8. We see our country going down to a Socialist-Communist state by people that care more for an ideology and rest of us thank you,we are so scare of say anything ,wait when they bring the communist militia to enforce the new laws by force

  9. john811c says:

    Cops should be there to uphold the law not circumvent it, this gives them police state powers and congress where are you on this.on your oaths to uphold the constituion and the 1st amendment

  10. 13th Floor Looking Out says:

    And there you have it…obama’s wet dream, a police state.

  11. oabandit says:

    I have nothing to hide, but I rarely text…and from this point on will never text again. I have made the decision to stop using and sell my iphone and cheaper Samsung as “big brother is listening”. I can do without a cellphone, as I did for 40 years before getting my first old timey huge monster of a phone in 1987. Good riddance, and my computer is next to go.

  12. True American says:

    Say no to the insanity. THEY LIVE!!!! watch the movie and wake up!!!

  13. What's going on? says:

    Wow! Logs of text messages……..if the “bad people” want to keep their “secret” communications a secret; what better way than just “write a letter?” What are the police going to do, have “logs” of the contents of letters? Think about the number of jobs, “opening letters” to document their contents…………….”What do you do daddy for a living?” “I open letters and write down what’s in them…..”

    • USMCBLACKOPS says:

      I HATE TO TELL YOU THIS: The United States Postal Inspectors have been doing that for Years Now……AND THt is a fact.

  14. Hitmanblues111 says:

    US cops have to much authority as it is they want a military state in which they are the SS

    • Snowman8wa says:

      Even LEO’s have neighborhoods they will not enter…….because they know the firepower outnumbers the City’s Firepower……….even here in the NW…….
      Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

  15. Die Free says:

    Hey odummer get your jack booted thugs foot off my neck. Try and pass that law and I will see u soon. Their will be war. I will not comply.